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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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HK Express
08 August 2017 Guest

I have been waiting over 2 months for a refund of a holiday and I get the same automated email over and over again. I have tried to reach management. They have effectively stolen money from me after putting in writing that I am due the refund as the holiday was cancelled. No customer care, terrible company.

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Sunstate Airlines
07 August 2017 Michael

I have booked a return flight Bris to Hamilton Island in November 2017 for my wife and I. The seat allocation has us both in window seating, how can I change the seat allocation so we are seated together on both flights. The only thing avaialble on line with manage a booking is to select ailse or window. Can you advise or help please ?

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03 August 2017 Morag Robertson

Really poor service on Tues 1st August 2017 from Palma to Edunburgh. Delayed on plane for an hour in appalling heat when engine wouldnt start. Journey was a bit rough and landing bumpy but airplane was old and bathroom very tatty. I wouldnt fly with them again. I booked through Thomson whom I presume chartered this flight but I will be making sure it isnt repeated even if I book with Thomson again.

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Peruvian Airlines
03 August 2017 Guest

DON'T RISK YOUR LIKE...Airplanes not maintained properly hence flights are always re-schedule or cancelled. Horrible service if they realize you are from USA. Very unprofessional and rude.

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Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport
01 August 2017 Guest

PS: I can't believe that this airport has a 4 star rating! Something is very wrong here!

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Korean Air
01 August 2017 Zulfiya

I want to reflect my all thanks to the purser (I don't know her name) of Korean Air. I'm from Kazakhstan. I came to Seoul 22 of July 2017 and on arrival I have lost my phone somewhere outside of terminal. I faced with the kind - hearted purser of Korean Air on the bus stop platform 5B, the bus 6005. I was found that I have lost my phone in the bus and she tryed to help me, she called to her colleagues to help me and find my thelephone. I apreciate her help and adore your country. Despite the fact that I lost my phone. My trip was admirable. Everywhere I met good-natured and kind people, that helped me during my trip in Seoul. Finally I found my phone in Lost and Found)))

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Djibouti Ambouli International Airport
31 July 2017 Farhan Ali Jimale

I am going to go Djibouti airpot, I heard from a friend, one of best airports, in terms of service, welcoming, friendship and so on. Staff are helpful in terms of answering questions and givving information.

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Avianca Costa Rica
31 July 2017 Guest

Missing baggage. After waiting for report at the Airport I still do not get any answer where my missing baggabe is! The flight was 16 days ago. No correspondence at all!

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Malawian Airlines
31 July 2017 Emily Dinhira

To whom this may concern Dear Sir/Madam I was booked on a Malawian air Line fr om Johannesburg to Lilongwe via Blantyre, departing on the 14th of July and returning on the 23rd of July. This was not my first time to Fly into Malawi, Have always experienced Malawi as the warm heart of Africa indeed, its people, the atmosphere and the Warm welcome at their airports until my returning at Kamuzu international airport on the 23rd of July 2017. My Surname was wrongly spellt, wrote back asking them to correct and never heard from them, on the 14th I was at the airport early in case I would run into to problems checking in, I did not have any problems so I thought this was fixed. On my day of return from Malawi on the 23rd, at the check in counter i was told unfortunately I Couldn't as I needed to correct the spelling error. I asked what needed to be done as i did not have access to call or internet and time was running out and could not afford to miss my Fight, this was when a Mrs Evelyn Govati/Gorati was very rude. She was not helpful at all. She told me not to talk to her as she did not issue the ticket... while that may have been true the attitude in which it was done with was what shocked me. I tried to explain that their agent from Joburg made a mistake in checking me in without picking up the mistake, I was in a better position to follow it up from the South African side.....I was told they did me favor in Joburg and she was not going to help or do me the same favour. I was under the impression that it had been sorted. not that they had done me a favor .....I then told Evelyn that I was going to complain about the service I had received.....I was then taken to a counter wh ere i needed to explain why i was going to complain about the took another while and all I could d was plead with both Charity and Evelyn to let me go as I did not want miss my flight and that they would get my complaint....they let me go... As I was just about to board a more senior staff member can and took my passport and boarding ticket and told me I was threatening his stuff and I needed to correct my name, I needed to pay US$100-00. I had to again tell this guy I did not threaten anyone, all I did was to tell Evelyn i was going to complain about the service i received at the check in counter, I was again held back....had to again explain about their agent that did not pick this error and checked me in anyway in Joburg.... The warm heart of Africa was indeed not experienced at all at the checking in counter with Ms Evelyn.... she did not display public relations and was not helpful at all . She could still politely refer met the Malawi airline counter.....Fly Malawi air again, maybe , maybe not... Sincerely Emily

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Austral Lineas Aereas
30 July 2017 cathy Stern

I am flying from BA to Mendoza having arrived on Delta airlines with 2 free checked bags. How many checked bags am I allowed on Austral to Mendoza?

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27 July 2017 Pirkko Turkki

Cust.Care Ref. # 1-5727509258 My niece Jaana Heinonen was upset at the attitude of the Check-in Staff at Helsinki Airport (24/7) and filed a complaint. It did not bother me, I actually found it amusing that the attendant concluded from our looks that we were approaching a wrong desk - Diamond, as she told us! Instead I want to express our thanks for the friendly and exceptionally good and helpful service we received from the staff at all stages of our trip. The Cabin Crews were friendly and efficient and made our flights enjoyable instead of bearable. Thank You. Sincerely, Pirkko Turkki

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LATAM Brasil
27 July 2017 Karola

Please give me an email address for customer service for LATAM Brasil (JJ) thanks, Karola

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Omni Air International
25 July 2017 Guest

Hi, i just wanted to thank the crews of of the flight I took with Omni air international from Norfolk, VA to Kuwaiti leaving on the 20th approx. 0300-0500 and landing (With one stop over in Germany) approx. 0700 on the 21st. I would especially like to thank the first crew that took us out of the NAS, from the captain to the flight attendants, for their compassion, care, and genuine interest in our well-being. Thanks so much and really appreciate the sending off. God bless and thanks. Eric D.

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CSA Czech Airlines
25 July 2017 Guest

Hi ... . . . . . my flight was from pisa to kos on 20 jul But the air line may b had some problam and next day they say me you have fligt but 2days stay in Prague ..then i send a mail on customer care but they no reply me ..i buy this ticket 236 euro tell me what can i do !

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24 July 2017 Guest

Deceptive info. given! I had cancelled a reservation and paid for it so that I could use the reservation (for same flyer & location) at a later date. In January of the following year when it was going to expire. Interjet agent CALLED ME and said that it was going to expire that month, I told them that I had no plans on flying that month BUT that I would use it by the end of the year. Ok, I was then told it was NO PROBLEM and that it would be noted on the reservation that I would later schedule it. I called recently to use it and NOW Im told that the reservation had in fact expired in January! I kept being told that the reservation could only be up to 1 year of purchase and not any longer. I was upset because I was not told that, on the contrary, WHO WOULD LET THEIR PAID reservation expire??! Had I been told that it could no longer be extended to be used, I would have used it with no problem. This time around I spoke with Thalia Davila who kept telling me the same thing, then the manager Alexis Gomez also kept going round and round about the policy. I have used this airline before, but not no more. Again, had I been told the correct info, I would have used it. As Alexis said the only thing I could do is make a NEW reservation & pay for it of course. How deceptive is all of this?! I hope no one else goes through this, if you happen to hold off on using your reservation, please take note, you cant use it any time, it does have an expiration date no matter what you are told, a date that I was never told.

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Azur Air
23 July 2017 Guest

Unfortunately, we had a very bad experiance with flight ARZ8402 From Mallorca to Dusseldorf. Our plane never landed. We have to wait for more than 16 hours. Without any information from Azur air. It wasn't the first time they have problems with a plane. Why do we get information about the mechanical problemen?

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23 July 2017 Guest

I booked my flight drom London to Larnaca on 11/05 . Somehow the booking was doubled and they took out twice money from my account. The other booking ha been canceld, i flew and come back from Cyprus but i still dont have refund on my money for the other booking. I am talking with their customer service team every single week and they are saying that in the next couple of weeks i should have the money back into my account. Thats been going on for 2 months now. Be careful when you book your tickets and if you can pay by credit card. They are tottal scum !

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Air Corsica
21 July 2017 Marilyn

Hello i'm searching for a fligth for tomorrow

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TAP Portugal
21 July 2017 Victor

This airline is beyond horrible!!! There website is useless. Cannot determine when they fly out of a place. Cannot complain by email to anyone... Cannot see prices... When I want to make a complaint I have to give them the name of my first born...disgusting!!!!

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Air Arabia
21 July 2017 Katerina Nicola

Good Morning! I have been trying to book online for the past two weeks for travel in August. I insert my travel dates and destination which works well however after I press search the page that shows the flights, availability and price does not come up, instead I get a page of circles wizzing round and eventually a message pops up saying " Air Arabia is not responsing" Kindly have your IT department check and solve this issue as you will potentially lose out on a lot of business because this problem is pushing travellers to look at alternative airlines as I am about to do. I hope you resolve this problem. Regards I

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Austrian Airlines
18 July 2017 Nigel Lyn

I am trying to check in online along with my wife and it isn't allowing us to. I also tried calling and they cannot help. We need to get seats on our flights from tel aviv to miami. Our connection flight in Vienna is very close also. Or rec loc are Nigel Lyn 2MHN9Y and Melissa Lindo 2MDYDB. I would appreciate if you could accommodate us with seats close to the front together an aisle or a window will be one seat and whatever is beside it. Thanking you in advance. My email is

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Hurghada International Airport
17 July 2017 Ines

Dear Sir or Madam, My family and I flew with the airline SunExpress to Hurghada on 08.07.2017 (Flight XG 4991 - seat 26 E), unfortunately we have on a board for children (Kids FlySafe CARES). Our airline could not help us, can you help us? I hope you understand me ... Best regards Ines answermail please

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Air Cote dIvoire
17 July 2017 Martha Awumee

Hi All, I arrived Accra, Ghana on Saturday, July 15th. I transited Abidjan from Dakar on flight HF 701. The flight HF 0500 departed Abidjan at 20:00 pm for Accra, Ghana. On arrival, my luggage could not be found. Please assist.

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Allegiant Air
16 July 2017 Guest

Round trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Knoxville... 1.5 hrs each way... Total delay time 7.5 hours.... So far! Do NOT use this airline!!

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Andes Lineas Aereas
16 July 2017 Sarosh

We wanted to know your baggage allowance for travel from AEP to SLA and IGR to AEP. Thank you

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