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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Dammam King Fahd International Airport
21 January 2018 Guest

Assalamualikum I lost my lagguage with all original documents and passport I reported to airport police but no one taking serous action for this big problem I lost my life because all the original documents in my bag Every time I listen Saudi Arabia is a safe city but I don't know how some one took my bag allah hu akbar. I request you if any one found my bag please call me on this number (0502397742 mohammed khadeer)

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Cebu Pacific Air
20 January 2018 Guest

ERROR: DefaultLoginException Getting this also been checking since yesterday

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VietJet Air
20 January 2018 michael r

On December 25th, 2017, Vietjet canceled my flight as I was at the airport! They said I could get a "reschedule" 4 days later! 4 days later?! How can they do stuff like this? I was stranded, lost my payment for a pre-booked hotel, etc, etc. Now I'm home. Vietjet waits 5 days to answer my e-mails, then says sorry and seems to end any communication as if nothing had happened. I haven't even got my money back, nevermind any reparations or compensation. There seems to be no answers to this. How in the world can an airline operate like this? Aren't there any rules?

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20 January 2018 Guest

I have just tried to book a flight using the app. It won't allow payment by poli or paypal (error box with funny number comes up) or by any of my credit/debit cards - it goes to a blank screen, my bank logo comes up, the wheel spins for a few seconds and then it just goes back to the pay page. 4 hours later - nothing. I got through to live chat - worse than useless. Told me try again later - so 4 hours isn't long enough. Given the issues by others surely there would be a solution by now. given the poor and sloppy customer service something is clearly very wrong. I've been flying air asia copiously for over a decade and they've always been great...until now.

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Etihad Airways
20 January 2018 Guest

Guest : Guest : We have heard so much good reviews of Etihad and that why we chose Etihad for our trip of our the lifetime to Toronto, We arrived Toronto on March 25 2017 but one of our four lugguages never arrived. It was freezing cold when we arrive and have to spend money to buy jackets etc . Etihad agreed to settle it on 6 May 2017 but as of today we never hear from them despite our repeated emails Please help us to speed the payment as soon as possible Irregularity Report YYZEY13150. Thank you Max, I have already forwarded our claim to the sociaol media and again to the . Guest : Etihad Airways : Hi there, if you were not previously in contact with this address please write about your case to and our team will be able to assist you accordingly. Alternatively, please write to our address with your PIR number and booking details and we will forward the matter to the concerned department. Thank you. *Max Guest : We have heard so much good reviews of Etihad and that why we chose Etihad for our trip of our the lifetime to Toronto, We arrived Toronto on March 25 2017 but one of our four lugguages never arrived. It was freezing cold when we arrive and have to spend money to buy jackets etc . Etihad agreed to settle it on 6 May 2017 but as of today we never hear from them despite our repeated emails Please help us to speed the payment as soon as possible Irregularity Report YYZEY13150. Thank you Max, I have already forwarded our claim to the sociaol media and again to the . Once your case is investigated you will be contacted. *Ela DEAR ETIHAD, It has been a month since i have already forwarded our claim to the social media and 7 months since we lost our lugguage. Is there any upd ate on our case and when will we received the payment. Thank you Hi there, do you have received a case number from the confirmation email that you received from us after sending your email to us? It should be a 6 digit number. *Marc Hi Marc, We just received email from Etihad on 06/05/2017 agreeing to settle CAD2k and ask us to fill in the banks details and sign the indemnity form . Please help us to look into this matter and se ttle soonest possible. it has been too long. Hi there, we can see that a follow up has been sent to our airport baggage team in Toronto to review the payment status of your claim. One of our baggage officers will be in touch with you as soon as they have more update, we'll also let you know if we hear anything in the meantime. Thanks. *Ari WE have already resubmitted our form on the 6th November, 2017 and have not heard from them since. Please help us to follow up. Hi there, we are sorry to hear that you have had no response so far. We have sent another reminder to our baggage team to get back to you as soon as possible. *Marc Good afternoon, as of today, I have no news. Please help us to settle this claim as soon as possible. Thanks Hello, we have once again asked our team in YYZ to follow up on your claim 550737. *Isi Dear Etihad As of today, we have not heard from the team yet. It has been almost 10 months and we are still waiting for the case to be settled. Please help . Hi there, we apologize for the inconvenience. We are following up with our team but have not yet had a response from them. We will inform you as soon as we hear back from them. Please also let us know if you are not receiving an answer. Thank you. *Marc Thanks Marc. Hope to hear from you soon

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Air Arabia
20 January 2018 Adam Jomaa

Im a regular traveler with Air Arabia. Always ontime and seats are comfortable compared to other economy class. Great vale for money. Keep it up.

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AirAsia Zest
19 January 2018 jennelyn madrid

how can i re-schedule the flight of my husband ? your support didn't answer my message in twitter .. i'm so sad about this no action to the person who read this kindly help me ., thankyou

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Turkish Airlines
19 January 2018 Guest

Unbelievable bad service from a 5 star airways company. Its our first time we travel with you.We are live in Thessaloniki Greece and we know already that this airport had issues with radar system the last month and more.How its possible a big and serious company like Turkish airlines to risk and booked flights from this airport when already know that 80% cancel cause mist fog that a bad excuse from Turkish sale manager imagine that in England must no flight never cause mist weather.After the cancellation we must take bus travel 7 hours to Athens instead there is another closer airport Kavala town only 2 hours away. Our Odyssey don't finished wait another 2 ours delayed at Venizelos airport in Athens to take the plane of Turkish air lines to Istanbul.Another 2 hours delayed to Bangkok airport run like crazy exhausted with luggage to catch plane to Krabi and missed it 2 hours for the next flight. Result of Turkish airline trip 1 lost bag and one destroyed. My name is Theodoros Apostolidis and the awful flight was TK 1882,TK

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18 January 2018 Robin Willis

Dia 6, a minha bagagem ainda não foi localizada, quando ligue para os relatórios do atendente de serviço que podemos chamar de volta. Nenhuma informação adicional. Eu tive que comprar roupas novas e artigos devido a esse incidente. Isso é inaceitável!!! Robin Willis 075-31-425-3435. Rua Manuel Santana de Melo # 22 Cachoerio, Bahia 44300060 This is day 6 that I'm without my luggage, ridiculous for such a prime business to handle a service as baggage of their customer in such a manner. My baggage on flight 1023 from Orlando to San Paulo Brazil on January 13, 2018 was not on the connecting in San Paulo, Brazil. The compliant process began that night and up until now, January 18, 2018 there has been no firm response. All of my personal belongings are in that luggage, including allergy medications, clothing, gifts for family. This is unacceptable, how long should I wait for a firm response. I spoke with Nara Amazonas Supervisor at the Airport in Salvador Bahia, her response was casual, "people lose their bags all over the world", however she reported that she called San Paulo and they located the luggage in Orlando, Florida, the luggage was to be send to Bahia on January 17, evening. Called today January 18, 2018, no resolve of this matter, the attendant reported that we should call back. Helpless in Bahia!!! Robin Willis 075-31-425-3435

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Vueling Airlines
18 January 2018 Thornton

I was extremely satisfied with the way my request was dealt with by Vueling UK Vustomer service dept Excellent customer service Many thanks indeed January 18 2018

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Iraqi Airways
18 January 2018 Guest

I am asking why Our trip IA 965 on 18 Jan.2018 at 0900 was without service ,i.e.the crews didn’t serve the breakfast to the passengers.

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Flair Airlines
18 January 2018 Myriam

I would not recommend this airline! Our flight was fine but the airline lost our toddler car seat on a direct flight - on Christmas day. We were stuck at the airport for 2 hours without any assistance from the baggage crew. It has now been nearly a month and I have not had a response from the airline despite my numerous phone calls and emails. This new airline is able to offer discounted flights but has no mechanism for customer support and has not proven themselves capable of resolving baggage issues.

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Copa Airlines
18 January 2018 Ingrid D

My husband and I visited Panama in February 2017. We booked and confirmed our return flight along with some friends for March 01, 2017. When my husband and I arrived at the airport to return to Orlando, we were told that our seats were given to other people and there were no other seats available. Our friends were able to get on the flight. I personally booked the flights for all of us, so how this happened is a mystery. We were placed on another flight many hours later. At that time we were issued flight coupons for $300 each. This was a huge inconvenience (missed shift for work), but we were pleasant about this, despite being told by other people to sue the airline. Now we are ready to use these coupons as we are traveling to London. Copa airlines does not go to London. We know that Copa is a member of Star Alliance, and there are several airlines that we can use that are part of the Star Alliance. When we called Copa, we were transferred to several people and were told that unfortunately, these coupons can only be used on Copa. We were told to write to Customer Service and we would receive a response within 15 days. This is a dilemma, as we have coupons worth $600 that we cannot use. We think this is grossly unfair that we cannot use these vouchers on another member airline. We contacted United Airlines and were told that Copa will have to reissue the coupons to United Airlines. We were told the same thing by Lufthansa. We called Copa again to relay the above information and again got the "run around". Asked to speak with a Supervisor, but that person refused to come to the phone. It's been 15 days since we wrote to Customer Service and there has been no response. Tried to locate a number for the head of the Customer Service Department, but ..... guess what - "nada" . EXTREMELY disappointed with this treatment. We feel that we have been robbed, BUT, We will not give up. This is $600 not $60 We were going to use this airline again, but not anymore after this .

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Royal Air Maroc
18 January 2018 Guest

The worst airline I ever experienced, horrible costumer services, we were ripped off. Sad!

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Allegiant Air
18 January 2018 Guest

I have been on hold for 2 hours 48 minutes now with Allegiant Air. I've never flown with them before and booked a flight but can't get anyone to answer my call so I'm not sure if I made the right decision by purchasing a cheaper flight. I'm kind of frustrated and just wanted to share. I pray the flight is much better than the phone service.

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Maputo International Airport
17 January 2018 Vanessa Phulchand

Unfortunately 1 star is the lowest rating available but this airport deserves an even lower rating. The airport is not well kept, the people working there are full blown thieves and if you have the misfortune of having no choice but to pass by or use this airport, ensure that you lock your bags with more than just the built in locks and carry spare change for the begging security guards and customs officers. Don't bother with customer care lines or any email addresses provide. They are either none existing numbers and emails are ignored. Thank you for such a terrible experience, i do not look forward to my next visit.

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Bmi Regional
17 January 2018 Sally battle

I own a recording label how do i contract the airline for my artist to travel from state to state then international.

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Malindo Air
17 January 2018 Guest

I dont understand about last name and first name. That means last father name and first name passenger name. is that correct. Shamsul bin Mohd so I have to put last name first Bin Mohd and first name will be Shamsul.Is that correct.

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16 January 2018 john burchill

i hope the airline prospers and grows as my nephew has qualified as a pilot with the airline

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Eastar Jet
16 January 2018 Narissara

I checked in at Suvanabhumi Airport in Bangkok on 27th December 2017, to fly to Seoul. I was asked to show return ticket which was fine with me. My return ticket was Seoul-Kaohsiung on 1 Jan 18, then Kaohsiung-BKK on 3 Jan 18. The ground staff started to be rude to me when he saw my return flights, he said under the airline's policy I was not allowed to fly because I should come back to Thailand straight from Seoul, not from any other countries. I was stunned because from my 10 years traveling I have never heard of that before, he then said it's the policy of Eastar. I insisted it's not because I flew with Eastar before (a few times) and to and form different destinations, which I never had any problem. he then requsted to see all of my money which I was bringing to the trip. after 10 mins he returned passport to me and didn't even say sorry (plus being so rude the whole time, he also covered his name not to let me see!!) there are better ways to inspect passengers, or at least end it with apologizing or thank you for our cooperation than giving this shocking scene! or if Eastar doesn't want to sell One Way ticket, you shouldn't give an option on the website.

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Beijing Capital Airlines
16 January 2018 Svetlin Nikolov

Hello. I am from Bulgaria and I am not a pilot, but my dream is to be one. But i do not have the money for the pilits school. So there is an offer from me. I can sign a contract with any of the chines airlines companies that if they paid my education I will work for the in next 5 years at the conditions the want from me. If they agree with this I want you to be sure about me that I did not want the money in my bank acount or something mine. I just want them to pay the education taxes , this is all I want from them. Also I want to give them the money back in my first year after graduating and start working for the company. I have a master degree from the best econimx university in Bulgaria with the highest grade. I can prove everything with documents. I know that the road is very long , but I am ready to start it.

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Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport
14 January 2018 Guest

Assalam-O- Alykum My Luggage was left at Jada Air Port While Departing Jada to Dubai on 16-12-2017 Flight # FZ-7210 NAMED as Syed Fiaz Hussain Shah Chak NO 290 Ramoana Shekha Tehsile Sangla Hill District Nankana Please Check it.

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14 January 2018 Alison Clark

I am absolutely shocked and disgusted with Emirates. We live here in Australia and are Emirates Skywards Gold Members but I sincerely doubt I will ever use this airline again. We are originally from England and our family members still live there. They visit us frequently and we return to the U.K. regularly but because of this incident we will encourage them now to use an alternative airline. The reason being that my Mother, Lillian Pearson, flew from the U.K. in September to visit me. She flew business class and the fare was £3895. Sadly during her visit she died. The distress obviously has been immeasurable. One of the tasks I had to carry out was to cancel her return flight, which I did so via the agent she used to book her original flight. Now I fully understand that there would be admin charges to pay for the cancellation however I would also add that I am 100% certain her seat would have been re-sold. I have just been notified that Emirates have agreed to refund only £580 for the return leg of her flight back to the U.K! I think this is disgraceful and quite honestly totally lacking compassion.

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Air France
13 January 2018 Guest

Extremely poor quality service, they lost my luggage for second time. I am not going to take airfrance anymore and would strongly recommend the other NOT even think of that airline.

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