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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Malaysia Airlines
04 January 2018 Monika V

My trip to bali got cancelled on 29 nov 17 and am yet to get refund of my airlines. Could you please provide an update as to when can i get the amount back. It is more than 45 days now and we need the money. Eticket no 1- 232-5778917345 Eticket no 2- 232-5778917344

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04 January 2018 Hack Ethics

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THAI Smile
04 January 2018 murray bromley

wishing to go to Bkk from sht. on Feb. 3rd 2018 the last flight send info. to 0833313499 thank you

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Thai Vietjet Air
03 January 2018 Eduard van Doesselaar

Dear Vietjetair, I have booked 3 tickets for a flight from Bkk to Hcm on 06 january till 10 january Bookingsnumbers: 54520897 and 57031228 Bookingnr. 57031228 is a problem, on that ticket stay my mother in law (pany soukhavong) normally she go with us but today her brother died in laos and she cannot go with us Now a friend from my girlfriend want go with us on that ticket, only the must change on the ticket. Please can you help me? Regards Eduard van Doesselaar Thailand

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Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport
02 January 2018 Guest

Today 2 January 2018, at 3pm. We need to go into the arrival terminal in order to get assistance from baggage service regarding our lost luggage. The security at the entrance told us to get the pass from departure terminal baggage service. My husband came back with the pass then only we were told we need 1 pass for each individual of us. While I was standing there the security is letting others going in without pass, when these people said they are going to the currency exchange counter. The security, Mr Gunapalan denied that he did that. Will be convenient if they told us at the beginning that we needed 2 passes for both of us and we were not treated fairly as others can enter without showing pass. Pls look into this issue of your organization.

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Silver Airways
02 January 2018 oldAVN

Purchased first class, round trip ticket through United Airlines (UAL). Upon checking in for return flight, Silver Airlines charged me $25 "baggage fee." UAL told me one free bag was part of first class ticket. Silver Airlines' return flight ticket did not annotate "pre-checked" status, thus missed flight. I will take a train, a bus or drive myself before ever again flying either UAL or Silver Airlines.

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Enter Air
31 December 2017 Guest

Metochi : Guest : We were delayed for 7 hours with no explanation as to why - I have written to them and they want me to prove we boarded the plane (ie they want copies of the boarding cards which we no longer have) do we have any chance without them? We were similarly delayed. Wrote to them twice by recorded delivery at their head office at 17 Stycznia 74, 02-145 Warszawa, Polska.with copies of boarding passes. They've signed for the letters but not replied. I've looked into using the Small Claims Court but Enter Air appear to have no UK address for the service of papers. As you at least got some sort of a reply could you tell me which address you wrote to. Thanks Michael Cardwell : My wife and myself were on flight 415 when it was delayed in Volos we are struggling to get any compensation from enter air , the company we are with is flight delays .

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Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport
30 December 2017 Guest

The air arabia officials at the airport are extremely ignorant about the rules with respect to the VISA requirements as I was not allowed to board Air Arabia flight G9-388 on 23 Dec 2017 from Beirut to Sharjah, despite being an Indian Official Passport holder and thus exempted UAE VISA. I showed them all the documents stating that I am exempted UAE VISA but they did not agree. I took the next day FlyDubai flight FZ-5156 to Dubai and the airline had no issues on the subject as they were aware about the rules. please ensure that airline official at the airport are well informed so that what happened to me does not happen to anyone else.

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Shenzhen Airlines
30 December 2017 Guest

Hi, This is Mahesh from Amherst Logistics Pvt. ltd. We have one Console Air shipment from Shenzhen to Mumbai MAWB: 479-32858453 HAWB:A101165// SZH -BOM. We need your handling agent for import DO in Mumbai Airport. Mahesh Kadam Amherst Logistics Ltd. Mumbai-400096. Tel:28293500/501 Mob:9867209399 Email:

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28 December 2017 Guest

Anyone else having problems with Jet2 website?

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Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
28 December 2017 Ratan Modi

Hi, This side Ratan Modi, would like to bring to your notice that I lost my mobile phone when I was travelling fr om Kolkata to New Delhi on 25th Dec around 8.15 PM. When I entered the airport the phone was with me. I made few calls in the airport itself. When I was in the queue for scanning my luggage, I realised that I dont have my phone with me. However, before that I went to checkin counter where Mr. Subojit who provided me boarding pass in Lobby A told me you need to scan your luggage first, I was travelling from Air Asia flight no. 547. He asked to meet Mr. Sudhir from Air Asia, he guided me to airport manager Mr. Partho Sarthi. He checked on the CCTV, that while entering I had my phone with me. Apart from CCTV footage, no other help was provided and I had to take the flight back to Delhi without my phone. Pls help me find my phone at the earliest. A place like airport, wh ere there is s much of security and surveillance how can someone steal my phone. I would urge you to get into this matter and help me find my phone. Regards, Ratan Kumar Modi 9811009371

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Frontier Airlines
27 December 2017 Guest

Does anybody have experience not paying the carry-on fee with Frontier while still bringing a carry-on? Like, when they scan my boarding pass to let me on, does anything pop up that's like, "Paid Carry-on" or otherwise? Because I'm definitely trying to save $40 tomorrow.

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Small Planet Airlines
26 December 2017 Guest

After unsuccessfully trying to get compensation from Small Planet I took my claim through It took about 3 months altogether but I have now received full payment from the airline. Aviation ADR assigns a named handler to your case and takes you through each step. Very efficient and successful.

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Alaska Airlines
23 December 2017 Guest

Well why did you waste all that money ona stupid hand bag??

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport
23 December 2017 Guest

Hello. I would like to know when im getting my parcel from U.K. because its been 4weeks now since i ordered. ASO2503GB01780163301- RR003438643JE. Thank you

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Garuda Indonesia Airways
23 December 2017 Dave Harsono

What is happening to Garuda Indonesia ??? ... they are now always late, not just a few minutes but over an hour in some cases , they don't seen to care anymore, they use the excuse it was due to the incoming aircraft being late arriving but why was that late ?, Also Garuda planes flying from Australia to Bali are the slowest planes in the sky, Jetstar and Virgin travel about 480 or 490 kts but Garuda fly at about 440 kts is this because Garuda pilots are all too old now ? I don't know what is going on in Garuda but they seem to have a don't care attitude. I think so of the people in charge in Garuda need replacing with people who do care.

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22 December 2017 Extremely upsaet

Worst airline and customer service I have ever dealt with Not sure if they are lazy or just stupid lost our luggage with all our xmas presents no follow up and don't care 'their attitude is to bad

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La Costena
22 December 2017 Fred schwentafsky

Do something about san carlos airport its a fucking disgrace.

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Cham Wings Airlines
22 December 2017 Guest

One of the fastest growing airlines in the middle east. They are working in very difficult situation

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Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport
19 December 2017 Kathryn Ene Obande

I got a persle from U.S California, Nd was told to come down to Murtala Muhammed International Airport to claim it or pay for currier service to have my persle deliver to me in Makurdi. Pls is this information true. can't my persle be sent to Abuja International Airport which is close to Makurdi for me to go and claim it?

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19 December 2017 Guest

Week after flight and i still don't have an invoice for check in fee.

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Vladivostok Air
19 December 2017 Barry

Dear Sirs: What is the availability and duration of flights from Anchorage Alaska to Vladivostok?

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Pakistan International Airlines
17 December 2017 Malik Asif ur Rehman

Very bad experience with PIA. I lost some items from my lugage traveling from Peshawar to Doha Qatar via PK 285 DOH. I want PIA management to take serious action on this issue and pay me back.

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Georgian Airways
17 December 2017 SHARVIT/YORAM

Sent an E-mail with health documents, appreciate if you will send us acknowledge to travel agent OPHIR TOURS mail TKTCALL@OPHIRTOURS.CO.IL Reservation: RQEDV family SHARVIT

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Airlines/Airports 51 - 75 of 725
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