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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Aero Mongolia
01 September 2017 Joel levine

Amicus travel booked us on a flight for august 29 from uln to murun at 1 pm. On aug 26 they said the flight just changed to 545am. As we were staying 2 hours away from uln that was not acceptable to us to travel during the night on the roads etc . In the United States when airlines change schedules passengers can accept the change or not accept and cancel the reservation we were told we had no option but to go at 545 am or lose everything . Amicus said they could get no refund our booking aug 29 m087. PNR reference:27577682 ticket number. 2752921533. By amicus travel

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WOW air
31 August 2017 Celia Kincaid

WOW airlines refused to refund my airfare for a trip that I was unable to take due to being flooded in in the Houston, Texas area due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. My flight was scheduled from Toronto, but the Houston airport has been closed since the Hurricane hit on Saturday, so I couldn't get to Toronto to take the flight. I will never make another reservation with them, and strongly urge others to think twice about booking with them. The way I feel right now, this has killed my desire to ever even see Iceland.

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Zanzibar International Airport
31 August 2017 Deeves

Since we're a new airline we much appreciate if you could submit the contact email address to follow up with ground handling agreements,

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Air Niugini
30 August 2017 Adelyn Bugatar

This is the best airline in PNG and to be honest I feel so safe when traveling cause it has no history of plane crash that I know of 😊 I would love to work in that organization one fine day.

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Kartika Airlines
30 August 2017

I'm James (Jim) we have an interest in purchasing B737-300 series aircraft. Long term storage,Light damage is Okay, would like to ship by Ferry Flight (one-Time) then dismantle. Also intereste in any B737-300/400/500 for sale. Also need spare used retired CFM56 Engine (No Records, Damaged Okay) Contact:

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Bergen Airport
29 August 2017 Johanna VandeWoestijnet

Please can you let me know how I can get in telephone contact with the KLM office at your airportGZA6C

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Air Busan
29 August 2017 franklin tagalogon cici

i did not recieve my iterinary i only recieve eximbay receipt that confirming i payed the ticket. can you please send my iterinary and send it to me i booked my flight this october 10 2017. can you please update me in my email: thank you

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Cape Air
25 August 2017 William C. Ulley

To Whom it may concern, Older private pilot and teacher of Aviation at local Community Colleges I see opportunity to expand your service in Ma. There are airports in Central Ma. that could have free parking and close by to Educational institutions with worldwide attendees that could support your service into Logan. This would especially compliment your new 12 passenger equipment. Would be happy to explain in person if need be. Thank you for your time, Bill Ulley

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Juneyao Airlines
25 August 2017 Danni

eddy pouliot- chantal lacroix : Hi, I have a flight with Juneyao Airline and I would like to reserve my seats for this flight. Ref : PCV441 Flight: HO1357 Departure on March 3 at 20h35 fr om Shanghai Arrival on March 4 at 00h50 in Bangkok Under the name of Eddy Pouliot and Chantal Lacroix Do you have a toll free number from Canada? or wh ere I can do my selection on your website (in english)? Dear Chantal, Could you explain how you finally booked the seats for your flight with Juneyao? I have the same problem, I have 2 flights from Shanghai to Osaka with Juneyao, but I cannot book seats and neither check-in in their website. Thank you and best regards. Regards Chantal Lacroix

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25 August 2017 Denis Cardoso

My name is Denis Cardoso from VIPIMPEX LLC in US and I would like to know if Citilink is selling the B737-300 ? line number : 2083 serial : 25134 PKGZQ Let me know the asked price : Aircraft Specification : Regards, Denis Cardoso - phone : +1 786-587-8866

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China Southern Airlines
25 August 2017 Guest

Pros: I was impressed by the Customer Service Skills this airlines has. It was above believe. Other Chinese airlines should learn from them. They were proactive to solve a minor issue and they even called me in the evening to apologize once more. Amazing!!!!!! Cons: Just don't give water from an ice bucket next time.

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XL Airways France
21 August 2017 Guest

I have been charged twice for three tickets. i need a refund. You have charged a cancellation fee. Ridiculous! Both sets of tickets booked for the same three passengers on the same flight on the same day. Both booked own thin 5 minutes of each other. Surely that's illegal

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Croatia Airlines
20 August 2017 Guest

They seem to have a huge problem in the company with lacking quality of management level. I heard some crazy stories about how thy treat their people there. Will avoid them in future.

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20 August 2017 renate

hopeless website designed to confuse.I have never seen a website so poorly designed in my life. Your call center is equally hopeless. no one ever picks up. your five minutes become an hour! I am totally disgusted with the absolute lack of respect towards your customers time.

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Virgin Australia
19 August 2017 Darren Neil Cook

My flight has been delayed for 4 hours and can you please add some frequent flyers points to my card for this inconvenience as i have missed family commitments in perth

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Wings Air
19 August 2017 Maria

Hello! Does anyone know how to cancell or change a flight reservation? I have stomachache and cannot fly today. Thanks

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S7 Airlines
18 August 2017 Michael

Completely unprofessional airline that only feeds stereotypes about Russians. Russians as a whole are exceptionally kind people, but members of S7 it's a 50 / 50. I have a medical service dog that I must have with me at all times, but because I'm not blind it does not apply to S7 when booking the ticket normally. Only code sharing with another One World member that you book the ticket through. Even then there are problems because many Russians still only view dogs as street animals or something cute to carry around in a purse. Total let down in terms of service and not in any way an international airline or a reflection of other One World alliance members. I have no idea how S7 is a part of the One World organization.

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17 August 2017 MINHAJ


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Thomson Airways
16 August 2017 Guest

At the time he nor any crew member mention air controller in France being on strike, the reason he gave to the passengers on board the aircraft was as followers. 1. That the flight had be cleared by Doncaster Airport Control to be open until we landed as it would have be only half an hour late. 2. That the aircraft controller at the Tenerife Sur Airport said that she had not confirmation of that fact. The pilot told us that your company and Doncaster Airport Control was in contact with Air Traffic Controller to resolve that manner so we would be on our way. 3. About twenty-five minute later he came back in and told us that the plan had change because of the confuse between you company and that of Tenerife Sur Airport Control that Doncaster Airport that decided to close the airport. 4. He also stated that your company and Tenerife Sur Airport Control had come to agreement with East Midland Airport for this plane to land there. That all passenger would be bus to Doncaster. There was not a lot we could do many of the passenger was not happy with this. 5. Later again you Pilot came back into the cabin and told us them because your company wanted this plane to be in the right place the next day that again the plan had changed and that we were all going to Manchester Airport and bus from there to Doncaster. 6. He also told us all because of this situation that we would be entitled to compensation as the fault lay with you as you did let Tenerife Sur Airport Controller know what was agreed between your Company and Doncaster Airport. 7. If there had of know we would have be able to take of at the allotted time and would have arrived back about half an hour late. I find it very strange that l cannot talk to anyone in your department about this matter. Also as a loyal customer of Thomson l found the treatment of your team upsetting. I will wait until Wednesday 26th April for a replied for you or someone in your company. That l will be getting in touch with The Civil Aviation Authority.

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Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport
14 August 2017 Guest

Dear customer services team, I have been travelled from Cairo to Montreal through your air lines My transit was in Casablanca After arrived to the final destination. I have been surprised with the following My three bags have been damaged and have cut as attached pictures I already sent my emails more times to royal air morco co. No body response me You are requested to take the necessary action to solve this issue Thanks a lot for your co-operation and waiting your feedback Your quick feedback highly appreciated Regards Mohamed Saied

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12 August 2017 Francisco Antonio Amaro Morales

Have Chukotavia Airlines flights from Lavrentiya Ru to Nome Alaska Usa.? It is requisite rusian Visa for in to the Russian territory?

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LOT Polish Airlines
10 August 2017 Guest

Trying to reach customer service.... What a nightmare. Waited 20 min. Tried calling again, already 18 min on and still no one picking up! Super frustrating.

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Niue International Airport
10 August 2017 Guest

I left Niue on the 8th August, the staff were rude when I checked in my luggage my carry on bag was 8kg and was told to transfer some of my items into checked bag, went back and it weighed 7.4kg and was told to transfer more items into checked bag. I asked how much will it cost to just allowed it on and the customs guy said $120. So I transferred more items into check bag and it was cleared. I then went to get my ticket stamped and informed the people I did not have to pay the $80 to depart the airport and showed them the papers of my ticket. They said they need prof that I purchased my ticket after july and that the paper ticket was not good enough. after speeding money on internet and showing bank statement and emails of after purchasing tickets online and 45mins later they stamped my ticket receipt of $80 paid. After boarding the plane my sisters friend who was sitting in front of me so I said hello :) , she told me that her carry on luggage weighed 12kg over the limit and the man at the airport who was her uncle told her don't worry about it, you don't have to pay anything just bring it on the plane. I was shocked ! and couldn't believe how wrong it was.... There are so many people who pay for extra luggage and extra weight and to hear this is observed ! The attitude that these stuff members showed and then hearing they break rules to suit themselves is not on and will be making a formal complaint.

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HK Express
08 August 2017 Guest

I have been waiting over 2 months for a refund of a holiday and I get the same automated email over and over again. I have tried to reach management. They have effectively stolen money from me after putting in writing that I am due the refund as the holiday was cancelled. No customer care, terrible company.

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Sunstate Airlines
07 August 2017 Michael

I have booked a return flight Bris to Hamilton Island in November 2017 for my wife and I. The seat allocation has us both in window seating, how can I change the seat allocation so we are seated together on both flights. The only thing avaialble on line with manage a booking is to select ailse or window. Can you advise or help please ?

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Airlines/Airports 176 - 200 of 725
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