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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Cambodia Bayon Airlines
17 December 2017 Francesco nocentini

Bought two ticket from sihanoukville to phnom penh for next 30 dicember with expedia tour operetor. Do i have to confirm it with you?.

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Rarotonga International Airport
15 December 2017 Andries Venter

You email address on your web page is incorrect!!. Merry Christmas

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SWISS International Air Lines
14 December 2017 Guest

I was on flight lx411 dublin to geneva on 07.12.2017 got cancelled and when i looked for help this week from swissair this week i get none and thats a policy from the top down its like ryanair

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Air Antilles Express
14 December 2017 Guest

My flight was canceled from Pointe-a-pitre to Dominica Sun and I can't get reimburse. Awful service!

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Jetstar Airways
13 December 2017 GuestX

Jetstar is the worst airline in dealing with customers change of flight or cancellation due to urgent matters. The customer online service officer often lie and tell us there is no refund possible and ask for details and wont refer the matters to be discussed. I will never believe Jetstar bullshit service. Melbourne traveller, disgusted with the airline service.

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Muscat International Airport
12 December 2017 Iris

I was flying on the thirtieth of november from zurich to dubai by swiss intertnational air lines The plane was flying further to Muscat. Unfortunately i forgott my iphone in the seatpocket of the plane As the stop of the flight in Dubai was short and the cleaning of the plane was in Muscat it must be found in Muscat from the cleaning team. Here are the details: flight LX242 from Zurich to Dubai to Muscat departure in zurich thirtiest of november arrival in Muscat thirtieth of November at ten minutes past eleven at night seat 25D iPhone white (5 or 6 I cannot remember anymore as I have it since 3 years) with pink and transparent cover and a sticker on the back side it was on flight modus For me the iPhone itself is not important to get it back, but to have the SIM Card back would mean a lot to me. I have a lot of pictures of my little daughter on it which have not been saved yet and they would all be lost. This would break my heart and I really hope you can help me with my problem. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart Best regards Iris Wenger from Switzerland (mail:

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WestJet Airlines
12 December 2017 ope fam

Flight from Calgary to Gatwck was cancelled on the 24th of Novemeber for a whole day. Very inconvenient indeed it however does not fall within the EU compensation zone as it is a departing flight from Canada not the UK. Is anyone in the same boat as they did not offer any compensation or apology.Flight was cancelled at te airport so am really annoyed with them when I emailed they offered me some westjet dollars that are essentialy worth less as I don't intend to use them in the future. Anyone in the same boat?

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12 December 2017 Duane

Asky airlines are thieves. My travel agent booked my flight along with the fellow I was travelling with at the same time, with the same credit card in August for travel in early December. In October they over booked the Lome to Cottonou flight and bumped us to the next day which was Sunday. We showed up 3 hours before check-in and my friend went through no problem. I was not on the list, therefore I could not fly. I was told to come back the next morning which I did and they did not have a spot for me then either. If they did have a spot they were planning on charging me a change fee. They asked why I had not rebooked and I responded that their office in Yaounde was closed on Sundays. Not their problem. I went back to Yaounde and bought a ticked on Camco the Cameroonian airline and they got me to Benin the next day for one third the price. Now ASKY will not give me my money back because they claim that the ticket is non refundable. They are uncaring thieves who have no problem with stranding people because of their desire to overbook flights and make a profit. I advise anyone to not book with this slimy, cheating company.

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11 December 2017 Guest

white wine was good and de crew were very kindly. So fast, so quickly. the time was a little inestable, but the trip was very soft

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Ouagadougou Airport
10 December 2017 Pamela Sinzinkayo

Hi. I am stopped at Kigali airport on my journey to burkina faso from Burundi. They are saying Burundians Citizens don't get on arrival visa in burkina faso. I was studying in Burkina faso 2 years ago and i always used Visa on arrival, can you please tell me if Visa on Arrival is still given to Burundian passport? It is an emergency, i am about to miss my next flight. Thank you very much my email is

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Hurghada International Airport
09 December 2017 Guest

Hello. i just arrived from hurghada to tbilisi Georgia. the airlines lost the lugage.the lugage was very expensive, what can i do, will i recieve a refund if the lugage is not found in egypt? because it didnot arrive to georgia. flight was sm991 TBS. UK63LP. I REQWEST A REFUND.

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LAW - Latin American Wings
08 December 2017 Guest

I am looking for the flight from pap to santiago chile on 19th decemeber. KIndly reply on

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Rutaca Airlines
07 December 2017 Guest

Hi, I'm in Curacao, and I just like to know if you have flight to las Piedras in December and the price please. Do you have a contactnumber in Curacao??

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Lucky Air
07 December 2017 Guest

Meng : How to contact Lucky Air?[/QOUTE I'm also having problem to contact Lucky Air

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06 December 2017 Josefina Martinez

Horrible experience flying with Aeromexico, I hope I don't have to use your airline ever again. first , my mom couldn't fly and although I paid her ticket and didn't cancel because it cost you more to cancel so I didn't do anything, but oh surprise when my daughter and I got in the plane someone was sitting in the middle already (in my mom seat) aeromexico resold the seat, wow. then in the flight back they change my seats twice until I have to go and talk to customer service which gave us a different seats ( I paid for main cabin) abut didn't get main cabin. also, when I was paying for the extra luggage the stupid machine didn't approve the transaction , I thought that it was an error with my bank, I was running like crazy to find out but I went to the teller to get money which I was able to get, therefore the horrible machines were not working, but of course the customer service had no idea. oh also I called to request a different meal for me because I don't eat beef or pork, well they didn't care either nobody in the flight knew about, and the flight attendants are also not nice.

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Singapore Airlines
05 December 2017 Guest

Hi , I am travelling to India on Dec 16th , 2017 from Penang. I have checked baggage upto 30 KG . I am Carrying TV which is 55 inch and weight is 25kg . Is am able to carry 55 inch TV on singapore airlines.

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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
04 December 2017 Oundra

I'm flying by Aeroflot to Mongolia. I have 2 hours layover in Moscow and am really worried about my luggage getting broken in and the stuff will be stolen. I wonder if the Russians still have the notoriously bad service?

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Vientiane Wattay International Airport
03 December 2017 NurseJin

I'd ask information about how far from Veintiane airport to Bolikhamxay province

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Red Wings
02 December 2017 Saul reyes

I have a question about my reservation my fly is 15 june to moscow to sochi. It is the first time that i takr a fly with your arlines. An i just want to confirm my reservation 3188345706 and the code fly is WZ125

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01 December 2017 Guest

Better hope you do not need to look for a bag they lost. they have no service, information or tracking for bags. if it goes missing you will never see it again. I lost one bag and the run around telling me it might show up on the next flight. But they cannot tell me if they put it on that flight because they cannot contact anyone in their own company. They are absolutely the worst airline and service company around. They may be good for the local people but I would avoid them if you have anything you do not want o lose.

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Penang International Airport
01 December 2017 Salwa

Hello, i lost my identification card. I think i dropped it somewhere at penang airport or i dropped it on the flight is FY2088 on Thursday 30 Nov 2017 from subang. 11.00am - 12.00pm.please contact me, thank you.0195255590

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Aerolineas Argentinas
30 November 2017 HO SEOK JUNG

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you to complain about damage from your flight delayed departure and your poor service. I have participated the international plenary meeting - FATF -GAFILAT- which was held in Buenos Aires from 29 Oct to 3 Nov. The president of FATF meeting is currently Mr Santiago Otamendi who is the Secretary of Justice at the National Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Argentinasta. After plenary meeting I was supposed to take flight to going to NY JFK airport departing at 23:50 AR 1300. However that flight was delayed due to your problems. My original schedule going back to my country(south Korea) was departing at 12:00 korean airline KE0082 so it remains approximately 3 hours to transfer. However your delay I could not afford to transfer to my original schedule flight because the Argentina airline was scheduled to arrive over 11:00 so it just only would remain 1 hour so that I could not transfer to my original flight. Therefore I had to change my schedule departing at 00:50 next day 6 Nov according to the recommendation of your company staff working in Argentinasta airport ticket booth. When the staff of Argentina airplane said that due to the delay I can get the meal voucher at JFK Airport because I have to stay more 12 hours in airport. However when I arrived at JFK airport I asked the meal voucher at the Argentina airplane reception desk. They said the voucher can be used at the restaurants in the terminal 7 but my korean airline is terminal 1. So the voucher was useless. Due to the delay of your flight I arrived at Seoul airport passing one day so that I could not attend to my company and also missing very important meeting. My damages was serious from your delayed departure. I am not satisfied with your delay and service that I received from your company so I want to receive compensation from your company. Actually with my one day missing, my salary was removed about US$400 and i can not recover from the damage not participating the important meeting. My mental damage also serious. I look forward to your reply If you are not the related department, would you please pass this email to whom it may concern personal information : last name : JUNG, first name : HO SEOK, passport number : M37512852, telephone : +82-10-5290-0927 flight : AR1300, 04/11/2017, dep : Buenos Ailres_EZE arr : New York ticket number : 1805761112378 address : 105-1501 Jangsung APT 211 Joohwaro Ilsangu Goyang Gyeonggido South Koera 10382

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Air Corsica
29 November 2017 Horst-Dieter Hüdig

We have booked a flight 20.11.2017 for June 16.6.2017 from Bastia XK 250 to Marseille Morning 7.05 We will change the flight to June 15.6. XK 254 from Bastia 15.35. It`s a better connection for us to Istanbul für the next day. It`s the same price? What we must do? Please answer in German or English. Better is in German

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Indonesia AirAsia
29 November 2017 Akshata

I am akshata from india.i booked ticket for bali for 20th this Dec 17. I am worried about journey because of the volcano issue.please help us to resolve the issue.

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Sichuan Airlines
28 November 2017 Charl

Good day Madam/ Sir, I recently travelled on Sichuan Air ( Flight: 3U8812 - ETKT: 8765909040659/1), form Jinan International to Chengdu International. With booked luggage: A) 3U 3876905627 B) 3U 3876435160 I got transferred at Chengdu International Airport, to flight QR861 ( Doha, Qatar ), but my luggage weren't transferred to the Qatar Airline. Could i just get an status update, of when will the 2 luggage bags, be handed over to Qatar Airways? Why is the online help, managed so bad from Sichuan Airways side? can,t get hold of you!!

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Airlines/Airports 76 - 100 of 725
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