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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Kunming Airlines
02 October 2017 CHAIYA, Molor

I flew from USA to Kunming but my one luggage was lost. I really want it so, please help to find for me. I am now in Laos. My phone number is 85620 29929617. Thank you.

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27 September 2017 innocent bakunda

what time do you guys check in on 30-9-17

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LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter
26 September 2017 Guest

MARTIN/ELSA BERENGERE// ref: VLEHAB// 2 AB8623 Z 29SEP 5 GVADUS HK1 1215 1350 29SEP E AB/ 3 AB7472 Z 29SEP 5 DUSBOS UN1 1515 1710 29SEP E AB/ 4 AB7473 Z 22OCT 7*BOSDUS HK1 1855 0745 23OCT E AB/ 5 AB8622 Z 23OCT 1*DUSGVA HK1 0910 1045 23OCT E AB// please can you tell me if is posible to have outbound /retour flight with Lufthansa?.

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United Airlines
22 September 2017 Al Liu

I have applied for a position with United and my application got LOCKED. The response ask that I contact the system administrator of the webste, United Airlines. The message does not provide and phone number to call to unlock the application. The lock is been about SIX months. Please provide the name and number that I should call?

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Middle East Airlines
20 September 2017 Guest

Worst communication and management! Dont lose your money here

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18 September 2017 K Gane

THE WORST AIRLINE I HAVE EVER FLOWN WITH. They charged me twice for hold luggage and still not have got my money back. They are a scam airline

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Lome Tokoin Airport
17 September 2017 Guest

You can not get through to talk to anyone at this airport for information via phone or email.

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LATAM Airlines
16 September 2017 Guest

The luggage department call center for Lantam Airlines is useless. Apparently they are located in Columbia while we are dealing with baggage delay from la Paz to chile (or possibly lost luggages at this point). The various 5 staff who attended to our calls over the past 2 days are not compassionate or helpful, especially Omar- who repeatedly said "it's not a problem" cheerfully/sarcastically even as he can hear our exasperation and frustration when we said hold the line until there is a status update. He repeatedly said the airport staff will call us - then what is the use of this luggage call center for and why are we directed to call them? The call center staff also said they can only email the airport staff- no calls -if the communications between the call center handing irate customers are unable to call and check with airport staff directly, then what is the point?? And then why aren't we given the airport staff number to check with them directly. There is no assurance given to us as the customer that anyone is accountable and looking out for our luggages at all. Omar eventually hung up the phone on us. I doubt anyone from Lantam airlines cares to read these reviews here but just as well to give a heads up to others who are considering Lantam airlines for their flights in the future and/or what they are dealing with if they ever encounter Lantam's baggage delay.

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Bulgaria Air
15 September 2017 Josephine Diaz

Do not fly with this company , i had a flight from Sofia Bulgaria and the crew and plane never showed up , we waited for hours and finally all of us walked down to the Bulgaria ticket counter and they told us that the trip was delayed and that we would be flying out the next day at 5:00 am , that never happened because they never showed up, then they told us that we would be flying at 8:00 am , again , they never showed up , i slept on the floor of the airport because i didn't trust going to a hotel in case they showed up , finally at 12:00 pm they showed up no explanation we boarded the plane and i lost my connecting flight to Frankfurt , you email this people they don't answer , it is the worst customer service that i've ever seen , these airlines is a fake , do not fly with them ...

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Nordwind Airlines
14 September 2017 MINIKH VIKTORIA

PNR: 01B5W3 good morning we are unable to make payment by credit card, we have tried many times without a response. Is There a System Error? We put it and tried it in all ways but with no results and answers. Please give us an answer Roberto Rondello's credit card, and the passport's name Minikh Viktoria

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Tigerair Australia
13 September 2017 Katsuya Takashima

I have booked the ticket from Brisbane to Melbourn on18th Sep. PM9:15〜PM11:40. The on line ticket you sent,accidentally I have erased. Therefore could you send me again please?

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Brussels Airlines
12 September 2017 Guest

Hi, I am writing in regards to a bad experience we had with Air Brussels this summer. My daughter and I flew to Brussels via Toronto on July 18th and her checked bag was lost on the way. We had booked flights to Croatia two days after landing in Brussels and still no bag so we purchased a few necessities in Belgium and got the rest when we arrived in Croatia since the bag was not located by Air Brussels before we left. We had to buy everything basically from makeup, underwear, toiletries, clothes, bathing suit, towel, hat, sunglasses contacts, etc. We drove to the airport in Brussels upon our 6 day trip from Croatia and picked up the found bag at the airport. The people at the airport required my daughter to sign that everything was in her bag BEFORE they even brought the bag out to her. The suitcase was purchased a few days before our trip and now looked like it was about 10 years old. On our way back to Canada, Air Brussels charged us 100 euros for my daughter’s bag because it was now overweight because of all of the items we had to purchase because Air Brussels lost her bag. So they basically charged us 100 extra euros for THEIR mistake. We showed the people at the ticket counter the claim for lost baggage and explained why the bag was now overweight and they told us to contact customer service – that there was nothing they could do. When we landed in Toronto from Brussels, we found out that Air Brussels never put the bag THAT THEY CHARGED US EXTRA FOR on the plane to Toronto so AGAIN my daughter was without her luggage for another 6 days. I have been e-mailing Air Brussels customer service only to get the runaround and to be largely ignored for a month and a half. We estimated that the lost bag cost us approximately 700 euros (including the baggage overweight charge for the return trip). They finally got back to us on September 9th that they would cover about 180 euros because they would not reimburse us for the overweight charge or ANY purchases made to replace items that were purchased outside of Belgium. It has been stressful and not anywhere near fair treatment. Air Brussels should be ashamed of how this was handled. I have little recourse except to try to tell other people so that they can avoid flying with Air Brussels if possible. A maltreated customer, Marnie Kay

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12 September 2017 PERDIGON

I was CONFIRMED with my husband on the flight Nice Rome August 28 to September 1st (confirmation DL792X (Blu-Express - Ref Booking : P1SWLZMX) Arriving at the airport, impossible to be checked because the code booking our our flights (DL....) was different with the booking codes if the company Mistral Air (codes 365...) that was in charge of this flights After 2 hours and half speaking by phone with your company (I tried to resolved the problem by phone and the responsable or the airport did the same), the place finaly took off, without us.... The booked hotel of course was debited on our bank account, the ticket was pepaid, the taxis to go and to go back the airport paid.... etc. It is now more or less 3 weeks that this append and.... nothing ! Let me know what you intend to do to refund AT LEAST the air tickets (415 euros) the hotel (150 Euros), the taxis (80 euros), and our holidays that..... we didn't had ! Marie France PERDIGON

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British Airways
11 September 2017 milan babic

I use BA Club Europe from Gatwick to Catania return. Never did BA once tell me that there is no fast track and lounge facilities? They knew this before i booked so why didn't they say that these facilities are not included? Disgraceful. It was obvious that BA had no business relationship with the airport as the local staff were very aggressive and dismissive of BA; they seriously wanted nothing do do with BA?

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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion
11 September 2017 luis quinteros

Reserva KWKNUD quiero hacer reserva de asientos, comuniquenmé donde realizarlo, en la página o puedo hacerlo. Gracias

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Oman Air
09 September 2017 Guest

Dear Sir, Regarding my Baggage, find in the attachments. I visit Danata Baggage Dubai Air Port Terminal 1 Several Times they sent SERVAL times Baggage Request to Oman Air Office and Oman Al Seeb Air Port but NO REPLY FROM OMAN AIRLINE BAGGAGE OFFICE. I Visit Oman Air Office (Dubai Terminal 1) SERVAL Times every time the told that you will get the baggage in Lahore but NO ONE NOTICE. I booked again Oman Air ticket DXB via Oman to Lahore ( 02/09/2017) during my 9 Hours stay in Oman I enter Oman took visa 60 dirhams and went to Baggage counter but they told that Oman offices are closed we will send you Baggage to Lahore. Now I report to Lahore Oman office but still, I didn't receive any call about my Baggage. This is very Shameful, Worst, 3rd Class Customer, Operations and Baggage Control System of OMAN AIRLINES in the World. NOTE: I NEED MY BAGGAGE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ... Thanks,

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Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport
09 September 2017 chhour yingpav

Dear customer service Please you check my tracking number LK203895808US ship wrong destinations to your country airport. This item it should to Cambodia . I had check with my post lot time but not result. If you can found it. Please let me know . Regard Chhour.

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Shandong Airlines
07 September 2017 MAGUY

i woulk like to book a seat selection how can i contact you , i am in Montréal, Canada our agency phone number is 514/344-8888 ext 384 THE FILE IS NB757Q AND MHBJ97 IF POSSIBLE AILES AND MIDDLE THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE MAGUY

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Rostov-on-Don Airport
07 September 2017 Guest

hello l m sorry l need your help my mother today from rostov must fly to antalya.but l cant connect with her. please can you check şhe take ticket or she in air now.please help me. her name: olena zozulia with onur air must fly pnr number.NEVGQL please l wait your answer.and l m at antalya now.

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Air Italy
07 September 2017 Eleonora Martelli

I cannot find you anywhere online so that I may book directly with your airline. I do not like going through a third party. How do I do this? Thank you

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Turkmenistan Airlines
06 September 2017 Guest

i want to extend date of my return ticket please let me know thanks

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BH Air
05 September 2017 Guest

They treat passengersas they see fit and appear to totally ignore EU rules on compensation for late flights or passengers who are refused boarding. My advice is to avoid them if at all possible.

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Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport
04 September 2017 Jaco Wasserfall

Upon arriving at the Hosea Kutako Airport last night, we joined the long queue for Namibian Citizens in the customs hall. A security guard approached us and asked that we join the much shorter Visitors queue as the entrance to the hall was being blocked. When arriving at the counter, though, the female officer was reluctant to take my passport and told me there is a separate queue for Namibians and asked if I can read. Upon explaining what happened, she retorted by saying that the security guard was not an official and did not have the authority to reallocate people to wrong queues. At that point I was getting quite annoyed - I informed her that there were a dozen or so Namibians behind me in the queue and whether she is saying that we in future should ignored security instructions. When she responded by saying in a loud voice: Why are you getting angry, why are you getting angry?, I decided not to say anything more. However, I do think that such behaviour is deplorable, disrespectful and derogative. This lady should be working at an isolated desk as far away as possible from the public: she is a disgrace to the Namibian Immigration authorities and the Namibian nation.

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03 September 2017 Guest

Very unreliable extreamaly bad service and lying company. Flights delay for more than 10-12 hrs and it is quite regularly happened. Would not reccommend anyone to use it for any bussiness.

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Spring Airlines
02 September 2017 mahdi barati

hi i want to buy ticket from bangkok to guanzho how many kilogarm can i bring loggege 10 october 9C8894 spring alir line

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Airlines/Airports 151 - 175 of 725
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