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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Chennai International Airport
13 March 2017 Guest


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Qatar Airways
11 March 2017 Captain Md Shakawat Hossain

Best Airlines no doubt.

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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
09 March 2017 Paula Knight

In January, my son who lives in Hanoi and has Type 1 diabetes, flew to Germany on Aeroflot. My son uses a continuous glucose monitor and it is life saving. It requires "sensors" that are replaced every few weeks. These sensors are not anywhere in SE Asia except Hong Kong. His good friend in Germany bought my so. 3 month supply.....about 900 euro. When my son returned on Aeroflot, his luggage had been broken into and the sensors and some gifts were stolen. Aeroflot is blowing him off, offered $20.00, now blowing him off again. He has tried getting help from the US Embassy, but they don't get involved in stolen luggage items, even though these are life saving medical devices.

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06 March 2017 Wolff

This is a very angry review about Kulula, who rebooked my flight from Johannesburg to Capetown, and by so doing invalidated my flight back to Johannesburg. On enquiry the call centre advised that as I was a no show this automatically cancelled the leg back. after a few tries the call centre put me on hold and i was eventually cut off. There was no mention by the call centre employee who rebooked my flight that this would be the implication.

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African Express Airways
01 March 2017 AWADH ISSA


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SkyWest Airlines
28 February 2017 Grace Hoaglanduest

UA Skywest flight 5898 from aspen to SFO on Feb. 26th : Flight attendant John (don't know last name) was outstanding in every way, going out of his way to provide everything needed for passengers. Great attitude. Many United and Skywest staff are excellent. John was exceptional!

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Spirit Airlines
24 February 2017 Guest

I have been trying to book a one-way ticket from Tampa to Cleveland at the end of April. Nothing available??? Is this route being discontinued or have flights just not posted yet?

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Philippine Airlines
24 February 2017 Guest

Philippines Airlines Ц Horrible Airline Ц Travelled 22 Jan 2017 Ц Davao City to Melbourne. As a first time traveler with PAL, I regret to say, this is the WORST AIRLINE I have ever travelled on in forty four years of flying and I am surprised the Local Philippines Newspapers have not written a few articles about their disgraceful treatment of tourists. Please look at twitter and yelp just for a start at their bad behaviour! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not even think about using this company. I am sure SIA, Cathay, Qantas and Jetstar are far better. My return trip from Melbourne to Davao City was shocking. The PAL staff are the rudest you will find anywhere on any airline. It seems to be a systemic and deep routed problem with this airline. The food was horrible, the staff were disrespectful, they change airport gates at a whim without notice and leave you up in the air and they canТt even dock their planes properly. Plus they are ranked EIGHTY THIRD in the world. For a National Airline that has to be a shocker. And they are not even in the top 60 safest airlines in the world. OMG. How they even managed to be ranked 83rd has left me mystified. I honestly believe they should not be ranked with in the top 100 airlines. As a national carrier they should hang their heads in shame. This company is in total denial about their pathetic record of service. Very sad. When I took the time to point out the error of their ways I received a generic letter from PAL Head Office in Manila and they said that they were a fantastic airline. Amazing. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAL, in other words you do not care less. But from what I can gather the writer was way too scared to speak up as she fears for her job. What this company needs is a strong leader to speak up and drag themselves out of the gutter, so to speak. But not in my lifetime. Very sad. How low can you sink PAL, how low? Shame on you PAL for treating tourists in such a rude way.

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Panama City Tocumen International Airport
22 February 2017 Guest

Beware... If traveling threw panama city as an american citizen... To even make a flight connection they will not allow it if they find out you have a criminal record... Doesn't matter how long ago... Ridiculous... I was stopped & questioned... And I was honest about it... I could have lied guess that was a better option...anyways... I was not allowed to make my connection flight told me there's an article 50 law that with a criminal "record" they are not allowed to let travelers pass... They wanted money... To let me threw... Wow... I said no... So they "deported" me back to the U.S. all this because my record... And if I decided to give the immigration staff money like they want it... I would have been able to make my connection... Crazy

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Estelar Latinoamerica
20 February 2017 Guest

Travelled on the 19th from Sxm to Cur, flight was flown for Insel air of Curacao. First we were borded and going on board saw that they were working on L-H side engine, after 15 min of flight we had to return to Sxm. After lots of delay go/ no go, is the repair finished we departed 2e time all in all 6 hours too late. Sat on board for almost 1 hour no information from cocpit or cabin, guess the communication in Englisch was not up to par Needs lots of working on this airline.

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Iran Air Tours
19 February 2017 Guest

Iran air tour was established a fleet of Boeing 737 300/500 in the form of lease A/C from 6 months ago.At the present time the fleet consist of three aircraft.

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13 February 2017 Pravin mavale

Hello spice jet i was fly on 4th of feb 2017 Pune To Dubai and it was very excellent tour and your service i want to splashily Remanded which i got service from name of Ms. PUNAM SALINKHE she is very kind and hard worker .. I am very happy about her service and all cabin crew . if any promotion please mail me at X thanks spice jet .

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12 February 2017 Williamthouse

Hello. I need to contact admin. Thank you.

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AirAsia X
11 February 2017 lars lofgren

30 - 40 minutes before departure time the gate closed and we could not board. 15 minutes before departure time the plane left the bay and sat on the tarmac for 15 minutes before it taxied away to runway. What is that about???? Our bags must have been taken off an hour before departure time. Other people were also not allowed to board. We all missed our connecting flights because of this "urgency" by AirAsia and inability to serve their clients. We were at the airport and had checked in 1 bag 2.5 hours before take off, we were in the coffee shop just beside the gate, we heard no calls for early take off and our names were never called over the intercom. The AirLine staff know we were there, and its a small airport (Mactan, Cebu) so very easy to see all passengers if you walk 50 meter. 40 years of flying and this is a first, serious shame on the staff and AirAsia to behave in this way!!!!! Never fly that airline again, and will tell everybody to stay away as well. The Immigration officer that cleared us back in again told us that same thing has happened before with Air Asia. Question is priority: does an Airline serve its guests or uphold some internal "on-time" rules as priority, clearly AirAsia is not interested in serving guest!!!

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Smart Wings
10 February 2017 Alan

We also flew with SmartWings from Gatwick on the 22nd of November 16. The only compensation we received was a £5 food voucher! I too tried emailing (twice) my complaint to the airline without any responce. I have now registered with Bott & Co, yes, they will take a cut of the compensation but as I can not locate an address in the UK it would be more difficult to pursue a successful case here.

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Wizz Air Bulgaria
08 February 2017 Guest

HI I need to call some to make reservations, from Kuwait Ambassy, 0889130889

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AMC Airlines
05 February 2017 Guest Wolter, Bernhard

My flight from Hurghada to Düsseldorf (5.2.2017 4.30 h)was finally very angry. At home I noticed that my bag was rammaged. I missed 10 packs of cigarettes I deposited inside. That cannot be true. I demand a compensation for it. Please give me an answer. My email-adress:

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Cambodia Bayon Airlines
04 February 2017 Guest

Very poor. I have been charged for a flight on the 18th of February from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap for 2 Adults but as yet have not received any ticketing information & contacting you has no been easy. My name is Glenn McKirdy & my wife Christine McKirdy. My email address is:

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
04 February 2017 Tung siew leng

I saw a mouse running abt at yr airport ,! at yr departure level ,near to East bar n bites eatery . To be precise in front of the stairway to the upoer level .I have a picture of the mouse too. Please ensure the hygiene of the airpirt is not compromise ....thank you Guest fr singapore

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Nantes Atlantique Airport
29 January 2017 Delia Robinson

Try to avoid at any cost. Staff is rude, incompetent and does not care. Had very distressing experience and totally shocked by their customer service level. Customers are seen as nuisance.

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25 January 2017 Albert OJALVO

Good afternoon I need to discusse about to lease purchage aircrafts A320 - A321 or to sale . Pls. can Mrs.Irina hase a possibility to call me. Best regards.. Albert OJALVO Cell : 0090 5375874442

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Oman Air
25 January 2017 Guest

Terrible customer service

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Air Armenia
25 January 2017 Nicolas Boudeleh

Dear Mr & Ms we are looking for make request for group reservation from Beirut Lebanon to Armenia Yerevan at 01/07/2017-----------08/01/2017 round trip for 50 passengers for more info contact me via gmail best regards C.E.O Nicolas Boudeleh

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Vision Air
23 January 2017 Robert Knights

Sirs, I have been attempting to contact your company for several days but have received no reply. My wife and I are wishing to fly from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park airfield on Monday 27th March and return to Las Vegas Thursday 30th March. Can you assist please? Thank you Robert Knights UK mobile 07767794563

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Sky Wings Airlines
23 January 2017 Catarina F

Is there a way to make a complain to air wings airlines because of a delay of 4h that made me miss my flight back home?

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Airlines/Airports 201 - 225 of 694
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