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04 December 2017 Oundra

I'm flying by Aeroflot to Mongolia. I have 2 hours layover in Moscow and am really worried about my luggage getting broken in and the stuff will be stolen. I wonder if the Russians still have the notoriously bad service?

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09 March 2017 Paula Knight

In January, my son who lives in Hanoi and has Type 1 diabetes, flew to Germany on Aeroflot. My son uses a continuous glucose monitor and it is life saving. It requires "sensors" that are replaced every few weeks. These sensors are not anywhere in SE Asia except Hong Kong. His good friend in Germany bought my so. 3 month supply.....about 900 euro. When my son returned on Aeroflot, his luggage had been broken into and the sensors and some gifts were stolen. Aeroflot is blowing him off, offered $20.00, now blowing him off again. He has tried getting help from the US Embassy, but they don't get involved in stolen luggage items, even though these are life saving medical devices.

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19 December 2015 Sarah

The most disgusting unprofessional airline I have ever sene. They stole my gifts from my luggage and refuse to even resond after making me fill out a claim for 3 months no reimbursement not even a letter of apology. DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE.

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19 December 2015 sarah

Guest : Very poor customer service - my bag was ripped off during the flight to London. I informed Aeroflot and nobody has come back to me yet (8 days). I had the same expeirence. My luggage was opened and all the gifts I purchased for my family and friends was stolen out of the luggage. it has now been 3 monhts of run around and now they are just not responding back to me.

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28 August 2015 Guest

Самый худшая компания. Издевательства моральные и физические.

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25 October 2014 Guest

* Russian pricks! They are like cockroaches and they have no manners and spoil holidays!

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04 August 2014 Guest

Very poor customer service - my bag was ripped off during the flight to London. I informed Aeroflot and nobody has come back to me yet (8 days).

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14 April 2014 Guest

AVOID at any cost! Don't use of them. I will never fly with them again. I never write review but I felt obligated to warn all the people out there not to give into their prices and choose a different airline. It smelled like * , they make no announcements about any unexpected delays or special circumstances. Customer service sucks. You dial for English and they will still speak Russian to you which is rude. They lost my luggage and gave me a bunch of numbers that don't answer. WTF, this airline is a face of Russia. And in this case it is an ugly, unprofessional, unreliable face. I will make sure that non of my friends or family use them.

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16 December 2013 Guest

This is one of the WORST airlines in the world - stay away!

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09 December 2013 shahzada naeem butt

1m pakistani i lek go to karachi tomoscow and havana

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09 December 2013 Tatyana Kochanenkova

СТАНИСЛАВА!!! Огромное спасибо тебе за помощь! Эта замечательная женщина помогла мне улететь из Нью-Йорка в Москву, Шереметьево 1 ноября 2013 года. Я летела из Коламбаса, Огайо, мой багаж был потерян, пока искала и оформляла потерю, мой рейс Польские Авиалинии улетел без меня, после бессонной ночи в Аэропорту GFK в Нью-Йорке, я наконец попала в руки Аэрофлота, к СТАНИСЛАВЕ, которая вошла в мое измученное положение, оформила мне билет до Москвы, Шереметьево и даже до моего конечного пункта , Сургут. Eе внимание, заботливое отношение и быстрое оформление были как бальзам на душу! Она позаботилась о лучшем месте в салоне самолета, а также дала мне совет , как избежать повторной покупки билета, которую от меня требовали Польские Авиалинии. Большое СЕРДЕЧНОЕ СПАСИБО тебе СТАНИСЛАВА!!!

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13 August 2013 Henk

Don t fly with them unless you want to get robbed. A lot of luggage is being stolen there (Aeroflot staff), and don t expect any help from the airline.

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13 January 2013 Guest

Reading the reviews below as a Travel Consultant and a CTM and having been in the industry more years than I wish to think about I can only tell these people "You get what you pay for" stop looking for the cheapest fare but go to a responsible agent and seek their advise and ask them to give you the lowest fare but with the most decent carrier. See the difference in your next travel experience. Marion of Sportscorp Travel.

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23 December 2012 Guest

I think, Aeroflot is the best airlane in Russia

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21 August 2012 Irina Pechenkina

I like Aeroflot. The pilots are highly professional. As for airport Domodedovo, folks, be careful! The present to my son was stolen from my own luggage 27 july 2012!

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19 August 2012 Guest

Recently I have travelled on this airline and found out animals that are small, you can bring on a plane. I was really disappointed that this airline can let animals on board when so many people have allergies!!! NEVER AGAIN!!

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