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Air Canada Discussion

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15 October 2023 07:10:00 Guest

I received an email from Air Canada (Oct. 15, 2023) stating that there is a lot of Aeroplan data theft recently and that Air Canada will be fighting for us to protect our points, etc. The biggest theft of Aroplan points has always been from Air Canada themselves. Promising for years that my points would never expire, then, in my case, stealing around 23,000 points ..... gone into their pockets. This had to be one of the greatest thefts in Canadian history. Should we trust you, Air Canada???

02 September 2023 05:09:00 Raquel Chosa

I called today to change my seat reservation, My classmates who are coming from different parts of US will have lay over here in Toronto and together we will fly to Barcelona for our Class reunion. The person who answered my call is so friendly and have patience to help me seat with my classmates. Thank you Alayna

30 August 2023 11:08:00 Adrian

Elderly parents' AC flight from Toronto to Zurich marred by unfortunate accident at Zurich airport. Injured mom and dad denied boarding after accident. Hospital check done, AC unwilling to assist due to "non-refundable" tickets. Forced to purchase costly $3000 one-way tickets home. AC had empty seats on the following day's flight! Disgusted with lack of compassion from AC. Does anyone here have advice?

30 August 2023 10:08:00 Adrian

Tried twice to enter a review but not getting any confirmation. This is a test...

19 August 2023 02:08:00 ASK

I am told that Air Canada offers compensation if a flight is delayed by more than 3 hours. The first leg of my flight was delayed by more than an hour and made me miss my connecting flight. I was rebooked for a later flight and arrive at my final destination late by almost four hours. Technically, neither of the two Air Canada was late by more than three hours. But because I reached my destination late by four hours, should I not get compensation?

15 August 2023 05:08:00 Zoned 5

Worst experience on an airline ever! Has discrimination for passengers on economy specially under zone 5 not allowing passengers to bring carry on luggages which the sizes are allowed in other airlines. Their carry on size is smaller than a budget airline in Asia (at least compared to Jetstar and scoot airlines). Definitely would have chosen another airline and moving forward will choose another airline in the future.

10 August 2023 02:08:00 ANair

Could you please advise about Air Canada's redistribution policy

11 July 2023 03:07:00 Guest

14 out of the last 15 flights with Air Canada over the last 12 months have been delayed by a lot! This airline turns into a real pain to travel with! And always some excuse that someone else did something wrong. Go figure!

09 July 2023 07:07:00 Gloria brewer

I flow out of Toronto Pearson air Port on july8th my flight was suppose to leave at 2:35 to Fredericton n.b and never left until like 7 what can you do for me that was a long day I never received a text about the delay until 1:48 and I was already there Your AC1526 flight to Fredericton departing on Jul 08 at 2:35 PM is delayed by 205 minutes. Please do not be late for your original check-in time. For more updates, please check live flight information at the airport or locate your nearest airline desk for assistance. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Thanks Gloria Brewer

23 June 2023 02:06:00 Nibiru

I have question regarding Air Canada specifically. If you book a premium economy seat at extra expense and then AC subsequently changes the aircraft to one that has no premium economy, what happens? Do you get a refund when they put you into economy? Do they place you in business class (unlikely)? Anybody have an answer?

06 July 2017 04:07:00 Lina

I am so disappointed with Air Canada. I wanted to book a vacation for me and my family of 30 including kids and was not able to get the price advertised. They say there was a glitch in the computer and therefore, they cannot honour the price. It was also on This is very misleading and they should take responsiblitily. It has been a week and I did not receive a call. I spoke to someone in customer service and they were the ones to tell me it was a glitch and there is nothing they can do. They also told me there is no other person I can speak to. I can't believe that! I hope someone reads this and calls me to discuss this matter. West Jet made a mistake and they honoured the price and hotel listed without hesitation for my daughter. You can reach me at 647 390-5330.

05 August 2016 09:08:00 Guest

Call Center take forever to answer the call. I have called multiple times and every time I did, I had been on hold for more than 40 mins.

30 June 2016 07:06:00 Guest

The air canada give 2 bags for Canadian and for American 1 bag for international flight is not fare

13 December 2015 05:12:00 Abdo

Can't believe you fly Air Canada to Japan! I only fly them when I've no chcioe. I've to fly them for biz trips, but I don't even know what to do with the miles I've with them -- do I redeem them for tickets and be at the mercy of their lousy flight attendants? :S

14 September 2015 09:09:00 Guest

My husband and I booked Air Canada to fly Pittsburgh to Toronto to Rome arriving in Rome at 10:45 a.m. on 5/26/15. Because of canceled and delayed flights we did not arrive in Rome until after 5 p.m. Most importantly, we had no luggage when we arrived. We never received luggage during the entire two weeks we were in Italy. My numerous calls from Rome to Air Canada baggage agents in Toronto established that AC did not load our bags on the flight to Rome. On 5/27, AC agent Susan stated that the bags had not been loaded on the 5/25 flight to Rome but would arrive in Rome that day (5/27). The number given to me to call the Rome airport to determine the status of the lost luggage NEVER answered even though I and various Italian friends repeatedly called it. AC was aware of this issue and promised to contact the Rome airport on our behalf but they never did so. My bag was delivered to my home on June 11th, five days after we had returned to the U.S. My husband's bag was delivered on July 11th. On 5/28, AC agent Emma promised us a $200/passenger reimbursement for expenses we incurred because we had no luggage. Nevertheless, Air Canada has ignored my claim for this reimbursement. Even though Air Canada has acknowledged their sole role in (1) causing our substantial delay in arriving in Rome and (2) losing our luggage, AC is hiding behind the fact that the last carrier we flew to Rome was Lufthansa. For this reason, Air Canada has washed its hands of any responsibility for any of the problems it caused.

15 December 2014 01:12:00 ABBA YOUSSAOU

My name is ABBA YOUSSAOU I live in Yaoundé in Cameroon and I come before you today because I would want to work with air canada as a Partner. Here is my idea, I would to represent air canada in Cameroon and I am ready for that. Best regards, ABBA YOUSSAOU

07 August 2014 03:08:00 Guest

I flew with Air Canada from London to Toronto in July 2014 and not only was my flight delayed by 1 hour - literally sitting at the departure gate at Heathrow because they had loaded someone's luaggage onto the wrong flight - my luggage did not arrive via the baggage claim conveyer belt! I went to the baggage services counter and there were numbers of other passengers from the same and other flights who were without their luggage; international and national flights. People were really frantic and they seemed quite nonchalant about it so I got the impression that it happens regularly and the more people I spoke to the more it seemed that it was commonplace. For two days I called their baggage services number but it's based in India so the agents don't really know much about what is happening in London/Canada without confirmations (which never happen). TWO DAYS AFTER, without any belongings whatsoever, I had to go to the airport myself with the hope that it had arrived and it had arrived two days after my arrival after being left in London and put on a flight two days after! TERRIBLE SERVICE. I will never ever fly Air Canada again and I would not advise anyone else to do so!

01 June 2014 10:06:00 guest

in general I flew a few times with AC. And the ticket counter staffhave always given me a bad taste in my mouth. Starting in 1998 when a ticket agent was mad and wanted to tear our tickets to bits. And no I wasn't impolite. Next time we flew on standby from YVR to YUL. There were 4 seats available, 2 pairs of seats. And there was me with my wife and 2 other passengers who didn't know each other. They seated my my wife with one stranger and me with the other. So I asked if they could seat me with my wife. Answer: That's wjat you get for flying with standby. The cabin crew fixed it inside the plane. So in a nutshell. Front counter staff take a * chill pill and cabin crew they are great.But now I fly Westjet and never had an issue since.

17 May 2014 12:05:00 Guest

Flew high density 777-300 from munich to toronto. Aircraft

14 December 2013 09:12:00

Our advice is that you NEVER book with Air Canada under any circumstances. This was supposed to be a 38th anniversary trip setup and paid to be hassle free with all transfers included. For the quick version, we spent an absolutely horrendous weekend in airports, and not-so-nice hotels (one of which we had to pay for ourselves) on the phone with Viking and Air Canada reps, none of whom were REMOTELY HELPFUL. Our first problem occurred on the evening we were scheduled to leave our home airport, Nashville, TN. Viking had scheduled us to fly fr om Nashville to Toronto then on to Frankfurt and finally into Budapest wh ere we were to embark. These flights were scheduled with Air Canada. The one and only Air Canada flight from Nashville to Toronto was canceled and even though I had signed up for text notification, there was no notification. When we arrived at the airport, not only had the flight been canceled but the Air Canada counter was closed with only a phone number to call (Air Canada has only a small desk in the Nashville airport). We finally got a Viking representative on the phone and after being on hold for almost two hours were rescheduled for a flight at 7 am the next day to send us to Toronto via NYC and then connect to Munich and then Budapest. We had to make our own hotel accommodations for the night in Nashville since we don't live in Nashville. We had already left our car at a hotel for the entire length of the cruise, so we decided to stay there. No explanation of why the Air Canada flight was canceled (Nashville weather was fine though rainy, and the only storms or other cancellations were in flights coming from or to Texas, not the case with our flight). It appears there were not enough people who wanted to go to Toronto that evening for the flight to be profitable since only one other man appeared to check in to find his flight canceled. The new flight itinerary meant that we would miss not only the purchased transfer to our ship and our first night on the ship, but the scheduled city tour of Budapest. So, now we spend a second travel day to get to Toronto (leaving Nashville at 7:00am) to await our flight to Munich, of which there is only one. After spending the day in the Toronto airport (from around noon to around 6 pm) we are informed the flight to Munich will be delayed. At this point my wife approached the desk for flights from Toronto to Frankfurt, to see if perhaps we should be placed stand-by on the Frankfurt flight in case the Munich flight is delayed too much to make our connection, or canceled altogether (as it ultimately was). She was told not to worry, that Air Canada would get us to Munich in time for the connection to Budapest or a later connection to Budapest before our ship left port. When the only flight to Munich is canceled near midnight due to mechanical problems, it was rescheduled for the following afternoon around 4 pm (nearly 24 hours after the original flight). At this point, we cannot possibly get to Budapest before our ship departs. The next stop was to be Bratislava, Slovakia. After standing in multiple lines for several hours around midnight, Air Canada informs us they do not fly into Bratislava but it should be fairly easy to get trains in Europe! If we choose to go to the next city that Air Canada flies into, we'll have missed another day, PLUS we'll have to find a hotel on our own to await the boat coming from Slovakia. Air Canada tells us that since Viking booked our initial flight, it is up to them to reschedule it. Viking says everything is the fault of Air Canada and Air Canada says we have to deal with Viking. After hours on the phone, we finally get Air Canada to return us to Nashville.

11 September 2013 09:09:00 N Sabir

I fly regularly on the Boston to Toronto route and Air Canada ALWAYS disappoints. On my most recent trip, I tried to check my bag in at the gate ( which I have done many times before) because I didn't want to have to lift my bag into the overhead bin on the plane as I am 7 mos pregnant. I was told not to do that since the bag was small and there was plenty of space on the plane and that someone would help me on the plane. When I got on the plane and asked the steward if he could help me put my bag up in the overhead bin, he took a look at my bag and asked 'Is it really that heavy?'. When I replied it was heavy for me and I didn't want to lift it because I was pregnant, he told me a passenger would help me! Just downright rude. They always seem to set the bar for the worst customer experience, whether it has been when I have missed a flight, or their policies with respect to gate checking strollers and car seats. They are by far the worst airline to travel with children. Other airlines always try to at least speak to you in a professional and courteous manner, the Air Canada agents, air hostesses/stewards always get downright mean if there is ever an issue. I will be going with Delta whenever I can for this route as they are the only other non stop option on this route. They are so much nicer and accommodating and professional.

03 July 2013 03:07:00 B Sharp

My Mom wanted me to share a very unpleasant experience with Air Canada: Do NOT fly with them. They are horrendously over priced. They are rude over the phone, at the terminal, and on the plane. They lost her bag coming back from Canada to Denver. Turns out that it was in Denver, nobody actually looked for it - they just told her it wasn't there. After being told it was found, we waited by the phone for the delivery company to call for 3 days. (There is no cell phone reception or internet connection due to the remote location of the cabin.) Every time we called to question the delivery, we were routed to someone out of the country who couldn't even pronounce "Denver". They refused to give us the name or contact number of the delivery service. Finally they gave us the name of two companies that didn't exist. The baggage claim department (in Pakistan or India) said we were free to file a complaint to the legal department by fax. Yep! Their customer relations department is available by fax. There is no customer service department with whom you can speak by phone. There is no contact line for Air Canada at the Denver Airport. Finally we were contacted by Lufthansa airlines who had the bag. She was able to drive 4 hours round trip back to pick it up at the airport. Moral of the story: avoid Air Canada like the plague. If you have to pay extra to get to Canada, it is well worth it. Walk if you have to.

16 June 2013 02:06:00 mary adelstein

Air Canada took us on the first leg of the flight from Vancouver to Toronto but bumped us on the second part from Toronto to Boston. When Air Canada makes a mistake like this they punish the victims. After the plane left without us we spent 3 hours waiting in various lines at customer service, immigration, baggage service and ticketing. We finally got to the $44 hotel room 1/2 hr from the airport about 11:30 pm. But we didn't get to sleep at all due to the ladies of the night knocking on doors in the hallway! Never fly Air Canada. Their ground crew is inadequate, completely overwhelmed and unhelpful. We are in our 80's and it will take a while to recover from this hellish trip.

26 February 2013 08:02:00 Guest

My Flight with Air Canada (934 to Fort Lauderdale) was cancelled due to a mechanical issue. We sat in the terminal for 3 hours without any information and were unable to find an employee anywhere. When the filght finally did get cancelled, the employee (Andrew) laughed and wished us "good luck in finding a flight with Air Canada" and said, "they will be unable to accomodate you because they have no one working". This employee then proceeded to scream and swear at Air Canada customers attempting to get information and refused to give his last name or direct anyone to his manager. We were unable to get through to the reservation/customer service phone number we were directed to and waited on hold for 3 hours before giving up. We went to claim our bags (which never left the airport) and did not get them until 3 hours later. Now we are in a month long review process to see if our tickets will even be refunded. We have still not been able to get through to any customer service agent from Air Canada to discuss this experience.

19 January 2013 12:01:00 Guest

I flew with your airliner on January 6th of 2013(AC63). I started in Winnipeg and went to Vancouver. I took a connecting flight to Incheon in South Korea. The flight was terrible. I was sitting behind a gentleman with a baby. He pushed his sit back and it nearly hit me. The seats in economy are very small and it was not too safe for him with child to do this. I asked a stewardess to help me. She got very rude and said, he had the right to do this. She then turned her back on me and walked away. I said, fine, would never fly with air Canada again. At this point I was * and I didnt really care. Air Canada has this effect on me. I have flown on your airline for over 17 years (I have lived in Taiwan for 6 years and Korea for 11 years). I have been treated like garbage before (flown over 30 times). However, this flight would be worst yet. I tried to get some sleep when another stewardess came up to me. She began to talk to me. She did not ask what happened, but began to talk to me very rudely. She was not the head stewardess (which I talk to later). However, she acted like somebody in charge. Instead of asking what had happened, she took the other stewardess side. She got rude and would not let me talk. I told her to leave me, since she would not listen. I was * . A little time passed and meals were served. I had ordered a special meal (I am diabetic type 2, I take pills). I was * and did not really want to eat. I ate in Vancouver and had some food in my carry on (Air Canadas food is horrible. I had a meal when I came to Canada that was AC64. It sucked). (Air Canada standards since 2001 have dropped. The food and travel conditions both are horrible.) Then the second stewardess, who I thought was the head stewardess (she wasnt). Came to me and started to talk about my refusal to eat the meal. She began to act like my mother. I am 46 years old (I turned 46 on the January 4th). She told me that I had to eat and began to talk about my health issues. She had no idea of what she was talking about and was doing this in front of the other passengers. She was acting crazy. She was getting me angrier. I told her to leave me alone again. She started to talk about my bag and medicine, since I had ordered a special meal (when I flew on AC64 to Canada I did not order a special meal). I made a mistake. I should not have order a special meal (your crews go crazy). However, I phoned two days early too check my reservation and had to wait on the line for 2 hours (yeah 2 hours to talk to air Canada). So, I ordered a special meal (since I do have diabetes). She made me feel scared, * and violated. She was not finished. I had food and ate it and when the second meal, I was not hungry and * . The Stewardess from hell came again. She belittled and made me feel like a child. She told me to eat and was rude. She did this again in front of other passengers. I got * and asked another stewardess, who the head stewardess was, I was surprised to find out it was not her. I got hold of the head stewardess and told her my story. I also asked for some to meet me in Incheon to talk my complaint. I got to Incheon and talk to some person and she took my story down. (Both the supervisor and head stewardess did a report on this issue). The next day after get some sleep, I tried to contact air Canada in Korea. It was a joke. I phoned Monday the 7th and did not hear back until Wednesday. The person I talk could barely talk English and said I had to contact the website. I have not heard from the Supervisor, who I talked to on Sunday. She had my Email. I am very impressed. I sending you this letter and I am think of getting lawyer. This is too much. You charge outrageous prices and treat people like garbage. This time you guys went too far.

26 December 2012 06:12:00 Guest

I am not flying Air Canada again and I advise you don't either. They treat you as a disposable customer, without respect for your personhood -- all they want is your money and don't care in the slightest about causing you to worry or about your or your family's happiness during the holiday season. Here's what happened. Like many people, I like to spend my Christmas vacation with my family, but since we don't live in the same province, I have to fly out to see them. So, like I do every year, I booked my flight weeks in advance. On the day of the flight, I was excited and looking forward to finally see my family after not seeing them for months. Unfortunately, when I arrived to check in (for a domestic flight) two hours early, I was briskly told that I could not be assigned a seat and that all I could do was wait. No apologies, no explanation, not even an attempt to reassure me or make me worry any less. That's as un-Canadian as it gets. Not only is it un-Canadian to be so cold to a fellow human (in a worrisome situation too), but it's highly unprofessional as well. At the very least, tell me what you are planning to do to remedy the situation, what steps will you take to accommodate me if I don't end up getting a seat -- don't just leave me hanging there in complete uncertainty. If I pay for something, a high season price at that, and there are no extenuating circumstances (such as bad weather), then you have to honour my expectations of you, and no, I don't care about what trickery you put in your terms of service. We live in a country that aspires to common sense and human rights, and making a good-faith effort to honour what is expected of you is one of the key traits of Canadian culture. Air Canada seems more like Air North Korea in that regard and doesn't deserve to have Canada to be part of its name. I understand the issues surrounding overbooking but the whole thing remains an issue within an airline's control and nowhere there is an airline in a position to get all high and mighty and be unapologetic about making passengers wait and worry for an hour as if it's okay. It's not okay, especially during the holiday season when your overbooking gambles can get in the way of a family being reunited. And there is no wonder that situations like these cause you to miss the stated departure time, thus causing delays for passengers on flights further down the line. You are well aware that the majority of travelers around Christmas are people who are longing to see their loved ones, so when you create snafus like this, you interfere with what matters most in everyone's life -- family and other interpersonal relationships. Air Canada -- you are nothing short of being the Grinch this Christmas.

24 October 2012 05:10:00 Guest

air canada is junky. we've flown their routes btw seattle and toronto center several times as part of united. tiny old twin-aisle jets. also flown intercontinental btw toronto and rome and athens in europe. again, tiny jets compared to british airway and klm's 747s. and bad food too. they basically feed you dog scrap whereas BA and KLM make it a case to serve you something decent that had genuine efforts and thoughts put into. AC just threw us a packaged muffin for breakfast! i feel bad for canadians that have no other options but as a usa / north american traveler, i will avoid AC at all cost. old small planes and bad service/attitude and bad food should be a deathbed for an airline.

10 August 2012 10:08:00 Guest

Truly horrible experience-add to that a rude staff and it gets a person like me who has never written an online review before compelled to post a warning to the masses. I will never use this airline again. Flying to Toronto for a meeting 3 months in the making- our 6:25am flight was cancelled because the plane didn't arrive. We found out the flight was canceled the night before yet weren't notified by the airline even though it confirmed the flight for us and printed our boarding passes! After being on stand-by for seven hours and watching many people from my cancelled flIght board ahead of us, I wanted to know how far up we were in the cue. The crew was extremely rude and referred me to a phone number. Lame. The person on the phone then was the most nastiest I've ever experienced . They said I couldn't get a flight for two days and could care less i was getting stuck paying two hotel bills and 3 car bills now. Had they contacted me about the cancelation, I could have made other arrangements, salvaged this important meeting and not be out a lot of wasted cash. They had no problem quickly emailing me an extra baggage fee charge. Rudeness on top of all this was infuriating. So if you want any semblence of customer service, beware of this company whose employees very obviously don't give a * . I will repost this on other review sites as well.

21 April 2012 06:04:00 Piyush

I do that! Although it's not just a case of if it's big enough. I want to know if I've ever been on the type feobre? Is it a new one for me?I'm already looking at a flight to NYC & it's going to involve 4 different aircraft types the ERJ-170, A318, B744(My favourite) and the A319/320.It adds to the excitement of the trip.

19 April 2012 12:04:00 Niks

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