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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline, aircraft or airport, using the links on this page.

To take part in the discussion of the airline or airport, follow the links on this page or leave your messages on the pages of the corresponding airlines of the world, airports, airplanes.

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Sunwing Airlines

13 July 2020 briannq1
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13 July 2020 Alex
Since 24-3-2020 I am waiting for a reinburse of my flight which was cancelled by Air Asia and there is no way to get in contact with this company. It looks like a fraud to me...
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13 July 2020 Ray
Can I take a solar panel in a steel frame as a package as hold luggage on easy jet
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13 July 2020 Guest
Will Ryanair refund us if we dont fly to Greece this Saturday, we were going as a group to celebrate my in laws 80 th birthday but are reluctant to travel ,any advice
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13 July 2020 darlenedw16
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Royal Air Maroc

12 July 2020 Guest
Ghassan : I made booking , then made a cancelation since 19th November 2019 and up to now I haven't received my money back. my case N 00991309 | ref:_00D24JNjx._5001p3RfkcS:ref Regards, Ghassan
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11 July 2020 Guest
Has anyone heard anything about bookings to portugal in October ? I'm meant to be flying to Florida in October and TUI have already been in contact and issued a refund but my partner is booked to fly to Faro at the same time with Jet2 and hes heard nothing
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Cebu Pacific Air

10 July 2020 Carvanha10
Same here. How tf can we know that we are waiting forsomething. Frustrating..
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Odessa International Airport

09 July 2020 Guest
Hello - I am an American citizen. I am healthy. I haved good health insurance. Can I enter your country without a 14 day quarantine?
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Blue Air

09 July 2020 Guest
The same think !!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I am trying to speak with someone from Blue air since Monday and no luck !!!! Every time I stay on the phone for 60min and when finally my call goes through the call is cancelled saying they have a network error!!!!!!!!!!! Guest : my stress levels are through the roof....nobody answering the phone....we are due to fly on 18th July & I had email saying that I had until 14 days before we were due to fly, to request vouchers....then one which went through to spam telling me I had till midnight 29th June 2020 to request stressed
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Mombasa Moi International Airport

08 July 2020 Esther
I have been receiving calls from this number 0750948246 claiming that I should pay money to the manager (0768070658) so that I can receive my parcel that arrived on 04/07/2020 from Paul Thierno manchester UK .please help.
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Dammam King Fahd International Airport

06 July 2020 Guest
Can I take 55 inches led tv to Pakistan Airlines
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Jeju Air

05 July 2020 Guest
Try downloading the app I was able to claim my refund within 10 days from that app eriberta tamoro : Can we refund airfare for our trip schedule by October 15-21, 2020? If not, can we re book it instead by next year, March 2021? If so, how much is the rebooking fee?
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Turkish Airlines

28 June 2020 Bash
Hi, I booked turkish airlines flight from sabia airport to Antalya but few days ago when i checked i got message your flight has changed and you a can cancel or change your flight. While i was doing that i accidentally cancelled one of my flight from sabia to antalya. I spoke to them on phone and she said write to us on feedback page all this and some one will contact you. Today i did that. Is this happened to someone else and if yes then what they did. Will they re arrange my flight or i have to re book it again. Thanks
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Philippine Airlines

25 June 2020 LD
Good day kabayan! I'm currently residing here at Dubai , due the pandemic situation me & my husband was planning to go back home . Last May 26 we booked a flight ticket at PAL , DXB to MNL at 3rd of July . Unfortunately we received an email last july 7 , that the flight was been cancelled . We try to send an email about the procedures if we will do the refund , says that it will take 4-5months so we decided to continue our rebooking . Afterwards we received a call from the Dubai PAL head office that they will rebook it on 1st of Aug & will contact us again once confirmed . Now , 25th of July we received an email that our refund was already approved & processed without any confirmation & conscent on our side . I checked it on Pal bookings online & it was confirmed!🥺🥺 Is there any chances to cancel the refund instead rebooking . Please help. Thank you
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Vueling Airlines

25 June 2020 Guest
I am trying to login to check the status of my flight in August " password incorrect" I am sure its not. Also tried to reset password I did not get anything back ! I also checked the flight with my booking code " Booking does not exist".How can this be ? Has any one encountered this ?
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25 June 2020 Iain
My flight was cancelled when Dubai closed because of Covid. I am trying to rebook now but get asked to PaY the full price. I want use my original ticket. Please help
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24 June 2020 Guest
Nonhlanhla Hazel Ndhlovu : Hello.. Where is my Luggage got lost when i travelled from Dubai via Kigali via Lusaka.. Its been 2 days already.. Find the attached images to supporting my query. Thank you Did you find your luggage finally.
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Malaysia Airlines

24 June 2020 Guest
1 warning Warning No information on baggage policies was found for the selected itinerary. (15247 [24963]) What does this mean on Malaysia Airlines booking
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23 June 2020 Guest Arooj Fatima
Islam sir we buy online ticket from Abu Dhabi credit card payment before your flight schedule showing but now is not showing my flight was Abu Dhabi to Lahore 7th July please can you give me link for refund how can we I highly appreciate your response in Abu Dhabi nobody answer your numbers also when we are searching your refund sides we not find please help us
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Arik Air

23 June 2020 Alaribe Rita
Mother, my self, and my Two infants booked for Abuja, from portharcourt since.. 21st of march. In advance for 3rd of April. Before the lock down..I tried reaching out to know my stand through the contact number on the website no response..i have sent several Mail same thing..please what is the matter?
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Corendon Dutch Airlines

18 June 2020 Dirk Dumfries
Dear management of Corendom Dutch. Are you interesting flying to Aruba? Aruba is one happy island in the caribbean with nice beaches and very safe. We can offer you a great deal with the airport, hotels and transportation company in Aruba. Please be free to contact me. Dirk M.Dumfries Aruba +2975934510 Email:
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16 June 2020 Guest
I have the same problem with bogus flights being listed and then turning up to San Jose airport and the flight isn't even up on the departures board and no-one at the airport knew anything about it. My flight was cancelled within 24 hours of my booking it and a refund has been denied
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Allegiant Air

12 June 2020 Stressed Daughter
I have tried to make Allegiant reservations 4 times - using 2 different computers and 2 different credit cards. I keep receiving an error that states "Something really odd just happened...." I cannot find a telephone number for Allegiant CS.
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Frontier Airlines

12 June 2020 Patrick K
I had reservation back on March 10th and COVID restrictions went to place and the events I was going to attend in Las Vegas was canceled as well as my hotel reservation at the Rio out of my control. I had to cancel my reservation with Frontier Airlines who would only extend a 90 day credit for me and two others, which I complained to them that this Pandemic probably will still be in place. He said that is all they could do per their policy, but if the problem is still in place they would extend the credit just call back. I called a month prior to the expiration of my credit to see if they would extend it and I was told it was too early, but he did not see any problems of extending. The Customer Service person said I had to call closer to the day of expiration. I have spent 8 days trying to call to just get a voice message that they are having an over whelming amount of calls and to call back later as it disconnected. I tried their webform and got a response several days later saying I did not qualify for an extension and the over $700 credit would be forfeited to Frontier Airlines, Especially since I keep looking online and they have very limited amount of flights which do not fit my schedule. This seems ludricous because the other airlines have extended their credit for at least 6 months according to others who attending the same event I was going too and they have a lot more flight options.
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

08 June 2020 Wang Ying
My flight SK0996 from Beijing to Amsterdam via Copenhagen was cancelled by SAS. Full compensation was promised within 10-15 days. But now after waiting for more than 3 months (in fact 4 months), still no refund received. Why making promises and then repeatedly telling that it is busy and that I am put on "the queue list"??
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VietJet Air

03 June 2020 Leslie Nykvist
I was told I would receive a refund as my flight was cancelled but the credit card I used was cancelled. Vietjet ran me & I tried to explain that the credit card I used to book my flight was cancelled but the lady couldn't understand me. Can someone please help me.
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Ural Airlines

03 June 2020 Guest
I hate this company! Rip off! I pray they go bankrupt asap!
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

02 June 2020 Guest
Sorry to All! Im so angry with Norwegian I thought it was its website...:-)) Anyway! I have a domestic ticket with them, I cant go to Norway because of Covid-19 restrictions, the ticket costs 284 and they dont care about it! No answer, not a cent back! They probably think I can swim from Greece to Norway... The Norwegian Government help help this terrible company to survive. Me too I think... Petros😡
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Malindo Air

01 June 2020 Thertheare
Su Hia Tan : I have book the flight ticket with gender Mrs but after I paid the payment it show me the gender Mr. How can i solve it? I think it wouldn't be problem. I have flown before having the false indicated gender and couldn't fix it later but I didn't face any problems at the airport. Also once my sister has flown two years ago with such such problem with Montenegrin passport
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T'way Airlines

29 May 2020 Vu, Quoc Hung
I had bought 5 tickets from Tway air, on-line check in # K2U7Q9, flight #TW286, it was cancelled from Kansai ( Osaka) to Incheon. I have booked tickets via , all tickets were cancelled and will be refunded since 2/2020 The said they did not received the refund from Tway air, so therefore they cannot refund back to me. I have paid all tickets by credit card. Please help me to get the refund, it was longer overdue, since 2/2020. Please contact me at Thank you for your help
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Boeing 737 MAX 9

21 May 2020 banana
For the people who think this was the plane that crashed, go back to kindergarten and learn to tell the difference between the numbers 8 and 9
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Southwest Airlines

18 May 2020 Guest
Marion Wiltbank : What does country code mean?
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

14 May 2020 Guest
Dreadful company.
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AirAsia Zest

10 May 2020 john
May I know the Tax Identification Number of Air Asia?
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Privilege Style

07 May 2020 Guest
Well after a long wait in Edinburgh airport we took off on privilege style wich was ment to be Thomson it was fine Not a lot of legroom . It was very noisy the cabin crew were very nice it wa cheep and cheerful!:)if you have to fly with Them its fine but find book with them if you fond have to.
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Trans States Airlines

04 May 2020 Guest
Worst experience ever!!!! Glad you are out of business ! Theres no place to such as operators in aviation.
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Etihad Airways

04 May 2020 EtihadHelp
Guest : Hi. I've been waiting for my claim almost a month but still not refund. My reference is is Ref. 761960. Hope u refund this ASAP. Hi there, we can see our Baggage Claims team have sent you an email on 30th Apr. Please allow some time for the team to get back to you with an update. Thank you. *Zoe
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22 April 2020 Casie
Booked flight and flight was cancelled. This airline refused refund. Terrible. We need this money back because airline cancelled
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Shaheen Air International

05 April 2020 Guest
Muhammad saleem : Cancel ticket
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Airbus A220-100

28 March 2020 Guest
thanks for sharing this information with us. I am just surfing on internet and suddenly found this blog. Very Nice blog.
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Air Arabia

26 March 2020 Guest
Worst Airline ever
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British Airways

18 March 2020 jeffrey collett
My BA direct booking QNEEDG was cancelled on arrival at airport due to covid virus . I am supposed to be able to get a refund but all web site attempts lead to a voucher which I do not want .Phone lines are permanently engaged .what do I do
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13 March 2020 Zuraiman
Unable to fly into PH due to President Duterte's COVID-19 red alert lockdown to visitors.
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Sichuan Airlines

07 March 2020 Guest
AHMED YUSUF AMOUD : I'll have flight on 19/02/2020 to go in xi'an, I don't want to go back xi'an because of coronavirus, so I'll like to refund my ticket Hello, did they refund your ticket?
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

06 March 2020 Guest
Soooooo unsatisfied with their customer service. Really bad experience with them.
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Silver Airways

05 March 2020 Guest
my daughter is 14 and flying with my sister what documents does she need
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29 February 2020 Guest
Us issued level 3 nonessential travel to Italy and Lufthansa is still not refunding my money. They will not connect me with management level person to discuss. This is is not what I would have expected from this airline. Very frustrating.
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Pegasus Airlines

26 February 2020 Guest
Hello, 9 . December 2019 I received damaged baggage,litteraly my trolley was in 2 pieces.My flight was from Istanbul to Belgrade.After I submitted all documentation they accepted to pay 350 TRY and requested from me account number and swift code. Since that, they started to giving me excuses that my account is wrong and swift code is wrong and that I sent to them wrong currency code ( I sent them even original copy from bank with all possible currencies and Swift's and payment instructions) After that they just send me automatic messages that my case is in investigation :D But for sure I will give this case to my lawyer because I will not tolerate this.
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