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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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SWISS International Air Lines
14 August 2017 Guest

On december 2016, my husband bought 2 return tickets Moscow-Paris (through Zurich) for him. He payd around 200 euros per person. We should have flown to Paris the 6th and go back home the 13th of August 2017. Later, I changed my summer plans and I realised I don't need the first ticket anymore because I should be in France earlier. So the 6th of August, my husband flew to Paris alone. When the 12th of August he was ready to check-in for the flight back home, he suddently...didn't find my last name in the list. I called to the company to ask why did it happen. The operator told me: because I didn't use my "first part of ticket" (it means my ticket Moscow-Paris), the company cancelled my flight back home. I told it is not logical at all. The operator answered that if someone doesn't use the 1st part of the ticket, all other parts will be cancelled. Ok, but I don't understand why do they call the flight made another day, especially to another destination, "other part of the same flight". If the company really cares about its customers, it could never happen. They could have called me and ask me if I fly back home or not, do I need this second one, paid-up, or not before cancelling. I asked the operator if I can restore this ticket or get a free ticket for the same flight or get any help from the company... The only thing he proposed is to help me to buy (!!!) a new ticket by the Swiss airlines for the same flight, so to pay 600 francs (with is around 530 euros). I refused of course. I need to be in Moscow the 15th of August, so I was obliged to buy a new ticket as soon as possible. The cheapest I found cost 200 euros. Luckily, I have a place to stay for free close to Paris otherwise I should have paid also for the accomodation. I affirm that the Swiss Airlines company stole from me 200 euros.

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Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport
13 August 2017

If a contractor has cargo that needs to be paid on an release who an where do you make payments

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12 August 2017 Francisco Antonio Amaro Morales

Have Chukotavia Airlines flights from Lavrentiya Ru to Nome Alaska Usa.? It is requisite rusian Visa for in to the Russian territory?

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Vueling Airlines
11 August 2017 Guest

Guest : Traveled from Barcelona to Paris and I will never fly with Vueling Airlines again. Not only our luggage has been lost for 13 days now. But our file was closed by mistake twice without any explanation. There has been no follow-ups, we have been calling each day again and again to enquire about the situation. I have never seen any worse customer service. This is simply unacceptable. They are treating us as hostage. Beware and never fly with this company. Can you get in touch with me via my facebook page, 'Vueling Mishandled Luggage'?

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Shaheen Air International
11 August 2017 Tafseer

I only booked and purchased the ShaeenAir tickets 26 july 2017 for my family 5 tickets including 1 infunt 3 children and 1 adult and travel date is 12 August 2017". After that we requested for cancellation and fill the online submit form to refund my tickets amount date "7 August 2017" but since that day they did't cancel my tickets and still showing confirm on my PNR number... Every time i requesting why tickets are not cancelled they are saying they already forward my details to concern department but no body is calling me or replying me about the tickets are cancel. Further, i am dubai and they have two office, and since 4 days i am calling no body is picking my number....i am really having hard time because where are the authorities who suppose to give me the tickets are cancelled and your refund amount will be this. Can any body help on this matter, Thanks,

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Niue International Airport
10 August 2017 Guest

I left Niue on the 8th August, the staff were rude when I checked in my luggage my carry on bag was 8kg and was told to transfer some of my items into checked bag, went back and it weighed 7.4kg and was told to transfer more items into checked bag. I asked how much will it cost to just allowed it on and the customs guy said $120. So I transferred more items into check bag and it was cleared. I then went to get my ticket stamped and informed the people I did not have to pay the $80 to depart the airport and showed them the papers of my ticket. They said they need prof that I purchased my ticket after july and that the paper ticket was not good enough. after speeding money on internet and showing bank statement and emails of after purchasing tickets online and 45mins later they stamped my ticket receipt of $80 paid. After boarding the plane my sisters friend who was sitting in front of me so I said hello :) , she told me that her carry on luggage weighed 12kg over the limit and the man at the airport who was her uncle told her don't worry about it, you don't have to pay anything just bring it on the plane. I was shocked ! and couldn't believe how wrong it was.... There are so many people who pay for extra luggage and extra weight and to hear this is observed ! The attitude that these stuff members showed and then hearing they break rules to suit themselves is not on and will be making a formal complaint.

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HK Express
08 August 2017 Guest

I have been waiting over 2 months for a refund of a holiday and I get the same automated email over and over again. I have tried to reach management. They have effectively stolen money from me after putting in writing that I am due the refund as the holiday was cancelled. No customer care, terrible company.

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Copa Airlines
08 August 2017 Guest

When I flew from Paraguay on Copa Airlines in March of 2017 to the US I was allowed one 50 pound piece of luggage and one 70 pound piece of luggage. I am flying back to Paraguay on Copa Airlines from New York on August 10th 2017. When I called the Copa reservation center to get information on their baggage policy I was told that their policy had changed and now I can only have two 50 pound pieces of luggage . I purchased a round trip ticket so how is it that I cannot return to Paraguay with the same amount of luggage I came with. They said there was nothing they could about it and were very unconcerned about my problem that they created.

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Juneyao Airlines
08 August 2017 Smith

This is without a doubt the most disorganised airline I have ever had the displeasure of using. I had initially heard good things, but my flight in the middle of the night from Phuket to Pudong suddenly changed into a 3 hour delay. Coupled with Phuket Interational Airport's already bad reputation for poor service, I had no idea why the delay happened or if there was a chance that it could change for an earlier time. Hey, it happens. So since I didn't have time to go check myself into a hotel, I went through security and stayed in the gate area. As an 'apology' for our wait, passengers were offered a mediocre soft drink and a tiny disgusting sandwich. But I waited, paranoid that I was going to miss my flight as I was travelling alone with no one to wake me up if I dozed off. Next thing, it's nearly boarding time. Some people get ready. Suddenly, TV flashes and it's a different flight at our gate and the time has been pushed back another 2 hours. No announcement, no explanation. In fact, I never even saw a representative of the airline the entire time I've been here. I had to go walk around the airport looking for another Juneyao flight (which had already been badly delayed) and asked the woman why I was still waiting. I was told: the plane was late from Shanghai. Really? That's all you've to say? To know the plane would've been this late, in could've been notified and I could've stayed in a nearby hotel and slept during the night and came back early rather than sit on an uncomfortable chair for 6 hours knowing nothing and not sleeping at all. I will never be using Juneyao again, and if the plane once I'm on isn't up to scratch with service, I will pursue this matter further.

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Maldivian Air Taxi
07 August 2017 Federico Giusti

kind staff, I ask you how to get to Maafushi. I arrive on August 11th at 14.00 at the Male international airport. And I have to go back on August 31 at 18.00 from Maafushi for Male international airport. Thank you

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Sunstate Airlines
07 August 2017 Michael

I have booked a return flight Bris to Hamilton Island in November 2017 for my wife and I. The seat allocation has us both in window seating, how can I change the seat allocation so we are seated together on both flights. The only thing avaialble on line with manage a booking is to select ailse or window. Can you advise or help please ?

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07 August 2017 Fuck you

What a shit airline, never call there passengers at the gates even do they change the gate and sometimes it takes a bit to get to the changed gate, booking online with them is a trick also, i find it strange that when you book the flight times it's in AM an PM. But when you go PM and you think all is ok. Well think again they work on 24 hour clock???? Shore airline. I have more to say about this airline but could not be bothered. Because I will not fly this shit airline again.

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Caribbean Airlines
06 August 2017 Jacqueline forbes and Oshane gibson

Can you email me a copy of my itinerary. for the 9 of august

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Shanghai Airlines
06 August 2017 Marina

Ref. Filekey CA/MFRN0C Dear Sirs, I send an request to FM for to confirm the Cello and didn't get any answer. Would you mind snd me an ok to email: I thank you very much Marina Sobzhak

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China Eastern Airlines
04 August 2017 Piyush

Worst airlines and staff...they made to run 69 year old on PVG airport instead of wheel chair....even when wheel chiar was right there, they refused to offer it....we had requested for wheel chair during booking but still those ruthless and lazy staff didn't helped at all.....worst..worst and too a bad airlines and staff...

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Silver Airways
04 August 2017 Guest

So Silver did the smart thing and quieted the bankruptcy by replacing dead weight CEO Sami Teittitnen with a new CEO. They also made an announcement of acquisition of 50 new aircraft. My question is, with their lack of funds , large pilot shortage and their very tarnished reputation, how are they going to acquire the crews to fly these aircraft. The regionals are offering 5 digit pilot signing bonuses and still have recruitment problems. When things are bad, the smart thing to do is announce that everything is perfect and the future looks even brighter, although it may be a lie. Look for Sami to be the new greeter at wallmart and the new CEO to sit in the much reused CEO chair. Google all of the customer complaints and ratings on this airline. If you want to wish Sami good luck, his number is 954 309 8277

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03 August 2017 Morag Robertson

Really poor service on Tues 1st August 2017 from Palma to Edunburgh. Delayed on plane for an hour in appalling heat when engine wouldnt start. Journey was a bit rough and landing bumpy but airplane was old and bathroom very tatty. I wouldnt fly with them again. I booked through Thomson whom I presume chartered this flight but I will be making sure it isnt repeated even if I book with Thomson again.

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British Airways
03 August 2017 Guest Carol

Flew business class with BA worst experience eve, tired plane interior, mediocre food but worst of all no lounge at Punta Cana airport but was not told at time of booking, should be included in price of ticket, but was told we should have checked on the internet to see if there was one. NEVER AGAIN!

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Belavia - Belarusian Airlines
03 August 2017 CHARITY MAINA

A week ago had booked belavia 954 for two person my old mama and sister who was stopped in airport flight was cancalled which I do understand ..until now they are only rotating me have not got my money back

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Peruvian Airlines
03 August 2017 Guest

DON'T RISK YOUR LIKE...Airplanes not maintained properly hence flights are always re-schedule or cancelled. Horrible service if they realize you are from USA. Very unprofessional and rude.

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Middle East Airlines
02 August 2017 Guest

The call center agents of Middle East Airlines are very rude, if customer is asking questions they will just hang you up and drop the phone. they are no respect and no manners >:( very pissed off ... especially this lady on duty this time August 02 2017 (5:10 pm) ...

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Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport
01 August 2017 Guest

PS: I can't believe that this airport has a 4 star rating! Something is very wrong here!

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Korean Air
01 August 2017 Zulfiya

I want to reflect my all thanks to the purser (I don't know her name) of Korean Air. I'm from Kazakhstan. I came to Seoul 22 of July 2017 and on arrival I have lost my phone somewhere outside of terminal. I faced with the kind - hearted purser of Korean Air on the bus stop platform 5B, the bus № 6005. I was found that I have lost my phone in the bus and she tryed to help me, she called to her colleagues to help me and find my thelephone. I apreciate her help and adore your country. Despite the fact that I lost my phone. My trip was admirable. Everywhere I met good-natured and kind people, that helped me during my trip in Seoul. Finally I found my phone in Lost and Found)))

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Djibouti Ambouli International Airport
31 July 2017 Farhan Ali Jimale

I am going to go Djibouti airpot, I heard from a friend, one of best airports, in terms of service, welcoming, friendship and so on. Staff are helpful in terms of answering questions and givving information.

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Malaysia Airlines
31 July 2017 Guest


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