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Allegiant Air

20 April 2024 Guest
When I sign into my app, Why do I keep getting "Invalid First Name" on second traveler?
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Qatar Airways

19 April 2024 Guest
Hi all, we're flying the first time with Qatar Airways and have booked the seats show in the pictures, has anybody booked these seats before? 16A and 16C seem to have a gap but the seat behind 17C is classed as extra legroom so I can only assume that 16A and 16C are actually together and there's no gap? I've also booked 22F and 22G and this is the same think, 22E is missing creating a gap but is there actually a gap or is this still a complete row of three? Doesn't make sense for them to have a single seat then two? If anyone can help it would be appreciated! :)
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Air Arabia

19 April 2024 Guest
if i don't have first name that what would i do
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AirAsia Zest

19 April 2024 Guest
what is tin format on booking details??
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Malaysia Airlines

19 April 2024 chiva
My frequent flyer number provided is invalid. (119120) My trip booking reference is 68JP7A. My Enrich membership number is MH32756113. Please help to include the membership number. Thanks
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19 April 2024 Jennie ShawGuest
Any one having December flight melb to KL cancelled and moved to another date
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VietJet Air

18 April 2024 Guest
Guest : Even after prefixing MR before my name, the app says booking not found. I am not sure if this problem is a technical problem from the back end or anything else. Did you ever get an answer? I got the same error
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American Airlines

18 April 2024 tmaher
Today I flew from Pensacola to Charlotte Douglas International Airport via American Airlines on AA2007. The flight arrived at Gate B16 and I was departing from Gate E18 to go to White Plains AA5606. Due to the late arrival of AA2007 I had to run to make AA5606. I completed this Passengers Marathon in about 15 minutes just as they were calling to board my group (I'm in my early 50s, just spent the past week living like I was in my 20s and haven't exercised in decades). I was pleased with my race performance and slept the entire flight to White Plains. AA5606 actually landed 20 minutes early at White Plains. I casually strolled to the single baggage carousel at HPN. Patiently waited for my baggage through two other arrived flights bags only to be the only left at the carousel not holding a bag! American Airlines arrives late, expects the passenger to do a quarter mile sprint to make your next flight and they even do the same with your baggage?! WTF! There were seniors onboard AA2007 that had a connecting flight at E11, I'm guessing they didn't make it because I smoked 'em as soon as we stepped off the gangway. Perhaps American Airlines could provide shuttles from Concourse B to E that would allow passengers to carry their checked bags with them. Maybe make a deal to get all AA flights in the same or adjacent concourses. It seems ludicrous to expect passengers to make that run and then not be able to do the same with their luggage.
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Vueling Airlines

17 April 2024 Guest
J'ai pris l'avion pour un week-end de bxl vers Valence tout s'est bien passé. Mais en arrivant à Bxl le 1er avril 2024 ,ma valise n'était pas là. Depuis je suis sans nouvelles on m'avait dit 24 à 72h et ça fait 17 jours. Elle contient des médicaments des souvenirs de mes enfants.Rien ne bouge j'ai perdu énormément de choses matériels mais surtout sentimentales. Et personne ne m'aide.Et des choses vitales. Personne ne me répond correctement la dernière réponse était on a 2 ans pour la retrouver . Je suis en colère triste déçue impuissante et perdue
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Wizz Air

17 April 2024 Gayane
Dear WizzAir Support Team, On 13 April my husband created an account with this email address: and we purchased tickets from Brussels to Catania for 2 people for 19 June, and from Rome to Yerevan for 24 June. The thing is that my husband didn't receive any emails from WizzAir with PDF version of ticket confirmations and today he cannot even login his account. When he tries to recover his account by clicking on "Forgot Password" he doesn't receive any to . Please help us to solve the issue. Just in case here is my email address: Thanks, Gayane
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16 April 2024 Guest
Unable to check-in
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14 April 2024 Guest
Guest : Guest : I have been advised by Jet2 that my flights will now be with Smartwings - a Czech airline. I am not happy and wish to cancel but jet2 say I will lose my money. Surely if I book to fly with jet2 and they cannot provide flights I am within my rights to ask for my money back. Anyone know the legal position? we are flying out to turkey in June had a email telling us we are flying with Air Explore outward and inwards not happy but dont know if leagally u can get a refund too
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Spirit Airlines

13 April 2024 Sharo
Pro lens in line check in
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Nesma Airlines

12 April 2024 Guest
Worst airlines ever delays
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09 April 2024 Guest
I have recently booked 3 seats with ryanair. I have not received an email confirming the booking but took a screen shot at the time - so have the reference to it. When I have tried to log on to ryanair online to retrieve the booking by quoting the ref number & the email address used when booking - it says the email address is incorrect. I wondered if it could be a typo on the email address so have tried several variations with no success. The chatline was far from helpful stating they could see the booking had been made but as the email we are giving them is incorrect the only way we can access the seats is by verifying the booking at the airport at a cost of 55 euros each - RIP OFF at which point the chat ended... anyone any suggestions?
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08 April 2024 Guest
I bought my filapine wife and children an airline ticket from manila to sydney and the reciept clearly stated that the fees and taxes were apart of manila terminal tax that had to be paid upon exiting the country and it was included in the entire flight payment so i called scoot to confirm that my wife and children didnt have to pay any airport tax and they confirmed that the airport tax was already including in the scoot booking under fees and taxes. So my wife arrived at the airport and went to the scoot check in counter and the scoot agent told her that she needed to go and pay the airport tax and my wife stated to them that we already paid it and even had the email from scoot stating that the tax had already been paid and then the agent said to my wife that you will not be able to board her flight unless she paid the airport tax at the Tieza office so she called me on facebook and told me what happened so i spoke to the tieza office on facebook messenger and they told me oh this is a different tax and she has to pay it otherwise she can not get on her flight and i explained to him that the tax had already been paid by scoot and had the email from scoot confirming this and we even showed hima screenshot but he said you need to pay it otherwise she can not board her flight so i told my wife to pay it and ill fllow it up with scoot later and i told her to take a screen shot of her reciept so i can keep her copy and has she went through immigration they asked to see the reciept for there travel tax and once they had it they didnt give it back but luckily we had a picture of it and then the immigration lt her through to the departure lounge. Has anyone else experienced this or is just only happened to us as now wife is to fearful to make a complaint in case they make her trouble when she comes back into the country
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07 April 2024 Guest
Delay and delay
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Cebu Pacific Air

07 April 2024 Guest
Guest : Always say refresh and I keep refreshing.. session done.. I don't know what happened to your website Hi - same thing happened to me. Is your booking successful?
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WestJet Airlines

06 April 2024 Bill
Can you take a proper Size small carry on suitcase ...along with a back pack as carry ons .....West Jet ????
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Frontier Airlines

06 April 2024 James McKee
Guest : almost all seats are an additional cost carry on charge at the gate is $100 Checking in online only to find that they charge almost $50 for a f-ing CARRY ON bag! When I booked back in March I reserved seats that were side by side. At online check-in we were 10 rows apart! I had to pay additional fees to get side by side seats, then they wouldn'teven recline! We will NEVER fly this crap airline again.
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04 April 2024 Andreas Z
Booked a flight with LH for my son and me. Due a mistake of LH they issued twice the ticket under my name. Called them one day before flight, they said they would change it at the LH desk at the airport. They couldnt and told me they would change the tickets for another flight wiithout expenses. This was a fraud. The charged me over 400 for one tieckt wihich I did not accept and did not fly at the end. I asked for refund and they gave me 300 out of total 750 the charged me. Result: I missed my plane, I wrote 20 emails with "Customer" "care" (LH does not know both words BTW), and read 21 AI generated respoenses from LH. At the end I lost 400. NEVER AGAIN. I open a bottle of Moet when go into bankruptcy...hope soon!
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Garuda Indonesia Airways

03 April 2024 Guest
Hello, I would like to know which amount was the salary of an hostesse/ pramugari workng for garuda indonesia airways at year 1980 Thanks
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Privilege Style

03 April 2024 Guest
Should have already been in the air, yet the aircraft is not even at the airport. Thanks transavia, once again an amazing idea and great service from the company they chose to outsource to. 0 stars
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Dammam King Fahd International Airport

02 April 2024 Guest
Guest : Hi can I take 42 inches TV in Dammam king Fahad Airport?
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Delta Air Lines

02 April 2024 Dan
Below is the note I wrote to Delta on 1/19/24. They responded by saying because we did not pay a separate baggage fee (we used credit card benefits) they were not obligated to compensate us for delayed baggage. This seems crazy to me. Does anyone have any suggestions to receive some form of compensation? My wife and I arrived as scheduled shortly after midnight on flight #2940 on 1/14/24 at DTW, but our bags did not. We went to the Baggage Service Office and filed a report. We were given a hand written form with our claim number on it - DTWDL22378. (We later were informed the clerk wrote the tracking number incorrectly. It should have read DTWDL23378.) For the next 5 days, we kept checking, and entering the reference number we were given. Each time, we received the message, Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later. However, when checking through the Delta app, we received the message, The bag to be set up for delivery. On 1/18 we saw a new message saying our bags were to be picked up at 5:00 pm and delivered by 11:00 pm and that our case was closed. We stayed home but no delivery. Finally, on 1/19, we decided our best chance at locating our 2 bags was to drive the 40 miles to the airport and see what we could learn. My wife went in while I waited out front. She dealt with a very unhappy employee who must be very overworked. Eventually, after all efforts to locate the bags at the airport were exhausted, we were able to get the name and phone number of the courier service. We called. No answer and the mailbox was full. After searching for an address, we opted to drive there. Finally, we met someone who was apologetic and helpful and he was able to locate our bags in their warehouse. Yay! He said they were very backed up and it might have taken an additional 2 or 3 days before they were able to deliver them. Ironically, we got a final text (inaccurate) on 1/25/24 saying our bags were just then dropped off! As a result of this debacle, I request compensation for 5 days at $50 a day for each bag (per your website), an additional $100 for the avoidance of additional days, plus mileage at $.67 x 80 miles for a total of $653.60. I am also requesting that both of our SkyMile accounts are credited 2500 points per your 20-minute Bag Guarantee.
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Mombasa Moi International Airport

30 March 2024 lynette
Hello am Lynette I was to receive a package today and am being told to pay 12500ksh for clearance fee ...kindly I want to know if this number is legit 0727277232
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Philippine Airlines

25 March 2024 Guest
Sarah : Hyatus : A MESSAGE TO PHILIPINE AIRLINES.....A refund due to me was approved on 31May 2023 PAL CODE EIA2303357... I have been in contact via email and chats no less than 26 times to receive this money which is around $2000 owing without success. The same had happened to me. They owe me a refund for a flight they cancelled since Jul 2023. Countless communications via email and phone to no avail. They always say it is being processed. I wonder if there are many ppl affected by this airline and we can file a class suit. Are you in the US? Your company has so cleverly organised the structure to delay and get out of refund payments in every way possible and it is very evident to me now THAT YOUR REAL INTENTION IS NOT TO PAY OUT THE MONEY OWEING TO ME AND FURTHER NOT TO HONOUR YOUR OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE CONDITIONS OF MY ORIGINAL FLIGHT TICKET... IE. refund permitted with penalty of $90.. Every response to my requests for payment is followed by a reply self inflating your companies ego by stating how much you care for customer satisfaction and or how committed you are likewise being so sorry for the delay in paying the refund.. Unfortunately all of these instances still has not resulted in receipt of refund due no matter how committed you are to paying the refund you stated to me "expediately as possible" and or " you sent urgent message to refund team to have payment made within 2 days... The latest responce sent to me last month was... You have contacted the" bank to issue refund certificate without delay " What a nonsensentical statement to send me.. I Know that is just another one of your ploys to get out of your obligations to pay the refund due. Which now is entering 7 months since approval. My situation requiring this money has been given to you on so many instances I have lost count... It is without any doubt that you have ignored my circumstances and your greed for money far exceeds all legal and ethical company behaviour in respect of refund payments. So Philippine Airlines Please I ask.... NO PLEAD... with you again to do the right thing and forward this refund NOW without any more of your meaningless messages and self promoting your DECEPTIVE STATEMENTS of dedication to customers satisfaction because you you certainly do not have any of such to all of my requests for the refund. Even tho I am 86 years of age in decline health due to certain medical conditions BUT I AM STILL ABLE TO REALISE THAT WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND SAYING TO ME OVER ALL THIS TIME IS NOT INDICATIVE OF RESPONSIBLE CORPORATE BEHAVIOUR AND CONDUCT TO ITS CUSTOMERS PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE The same has happened to me. They owe me a refund for a flight they cancelled since Jul 2023. Countless communication via email and phone but to no avail. They always say it is being processed. I wonder if there are many ppl affected by this airline and we can file a class suit? Good day, This very thing happened to my wife and I..Right at the start of the phony tooks us 18 months..but we got every single penny back..was it easy..absolutely not..but I didn,t give was our money ..not theirs!
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24 March 2024 RM
I'm planning a trip from USA to South Africa and layover is in Dubai. The firearm app is asking for Firearm license number. What is this ?
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Arik Air

23 March 2024 Guest
I have paid for a flight through inter switch transfer,and up till now they havent emailed my receipt.
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Etihad Airways

20 March 2024 EtihadHelp
Hussain : A family booked ticket with return used partially return one pak to modify date change in single pNR no? Hi there, you can split a family PNR and modify the booking in compliance with our standard fare rules by contacting our Contact Center or your travel agent. If your ticket was issued through a third party, please get in touch with your travel agent for assistance with your request. If you've booked directly with Etihad, please give a call to our Contact Centre. Thank you. *Ann
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Air Senegal

15 March 2024 Guest
One can only ask the question.if the level of customer service and reliability of their flights can be reflected against the competency of their pilots and and the airlines overall safety and maintenance regime then I send a prayer to all those flying with Air Senegal. May God protect you!!
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Turkish Airlines

13 March 2024 Paul Woollastonevans
please get someone to contact me. your staff are now failing to answer my emails. reported damaged suitcase claim.
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Flair Airlines

13 March 2024 Guest
Flair Airlines will not let me create a password, so I cant create an account.
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Blue Bird Airways

11 March 2024 Guest
Worst company around everything! Wouldnt recommend !!
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British Airways

10 March 2024 Guest
Hello, I'm new to BA airlines and would like to know if they offer discount \ promotions. We are planning a trip from Canada to London this December and BA is far cheaper then Air Canada or West Jet (our airlines). Thanks
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10 March 2024 Pankaj
Owner of this airline is so idiot ..didnt knw how to talk wid costumer.. a man who have no sense ... I think uneducated person buy this airline .. ugly bad owner
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07 March 2024 Maithilee Borgaonkar
I want to register for this group because I work for Airlines & Aviaition industry
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Royal Air Maroc

03 March 2024 Guest
Guest : Royal Air Maroc are thieves, their staff in Casabkanca steal luggage. They stole my entire suitcase before Ramadan. Don't use that disgusting airline.couldn't agree more. All thefts. I wonder why are they still flying. They should be banned flying internationally
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Malindo Air

01 March 2024 Guest
System detected there is another booking (Booking ID : AJCRDC Status : Pending for Payment Confirmation ) with same details. The previous booking might be issued when we get confirmation from Bank. Please check your bank records before you make another duplicate booking. this might lead to your bank account charged twice. If its intended, Please check again and click 'Continue' Button .
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United Airlines

27 February 2024 Pauline
How do I contact United Airlines? I have tried Help and I have sent an email using the address that I received from them. I was not aware that I would have to pay 75 USD to bring my checked baggage back.
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24 February 2024 Haidee Turner
There is a problem with your website and it wont let me book a ticket from Havana to Cancun. Please help
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Fokker 50

23 February 2024 SAEED
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Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport

18 February 2024 Adam
Hello I live in England I want to come to Benin in the summer holidays but I need visa. In England the embassy of Benin in London is no longer available so can I get a visa in entry of Benin or what should I do and if so how much would it cost for one traveller. Many thanks.
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T'way Air

16 February 2024 Guest
change seats
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Caribbean Airlines

14 February 2024 kimnancy
Deirdre Wilson : Last year Feb my friend and I booked tickets to montego Bay for Nov. In Sept we were notified that Montego Bay was no longer serviced by them and we would fly into Kingston our resort was not in Kingston. We had to scramble to find another flight one way to Montego Bay for our trip and it cost us each an additional 200 dollars. This airline basically told me not our fault refunded me the price of the original ticket and wouldn't cover the additional money we had to pay. I would never fly this airlines and wouldn't recommend it either. Who gives so short notice about canceling an entire route.That sounds incredibly frustrating! Airlines should provide more notice for route changes. Have you considered reaching out to them again for further compensation? It's disappointing when travel plans get disrupted like that.
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11 February 2024 Guest
Flaine late, changed flight departure to next 3 days before. Scam!
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Sichuan Airlines

05 February 2024 Nunzia
My flight was canceled and they notified me a month before departure. [Bangkok-Rome]. Am I entitled to a flight refund?
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04 February 2024 Guest
Booked a same da round flight from TIJ to BJX for a family emergency. The flight to BJX (with ViVa) was cancelled due to bad weather, so I never actually made it to my destination. The flight back was supposed to be Volaris, they refused to help at all, they said there was no way to get a refund or adjustment, which I get it, the original cancelled flight was not them, but why do they still charge the TUA, if I was never actually at the airport? Anyone know if a refund on this fee is possible? The TUA fee is the most expensive fee tacked on to the price of a ticket to Mex.
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27 January 2024 Guest
The most racist and ignorant airline ever!! Incredibly rude, while boarding, they kept asking me if I was Russian or if I was flying there (even though I showed my non-Russian passport and my flight info). They singled me out for additional checks and kept asking me to indicate my whereabouts! Then they asked me to hand them over my passport and took a picture of it and sent it somewhere through WhatsApp!!!! I have no idea who has my data and what will they use it for. No one told me what was wrong, they were just rude and very clearly kept an eye on me as if I were a criminal. I was so scared and the entire experience was traumatising. Afterwards, I kept contacting the airline for an explanation but no response. I have never been treated that badly and would rather take a bus across the continent than fly with them again!
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