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07 June 2023 Guest DNA24
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07 June 2023 Guest
I got an email from Jet2 saying that my return flight from Ibiza was now by Smartwings due to operational reasons. On my previous two flights to Ibiza i have ended up on Smartwings or similar named carrier. Aircraft on this occasion was 25 years old. To say that the carrier change are due to operational requirements is rubbish.
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07 June 2023 bookaflightdeals
Looking to change your flight with Volaris? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of changing your flight with Volaris. Find answers to frequently asked questions and get expert advice on making changes to your Volaris flight reservation
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Cebu Pacific Air

07 June 2023 Guest
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07 June 2023 Guest
Hi, We bought a Family Plus ticket for our upcoming flight! Does anyone know if the size of 10kgs check in hold bag (per person), matters? Many thanks 😊 Valérie
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Bombardier Dash 8-100/200

07 June 2023 Adamqa
Разработка футболки вместе с вашим иметь дизайн и стиль в "Глобус отпечатков» довольно просто и быстро. Начальный, вы должны выбрать вид футболки и ее оттенок. Тогда вы определенно загружаете свой дизайн и стиль в магазин . Это может быть любое картинка, от фотографии до ваш личный дизайн и стиль. []Детская ... майка для девочки Очертания Москвы (Москва) за 1199 с принтом надписью купить в MerchPrint (MOS-535100)[/url] [ для мальчиков Venom - купить в интернет магазине MerchPrint[/url] c1525fb @wwer=
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VietJet Air

07 June 2023 Helen Baker
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Allegiant Air

06 June 2023 Vicki Martin
I applied for the credit card for allegiant air lines 10 days ago on the air plane I'm concerned I haven't heard anything and I have my personal info on there
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Delta Air Lines

06 June 2023 CJ Daigle
Looking at Delta flights from Atlanta to Honolulu. Can anyone tell me if the seats in basic economy recline? Or in Comfort +? As older passengers with back issues my wife and I cannot sit straight up (or pitched slightly forward, as I'm told some airlines make you) for an extended period of time. Can tolerate the more cramped leg room, but need the back flexibility.
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Philippine Airlines

05 June 2023 Guest
My 3rd cancelled flight last 6 weeks, this time Sydney /Manila, my cancelled email came with an offer for 3 days later using my same booking, for sure there are some serious issues with some very unhappy passengers & just apologising doesn't cut it, extremely inconvenient with existing hotel bookings and so lost money
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05 June 2023 Flyamericans
Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy Nobody wants to change their planned itinerary or cancel their flight tickets, but sometimes it is unavoidable and we must. If you are unsure if you might need to cancel your ticket and are unsure of how to get your refund, read this comprehensive article on Singapore Airlines cancellation and refund policy to make it easier for you to do so. Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy Every airline has its own cancellation rules, so it's important to be aware of them before purchasing your tickets. Doing so will make it simpler for you to cancel and receive a refund on your flights in the event of emergencies or when the airline cancels your trip. The cancellation policy of Singapore Airlines mostly depends on the kind of ticket you are purchasing and where you are purchasing it. Additionally, you may only cancel your ticket if you purchased it from an authorised source. 24 Hours Cancellation Policy If you are travelling to or from the USA, the airline has a 24-hour cancellation policy, but only if you purchased your ticket more than 7 days before your flight's departure. To receive a complete refund, you must cancel your ticket by visiting your neighbourhood Singapore Airlines office or phoning their contact centre. Refundable ticket cancellation policies Refundable airline tickets are those that are eligible for a refund in the event that a flight is cancelled. These tickets are completely refundable, and you may cancel them whenever you choose before your flight takes off. In the event of a no-show, the airline levies a $50 cancellation fee. As a result, before boarding, the passenger should alert the airline. Cancellation Policy On Non-Refundable Ticket Non-refundable airline tickets are ones that cannot be reimbursed in the event of a flight cancellation. These tickets are not exchangeable for cash, but the airline may offer credits in their stead. Additionally, any leftover credit will be cancelled if the new fare is less than the previous one.
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Malaysia Airlines

05 June 2023 FK
Could not update frequent flyer number when checking in - frequent flyer number provided is invalid
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Air Arabia

04 June 2023 ALTAF
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Hurghada International Airport

03 June 2023 Guest
I forgot my denim jacket 01-06-2023 18.30 hrs gate 33 flight to Amsterdam
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Mombasa Moi International Airport

03 June 2023 Guest
Hildah Jepchumba : Hello am Hildah James send me a parcel from Uk about a week ago and this number 0787235762 called me and asked me to pay ksh 10,000 for the package to be delivered confirm if the parcel is there reach me thank you
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AirAsia Zest

02 June 2023 Guest
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01 June 2023 Guest
OMG customers support told me that she has never heard of anyone having difficulty booking a flight using easyJet App or online website BELOW IS WHAT WAS SENT TO ME FROM EASYJET what planet is she on!!! We have never experienced issues or heard about any other issues regarding our website or mobile app being down and not allowing to proceed with making a booking. Kindly advise the error message you are receiving when trying to make a booking with us please?
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Wizz Air

31 May 2023 qbiey
hi i coudnt reach the call center i am calling from Canada can you help me to get my baggage loss
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Turkish Airlines

31 May 2023 Guest
Marcin : They have total mess in these airlines. I'm trying to fill my my passport details for few months. Every time I get error: Error-BOS-93007. No one knows what does it mean. Level of English on their hotline staff is terrible. And I can't do the check-in. I have to pay extra on the airport. Were you able to get this resolved? I am getting the same error!
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29 May 2023 Alan Edwards
Looking to fly from Manila to Glasgow and return. Business class is 800 USD more expensive for the return flight yet the economy flight 100 USD cheaper for the return flight - family of 3 traveling. Would love an explanation
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British Airways

27 May 2023 Roy Spencer
Unbelievably bad
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Estelar Latinoamerica

24 May 2023 M
Worst airline ever. Please don’t travel with them.
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Malindo Air

24 May 2023 Guest
Guest : WTF I have the same issue too. How do you solve this?
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Air Cote d’Ivoire

21 May 2023 Efosa
Thank you for this information about Air Cote D'Ivoire not responding when it comes to your luggage missing. I got back on Friday the 19th of May in Bamako , flight from Accra via Abidjan. No luggage and no information. I am calling everyday and there is nothing and unfortunately the people at the airport are rude and irritated to answer my call. I am so irritated. What does anyone do and if anyone reads this - did you ever get your luggage.
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Blue Air

20 May 2023 Deborah Groves
We had a return flight in September 2022 which was cancelled to return home to the UK on 07/09/2022. Rebooked and that flight was cancelled too. Due to commitments, work, house pet sitter we could stay any longer so had to pay over a thousand pound to come home with British Airways Business Class as that was the only seats they had. Flight number OB1332. I am still awaiting my refund. Is anyone taking responsibility for this?
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Blue Bird Airways

19 May 2023 Guest
You will read many negative reviews about BlueBird- but the staff at Heraklion Airport was so helpful and understanding aiding me in an emergency. Great, great genuine concern for my needs. Thank you so much.
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Copa Airlines

16 May 2023 Antoinette
If anybody can please explain the discrepancy of the following senario : The cost of a resent Copa flight , on a spesific day, from Costa Rica to Buenos Aires (2 legs - lay-over in Panama) was USD300. To book only the 2nd leg of the same flight from Panama to Buenos Aires was USD800??? What will the reason be, for this discrepency?
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WestJet Airlines

15 May 2023 Patricia Le Barron
I have not booked my flight yet. Holding off on it as it will be with Encore. Debating on whether to use Air Canada to Winnipeg. I haven't used them for 27 years as a result of their strike action at that time(baggage handlers). I used Greyhound Air to complete my commitment for a Vancouver IndyCar event.
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Frontier Airlines

15 May 2023 Gabriel
The seats are more uncomfortable than sitting on a bleacher seat. My flights were delayed both to and from my destination and we're extremely dirty. I got nicked and dimes for everything to the point my flight cost as much as United. I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend to anyone.
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Breeze Airways

13 May 2023 Georgia
Online Breeze Airways customer support 877(5O7)6686 Online Manage Booking & Cancellation Flight and also manage your Reservations.
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12 May 2023 Guest
Guest : Call on AeroSvit Airlines For Booking And Cancellations
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LOT Polish Airlines

12 May 2023 Guest
The worse airline I’ve used
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TUI Airways

10 May 2023 Guest
Do I need to purchase an exit visa for Mexico to Glasgow
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08 May 2023 Guest
I hope you got our review of the flight (De 2032) from Frankfurt to Seattle on May 6, 2023 (for some reason, May 5 came up and I could not correct it). I would hope the airline takes these reviews and criticisms to heart; enough bad ratings and passengers will stop booking. The Millers
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Royal Air Maroc

04 May 2023 Yusuf Kehinde
Can someone help me with a baggage claim form? I could not find one of my bag
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Pegasus Airlines

29 April 2023 Guest
Very bad, compact! Don’ fly with them! Rude employees, especially in Hannover by check in!
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Vueling Airlines

25 April 2023 Guest
When I was booking a flight it said hand luggage is included. And when I got the conformation email it said: "Remember that you are travelling with one underseat bag only. If you carry a second piece of hand luggage or if your underseat bag exceeds the permitted size (max. 40x20x30 cm), you will have to check it in at a cost of up to 75.00 EUR." What does that mean? Can I have 2 things to bring on the plane or not?
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Qatar Airways

19 April 2023 Guest
Anyone having issue with Qatar airways pricing. We are trying to book on the website, we see lower fares on checkout page, we get an error and then on next search prices go up. Anyone else experience the same behaviour?
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18 April 2023 Guest
The worst airport you would ever want to try. No humanity at all they treat white people really well but other races are treated as animals. If you are not white then they won't let you in your terminal and make you have to sit on the chair for a long period even if you flight is the next day. All they care about is your physically appearance and which group do you belong too. They should be banned and we should stop them by not purchasing anymore flight tickets. If you are not white then they would yell at you and treat you badly. They once said that tha's what we do if your passport is African so they admit themselves that what they do is target and on purpose. I just hate that type of racism, we all can help stop this by making hashtags to ban this type of racism we see is cairo egypt airline. They are as well scammer the staff in the airport I remember that i got coffee from a place in which they said that the coffee costed 75 and a second time my sister went and told her it cost 85 and it's all for the same exact order. they are scammers #egyptairline should be banned.
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12 April 2023 Guest
Air Baltic is always late! it leaves too late from the airport and because of that it arrives too late! Before you book your flight thinkt twice before flying with baltic Air
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Air Transat

09 April 2023 Rachel
I had gone for the Air Transat interview and had made it. After I had successfully completed their requirements, which were to get a physical check and uniform fitting finished. It had taken the company a month to notify me whether or not I have been successful, in which I was. They then proceeded to inform me that there were two scheduled classes that I can attend and to notify them before a certain time. I did all that was asked of me. I have not heard from them ever since and I was supposed to start my training on March 20th, 2023. I am very upset by how they didn't even send an apology or another date to attend. I feel very upset at the fact that I have worked for two different airlines that NEVER 'ghosted' me like Air Transat. This is extremely unprofessional and I would not even bother going through their long hiring process again. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else!
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Chengdu Airlines

09 April 2023 KASDANI Bouchra
Hello, I booked a plane ticket online for a trip from Guangzhou Canton to Chengdu. I would like to know what I have to do to check in a baggage payment. How much does two pieces of luggage cost around 20kg in balance? Can I pay online? If so what is the link for online payment? Cordially,
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LATAM Airlines

03 April 2023 Guest
Very badly run airline..the admin part is a nightmare...customer service is a nightmare... I will never use this airline ever
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31 March 2023 Guest
Be careful and more careful,for no reason they refused to let me board the plane, I had all my documents in order, they simply refused and tore up my ticket in front of my eyes, the staff very rude at all professional, they refused to help me and to give an explanation, I lost my round trip ticket in addition to my dream vacation, after having planned for almost 2 years, the airline was not responsible and they did not issue a refund; a friend tells me that this happens often with this airline, so be careful ⚠️ if you plan to travel with them, sometimes the cheap comes out expensive .
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ATR 42

27 March 2023 Alabi
What could be the cause of heat coming out of the air conditioning vent during climb or power lever pushed to 35-50%
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Sunwing Airlines

27 March 2023 Barry Knoblauch
Never on time. Who ever is in charge should quit. Or fire their employees Needs a huge shackup
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Etihad Airways

27 March 2023 Guest
If you are fully vaccinated travelling with 8 year old from UK to Pakistan do you need to get pcr test done for etihad.? Any experience?
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Flair Airlines

26 March 2023 Guest
Our dghtrs return flight from Sanford Florida was cancelled 3 min. After her arrival at the airport. She is single mother travelling with 7 yr old. They put her up at hotel for 1 night then emailed her in the wee hrs telling her to rebook with Swoop and they would refund the cost. She did this but they declined her claim when she filed it when she got home to Canada.
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17 March 2023 Guest
Guest : Cannot book trip - payment never gets accept even if it’s a card with 0 balance. Have tried to book with my two cards, my mom tried to book with her two cards… and a fifth attempt to book with a 5th card by my sister. We have tried multiple times from Sunday to Thursday. We called them and they say our banks did chargebacks. Our banks say the charge was never attempted to begin with. Finally going to book with a competitor because this is ridiculous. samething happened to me I called the bank and try said there was no attempts to trying to pay ..I even tried 2 other cards and same problem
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Brussels Airlines

17 March 2023 Guest
Flew from Bru to jfk… 8 hours - no food
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