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22 August 2016 Guest

i cannot book the flight tickets online. it wrote, "Unfortunately system failed to verify your selection this time. Please try again.". why is this happening?? i have been trying it since last night, had email customer service 2 times, still no answer from them, and i had to wait for about freaking 40 minutes to get to talk the customer service. what???

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20 August 2016 Guest

Seems I Cannot Make Official Complaint On the Page wish to complain here. RUDE ATTITUDE one of the officer of MalaysiaAirlines at Penang Airport. While I was on arranging the luggage the officer On Duty Today Morning He was very rude. Not helpfull Officer at all I have seen Today. How You want us to respect you?? YES there Is a fault on our side also and I Understand as a officer You doing your Job But the Way You Handling Passengers Its not Right way. As a Officer You should help us or Give solution for us to outcome from the problem Not show face to us. Insulted with loud voice when we ask for help. He blar blar loudly, Insulted in front of so many passengers !!! We have been travel widely. #We are not flying for Free We are Paying. Malaysia Airlines

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18 August 2016 Guest

I have sent 2 emails in the last 2 days to Malaysia Arline customer service department regarding Paypal payments which their website says they accept but after making a booking when it comes to making a payment they only accept Visa/Mastercard and not Paypal. I received a confirmation email from customer service saying that they will respond to my complaint ASAP. That was 2 days ago and still no reply from them . They obviously dont want want my buisiness so i will spend my money elsewhere in future.

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17 August 2016 Guest

I had to cancel my flights to London fr om Bangkok due to a visa problem with my partner we was on non refundable tickets but was entitled to the tax’s back which was $500 I applied on the 6th June in person in the office in Bangkok filled out the forms and sent them to the main office in Malaysia I have requested several times by the complaints process asking where my money is as it has now been 11 weeks all I get is the same standard e-mail back with a new case number wh ere is the integrity of this company they got out of me over $1500 and still want more

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16 August 2016 Guest

I had booked a ticket online and I filled up the tax invoice with my company information. But the tax invoice come out in pesonal name. I call the call centre and wait for hour an hour, they asked me to email! since i already called, why can't you help and ask me to email? The service is too bad.

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06 August 2016 Guest

Malaysian Airline have big issue with payment, i have a big family and it takes along time to book a flight only to find out once im ready to make payment it wont accept my any of my cards due to some issue with the online booking.

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05 August 2016 B J SELBY

A ticket cancellation refund request for one passenger travelling from Adelaide to Kuching and return on 23 August - 1 September, 2016, was made on 24 February, 2016. The refund was authorised by the CEO of MAB in KL around 20 June to be actioned by MAB Sydney. The contact person has not completed the refund as at 5 August, 2016, even after being contacted directly.....the Customer Care department has not responded to any emails.....

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03 August 2016 Guest

how to update my new passport number? i bought the ticket before i renew my passport

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01 August 2016 Guest

Please get your act together on call back service. This service is just for show. There is no organisation in malaysia that actually have any checking on service quality. MAS a disgrace.

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28 July 2016 Guest

Malaysian Airline. Please change your IVR. you mention that my call is important for you but i'm waiting more then 45 minute online until someone pick up the call and next minute drop call. Is this how important my call was for you?

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17 July 2016 Guest

I have never before complain to services rendered via social media. However, after numerous failed attempt to call their call centres, and finding no outlets to formally log a complaint, I have no choice but to post my complaint in social media. My family of 5pax were booked to travel at 10.40am MH 717 (booking #WRQ5W) this morning, tickets and seats booked, only to be bumped off to another later flight at 13.50pm. At 8.45am while checkin in, without an apology, the lady at B8 counter, Ms Yuhanis, said they should've made online check-in to secure their seats! Insane excuse! In my life of traveling, this is the first I've heard that an online check-in is a requirement!! What kind of system are you running here?! MAS - you screwed up and over booked with not even an apology, instead blaming us, who up until this point, have been loyal customers??! The on-duty manager, Mr. Jeffrey MD Juah, can certainly use some customer service skills as well. Only responding in defensive attitude and finally offering free access to the lounge. Absurd!! This should NOT have happened to begin with. We even have traveled budget airlines and have NEVER been bumped to another flight! Buckle up MAS, if this is how you treat paying customers, then you are not worthy of our business!!

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14 July 2016 Guest

sujeev : worst airlines I think you are right I will never travel with them again

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14 July 2016 Mahmoud

Hello I had a nightmare experience with Malaysian airline. I booked online from Jordan to Auckland, New Zealand via Malaysian airline. I was asked to pay extra charges for some over weight in my first leg and then I was suprised again in Kuala Lampur asking me to pay $550 additional charges for 10 KG. I had not enough money and they were no help. I called customer service very poor service reply and no help at all. I had to leave 10 KG of gifts in the airport after trying and trying to seek help but no luck. I really dont recommend this airline to any one at all taking the facts that their service is very poor besides charging me when I booked online an insurance intended only for Malaysian citizen without prompting me whether I would like to buy it during the booking process.

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10 July 2016 Guest

what happen to the hotline 1300883000!! i wait for 1 hours still all agents are busy!!! i book a fly from kl to taiwan but just realize that my friend family name doea not show on the itinerary receipt...what can i do? can someone help me?

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29 June 2016 Moneerah

hi... i call MAS call centre wanna update my new first call to make sure the girl told me you can call MAS centre after renew your passport at least 2-3days before departure..after 1week , i call back to update my new passport..then they said they can't do that tru call..i must update tru website 48hrs before departure..can't update early because system can't trace my flight.....i said any option such can i go directly to malaysian airlines office at airport they said no! i said I don't know how to update tru ur website! no guided! please help! i will depart this sunday! what should i do MALAYSIAN AIRLINES???????

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29 June 2016 Guest

Mohan Raj : I paid money to the malasyian airlines but the confirmation mail is not received by me Same here..Feeling Stress

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24 June 2016 James

Hello, I want to know more about the carry on hand luggage requirements. On the website It says carry on luggage must be less than 115 cm and the picture they gave was a briefcase of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm. I have a bag that is 54cm x 32cm x 28cm. Would this be acceptable (i am worried about the 28cm thickness) - but the total is 114cm. thank you!!

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23 June 2016 Mohan Raj

I paid money to the malasyian airlines but the confirmation mail is not received by me

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01 June 2016 Guest

Dear Sir\Madam, Kindly provide clarification, If I am allowed to board malaysian airlines with 5 months valid passport. I have got confirmation from Indian and Australian embassy that I can enter with 5 months validity passport. However they want me to confirmation from the airlines as well. Its round trip from Australia to India via malaysian airlines[transit]. My travel details are below. Round Trip : Australia to India [1 week travel] Departure from Australia : 1st July 2016 Returning to Australia : 9th July 2016 Passport Expiry Date : 25th Dec 2016 Visa Status : Australian Permanent Resident Citizenship : Indian This is a sudden trip to India and I don't have sufficient time to apply for Passport renewal. Appreciate your reply !!

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27 May 2016 Guest

Guest : Hi there.. Can I book an international ticket fly from KL to Perth without passport ? And update later ? you can book your international without passport but when u fill up for passport detail just put any dummy number and date. just to ensure your name must be correct accordingly. once you already have your passport u can contact malaysia airlines customer service to update

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