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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Pantanal Linhas Aereas
08 July 2017 Guest

How can I add more bagages with Pantanal Linhas Aereas?

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Port Of Spain Piarco International Airport
07 July 2017 Guest

i was not able to leave with two bottles of angostura bitters this is far beyond stupid but i guess TT has some retarded officers but that is ok for him being tall and fat.

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Vietnam Air Services - VASCO
06 July 2017 Guest

can not open the web site from Japan. the phone number is not reachable from japan +84 8 384 227 90 How can i make a reservation with them from overseas?

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Air Canada
06 July 2017 Lina

I am so disappointed with Air Canada. I wanted to book a vacation for me and my family of 30 including kids and was not able to get the price advertised. They say there was a glitch in the computer and therefore, they cannot honour the price. It was also on This is very misleading and they should take responsiblitily. It has been a week and I did not receive a call. I spoke to someone in customer service and they were the ones to tell me it was a glitch and there is nothing they can do. They also told me there is no other person I can speak to. I can't believe that! I hope someone reads this and calls me to discuss this matter. West Jet made a mistake and they honoured the price and hotel listed without hesitation for my daughter. You can reach me at 647 390-5330.

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Seoul Incheon International Airport
06 July 2017 Sharon Ong

Is there an email that I can write to regarding my damaged luggage - handle spoilt when my friend's daughter reached Incheon Airport on 1 July 2017 and after checking out, then she realized that it was spoilt? I called Singapore Asiana office at 65 62253866 - Alicia and she told me to call 82 327442135 during office hour which is not possible as my friend's daughter is having class at that time and that's why we need an email address to make a report and will attached a photo/video on the spoilt luggage handle. Please reply urgently as I was told that we need to make the report within 21 days. Thank you - my email address is or

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Air Transat
04 July 2017 Barbara marat

The worst customer service I have ever experienced! No one returns my calls ! My luggage and my husbands is missing now for two days and no one has contacted me! I guess getting a lawyer or contacting every media outlet is the way I will have to go at this point

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EasyJet Switzerland
28 June 2017 Guest

Completely fed up with Easy Jet. Never again will use them, just not worth the wasted time no matter how cheap the flights. Guess there's a reason why they are so cheap.

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Pittsburgh International Airport
26 June 2017 Justin Timberlake

I am trying to find out when the Jones family is coming to Pittsburgh the are going to AL so please help me find out

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Edelweiss Air
25 June 2017 Kaikoo C Lalkaka

I am Thinking to relocate to Brazil and need to have information on how to transport animals. I have 2 dogs a bull terrier and a golden retriever and a cat. I need to get them to Rio Brazil. Could you let me know whether Edelweiss as a carrier will transport animals. If yes pls advise specs on transport boxes and any other relevant point. Thanks Kaikoo C Lalkala Baerenholzstrasse 8 8537 Nussbaumen Tel 079 408 17 65 email:

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Brunei International Airport
24 June 2017 Sara

Hello I have an only 3 hour transit in Brunei and will ofcoarse be staying in the terminal to board my next flight, would the 6 month passport validity rule still apply for me?

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Basra International Airport
19 June 2017 Guest

I experienced the understanding and the generousity of the staff especially Mr. Muhammad Lafta (the manager). Thank you very much Mr. Muhammad without your help and professional act to ease my trip to Doha. Thank you again and may ALLAH showers you with his bless. Um Lina

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Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport
18 June 2017 alessandra

Friday, June 16 we had a problem because of the strike in Italy we had paid 60 € For front row seats but arrived at the airport had already been assigned, The employee at check in explained us that they had not received the list from Meridiana we asked for a solution and was called the chief of staff which has invaded us screaming then he took off our suitcases from the conveyor belt throwing them on the floor. Is it normal behavior? Hopefully we will take measures against this rude paid for not doing his job

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CAA Compagnie Africaine D'Aviation
06 June 2017 Muleba

Hi, I'm looking for a job in RDC. I would like to see on your website how to get a job in your company. Please, respond me and show me how to do it. Thanks

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Trans States Airlines
06 June 2017 Larry Lane

My wife takes the Sam TSA Flight every Sunday or Monday evening from Den to Grand Rapids. They are terrible. The flights are never. Read that NEVER on time and they have the rudest and surliest flight attendants in the industry. All no doubt frustrated they weren't hired by larger carriers. And don't think you're gonna get any help or be kept informed by their gate personnel (if you can find them). They are a terrible airline. I'm a business woman and their constant delays put me in GRR late at night after all the rental car counters are closed. If that isn't dangerous enough it causes me to take a cab to the hotel and another cab to pickup my rental car I should've been able to pick up the night before. Seriously people this is every weekend! And don't even try and put a bag in the overhead. I don't know you have to know to avail yourself of that amenity! There is no other travel option other than leave early in the morning and sit in a hotel all day instead of getting to spend any time with my family. Please Southwest adjust your schedules so I can get off United Express and TransFate airlines. United there must be other code share partners you could work with.

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Nile Air
04 June 2017 Hesham Esmail

Dears good morning i try to call your office from 3 days ago to take confirmation about my flight ticket but no body answer to me please i need any body answer to me this my phone number 01099308584

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Air Mauritius
04 June 2017 Guest

I traveĺled by airmauritius july 2016 from uk and it was noticed there was a fault in plane but they still flew and had an emergency landing in France. The staff & airline was rubbish with no support. I was abandon in France with my sick child and no communication with airline. They do not have any responsibility towards passengers in event of a crisis and no humanity at all. No action has been taken till now even complained about it.

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Mahe Island Seychelles International Airport
04 June 2017 Gerd Heinrich

Dear All, Can somebody please give me the contact data of Chantle Nicette/ Senior Officer Operartions & Facilities. She visited our booth at the Dubai Airport Show and we would like to cobtact her. Please revert to: Thank you and regards Gerd Heinrich

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Air Iceland
02 June 2017 Guest

I am retired from UA airlines and want to know if we get discount rate on your airline since you are part of iceland air. We have an agreement with ICELANDAIR as i am planning a future flight to greenland and want to try and make some plans. If we have no agreement do you know does iceland air flies to greenland so i can go and see NORHTHERN LIGHTS IN THE WINTER. thank you Paul

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Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport
30 May 2017 Gina White

My family travelled on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from Munich to Poland for a connecting flight to Chicago Ohare in the USA. My sister bought 2 Swarovksi Crystal rings, one for herself which she was wearing, and one for her daughter. Somewhere between Munich, your airport and the USA, someone stole the ring, as well as a couple of other pieces of very sentimental jewelry from her checked bag. The boxes had been opened and both ring would have been gone had she not been wearing one of them. It is very sad that we had to experience this. The Swarovski ring was a birthday gift for her daughter and the pieces of sentimental jewelry were our deceased sisters! We would like to know if there is anything that could be done. She as her receipt for proof of purchase. We flew with LOT Polish Airlines 5354 to Warsaw Poland and then on LOT Polish Airlines 3 to Chicago Ohare. The theft happened somewhere in between

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TAM - Transporte Aereo Militar
30 May 2017 SU535

The passenger transporting by a civil aircarrier is not entiled to know the way the militants serve their duties. Despite, the millitary airports are known to each country, which export weapons, Sweden is an option (chemical weapon is drugs, tablets, c1, c2, c3 hepatitus grade), the civilans, or thouse mastermind they are civilians, have need to know the location of a military air ports inside Russia and the Russian friendly countries. For more infomation on the bit, the expected pass enger can contact a nearest military officer or a consulate, if outside Russia.

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Wellington International Airport
29 May 2017 Geoff

Singapore Airlines, the best

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Pegasus Airlines
29 May 2017 Guest

hi! can you tell me pegasus airlines mcc code nunmber, please?

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Royal Brunei Airlines
28 May 2017 Anne

Hi It seems that all travel agency couldnt help me but if u can help me to know how much is luggage allowance for flight from Dubai to LHR

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Sana'a International Airport
23 May 2017 Ann Cool

I was just wondering if there was a millatary guy named Kyle Porter is still there . and how much does it cost to get a stamp so Kyle Porter can come to the u.s.a

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Libyan Airlines
23 May 2017 saad.a.elbarassi

my frist air line

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Airlines/Airports 226 - 250 of 725
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