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19 September 2021 Jo Guest
Hi we travel from Edinburgh to Faro on Sept 27th and return October 6th. Is a Scottish Covid certificate with QR code enough proof to get onto a Ryanair flight and into Portugal? Thanks
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19 September 2021 Guest
Hello We are having the same issue , they have taking the payment so many times but no confirmation of flight, we have been on hold for 3 hours now and still no answer, absolutely rubbish service
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19 September 2021 Guest
Our easyjet flight from Luton to corfu on 29 Sept been moved to Gatwick a joke
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18 September 2021 Guest
Guest : AGREE TO THIS! Customers need to step up against them! Guest : i think air asia was trying to rob us all by keeping our refund money in their own account and used our money to make more money without our noticing. to look more legalize, they also made some stupid rules to keep restrain our money with some beautiful but evil T&C that they keep our REFUND money save with them in some stupid e-credit account and also we can use and spend our money anytime or places but just only with their product and services. they kept our refund money yearly for free without paying us back some interest and freely using it to make more investments and wealth for themself without us noticing any of it. they made some regulations by keeping it hard and delaying our time to fully refunded back our money...hope some of us realize about this * and lets us all go and lodge the police report about how airasia evil-doing on scamming all of our money in making their illegally richness..[/QOU
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Arik Air

17 September 2021 EMEKA NWADIARO
I have forwarded a Refund letter via Email for the past 9 days, but have not seen an acknowledgement from Ari
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Allegiant Air

17 September 2021 Guest
You can book your tickets at the official site allegiant airlines by providing your personal details as required for travel purposes and receive a confirmation of your booking at our email or mobile devices.
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Air Berlin

17 September 2021 lesala18
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Sunwing Airlines

17 September 2021 Guest
+1-800-419-9541 Book cheap flights with changebooking to match your needs. Select from thousands of flights - airlines, one-way or return, departure and arrival time, cancellation policy and all about information.
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Cebu Pacific Air

15 September 2021 Maricel
Hi, i want to cancel my flight to Singapore (from Butuan) on Sep. 23 since i am unable to get the re-entry permit (from Singapore Government). Booking Reference : LCD87S
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Mombasa Moi International Airport

15 September 2021 mercy
received a package from london and I'm being asked to pay 15k to get the package. is that genuine
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Philippine Airlines

15 September 2021 Guest
Guest : PAL paid my refund to the travel agent who issued my tickets - now the agent is ignoring all my calls and sms..... i think he has stolen the money 17K pesos - what shall i do ? Just call the Philippine airlines representative in Philippines or in any country your in right now to confirm if they give the refund to your travel.agent
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Dammam King Fahd International Airport

14 September 2021 Guest
Manivannan : I have 40 inches let tv I am going damma to india air arabia it allowed 40 inches tv
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10 September 2021 Bert
NO FLIGHT TICKET RECEIVED I booked a return flight on the Lufthansa site. The site accepted my reservation and after I payed by bank my booking was confirmed with a booking number. Ticket would be sent by email. All well....I thought. But next day there was still no ticket in my emailbox. I checked my booking number on the Lufthansa site. Booking number didn"t exist it said. I checked my bank account. Money was paid to Lufthansa. I checked out customer service. I had a guy in India on the phone who told me to book once again the same flight. What about the money I paid? will be returned....he promised. I am suspicious enough not to go that way. I called them again, hoping to get a smarter guy on the phone from India. Waiting, waiting and when they finally took the phone no one answered. Next time again, and again. Any one knows what else I can do? My money is gone I am afraid and I have to book again with another company.
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British Airways

10 September 2021 Pat O’Brien
I have sent in a complaint to BA and it could take some while for answers according to websites, so I wish to pre warn elderly people who think they would be the right company to act as their travel agent, we booked holiday with them , Before we left we tried to speak to someone about our insecurities of their e mails on return flight forms etc, as they had a tick box to say we understood, but no tick box to say we had unsure items to ask questions in, we could not get in touch to speak to anyone, on our return at Airport we got there well ahead of time and could not find BA staff, we queued near front of line at checking desk, we were approached as with everyone in queue to show our contact details and test , I explained I had tried to complete this form and requested help. This member of staff was too busy, she said I must do this myself and if she had time she would come over to us ,, she said we must leave the queue stand several metres away. We are 70 (Oct) and 74 yrs old, left to try on my iPhone, (not used to typing on small keyboard); I was shaking so much as time was moving on, I broke down and cried, so much I could not speak, my husband looked for someone to help, an Airport worker came over, escorted me to an information desk, they tried on my phone for ages, to complete passenger information forms, she kept going back to BA desk who refused to come over, they never checked our immunisation to fly or look at our tickets, if they had done this they would have noticed our return to fly test was taken too early (we went to have this booked in and they did it there and then over three days early, the helper at the Airport noticed as our paperwork was completed by the help desk, the gate was closing, we were double vaccinated , the BA desk said we are closing the gate we will not take them, tell them to book another flight. By then then I could just about stand. In horror, Sirport staff said they had done all they could, they escorted us to book and pay for a second fit to fly test at £60, with a photocopy as I felt beyond using my phone to bring information up, they advised I call family, which I did, I could not speak, my husband who is not familiar with tech, asked our son to purchase tickets, he could not alter the passengers locator form, he had to purchase two more tests for day two testing at £75 each, plus flights with baggage, sit together costs, taxi altered from Heathrow to Gatwick, all in all a huge extra cost for five night break. BUT. Compare how we were treated by British Airways !!! We are older generation,not too savvy on technology, we were ordered from queue, so others could not witness our plight, if British Airways staff have no time for the elderly why are they taking bookings from them, ? Why not admit they can only deal with younger tech people? It has taken me days to calm. I have e mailed CEO of BA but I feel their response will be a long time coming. Please do not book your parents or advise them to book with British Airways. They left us so vulnerable.scared we would not get home, it took u TIL the next morning at 00.23 hrs to arrive home after most of day at Airport.
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09 September 2021 Scoot Help Desk 1-888-589-1015
Save your money on booking with Scoot airlines....
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Turkish Airlines

08 September 2021 Masoud
Guest : Hi, I had a reservation booked with Turkish Airlines and I called to convert my ticket to an open ticket. However I did not receive an email or any proof that I have an open ticket. Is this normal? Does anyone have any experience with TK and open tickets? Hi, similar thing happened to me. I didn't receive anything. They ask for the previous ticket number. When I called them later to re-book the ticket, they said I must pay 200 euros !! This equals to the penalty of cancellation! so what is the point of having an open ticket?! THIS IS A FRAUD. and they don't refund the previous money at all. TK is sure disappointing.
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Accra Kotoka International Airport

07 September 2021 Guest
I had the worst experience from staff at Kotoka international airport terminal 3 at the check in point of Emirates Airlines on Monday 6th September 2021 between 2 pm and 5.30 pm. Kindly provide e mail so that I make a complaint in writing to the management staff. I rate the airport 0%
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Boeing 717

07 September 2021 Guest
Guest : Thanks. but How much does her cruise altitude? The service ceiling according to Boeing Is 37,000 feet
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Antonov An-26

06 September 2021 Mugeib
I wana buy An-26 for cargo purpose, please contact me at Thanks
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Etihad Airways

04 September 2021 Guest
Hello Etihad, do you accept COVID19 test from 4cyte Pathology, Australia? Thank you!
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Vueling Airlines

03 September 2021 Maribel
Anyone knows if you can transport musical instruments on board in a domestic flight from Alicant to Mallorca?
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Blue Air

03 September 2021 Guest
Hello. Did any of you guys have any idea of the rules applied to hookah tobacco quantities permitted in carry on baggage? I read on some forums that I can carry up to 250g on Tobacco. Thank you! Dana
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29 August 2021 Guest
Ali : Dear sir i cancel my ticket airblue karachi to Lahore before 24 hours how many charge Guest : Guest : when air blue refund online ticket amout what us the time process plz
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Malindo Air

26 August 2021 Guest
can i carry accoustic guitar on board
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Hurghada International Airport

13 August 2021 Giovanna Boccia
I would like to book a flight to Hurghada from Naples (Oct 30th - Nov 2nd), I have just recovered from Covid and I have got both my Positive and Negative results. Would you consider me as vaccinated? Can I enter Egypt? Thank you
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Air Nippon

10 August 2021 marqee
robert hilsman : I scheduled a flight from USA to Manila on United. My code on United was GJMFHE. My email address is My cell is 001-2102408364. My ticket tells me I am to fly from Manila to Toyko and to Los Angeles. I was not given the confirmation code for Air Nippon flights. I need to contact you for codes and to tell you I have my leg in a cast and on crutches. I will need a wheelchair in Tokyo. Please call or email me the confirmation code to hotmail account or text to cell phone. I can check in without confirmation code to get aisle seat for my leg. ROBERT HILSMAN hi this is marqee is this your active email address? please check your inbox
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09 August 2021 Guest
When will Emirates start hire cabin crew agian?
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Qatar Airways

09 August 2021 Guest
I traveled from my home country to Canada on July 31, 2021. The ticket price has been tripled compared to 4 years ago, but there was no social distancing in airplanes, all seats were full of passengers. I really do not know why the tickets have been increased when there was no difference between this flight and the one I boarded 4 years ago. I do not recommend this airline at all.
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05 August 2021 guest
lost baggage one week ago
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Air Arabia

05 August 2021 Guest
Hi. When i booked my ticket i forgot to add my middle name. For air ticket from cok to shj. Is any propblm for travel
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03 August 2021 Guest
I have my Mexican double nationality passport from the U.S and Mexico. I was born in the U.S but Vivo Aerobus said I needed a visa to go back to the U.S how when I’m a citizen in America and it says I was born over there in my country on the passport. I cane to Mexico with the same passport but can’t go back with the same this is a joke.
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Airbus A320

01 August 2021 Rick
Question re the A-321 XLR. If one lowers the load to 136 pax how much more range can one expect over the stated 4800 nms??ZSEH5
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EasyJet Switzerland

30 July 2021 Guest
I am having this same problem myself and they want to charge me double. So waiting to see what manager will do if they eventually call me back Guest : I just had the same issue. When trying to rebook flights & pay an extra £314, I got error code EJ2cpgtc70fd. I spent half an hour on the phone to Easyjet - they couldn't solve the problem & wanted to charge over £500 for the changes - their prices are cheaper online apparently. Eventually they reduced the extra fee down to £382 which I have paid over the phone to change the flights. So am £68 worse off & no reason why
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29 July 2021 Deepa
¿Dónde está mi reembolso a partir de 2020? Boleto totalmente reembolsable, reembolso solicitado bajo BOGWE-423082. Aún no se ha reembolsado. ¡¡¡Ayuda!!! Where's my refund from 2020? Fully refundable ticket, requested refund under BOGWE-423082. Still not refunded. Help!!!
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VietJet Air

17 July 2021 Marco
In summary they sell ticket don't fly and don't refund. How do you call this? I have the prof of all the rebooking the sent. to me When I asked for a refund they refused. Avoid if you don't want to lose money.
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TUI Airways

16 July 2021 Guest
Hello Advice please. Passport in Maiden name Covid passport in marriage name. I am travelling to Greece in September, just wondering if taking a marraige certificate as proof will suffice. Has anyone experienced this or has same issue.
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Pegasus Airlines

04 July 2021 Waqar Ahmed
Hello, I am facing an extreme inconvenience because of one of your check-in counter’s officers. He took my baggage and did not issue me the “Baggage Tracking Number”. I asked him twice the BTN but, he said, “no it is all right and you can proceed with the boarding now”. When I reached here (at Karachi airport), I could not find my baggage. The staff at the Karachi airport is asking me for the BTN which I do not have because of your officer’s ignorance. Tell me how can I claim my baggage in such a situation? I have evidence regarding the discussion I had with your officer about that baggage (check the following text for details). I had a short discussion with your officer about my baggage. As can be seen in the attached R1 document, the baggage weight limit is not mentioned. So I carried 18.5 KG of stuff in baggage which meets the dimension requirement. But the officer said, “such weight is not allowed”. I said “how much is allowed? And where is it written?”. He said “now I am writing that only 10 KG is allowed”, and he wrote on R1. I said, “how would I know this weight limit back at home?”. Then he replied very very disrespectfully that “either you pay 59.00 euro or drop 8.5 KG” (both conditions are written by his hand on R1). So, being a student with limited resources, I decided to drop some of my weight rather than paying such a heavy amount. Later, I came back with reduced stuff and weighted again. This time it was around 12.25 KG. I said, “is it OK? Or should I drop more?”. He replied, “no problem, it is OK”. Then he Checked the PCR test and encircled 3 pieces of information (see attached R2). He gave me a self-declaration form and checked my Pass-Track entry which was required for Pakistan. Then, the officer told me “proceed with the boarding now”. I said, “what about baggage?”. He replied, “It is alright, you can proceed”. Since I had already faced his inappropriate behavior, I did not argue and proceed with “self-declaration” and “boarding pass” only (see attached R3_a and R3_b). The purpose of sharing the above discussion is to show the maximum evidence I have regarding my baggage. I also attached pictures of my baggage (R5_a and R5_b) that luckily I took a few months back to let my friend know about it. I have also attached the complaint receipt (R4) that I registered at the time of arrival at Karachi airport. Till now I was waiting for a reply from them. But, today they asked me to contact you directly. Please help me in finding the baggage.
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WestJet Airlines

01 July 2021 Guest
Kody schmidt : This is the worst company they stole oven 3000 dollars from me canceled my flight and said I’m shut out of luck. This is by far the worst company I have ever seen or been with. Do not give them your kk eh they are out to take from the people who save there lives money up for a trip and rip them off! @westjet airline
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Blue Bird Airways

24 June 2021 Rula massarwi
Dear blue bird I made a booking with your airline (Bz754)using my personal LD passport numbet 21812240 A renew my passport and the new number is 24075141 At the same time I miss spelled my last name . The correct spelling of my last name is massarwa Best regards Rula massarwa
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Royal Air Maroc

23 June 2021 Guest
Why my payment is pending for whole week now with royal air maroc is that means I don't have a ticket until they get the money
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T'way Airlines

17 June 2021 Kat
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I booked a flight for my friend and I through travel2be with Tway Airlines, Seoul to Jeju, and I have not received my confirmation email yet about my flight. Does anyone know how long it takes?
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Malaysia Airlines

15 June 2021 Guest
I tried to book online and correctly insert my phone number but I keep getting the same 1453 or 1477 error .. how ??? I need to be in petaling jaya before 1st july for job tho...
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Frankfurt Airport

28 May 2021 Sharon Ebbesen
Can I get disability assistance from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 for my connecting flight?
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Sparrow Aviation

24 May 2021 Law court
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Garuda Indonesia Airways

21 May 2021 Adaslot88
why there is different type of facility not telling th
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Lion Airlines

01 May 2021 John
Hi I am not here to travel because of COVID. I just want to ask if lion airlines comes to Canada. What city do they fly into in Canada Vancouver or Toronto? I live in Airdrie Alberta which is closer to Calgary and Balzac
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Southwest Airlines

20 April 2021 Marion Wilbank
Guest : Guest : Marion Wiltbank : What does ‘country code’ mean? Marion Wiltbank : What does ‘country code’ mean? Guest Rebecca. Creamery : Edwin Corder : What is our country code? Trying to make reservations and totally lost. Guest : Toni : Trying to book flight from memphis to la on southwest.. Asking what is my country code???????0Z5QT Toni : Trying to book flight from memphis to la on southwest.. Asking what is my country code???????
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Spirit Airlines

14 April 2021 RickF
Can anyone advise me what happens if your Spirit Credit Card is cancelled and you already have a flight booked? In my case, we had two cards and one was cancelled. We had flight reservations made using that card using points. Are we going to be able to get our boarding pass using our other spirit credit card or some other means?
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Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante

07 April 2021 Guest
there are 3 different versions of Bandits ,dependent on their differing engine sizes. The PT6A-27 , -34 , 41 each with their different MTOW\ 1. PT6A-27 MTOW = 5100KG 2. PT6A-34 MTOW = 5700KG 3. PT6A-41 MTOW = 5900KG
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Dominica Douglas-Charles Airport

03 March 2021 Sydney Laudat
Dear friends, how are you? I am writing you to ask you if you can retrieve an oversized yellow envelope or two of them from your cargo department that arrived there and was last scanned there at 11:00 February 2, that I sent to a Mrs. Marcella Severin there in Dominica? The tracking number from a Florida post office is:UH032501649US. Can you forward them to Dominica General Post Office in Roseau for me should you find them and thank you for considering this.
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