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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Tripoli International Airport
28 November 2017 Phyllis Robinson

I am from USA trying get ahold of Robert Anderson who is staying at Tripoli Airport waiting to leave need to get this message to him, need to e-mail his cell number or e-mail me at my phone is not working at present . need this info to get to him ASAP please

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Yangon International Airport
27 November 2017 Guest

When do you have a next flight to Myeik? My Email is

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Sky Airline
24 November 2017 Guest

can you change your passport details once you have booked the flight? (flying from BA to Santiago)

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Norwegian Air Shuttle
22 November 2017 SU535

Did you ever get the payment after Norwegian conceded defeat to the CAA? // Guest : I was through exactly the same process and making the same case, albeit on a different flight. The airline conceded defeat to the CAA but, 10 weeks later, I'm still waiting for the settlement ... I have now put the complaint through to the CAA ... next is the small claims court If the airline has refused to pay within 3 weeks, the only solution is to recover the debt via the court .

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22 November 2017 Jeanne Collachia

Jonilida wrote a comment on May 15, 2017 that her mother left her phone on her seat, immediately informed Alitalia, and they did nothing. The exact same thing happened to me. On flight AZ620 Rome to Los Angeles on November 19, 2017 I left my Asus Zenfone in the seat pocket for seat 39C. We immediately made efforts to inform someone at Alitalia. After much effort my husband found "Maria" in charge of lost and found for Alitalia. She responded, "Oh, they probably threw it out when they cleaned the plane." We did not give up. We relentlessly pursued Maria. She has finally responded that nobody saw the phone and nobody knows where the plane is. Is it true that an airline fails to keep track of it's planes? Did they throw the phone out? An electronic device must be recycled not THROWN OUT. Who would do that??? And airline is entrusted with the welfare of its passengers. I don't care about the phone itself -- but all my photos, family photos, photos from my trips -- my, contacts, my notes, etc. How can people behave like this? Is am heartbroken. Needless to say, I recommend NEVER FLY ALITALIA.

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Khartoum International Airport
20 November 2017 Guest

People help!!! As 7 hour on communication there is no colleague (doctor) which should arrive this morning 07:00 to Aden (Yemen). Last time we on the telegramme when left to meet him at the airport, but it has not appeared the arrived plane from Khartum (Sudan). And we left at once with it on communication, and that he has told that passports have taken away from it have told that has waited, and that its plane has not arrived yet. And and they have left it at the airport without any reasons deceiving. By the morning those which have detained him without the reasons long time discussed without concept not giving to depart. By the morning one speaks that was tired, other hungry wants to have breakfast, and then tell our working hours has ended others will arrive. Without concept have detained with a deceit, the plane has arrived to Aden without it. They have simply detained without the reasons, the visa, tickets everything is all right. As it to Khartum has arrived from Dubai, and should depart to Aden transit through Khartum. People kind help! More than 3 hours do not contact. Help

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TAAG - Angola Airlines
20 November 2017 KIRAN OZA

Sir My flight Lisbon-(Luanda)-Sao Tome on Oct.04 and return OCT.12, SAO TOME-(Luanda)-ANGOLA. When I checked in for my flight from Sao Tome, I handedover one bag, with polythene wrapper at the airport., for Lisbon. When I reached LISBON, polythene wrpping was missing, lock was broken and from inside the bag, 2 shirts and chocolates worth Euro 50/- were missing. I contacted TAAG office at Lisbon, she tried to help me but baggage staff was not available. I had my flight from Lisbon to Paris-BOMBAY. DT511 Sao Tome-Luanda: DT652 Luanda-Lisbon OCT 12.

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KD Air
20 November 2017 Landry

Left at airport for hours with no staff or answered emails. Miles from anywhere. Rental car company closed. Flight was supposed to leave at 420 it's 735

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White Airways
19 November 2017 Amy Cheung

2 adults elderly over 80 years old needs MEET & ASSIST SERVICES Taylor Charles William Derek Mr Taylor Eldra Eunice Mrs 12Dec TP1099 Valencia to Lisbon depart 1210 This flight although Tap Air but operated by White Airways. Both already ticketed under Tap Air record locator MKEWM4 They are willing to pay extra for this services please advise can you arrange for them? My email address:

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Royal Jordanian Airlines
19 November 2017 Guest

There isnt any sort of way of communication!

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Bishkek Manas International Airport
19 November 2017 Sujeet Kesharwani

I have forgotten my watch during security check if found please contact to our tour guide timur

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InterCaribbean Airways
18 November 2017 Guy Francis

Very nice color scheme. A good strong and productive airplane, the embraer 120.. All I can say. Haven't flown with them yet. Beautifull tail livery.... Greetings from the southern caribbean. Curacao - Dutch Caribbean...

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Trans Guyana Airways
18 November 2017 Adrian Gomes

Cost for round trip for 1 from Ogle to Lethem

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Sun Dor International Airlines
18 November 2017 Guest

SundOR is still an airline! In fact, it is considered the best airline of israel

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Sunwing Airlines
17 November 2017 Guest

6 Guest : Funny most of these complaints are from Guests not willing to leave their names. FYI Sunwing is number one for a reason. For every 1 complaint there are 1000 happy customers. Think about it...

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Sky Wings Airlines
17 November 2017 SU535

natalie : i am currently dealing with a flight delay claim for sky wings and having issues getting a payment from them as compensaiton . does anyone know who the owner is/? There is no need to know who is the owner for the passenger in case of delays. The formal claim can be addressed and submitted on line to the air carrier in your country. The rest procedure, in case of non satisfaction of the claim by the air carrier, going via the government authority in your country or elsewhere.

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16 November 2017 Guest

How come you don't have an email address for customer service?

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Belavia - Belarusian Airlines
12 November 2017 Guest

Terrible airline all around. Avoid at all costs. Flight was 12 hours late due to their rickety old airplane being deemed unfit to fly. That's just the way it is, they said. Backstory: Needed to make an important afternoon meeting in St. Petersburg and bit the bullet and bought the ticket on the morning flight that cost twice as much as all the others flying later in the day. We boarded. The plane looked ancient and terrifying, but ok, whatever. It goes out to the runway, and then some men come out and start fiddling around under the wing, open up the engine. We sit there for an hour on the runway watching them. Then they inform us the plane cannot fly. We're brought back to the terminal to wait for another 5 hours while they find a plane that can fly. Then, due to missing all earlier connection flights in Minsk, another 5 hours in the airport there. End result: spent twice as much on a ticket only to be 12 hours late. No compensation offered. Rude staff. They don't have numbers (except ticket offices that don't provide any information except for ticket purchases) outside of Belarus, so if you want to call you have to pay through the nose to call to Minsk. If you want to complain, you have to send a regular letter to Minsk. In my case, they then sent a letter to my home address saying "oh well so sorry, looking forward to your business next time." I didn't even have it so bad--I just lost a couple hundred dollars and 12 hours. Others on the flight had connecting flights in Moscow to Central Asia on different airlines that they missed. I can't even imagine how much time, money and grief Belavia's rickety old planes and abysmal customer service cost them. Beyond that, the airline is mediocre in all ways--the seats, the food, the whole experience. From what I can tell, they make most of their money based on the fact that there are no direct flights between Russian and Ukraine right now and know they can do whatever they want. The whole experience is similar to a very cheap discount airline in the EU except without EU passenger protections and at the price of a regular airline. I'm avoiding them at all costs in the future, even if it means paying a bit more or a slightly longer flight time.

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PAWA Dominicana
11 November 2017 SU535

maureen : canclled flight with PAWA All material claims are required to be made in writing or electronically. The air carruier has max 30 days to respond. If the air carrier refused to pay the full compensation, you are entiteled to claim the maximum published fare minimum for the canclled e-ticket at the local court.

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11 November 2017 SU535

Tavnveer : airblue from jeddah to multan : deducted payment 1. If you rember the date and flight number, you can call the AIRBLUE and ask them to ussue the ticket to your e-mail address. 2. If the AIRBLUE refuse or fail to do so immediately, you can submit a claim to cancel the exact transaction , as you had not done it. You shall not need to explain any other details to the bank. your bank must return money maximum with 30 days.

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Xiamen Airlines
08 November 2017 EDEN LOY

I lost my cell phone on flight 853 from Xiamen to Bangkok on Nov. 7. It is a ZTE MAX phone. Please email me at or call +66 988 696073. if you found it. THANKS. Eden Loy

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IndiGo Airlines
08 November 2017 Guestt

Sir I need help I have flight on 1610 on indigo due to train late I m not come in time will allow in other flight Raha devi , Bijay Kumar, See me Devi & Kumar pihu email is mob no 9905869822

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Spirit Airlines
06 November 2017 nicky

At Myrtle Beach Airport or Fort Lauderdale airport we have always had good services - flights on time so far - and people are very helpful when we fly from Miami to Paris we have to go from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and catch the evening flight and we get there and we are very tired, but when we arrive we always find the friendly staff which are in most cases very helpful and further more the prices are so affordable that we do not mind to have to take along just one bag to save on the ticket price but also we help on saving fuel which is good for the environment . Right now I am kind of upset with Spirit because when you have a $9 Fare membership there is no way of knowing when it expires, when you follow their answers it says do not worry we will not let it expires we will take it out from your bank account. Well that is nice but we use to know when the membership would expires and then it was easier to deal with this issue. Maybe I am not looking at the right place but I spend so much time on their site this evening that I am loosing it. Anyway I am still happy with their services and WE should fly with them pretty soon again.

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Air Berlin
02 November 2017 Onni

Hey, has anyone else same kind of problem that I've got? I bought flight tickets before 15th of Aug for the next winter from AB and my first flight should have been operated by them and connection flight by Niki. So I have half of flights OK, but my problem is how to get to Berlin-Tegel.... On Niki website, they still have my tickets effective and when I tried to send them message to ask about this, it appeared that their customer service... there isn't one because all the contact forms lead to AB site :( I know that there will be new connection by Eurowings to Berlin-Tegel so rebooking COULD be possible...

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Air Serbia
02 November 2017 Elie

I would like to write about my experience with Airserbia. On 11 sept 2017 my flight was delayed from Beirut tp Paris for more than 1 hour, I have lost my connection to Paris in Belgrade. However, I have been transferred to Slovenia with more than 6 hours of delay. I have also lost my train in Paris, and had to pay for another ticket. My baggage were also delayed and they arrived after 4 day to me. The surprise I got ws that my baggage was also damaged. I asked the company for a refund of my ticket of my flight and I also asked for an attestation from the company for the delay of the flight and the damage of the my bagages. Till now the company did not even answer. However, during the flight, if you ask for a pillow or a blanket, you will get an aggressive answer from the personal telling you that it is only for the business class. When the person beside me asked for a cup of water, he also was answered by an aggressive way telling him that they need first to serve the business class and come back to him. This is the last time I take this flight and I never recommend.

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