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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

To take part in the discussion of the airline or airport, follow the links on this page or leave your messages on the pages of the corresponding airlines of the world , airports, aircraft .

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World Airways

31 March 2018 Guest
The phone number listed for World Airways is not correct. This number goes to a 911 center in Idaho.
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31 March 2018 Guest
Pat- trying to get in touch with you. Please email me on Patricia Alzobaie : The ground service in Mexico City and Madrid provided me with two of the worst days of my 78 year old life. I am considering action against them.
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Sky Express

30 March 2018 Guest
difficult to contact fro any concern. very disappointing!!
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Irkut MC-21

30 March 2018 James Lubega
Its a supper equipment, need to the longest range in km and cargo capacity with passengers Thanx
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Hurghada International Airport

29 March 2018 Catherine Osborne
Dear Sir/ Madam My name is Catherine Osborne, I took a flight from Hurghada airport to East Midlands airport on 16 March 2018. Flight number MT783 departing at 18.05. Thomas Cook airline, I have a Sacral Nerve Stimulation device (pacemaker) in my body, I also have an electronic device (control unit) which controls my pacemaker, nether myself or the control unit MUST NOT go through ANY X-ray or scanning devices as it can scramble the control settings and will harm me and my control unit. I had papers with me to explain and show this in writing. On the second secretary check point this paper work was ignored by a security policemen and security policewomen they passed my device to another person through a body scanner so it was then sent through a suitcase scanner which did scramble and damage the settings of my device, my husband and I filled out a complaint form on the day. What we need is some sort of letter in Egyptian to inform security and police officers that this cannot happen again. We had to have the device reprogrammed at a cost of £945.45 So anything you could do to stop this happening again would be very helpful, as we love coming to Hurghada for our holidays, this has not happened before in our six visits. Yours Catherine Osborne email Sent from my iPad
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Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport

29 March 2018 Guest
Please let me know whether you are allowed to carry biscuits and cakes as hand luggage
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Flair Airlines

26 March 2018 Stephen webster
I have travel from Hamilton to Winnipeg and back at the first of March on a promotion code trye d to sign up again April and system sent out did same back in Feb of this rebooked tickets 2 weeks later with another airline. Flights are good cheap but very difficult to print tickets and get military discount that they advertise 7168005814
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VLM Airlines

24 March 2018 Guest
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Aerolineas Sosa

21 March 2018 Guest
Hello. I'm a Systems Engineer, and I was trying to buy a ticket online in this site:, but for my surprise I saw that your site doesn't have the required security protocol to do online transactions, also I tried the site on this website:, and was worst, the website doesn't exist, with these results, I wonder: what kind of professionalism do you have? Thank you.
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Arik Air

20 March 2018 Lois O.
I booked for Arik Air flight on Saturday 17th March 2018. and i paid online, because if i reserve the booking will be cancelled the next day which is Sunday as a result of banks not working on weekends. N37,704 has been debited on my account and am suppose to travel this Saturday 24th march, till now i have not gotten any confirmation message from you guys whether my transaction was successful or not. Please i need an urgent responds.
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Indonesian Aerospace NC-212

19 March 2018 Capt Raynold Mitchell
We are looking for a CASA 212/300P to lease or purchase. If you do not have one, kindly direct us to where we can find one. Regards
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Djibouti Ambouli International Airport

18 March 2018 Guest
They are the worst people in the world!!! Never go there!!!!
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VietJet Air

17 March 2018 vitragkmar mehta
hello i booked flight from ho chi min to phnom penh but i didnt received any mail i forget to print ticket at the booking time now i dont have booking number and any other things what to do
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TAP Portugal

16 March 2018 Singh sandeep
My name is sandeep singh and date of birth is 12/10/1996 and my ticket number is 0479063010816. and booking reference number 3MALFN .i want to request to you regarding the my ticket declaration. I travelled in your air line 2015 28 march. So i need the declaration of my ticket to show the portugal immigration service. I hope you will reply me as soon posible i need this letter very urgent. I will wait for your reply.
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Sunwing Airlines

15 March 2018 Guest
When you book with sunwing can you change your passport Number in case you renew your passport after booking?
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United Airlines

14 March 2018 Guest
Today, I boarded my first United Airlines flight. On my way, I saw a Frenchie that looked identical to my own precious Winston. He was with his family - a young girl, no older than 8, her toddler sibling and their mother. He was meant to grow, learn, cry, play with those young children and be their furry friend. He was meant to live a long life filling that family's days with that special joy that only a dog can bring. I sat behind the family of three and thought myself lucky - who doesn't when they get to sit near a puppy? However, the flight attendants of flight UA1284 felt that the innocent animal was better off crammed inside the overhead container without air and water. They INSISTED that the puppy be locked up for three hours without any kind of airflow. They assured the safety of the family's pet so wearily, the mother agreed. There was no sound as we landed and opened his kennel. There was no movement as his family called his name. I held her baby as the mother attempted to resuscitate their 10 month old puppy. I cried with them three minutes later as she sobbed over his lifeless body. My heart broke with theirs as I realized he was gone. The Humane Society of the U.S. says air travel can be risky for pets and especially dangerous for brachycephalic breeds such as pugs or bulldogs, whose short nasal passages make them vulnerable to oxygen deprivation and heat stroke. This little guy fought hard for his life, filling our flight with his cries until he finally ran out of breath. United Airlines does not care about the safety of their furry travelers. This poor family paid $125 for their pet to be murdered in front of them. There is no excuse for the pain this family is suffering. Today, I boarded my last United Airlines flight. R.I.P Papacito
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Kuwait International Airport

14 March 2018 Afzal khan Afghan
Everything perfect in kuwait buth airports... but small defect that i dont have job in airport i like to do job in kuwait airport i am contractor of welding engineer welder mobile number 55552817.. if have job in kuwait airport call me
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Airbus A321

14 March 2018 Guest
nice aircraft!
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South Airlines

13 March 2018 Guest
Good day looking for full charter flights from HFA airport to VAR and BOJ 2 weekly flights for each dest startining MAY TO OCT THANKS RESHEF JACOB MAIL : MOBIL : +972545888493
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Transavia Airlines

13 March 2018 Ersin
Can I use my laptop during my flight from Amsterdam to Larbaca Cyprus?
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Air France

13 March 2018 Guest
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Estelar Latinoamerica

12 March 2018 freddy Perez
Buenas Trades tiene svuelo para miami disponible saliendo el 20 de marzo y regresando el 20 de abril
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Royal Jordanian Airlines

11 March 2018 Alex Pérez
Dear sirs , I forgot my adapted prescription sunglasses yesterday March 11th in the flight Jordanian Airlines from Madrid to Amman. Maybe do you have them ? Thanks !
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Transavia France

11 March 2018 Richard MARI
Last year there were flights from Paris to Verona and in 2018 , nothing even this summer ?
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Garuda Indonesia Airways

11 March 2018 Guest
Anyone would like to know more information please visit
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ATR 42

09 March 2018 Maung Lay (
Dear Sir, We are MCM Group of companies in Myanmar ( ) Interested in your stores of ATR 42 / 320 & 500. Please kindly contact us as soon as possible. Best regards,
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Allegiant Air

08 March 2018 Heather H
Waiting an hour on the phone to finally talk to someone. We paid to select our seats for each person and they moved one of them without notifying us. We paid $330 for this and then they moved someone. Was offered to refund that one persons seat fee for $24.00. Really? Why pick a seat 5 months ahead of time and pay 330? Dont fly with them. Sorry
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Sichuan Airlines

07 March 2018 Guest
Same thing happen d with m as well Those are dirty people who are ruled by dirty stupid ruler and the outcome of that is the entire China Guest : 3U8618 J seat 1F 13th July 2017 My flight was delayed more than 10 hours from Hong Kong.. we were turned away from the runaway at Hong Kong international airport before we takeoff..we stacked inside the aircraft for 2 hours in hot weather.. no water or drinks were served.. I traveled at business class ,when i arrived at Chengdu airport on 14/07/2016 early in the morning.. the ground staff was handing out 200 RMB.. which was below expectations compensation.. I would like to have compensation for unconviance .. the ground staff was unfriendly.. I have to lost my temper before they have to arranged taxi for me.. one ground staff was so stupid ..he through the money and ran away inside the terminal.. I have to do straggle to returned to the terminal to approached two Sichuan airlines ground staff and asked for their help.. they hardly speak English.. I had bad experience with the Sichuan airlines ..
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TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador

07 March 2018 Dr Katrin Weise
Tame is an absolutely unprofessional and untrustworthy airline, absolutely not credible. I had bought a ticket from Quito to Galapagos to fly with them on March 4th. However, as I broke my leg on January 18th I had to cancel my travel to Ecuador. I asked them to cancel my ticket on January 26 and enquired about a possible refund. No response. After this I tried again four times, January 29 and 31, 9 February and 20 February. I tried in English,I tried in Spanish. Finally, on January 29, I received a response: 'Tame' Respuesta automática: Inquiry about possible ticket cancellation Inbox R Reembolsos Tame (TAME EP) to me 29 Jan Details Estimado Cliente, Reciba un cordial saludo de quienes hacemos TAME E.P. Se ha recibido una solicitud desde su correo electrónico, la cual será atendida por un funcionario del área de Reembolsos para el trámite respectivo. Para una pronta atención, agradecemos verificar el cumplimiento de la documentación necesaria como requisitos para su solicitud: EN REEMBOLSOS DE COMPRA EN EFECTIVO: Carta del cliente con la solicitud del rembolso (incluyendo números de boletos). Copia de cédula (documento de identificación) del beneficiario. Formulario de transferencia bancaria. EN REEMBOLSOS POR COMPRA EN TARJETA DE CREDITO** (en Punto de Venta TAME): Carta del cliente con la solicitud del reembolso (incluyendo números de boletos). Copia de cédula (o documento de identificación) del tarjeta-habiente. Copia de la tarjeta de crédito (parte frontal que permita verificar la numeración de la tarjeta). **Si su compra fue realizada en una Agencia de Viajes, el trámite de reembolsos debe realizarlo directamente en la agencia emisora del boleto. Saludos cordiales, Reembolsos TAME EP Gerencia de Finanzas Teléfono: (593) 3966 300 ext.20270/20194 Correo: Página Web: HORARIO DE ATENCIÓN : 8:30 A 17:00 DE LUNES A VIERNES "Cuidemos el Medio Ambiente, por favor, no imprima este correo electrónico si no es necesario. En caso de ser obligatorio emplee papel reutilizado el que esté impreso por la otra cara." I handed in all required items and still never got a response again. I hadn't booked via an agent, but directly through their website. If I will go to Ecuador once my leg is healed, I will definitely avoid flying with this crap company.
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Boeing 747-8

06 March 2018 Guest
Does anyone have an interest in purchasing or leasing a GEnx-2B67?
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Turkish Airlines

06 March 2018 Guest
hi am trying to cancel a ticket l book for my sister but when l want to submit the ticket l want to cancel it gives me an error message. please help
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Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

06 March 2018 Guest
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WestJet Airlines

05 March 2018 Guest
My wife and I lost 3 days of a 10 day Cuban vacation because our 6:30 am flight on Saturday was cancelled because they couldn't find a crew to fly the plane. We had to cancel 3 nights accommodation as well as outings we had planned during those 3 days. WestJet offered some Westjet dollars, which expire in a year. Certainly doesn't make up for losing 3 days of our vacation. Very disappointed in the WestJet response. Bring on the competition.
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All Nippon Airways

05 March 2018 Wilfred O. Natividad
Dear Sir/Madam; This is to acknowledge with great appreciations for the kindness and goodwill extended to a senior couple facing a dreadful 24-hour trip to their destinations on February 12, 2018 on Flight 12 from Chicago to Manila. We are referring in particular to Ms. Julia Schneider who made all the stops to satisfy our needs. It is the devotion to her duty at the check-in counter at OHare Airport in Chicago that made our trip takes a pleasant shape, and a good start. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Natividad
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Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

04 March 2018 Guest
Worst service in the world, the staff treat passengers and guests like shit. They have no respect or manners.
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Singapore Airlines

03 March 2018 Guest
hi we will fly Heathrow to Brisbane on Singapore air any one know what the air line charge for a extra 30k suitcase regards graham
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Yangon International Airport

03 March 2018 María
Good morning I would like to know please, if there is a luggage storage at the Yangon International Airport. Thanks.
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Sunstate Airlines

02 March 2018 Mark
Hello, this site is by no way affiliated with Sunstate Airlines or Qantas, please disregard the information located on this website. To contact Qantas please call 13 13 13 within Australia or visit for other numbers from overseas locations. Thank you.
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Andes Lineas Aereas

01 March 2018 Guest
Worst experience weve had. 100% delayed rate in every flight. Shameful.
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Boeing 767-400

28 February 2018 Guest
How many 767-400 series aircraft were built ?
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Cimber Sterling

27 February 2018 Guest
Hello, I need to confirm why flight number F1683 was delayed/canceled from KEF to SEA on August 8, 2017. Ticket Holder: Eileen Allen Ticket Number: 1082405808876 Kind Regards,
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Edelweiss Air

27 February 2018 Guest
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26 February 2018 Guest unsure
delayed 3oct2017 not sure exactly how long, they said 2hrs when we arrived at malaga to return to manchester . ended up over three hours. no vouchers, no drink, no further info until we got on the plane then there was a technical problem .how can i find out the delay total time. i dont have my paperwork now .was not aware i had any redress
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Sukhoi Superjet-100

25 February 2018 Amir
Lovely russian made jetliner and i hope to see her in the iranian airlines
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Asiana Airlines

24 February 2018 Henry Stolar
Failure properly to ticket its code-share flight with Air Busan. That was followed by failure to respond to repeated communications. Complaint filed with U.S. Department of Transportation, 23 February 2018.
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24 February 2018 Guest
Hi , I am a travel agent and i need to reissue one ticket. but i am not sure about date change penalty code Please reconfirm will it be DU tax?
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23 February 2018 Guest
i want a wheelchair for my mother from karachi
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Georgian Airways

21 February 2018 Guest
hello my name is orly zevulun and we get very disappointment from you . we are 4 passengers order a fligth to tablisi in 1 of april 2018 and you company dicision to cancelle the fligth and we dont have places any more. how come you do it like that? orly zevulun 054-5244919
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21 February 2018 karl
nice airline.But awaiting your complimentaries.
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Thai AirAsia

21 February 2018 sabapathy
this is PNR LMSMNZ kindly change contact number 919677131716
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