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24 July 2021 Guest
I’ve never had a problem with Jet2 before and have used them for short haul destinations for years with no complaints. Having said that, I find the current situation incredibly frustrating. You can’t get them on the phone (I have spent hours hanging on over the past two days) and the website has a glitch, which means you can’t make changes. Come on Jet2, fix something!!!!
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24 July 2021 Guest david lee
I have a flight booked for sept 2021 for spain but due the uncertainty of covid infection rates my wife and i would like to cancel or vocher to rebook. I find their website difficult to get answers from. Any assitance would be appreciated
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Blue Air

24 July 2021 Guest
Did you sort it? Same thing happened to me! Can’t reach them!! Guest : Paid for a flight, and can’t find the reservation anymore. Also no confirmation email was sent, only payment confirmation. Tried to call but we can’t reach them. What should we do? FT8gL
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Etihad Airways

24 July 2021 Guest
Hey i am travelling from ottawa, canada via toronto via abu dhabi. I have taken air Canada in Ottawa, the connecting flight is etihad. When i am taking boarding passes of my next flights in toronto, the 3rd baggage was not showing on etihad system, will i be able to get the baggage? Or is it stopped anywhere?!
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Allegiant Air

23 July 2021 Guest
error 403 when I try to book a flight on allegiant air. What's happening?
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23 July 2021 Guest
I had flights only booked in September 2021 and today they were cancelled. I was automatically placed onto a different flight but they have offered me a full refund or change of time/flights for free either side of the date that was cancelled. Customer service today was amazing and I have now booked onto another flight. Guest : Hi there, Due to the problems surrounding travelling to Spain at the moment and having a wife that is just recovering from the Covid we want to cancel our flight and take a voucher, which is what they are offering for Amber countries. However, after speaking with their Customer services, this Protection Promise which allows a free change or a Credit voucher is only applicable to Easyjet Holidays and not Easyjet Flights. We were under the impression that we would be covered under this rule, but as we have only booked flights we can only change them. I feel that nowhere is this made clear. Can anyone else shine any light on this?
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23 July 2021 Guest
My credit account is 0 but i did not use it. What's wrong.?
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Arik Air

23 July 2021 Guest
Enendu Adaeze : I paid for arik air using paystack but i have not gotten my booking details and pnr, what should i do?? I have received Paystack debit reciept and haven’t gotten my PNR from arik please help me out How was this resolved?
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Vueling Airlines

22 July 2021 Guest
Password reset mail doesn't arrive. Also not in spam. I need to use my account to reject a new schedule for my booking. Instead of direct to Lisboa, Vueling changed the flight with a transfer on Barcelona :(
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Mombasa Moi International Airport

22 July 2021 Purity
Hello I wanted to confirm if this number is yours 0101032285
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Turkish Airlines

22 July 2021 Guest
Are you booking revenue or non-revenue travel? Did you get it to work?
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Sunwing Airlines

21 July 2021 Guest
I'm right there with you. I am at 25 days since I applied for Refund Request. Not a peep from Sunwing since my initial Refund Request. I used credit card and paid in installments for the trip in March 2020, travel booked for November 2020. I have emailed multiple times and the emails never get answered. I wonder if I will ever get my money back. Friends of mine that applied after me have already received their refunds. What recourse do we have? I will never fly Sunwing again!! I want my money back. Super frustrating!! I'm at the end of my rope.
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20 July 2021 Guest
My son took an internal flight from Mexico City to Cancun on 2 July, his suitcase didn't arrive, we have spent the last two weeks trying to get hold of the Customer Services team to get compensation. This is appalling customer service, they should take responsibility for customers' luggage.
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Cebu Pacific Air

19 July 2021 Guest
Hi! Have you atleast able to screen shot the booking confirmation? If so, you may check the status of your flight through Manage Booking option on their app or website. Just enter the booking reference number and your last name. Hope this helps. God bless
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Philippine Airlines

18 July 2021 Guest
Guest : Lara : Does any body know how to reach PAL in canada? It’s been more than a year and i haven’t heard anything from them. Really one of the worst airlines I’ve ever interacted with .....Hello...pretty pathetic airline...been trying to get our refund for 18 months..lots of emails to PAL..furnished CAB with countless emails,credit card no.'s..still to know refund yet..and still sending them emails every week as well...anyways try this.PAL Vancouver sales office Tel: (604)276-6015 to monday to friday 9:00 am to 5:00pm or PAL Toronto sales office Tel :(905)-405-9944 or 405 same office emailing PAL/phone PAL/..keep everything you do and don't stop! its your money! Lara : Does any body know how to reach PAL in canada? It’s been more than a year and i haven’t heard anything from them. Really one of the worst airlines I’ve ever interacted with
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VietJet Air

17 July 2021 Marco
In summary they sell ticket don't fly and don't refund. How do you call this? I have the prof of all the rebooking the sent. to me When I asked for a refund they refused. Avoid if you don't want to lose money.
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Air Arabia

16 July 2021 Guest
Hi I'm having a lot of problems booking with AirArabia today. I have booked a return flight and i have received no booking confirmation but the payment is pending in my account.
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TUI Airways

16 July 2021 Guest
Hello Advice please. Passport in Maiden name Covid passport in marriage name. I am travelling to Greece in September, just wondering if taking a marraige certificate as proof will suffice. Has anyone experienced this or has same issue.
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Qatar Airways

15 July 2021 Guest
Very bad customer service. I waited for hours on the phone without able to reach them. Cannot communicate through their website either.
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Malindo Air

09 July 2021 Guest
Hi, I am Melina, I booked a ticket, but can’t track my booking after log in Malindo air. The flight Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta on 12 th July 2021 , time 15:00.Can you please check my flight PNR? Thank you
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Pegasus Airlines

04 July 2021 Waqar Ahmed
Hello, I am facing an extreme inconvenience because of one of your check-in counter’s officers. He took my baggage and did not issue me the “Baggage Tracking Number”. I asked him twice the BTN but, he said, “no it is all right and you can proceed with the boarding now”. When I reached here (at Karachi airport), I could not find my baggage. The staff at the Karachi airport is asking me for the BTN which I do not have because of your officer’s ignorance. Tell me how can I claim my baggage in such a situation? I have evidence regarding the discussion I had with your officer about that baggage (check the following text for details). I had a short discussion with your officer about my baggage. As can be seen in the attached R1 document, the baggage weight limit is not mentioned. So I carried 18.5 KG of stuff in baggage which meets the dimension requirement. But the officer said, “such weight is not allowed”. I said “how much is allowed? And where is it written?”. He said “now I am writing that only 10 KG is allowed”, and he wrote on R1. I said, “how would I know this weight limit back at home?”. Then he replied very very disrespectfully that “either you pay 59.00 euro or drop 8.5 KG” (both conditions are written by his hand on R1). So, being a student with limited resources, I decided to drop some of my weight rather than paying such a heavy amount. Later, I came back with reduced stuff and weighted again. This time it was around 12.25 KG. I said, “is it OK? Or should I drop more?”. He replied, “no problem, it is OK”. Then he Checked the PCR test and encircled 3 pieces of information (see attached R2). He gave me a self-declaration form and checked my Pass-Track entry which was required for Pakistan. Then, the officer told me “proceed with the boarding now”. I said, “what about baggage?”. He replied, “It is alright, you can proceed”. Since I had already faced his inappropriate behavior, I did not argue and proceed with “self-declaration” and “boarding pass” only (see attached R3_a and R3_b). The purpose of sharing the above discussion is to show the maximum evidence I have regarding my baggage. I also attached pictures of my baggage (R5_a and R5_b) that luckily I took a few months back to let my friend know about it. I have also attached the complaint receipt (R4) that I registered at the time of arrival at Karachi airport. Till now I was waiting for a reply from them. But, today they asked me to contact you directly. Please help me in finding the baggage.
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British Airways

04 July 2021 Guest
Disappointed that people allowed to fly without wearing a mask during the pandemic and be allowed to sit next to someone with a mask. I have been careful for 18 months and on a recent 5 hour flight saw this happen. If a non mask wearer was sat next to me it would put me in the position of requesting to move seat and a potential conflict which is not acceptable
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03 July 2021 Mulatu
My sister she will come from USA to Ethiopia through Emirates air lines on Monday 5/6/2021 the layover is round 14 hour in dubai so i am living in UAE , can i meet her or how can i meet her , we are see each ather more than 10 years please help me how can we see each ather atleast for one hour
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WestJet Airlines

01 July 2021 Guest
Kody schmidt : This is the worst company they stole oven 3000 dollars from me canceled my flight and said I’m shut out of luck. This is by far the worst company I have ever seen or been with. Do not give them your kk eh they are out to take from the people who save there lives money up for a trip and rip them off! @westjet airline
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25 June 2021 Ali
Dear sir i cancel my ticket airblue karachi to Lahore before 24 hours how many charge
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Blue Bird Airways

24 June 2021 Rula massarwi
Dear blue bird I made a booking with your airline (Bz754)using my personal LD passport numbet 21812240 A renew my passport and the new number is 24075141 At the same time I miss spelled my last name . The correct spelling of my last name is massarwa Best regards Rula massarwa
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Royal Air Maroc

23 June 2021 Guest
Why my payment is pending for whole week now with royal air maroc is that means I don't have a ticket until they get the money
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T'way Airlines

17 June 2021 Kat
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I booked a flight for my friend and I through travel2be with Tway Airlines, Seoul to Jeju, and I have not received my confirmation email yet about my flight. Does anyone know how long it takes?
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Malaysia Airlines

15 June 2021 Guest
I tried to book online and correctly insert my phone number but I keep getting the same 1453 or 1477 error .. how ??? I need to be in petaling jaya before 1st july for job tho...
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08 June 2021 Jerry Puda
22-APR-2021 at the Cancun departure gate, an airline employee requested a bribe to overlook what he claimed was an oversize bag- demanding cash (stated he could not take a card payment; haha we, until this time were a Volaris US travel agency and knew better). The same small bag was no problem on any prior flights. I was singled out as an easy mark. I would not participate and said if a payment was due, prove it; weigh and measure. Crickets. The dispute was escalated and delayed flight. He refused boarding unless i paid or go outside to main counter (outside security) and rebook for another day. A third supervisor, which by this point literally had to side with employee or admit he was a thief came and processed the “we can’t process a cc at the gate” charge in spite of previous. All lies and bribery busted.
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Hurghada International Airport

07 June 2021 Guest
Good day, 12/6/2021. I'm coming to Hurghada and I want to do a PCR with you, please for information, for how much did the hotel get? Thank you, greeting
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Accra Kotoka International Airport

06 June 2021 Kofi
Brian Lewis : Is there a problem with e-tickets when departing from Accra to London. My girlfriend tells me it can’t be done and the flight has to be booked in Accra only. She says she would not be allowed into the airport with an online ticket! Which seems ridiculous. Surely this can’t be true. Brian
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31 May 2021 Nicole Coppinger
My concert got postponed a year so I need to switch the dates of this ticket or cancel it. Please let me know if either one of these options is available. Thank you. My new dates would be June 5-8th.
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Frankfurt Airport

28 May 2021 Sharon Ebbesen
Can I get disability assistance from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 for my connecting flight?
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Sparrow Aviation

24 May 2021 Law court
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Garuda Indonesia Airways

21 May 2021 Adaslot88
why there is different type of facility not telling th
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Lion Airlines

01 May 2021 John
Hi I am not here to travel because of COVID. I just want to ask if lion airlines comes to Canada. What city do they fly into in Canada Vancouver or Toronto? I live in Airdrie Alberta which is closer to Calgary and Balzac
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Southwest Airlines

20 April 2021 Marion Wilbank
Guest : Guest : Marion Wiltbank : What does ‘country code’ mean? Marion Wiltbank : What does ‘country code’ mean? Guest Rebecca. Creamery : Edwin Corder : What is our country code? Trying to make reservations and totally lost. Guest : Toni : Trying to book flight from memphis to la on southwest.. Asking what is my country code???????0Z5QT Toni : Trying to book flight from memphis to la on southwest.. Asking what is my country code???????
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Spirit Airlines

14 April 2021 RickF
Can anyone advise me what happens if your Spirit Credit Card is cancelled and you already have a flight booked? In my case, we had two cards and one was cancelled. We had flight reservations made using that card using points. Are we going to be able to get our boarding pass using our other spirit credit card or some other means?
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Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

07 April 2021 Guest
there are 3 different versions of Bandits ,dependent on their differing engine sizes. The PT6A-27 , -34 , 41 each with their different MTOW\ 1. PT6A-27 MTOW = 5100KG 2. PT6A-34 MTOW = 5700KG 3. PT6A-41 MTOW = 5900KG
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EasyJet Switzerland

07 April 2021 Guest
I just had the same issue. When trying to rebook flights & pay an extra £314, I got error code EJ2cpgtc70fd. I spent half an hour on the phone to Easyjet - they couldn't solve the problem & wanted to charge over £500 for the changes - their prices are cheaper online apparently. Eventually they reduced the extra fee down to £382 which I have paid over the phone to change the flights. So am £68 worse off & no reason why
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Dammam King Fahd International Airport

30 March 2021 Manivannan
I have 40 inches let tv I am going damma to india air arabia it allowed 40 inches tv
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Dominica Douglas-Charles Airport

03 March 2021 Sydney Laudat
Dear friends, how are you? I am writing you to ask you if you can retrieve an oversized yellow envelope or two of them from your cargo department that arrived there and was last scanned there at 11:00 February 2, that I sent to a Mrs. Marcella Severin there in Dominica? The tracking number from a Florida post office is:UH032501649US. Can you forward them to Dominica General Post Office in Roseau for me should you find them and thank you for considering this.
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Panama City Tocumen International Airport

03 March 2021 Guest
Can I transit at Panama airport from evening through the next morning to catch up my flight by 7:30am to the Bahamas?
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Airbus A320

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ATR 72

22 February 2021 Guest
I would like to join
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Shaheen Air International

20 February 2021 Guest
With due response I would like to inform you that I purchased an airline ticket in Shaheen Air on Eid-ul Adha season time from Sharjah to Lahore (Pakistan) dated Aug 21, 2018 (PNR-19Y9W3VK) Amount Dhs. 347.21/-. Meantime, Shaheen Air has cancelled due to their internal issues and I have to purchase another ticket. Airlines informed us regarding the refundable amount details. Until, I have not received any information and amount from the air lines. Therefore, I kindly request you to assist me to get the refundable amount. Thanking You, Yours Faithfully
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

19 February 2021 Customer
Stupid and abusive. - What is the meaning of checking the corona tests at the KLM checkin desk rather than at the gate as it was before, disabling online checkin. None other than creating complications (the typical KLM twisted thinking). What is the purpose of limiting the checkin time to 40 min. None, if the passenger makes it is his problem especially since the company leaves often late. For these 2 reasons together I lost a flight on the edge while being in time at the airport. - What is the meaning of structural overbooking when systematically up to 30 passengers are overbooked. - Is it correct they cancel a return flight booking after loosing the frist one by canceling a ticket you paid for, without reimbursement.
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Buddha Air

15 February 2021 Guest
I booked a flight on 02 feb 2021 from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur Flight no. UR 951. PNR number EHF7RK, I booked for three passenger under the name. Kusum Rai Tamang, Pradeep Tamang and Pratiki Tamang. I made a payment from ICICI INDIAN BANK CREDIT CARD Now the invoice show payment of NPR 10518. But my credit card was charged INR 10518. Can u look into it? Please. I look forward hearing from you.
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AirAsia Zest

27 January 2021 Rodel Amarado Bejagan
Can i get my official receipt with my previous flight?
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