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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

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Malindo Air
24 August 2017 Atul

I booked malinfo air through PAYTM(Indian website). But when i chek the PNR in malindo website, it says, NO data found.

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AirAsia Zest
24 August 2017 Guest

Good morning this is Mary Ann Lin i buy ticket one way manila to taipe the flight is aug. 30 so ipaid 4483 in peso but i cancel so i moved to sept 13 so i need to pay again 3369 re book? Then my another question is my travel tax 1620 and terminal fee 550 is included? Do i need to pay in airport ninoy aquino terminal? Or i am exempted? Please reply

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Cebu Pacific Air
24 August 2017 Guest

Lorlin Silva : hi I book a ticket today and manage to pay it through online but there is no confirmation. Please help there is no booking reference number no official receipt Guest : Guest : Mr.Anonymous : Good day to all, i just wanted to share my horrible experience with online booking at Cebu Pacific site. I had completed all the process and had been able to enter the correct details of the card that i used. After the payments had been done i was just shocked that amount has been deducted on the card but the status shows status closed.Anyone here who experienced the same scenario please give clues on how to get the itinerary receipt. I didnt even receive any mails from cebu pac. hi there? Was this already resolved? I have the same prob as yours. naresolve na po ba ang problema niyo patungkol po dito? kasi nagbooked din ako ng ticket ngayon lang ganito po ang problema na naencountr ko. Hi There ito rin ang problema ko ngayon . wala akong conformation walang reciept wala ring email galing cebu pacific. paano ba to ma resolve??? Has this been resolved po?

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WOW air
24 August 2017 Guest


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Royal Air Maroc
24 August 2017 Guest

Bought ticket from RAM Website with a connection flight : JFK==> CASABLANCA==> MARRAKECH RAM has changed the schedule of the return flight from CASABLANCA to JFK without notice. Hopefully, I checked the status and saw that change can cause my team to miss the return flight. How the hell a company can change a schedule of a return flight and not the connection flight ????? Called them to change the flight and have my team to change their meeting time at Marrakech to catch the flight. After two days of arguing, finally they changed it. Four days later, they changed the time of the flight from NY to Casablanca.... So, we have to wait 9 hours at JFK and another 9 Hours at Casablanca to get the next flight to Marrakech. This is ridiculous and unprofessional. And never do business with this company again.

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Sunwing Airlines
24 August 2017 MILAM

As Sunwing newer responded to my complain and continue to send their clients to this "5 star" resort, I can only conclude that they only care about their profits. I'd like to hear from all those who stayed at this resort and went through the same experience. ----------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Vacances Sunwing Montréal, Québec 7785 Côte-de-Liesse Ouest H4T 1G3 In reference to : Stay at Rio Hato Playa Blanca from June 9th, 2017 to June 16th, 2017. To whom it may concern. This is a request for compensation for my invoice No.: 5637379 ,booking N.: 94061483 for a vacation in Panama at Riu Playa Blanca from 9. June 2017 to 16. June 2017. As already indicated in my report submitted to Sunwings agent at the above mentioned resort, I have been violently ill with acute gastroenteritis, beginning on the very first day of my stay at Riu Playa Blanca, after eating my first meal served at the resort restaurant. The restaurant was experiencing a major outbreak of food poisoning, most likely, due to salmonella contamination. Despite the fact that more than 90 % of the guests reported being sick at the time, the management of this 5 star resort flatly denied any responsibility for the outbreak. They took no measures to protect other guests. To make matters even worse, on the first day of my stay, there was only a nurse available for medical assistance and she had already run out of appropriate medication. She told me to purchase a medication at the gift shop but these pills made me even more sick. Later I discovered that what they sold me were anti-acid pills. Finally, on the third day of my stay, a doctor sold me appropriate medication, which was effective and finally stopped my persistent vomiting. The rest of my stay I could only drink tea and eat boiled rice. After returning home, it took me another week to fully recover from this horrible experience. Over the years, I have booked many vacations with Sunwing, mostly at RIU resorts. I have enjoyed many stays at RIU Bachata and RIU Merenge in the Dominican Republic in particular. These resorts provided far superior services despite having lower star rating than RIU Playa Blanca in Panama. I am therefore shocked that, even after receiving numerous reports of serious food contamination at this resort, Sunwing does not take appropriate action to bring the facilities up to the expected health and safety standards. Or at the very least, inform clients that this resort does not maintain those standards. Based on the above, I expect Sunwing to compensate me with a full refund (or a voucher) for one week of free vacation trip to an equivalent RIU resort.

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Turkish Airlines
23 August 2017 Dr. Chanchal Singh Kale

Its a big shame for Turkish Airlines that i forgot my paper notebook there in my seat while leaving the flight and just after that i had contacted with them but they were behaving like fools and even did not bother to reply us. After that we have sent an email to them them but no reply and they don't understand that notebook for me is so important. Really i have never ever seen this kind of pathetic airlines.

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Etihad Airways
23 August 2017 Akshay Gupta

I travelled fr om New Delhi to Chicago on August 18th 2017. When I reached Chicago I was informed that one of my baggage was missing as it was not loaded on time. I filled a baggage claim form reference number ORDEY14296. I was told that the baggage will be delivered to me next day, but I didn't receive it yet. I tried contacting the airlines but no one in answering my phone call. It's frustrating because I don't have any information like wh ere my baggage is, what's the tracking number!!! Please help me in out. I need my baggage urgently.

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23 August 2017 Enrique

See under discussion problem we had with Avianca.

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Virgin Australia
23 August 2017 Mirabell

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T'way Airlines
23 August 2017 Stephen waller

I wish to cancel my booking A6Q6DW as I have been told I am unable to fly due to blood clot on my lungd

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23 August 2017 Guest

Guest : Verification of Credit cards can be done online or it needs to be done at the time of check in? This is a huge confusion. Please clear this first. You need to go there in person and show the card... Make sure you are using a card with your NAME written on it... Do not use prepaid debit cards (i.e UBL wiz, MCB Lite). They don't verify them... because apparently they have no connection with the bank ... ( Had a terrible experience with that, still waiting for the refund :( )

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Jeju Air
23 August 2017 Claudia

Hi, I'd like to change the flight timing from Gimpo to Jeju, is it possible?

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22 August 2017 EasyJetPlus Card Holder (but without the card)

My second year with EasyJetPlus. And i must admit i am seriously considering not renewing. I have been waiting almost 5 months for my renewed EasyJetPlus card..! I have called twice and emailed 3 times. Every time I get the "its not out fault its our suppliers but it will be sent out to you immediatly and you will receive it within 7-10 days. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. LO AND BEHOLD IT NEVER ARRIVES. Due to this I have problems accessing fast track security etc etc - simply not good enough. AND ALL THIS FOR A MORE EXPENSIVE SERVICE..??? It's called "THEFT". Shame on you EASYJET. Appalling Service.

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22 August 2017 Guest

Hi I book a flight to Taipei six months ago for 4 pax at price $977 but today I check the price dropped further to $669 for 4 pax!!! Can scoo please call me urgently to settle this issue? Really very disappointed cos I always trust n travel scoot frequently, and cannot believe this. Thanks for yr understanding

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22 August 2017 Guest

Claudio : Several days I can not book my tickets with airasiaMe too. Its impossible to read the moving characters in the security check

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Small Planet Airlines
22 August 2017 Guest

Currently waiting patiently for claim to be paid, despite 13 week deadline passing. No answer to my emails and unable to make contact with UK service desk. Claim originally submitted a year ago. Shocking that this airline can continue to operate under quite false pretences. I wonder why they are a faceless organisation.

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Accra Kotoka International Airport
22 August 2017 Guest

Hello My name is Bernd Fischer from Germany Good day I have a question and although a friend Rebecca Aboli should fly to Germany on Friday. Now is so, allegedly she should now at the airport arrested because the papers are not right. Could they help me there and look whether that is true whether that is true. That she sits at Security Police in warning. Her name is Rebecca Aboli. I would be glad if an answer would get because I'm also worried about it. If they could help further I would be very grateful. My email address Gr. B. Fischer

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TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador
22 August 2017 LeeAnn_M_D

A horrendous experience with Tame forces me to leave this review as a warning to other travelers to avoid flying Tame if possible. Do not expect any standard level of customer service, especially if the airline is at fault. Long story short, we had confirmed round-trip tickets that we were denied access to use, and in the end, forced to pay an additional $1,000+/person to continue our trip as planned. On the 1st leg, they closed their check-in desk (as in, there were ZERO Tame employees to be found at all in both the international + national terminal floors at the airport) so we could not check-in, although the flight was not due to depart for another hour and a half. On the return leg, they cancelled our tickets although we were explicitly instructed by their staff (we went directly to their personnel office after the disaster of the 1st leg) that our return seats were secured although we were forced to miss the 1st leg of our flight. To get on our flight, we had to re-purchase our own seats (that they eventually released) at the cost of an additional ticket fare, and then were informed they could not let us on the plane because it was too late to check-in (since we had to deal with their customer service in person + on the phone for 1.5+ hours, trying to resolve this situation). We finally convinced a sympathetic service employee to let us on the flight, who then discovered that customer service sold us new tickets for the wrong date (2 weeks later). I could have accepted this ridiculous bureaucratic system and poor service, but became incensed when we hit the tipping point of this entire fiasco (this is AFTER being denied our seats, given the run around with customer service, being denied access to speak with a supervisor, forced to buy new tickets, being issued wrong tickets, losing a day of vacation, etc.)--another group of foreign travelers showed up 35 minutes before departure and they were let on with no issues, delays, or additional fees/surcharges (unlike both legs of our trip). It became clear that my travel companions and I were being treated in a discriminatory nature, to the point where it cost us a day+ of undue stress AND an additional $3,000.00+ to proceed with our itinerary.

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Turkmenistan Airlines
21 August 2017 Bahtiyar

How can I change my tickets to ashgabat-dubai to earlier plane. I have tickets to 25.08.2017

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XL Airways France
21 August 2017 Guest

I have been charged twice for three tickets. i need a refund. You have charged a cancellation fee. Ridiculous! Both sets of tickets booked for the same three passengers on the same flight on the same day. Both booked own thin 5 minutes of each other. Surely that's illegal

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LAW - Latin American Wings
20 August 2017 Hebert Artus

Hello, I am an haitian. I used law to fly someone from port-au-prince to santiago, chili. I was very disappointed by th unfair service that you provide my haitian brothers. Even your name is on the list they make you wait for later fly. Some time you have to pay off some one to get a chance to fly. I am complaining that to you please take a look over that. It' s nasty to sell out more place than what you have. I was thinking about taking this case to the haitian justice authority, but i write you first in case you have sonting you can do tochange that.

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20 August 2017 guest

I still have to fly but my comments are really NEGATIVE already now, before the flight. It's coupple of days that I want to check in but it was not possible before 24 h. to the date. Today I tried again (I'm in the correct time) but you cannot have the seats without paying an extra fee, it's not posssible to check in without extra charges. I call the Company call center that after a long stupid release of information with no value, cut the line when finally you hope to speak with an operator. I tried again with same story. It's first time in my life that to get check in you have to pay an extra... Dont use this airline!

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Croatia Airlines
20 August 2017 Guest

They seem to have a huge problem in the company with lacking quality of management level. I heard some crazy stories about how thy treat their people there. Will avoid them in future.

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20 August 2017 renate

hopeless website designed to confuse.I have never seen a website so poorly designed in my life. Your call center is equally hopeless. no one ever picks up. your five minutes become an hour! I am totally disgusted with the absolute lack of respect towards your customers time.

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Airlines/Airports 1 - 25 of 694
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