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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport
02 November 2017 fida

hello sir i need information about 32" new LED how much have to pay custom from if i come Doha to Lahore

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Afric Aviation
02 November 2017 Lawden Holmes

Hello, I am looking for internal flights from Libreville to Gamba or Tchibanga in March next year. I cannot find the contact details for flight companies. Can you help me or could you give me contact details of companies who organise internal flights. Thank you for the help. Regards, Lawden Holmes

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Caribbean Airlines
01 November 2017 Ann

I have a Caribbean Airlines account, and getting ready to travel to Barbados. Would like to add a relationship so my sister can have my miles, the system is not allowing me to do so, was wondering if I have to travel first ?

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Entebbe International Airport
01 November 2017 JAFFRI


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31 October 2017 Kaimuk Bjork

Dear Lufthansa, I am a regular customer with your airlines. I would like to inform you about my recent flight with Lufthansa. My journey started in Bangkok, I flew to Frankfurt as a connecting destination before landing in Copenhagen. My flight information is attached to this mail. My flight in Bangkok was suppose to take off at 23:00, however after we entered the plane, the pilot announced the flight would be delayed as there was no flight plan. After two hours, we finally set off. 12 hours later, we have arrived in Frankfurt where I was already late for my connecting flight to Copenhagen. Other customers and I were promised to go on the next flight out, but sadly this was not the case. We were treated badly by the workers in the airport. They sent us to the wrong people and refused to help. Later I was put on a flight at 5pm, where the others were put on one at 12pm. I waited 8 hours in the airport, baring in mind I was getting over a flu, suffering high fever. I believe this journey with Lufthansa was quite disappointing as it was a big inconvenience, I am hoping to receive some kind of compensation for the inconvenience lufthansa had created upon my journey. I fly to Thailand and back to Denmark every 2 months and have recently done that with Lufthansa and will be doing so again in December. I hope the next journey will be a pleasant one. Hoping to hear your response soon. Best Regards, Kaimuk Bjork

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30 October 2017 tran

Hi, re: booking reference LU9EQX, I originally book for direct flights both ways. My departing flight got changed to 2 stops due to pilot strike per Aviance rep... I had a terrible flight that night as I couldn't sleep much because I had stops between my flights. I now just received another notice that my returning flight was also changed. Are you kidding me? Is it another pilot strike?? or its just a scam that the airline tries to compete with other airlines and offers direct flights which never in fact exist and change it later? I'm a very unhappy and disappointed customer with the airline and I want a true and honest answer.

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Douala International Airport
26 October 2017 Bawfeh

My wife travelled recently with 2 minors (my kids) to visit me in Norway (all passengers of Cmr nationality). For heaven sake, I did not consent to that visit, but through the machinary of bribery and corruption, the police officials abaided with crime, by permitting kids to travel with a parent that had no proof of her parental claim over the kids (no birth certificates). They ignored police reports sent to their office warning them that the parent on the other side has not consented for the traveling of the kids. I am still on this case: 'Police connived with criminal on a case of "Alleged child trafficking."' This is how they sell out their innocent citizens into slavery, abuse and trafficking in foreign lands, for cheap bribes.

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Accra Kotoka International Airport
25 October 2017 Helen Rodriguez

My fiance, Kevin M. Callihan, Sr. Esq., of Athens, Ohio has written you today. I have been stranded here at Totkota ACCRA airport since past September 18th and must get home to John Glenn International Airport, Columbus, Ohio. He has money for my ticket and needs to be emailed and called to and his land line phone number with answering service is 740-593-5294. PLEASE. This is an emergency and my future wife is sick and I must get her home while she is complimentary of Accra Kotoka International Airport. Please help us as we are to be married and have a 4 year old son.

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Shaheen Air International
25 October 2017 TAHIR


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Transavia Airlines
24 October 2017 Guest

Hello I have submitted a claim to receive the refund I am entitled for. A flight delay by Transavia for more than three hours. Transavia acknowledged the claim, and they emailed me saying I should receive the refund in the next 4 to 6 weeks. the duration has passed and I still haven't received my refund. I kept emailing them and no response now. Someone from Transavia here ?????????????????

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Blue Panorama Airlines
24 October 2017 Guest

Blue Panorama is a fine airline that tries to scam their customers.

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South African Airways
22 October 2017 Guest

Just a follow up to my message sent octobre 2015: after two years now I confirm that SAA has no policy to compensate for lost bag and is not willing to proactively respect international laws by doing so. They simply don't care about passengers. I have finally fill a case to oblige them towards my country law authority.

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Kuwait Airways
19 October 2017 mANJU


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Gaborone Sir Seretse Khama International Airport
19 October 2017 Ronald Mutsuku

To whom it may concern I am from zimbabwe , l got a cheaper ticket to and from Hong kong ,l am bringing my bags about 10 bags transit to zimbabwe l wanted to ask if l pay any duties if l am a transit passenger to zimbabwe .l will use road from Gaborone to Plumtree or l just pay duty at Plumtree zimbabwe side on my way out

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Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
13 October 2017 Vincent

This is the most idiot airport designed for pick up flow. I hope whoever designed this can shoot himself for the stupidity.

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Mauritania Airlines International
13 October 2017 Alfred Famiano

PLEASE HELP ME!!! my name is Alfred Famiano Jr. I was on flight L6112 on Monday, October 09, 2017 from Nouakchott Mauritania to Dakar, Senegal then to Lagos, Nigeria. My Mauritanian Locator is: M9XTQ, my Recoerd Locator is: W8J297. When my flight from Nouakchott was late arriving in Dakar I was greeted by ground crew on the tarmac. They had my boarding pass for the next flight to Lome and then on the Lagos Nigeria. They told me I had no time to get my bag that the plane was waiting for me. They were very kind and said we will drive you to the plan, don't worry about your bag it will be in Lagos when you get there. I thought WOW THIS IS GREAT that they are going the extra step to help a customer get to his connecting flight especially when you read about all the bad press airlines are getting these days. Well when I arrived in Lagos my bag was nowhere to be found. The baggage people in Lagos took a report and said it would be there the next day. Today is the 12th and still no bag. I'm just being told everyday to come back to the airport tomorrow, I just don't know what to do. Nobody seems to care at all, they simply say it's not their problem it's the airlines problem. Spending three days in Lagos going back and forth the the airport is very frustrating especially when I was suppose to be on a pre-paid tour of the country and wearing the same cloths, plus I have eye medications in the bag as I have them taken away from my carry on the past at certain security check points. I really can't go too many more days without these drops (there for glaucoma) and keeping the ocular pressure down. I'm suppose to be in Lagos for another week, but not sure if I will be able to go that long without the drops. The tag number on the bag is L6358548. With today's technology and bar codes I can't believe it taking this long. It may just be sitting in a room in Dakar only an hour or so away. Can someone please help me. I don't know what else to do at this point. Thanking you in advance. Al Famiano

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Delta Air Lines
12 October 2017 Jammy

I think Delta is far better than American Airlines. I wonder when it will become #1 airlines. I believe it won't be long enough for Delta to catch up with AAL, with its fleet size nearing to 1000, it's already 996 now.

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Frankfurt Airport
10 October 2017 Peter Somers

October 9 2017 I was detained at T2 departures security due to a false chemical alert on my hand luggage. The security guy was excellent, polite and reassuring and should be commended, but police took more than half an hour to arrive. I very nearly missed my BA flight to LHR.

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Birmingham International Airport
10 October 2017 Guest

Lovingly designed to extract as much money from your wallet as possible.

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09 October 2017 Bjoern Reinicke

Hallo, ich komme bei Ihnen leide telefonisch nicht durch!!! Wir fliegen am Samstag (14.10) mit Ihnen und wir möchten gerne Sitzplätze reservieren! Leider geht dies nicht über das Buchungsportal , da wir mehr als 7 Personen sind ( 8 ). Unsere Buchungsnummer ist: 8F2NFA Wichtig wäre es, dass wir alle möglichst in Reihen hintereinander/nebeneinander sitzen!! Insbesondere die Kinder zusammen mit der Eltern!! Es sind 3 Kinder plus Vater und Mutter! Das Baby ( 12 Monate)kommt auf den Schoß! Hier wäre es wichtig , dass genügend Beinfreiheit vorhanden ist! Zudem Oma und Opa! Es wäre schön, wenn Sie das realisieren können, bevor wir einchecken!! Vielen Dank! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Björn Reinicke 017621125551

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Jet Airways

DEAR Sir I apply ajob for jet times consultancy.alredy I paid 9,000 rupess for sequrity. I got amail from jet airways for training process.pls confirm me its fack or true. Jet Airways India 9:16 PM (14 hours ago) to me Dear Sanjay Kumar Beher, JET AIRWAYS INDIA. Your code number SKB-814040 You are in group one. Note - Your selection has been confirmed for our organization (JET AIRWAYS INDIA) for the profile of Cavin Crew.You have to deposite 15,500/- for Training Security Amount. You will get your amount (7500/- ) refund after joining which you have paid so far for your career by cheque. Today on wards you will get all necessary detail via mail like Verified profile, Training letter, and letter of Intent. Your 15,500/- is refundable after completing your 45 days of training. Note 23/10/2017 is the last date of Training Process you can Make a call to Amit Mittal. (HR Manager) Note - you can call in official working Hours Monday to Saturday 9 Am to 6 Pm. After the working hours your call is not accepted. Note : After this amount if you didn't get your job i will refund your total amount. You just pay 15,500/- Rs. Employment Code : SKB-814040 Designation : Cavin Crew Salary : 25,000/- ( During the Training ) Training Duration : X 45 days in Kolkata X 15 Days( Special Session ) Regards With Best Wishes (HR Manager) Mr. Amit Mittal Jet Airways India 9:17 PM (14 hours ago) > > Dear Sanjay Kumar Beher, > JET AIRWAYS INDIA. > > Your code number SKB-... Sanjaykumar Behera 9:49 PM (13 hours ago) to Jet Dear sir i got a training process letter from Jet Airways India.Can you Please share me your contact number.So that i have ask some query about the training process.

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07 October 2017 chrstine

I travelled Hop air yesterday and inside the airline and checking in at the desk it was perfect. However I have a walking stick and walk well with it. I was more than surprised to be told at the boarding gate that I could not enter the aircraft early with other passengers who might need longer. I am a silver member of flying blu and this has never happened to me before. They said if I wanted to board early I should have asked for assistance but why inconvenience people like that if I can still manage. I dont want to travel with Hop again

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San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport
04 October 2017 Linda

My husband and I are Christian missionaries in PR for almost a year. We evacuated the day before Marie. We had to leave our car in the parking garage. I would like to know if the cost to park in the garage will be forgiven when we return. We have tried to get back to PR but our flights have been cancelled. It would be nice to have this bill forgiven due to the help that everyone is giving to PR. To help someone that wants to help others is needed. I was told by someone in the parking office that they could not help me. Please make the difference. thank you, Linda Glenn 239-292-5639

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Maldivian Air Taxi
03 October 2017 elisabetta

Please let me know the round trip cost from Male to thudufushi Ari sud thank's

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Westair Benin
02 October 2017 ALIZ

I need to claim a package , please assist me with the procedures

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