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Mombasa Moi International Airport

26 September 2020 Guest mary
I received a call from the airport today by lady who number is 0756 213293 telling me that i have a parcel by Edward mark there so i have to pay20000 for my parcel to be realised
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Accra Kotoka International Airport

26 September 2020 Brian Lewis
Is there a problem with e-tickets when departing from Accra to London. My girlfriend tells me it cant be done and the flight has to be booked in Accra only. She says she would not be allowed into the airport with an online ticket! Which seems ridiculous. Surely this cant be true. Brian
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25 September 2020 Guest
hi, we are awaiting a refund from a flight could this be used towards paying for extra luggage instead of waiting for te money back and then booking the luggage after.
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Azores Airlines

25 September 2020 Guest
Mark Frost : Still waiting for compensation for a cancelled flight in July 2019! Do you have an address of their registered office in UK, as I am also having problems getting money back for flights SATA cancelled. They are evasive and have sought to blame others, yet all the while they have known that they were paid by their agents. Thanks
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25 September 2020 Junie
My flight from Denpasar to jakarta has been change and they offering a refund and I need to do in on their website. I have a simple question to them as its one booking code with two passenger do I need to make it twice and I dont have KTP shall I fill in my passport number. Simple question no one can answer and they closed my chatt again and again and I try is to call and they makes me waiting for more than 30 minutes which cost me money as I am calling from Europe. Send an email got no response. So disappointed and never ever wanna try to use this airlines . They are suck for the service. No professional service you can get.
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24 September 2020 Guest
I have a ryanair cancellation invoice for my insurance claim - can any one tell me what the passenger fee codes SETH, FAST, PS, SERV and SETA are for?
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24 September 2020 Guest
What is the cost to change my ticket date
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24 September 2020 Guest
Had an email from Jet2 to say we need to fill in a locator form 24 hrs before going to Turkey. Does this need to be uploaded somewhere or do we print out a form to take with us on flight? Thanks
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Blue Air

23 September 2020 Guest
I booked a flight with blue air and it said payment successful and then went back to insert booking details and said payment error. Checked my bank and the money went through. I have not recieved a booking email. It did not show me my booking reference nothing! I dont know what to do
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Arik Air

23 September 2020 Guest
Shola : I paid for a business class ticket on Arik air using the GTBank USSD code * 737# and up till now the e-ticket hasn't been generated. The flight is for tomorrow 15th September. The booking reference is 12E4S6 And The payment reference is Payment recorded with Reference ID: 530144 Amount: 74916 Payment Reference: OFL_yat5ycxqspk620x
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Allegiant Air

21 September 2020 Guest
Do Allegiant prices decrease after the schedule is extended?
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Philippine Airlines

20 September 2020 Ali
I am told PAL Australian ticket holders are still waiting for vouchers due to an issue from head office. It is affecting all Australian ticket holders. Something to do with Philippine rolling out the vouchers? Anybody in Australia who had a PAL ticket been issued a voucher yet?
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Cebu Pacific Air

19 September 2020 Guest
Dany : Hello, I have paid my travel tax thru paymaya and cebu pac said that they will process the refund and they will return it to the issuing bank but when i called paymaya, they said that they are not familiar with the process and told me that I should claim it at cebu pac. It has been 2 months when cebu pac emailed me that they have sent the refund to paymaya but I haven't received my refund yet. Anyone paid their flight thru paymaya?
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AirAsia Zest

17 September 2020 KAREN SAN DIEGO
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Dammam King Fahd International Airport

16 September 2020 Guest
May i kw the sony tv size allowed at chartred or vandebharath flight
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16 September 2020 Suraj Kumar
I am getting this error while booking ticket in air asia website... after entering the guest details .. How to overcome this error and book ticket Error Code 999: Http failure response for 502 OK
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Jeju Air

16 September 2020 Bebs
Hello. Good morning. How to process refund?
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Turkish Airlines

14 September 2020 Guest
Guest : Terrible airline I was booked to fly 20th march Cape Town to Birmingham UK, my flight was cancelled by airline asked for a refund but been informed I have been credited with a voucher my original flight cost 11,763.zar why was I not refunded but issued with a voucher for 4358.77zar
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Shenzhen Airlines

13 September 2020 Sunil L
Shenzhen airlines [operated by Air China] is flying from Johannesburg SA to Beijing Capital Internationalon the 07th October 2020, Flight ZH1998 at 10h10 and arrives inBeijing on 08/10/2020 at 09h55. Is this a repat flight and are South Africans with a valid visa allowed to board this flight.
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Westair Benin

08 September 2020 Guest
Meet to claim certain package but I was inboxed by someone saying I should pay the fee for the renew of documents
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Frontier Airlines

26 August 2020 Mark Stromberg.
I live in Iowa. During covid I couldn't fly. Now I'm out 311 dollars. I just wanted my flight back but they refused to work with me. United gave me back my flight. 90 days they told me. Covid in Iowa is worse than when they gave me 90 days. Terrible airline. Worst experience ever
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20 August 2020 Guest
ahahahahahha my god this airline is such a joke now. I had to claw back my money through a credit card charge reversal. You know what Lufthansa does two weeks after? sends me a notice that my refund has been processed. As if they were going to refund me after 4 months of lying to me, they just didn't want to fight the credit card company. CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD AND GET A CHARGE REVERSAL BASED ON THE FACT THAT LUFTHANSA LIED ABOUT REFUNS. IT WORKS
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16 August 2020 Flying home with | 1800~000~0000|Emirates in Business Class
Travel comfort, exceptional service. Flying home with Emirates in Business Class was a truly enjoyable experience from the moment the expert driver met you at the door to check-in and service in the Emirates Lounge. Exceptional on-board service and friendly staff are of a very high standard. Clean, neat cabins in toilets and comfortable seats for an extraordinary return trip on such a long journey. Baggage claim at Brisbane Airport was a different matter as bag unloading was a delay and it was frustrating early in the morning to say the least.
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Qatar Airways

14 August 2020 Guest
hi i already provided ticket for Qatar airline my first name and last name displacement, exactly instead of enno ruiter they wrote ruiter enno im worry about flight and didn't find any body to response me how can solve this issues
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11 August 2020 Guest
Im very disappointed with the negligence and unprofessionalism of Volaris. Our father died from Covid-19 and my bother wanted to give emotional support to my other bother who lives in Mexico and cant travel to US. On 07/08/20 I booked I flight for my brother to travel from JFK to GDL for 8/8/20. On 07/22/20 I received an email: your flight was canceled and an option of a credit for the total amount of the purchase plus 25% which I accepted. On 08/06/20 I received another email, that I viewed August 7, from Volaris: INFO: Tu vuelo cambió / Your flight changed. This email contained reservation for a new flight for 08/10/20 which I proceeded to accept with all the challenges and expenses I short notice trip implies. The day of the trip about 4 hour prior to the trip I checked the Volaris flight status online using the reservation code provided and the fight was schedule: On time. When my brother try to check in at the airport he was told at the desk that there are no flights going to Mexico. I logged in the Volaris web page again and the flight was stil on time. I sent my bother a screen shot of the status of the flight. After a while he decided to return home after spending almost $200 to and from the airport. I called customer service and was told there are no flights going to Mexico which contradicted their web page Information. I never received any communication with changes or cancellation for the new reservation. I called again August 11th spoke with another rep. who offered the same 3 options I was offered when the flight was canceled originally and he try to make it seem it was my mistake not theirs, he didnt acknowledge the fact that their system generated a ghost or fake flight that cost the family stress, disappointment, confusion, frustration, time and money. I asked to speak with a supervisor since the person I spoke to didnt emphasize or understand and try to justify their actions, he used another excuse to deny this petition. I requested a refund for the transportation expenses to the airport and back or an acknowledgment of their system failure and miscommunication between the different areas that handle the flight status online and by phone since the information are different. In conclusion, I ended up with a refund for the original amount spent which is still pending less over $1,000 on luggage, clothing, gifts, transportation that was spent unnecessarily plus the risks of being expose to COVID-19 while buying the items needed for this trip.
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Vueling Airlines

08 August 2020 Guest
I was outraged by Vueling's decision to stop compensating for canceled flights amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And they did it suddenly. As a refusal (request SR_Number: 1-19142853423), the employee gave an absolutely bureaucratic explanation referring to EU Regulation 261/2004, where there is a clause about force majeure. Surprisingly, the reference was not about infection, but about adverse weather conditions, strikes, diversions, bird strikes, runway closures, etc. Speaking of COVID-19. According to the WHO's decision, not the coronavirus pandemic itself is recognized as a force majeure, but only a high-alert mode. Let me remind to all that since March 2020, Vueling was aware of Covid19 and canceled flights, thereby increasing its high-alert mode for control of disease spreding. So my flight to Barcelona GCR7MM was canceled in may 2020 with full compensation. My other flight to Barcelona in July 2020, JDPFVZ, was also cancelled for the same reason, which the company started telling me about a month before that date. I fully accepted the company's offer of compensation in the form of a flight credit and went through the entire procedure proposed on the site. The result on the screen convinced me that the issue was resolved positively by analogy with the previous one. Suddenly, after a two-week wait and an additional request, an unexpected categorical refusal. Tried to explain myself at the following address: - no answer by human, only robot.
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Malaysia Airlines

04 August 2020 Mrs Susan Morgan
We booked a return trip from LHR to AUK for the 10th February returning on the 9th June. Our return journey was cancelled by yourselves, because of Covid 19. Our travel agent informs us, that they cannot contact you, and haven't received the refund. We have now been waiting 16weeks. Look forward to hearing from you, this is now urgent as we have had to pay for 2 flights. Thankyou
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Dalaman Airport

03 August 2020 Guest
Hi, I am travelling from the UK. My sons passport expires in November. Advise to travel to Salam an is that he needs 6 months on entry. Currently I cannot get a new passport for him in time of travel. Can I still travel? Happy to pay a fine. Can you please reply on: Thank you in advance.
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ATR 72

03 August 2020 ESTRELA
What is the speed instrument approach category an ATR72?
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Caribbean Airlines

31 July 2020 Clement Clarke
I flew to Trinidad on Feb 3rd 2020 and was unable to return to Canada on the arranged date April 4th 2020 due to Covid-19.I paid an additional $ 94.00 on my return fare which I couldnt use because of the Airport closeure. I am in Canada now and asking for a reimbursement of the fees paid.
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29 July 2020 Husnain Raza
Hi sir, i booked one ticket for my wife from Dubai to Lahore and the flight will be on 03 August 2020, But due to some personal matter we want to cancel the ticket and get a refund,, Kinldy help us
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EasyJet Switzerland

24 July 2020 Guest
Patricia Cattan : Hello, the easyjet web site recommends changing flight details on-line but I keep getting error message EJ2cpgtc70fd. What does this mean and how can I manage my change otherwise? Also, no one answers the phone! Thank you.
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Ural Airlines

22 July 2020 Tony
They are selling out tickets then cancelling flights. Reimbursement time is up to 3 years based on russian law
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22 July 2020 Guest
Fake , never launched, only to get tax refound and CV's.
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Royal Air Maroc

12 July 2020 Guest
Ghassan : I made booking , then made a cancelation since 19th November 2019 and up to now I haven't received my money back. my case N 00991309 | ref:_00D24JNjx._5001p3RfkcS:ref Regards, Ghassan
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Odessa International Airport

09 July 2020 Guest
Hello - I am an American citizen. I am healthy. I haved good health insurance. Can I enter your country without a 14 day quarantine?
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24 June 2020 Guest
Nonhlanhla Hazel Ndhlovu : Hello.. Where is my Luggage got lost when i travelled from Dubai via Kigali via Lusaka.. Its been 2 days already.. Find the attached images to supporting my query. Thank you Did you find your luggage finally.
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23 June 2020 Uschi
Alitalia cancelled our flights for July 30th online and Alitalia refuses to issue any refund since booked online. First she offered a voucher then she said she can't hear and call again, I had asked her for an e-mail for anybody in charge, not possible. I live in the Caribbean and had to call a regular number in the UK, which has already cost me a fortune. Do I have any recourse without spending more money on phone-calls?
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Corendon Dutch Airlines

18 June 2020 Dirk Dumfries
Dear management of Corendom Dutch. Are you interesting flying to Aruba? Aruba is one happy island in the caribbean with nice beaches and very safe. We can offer you a great deal with the airport, hotels and transportation company in Aruba. Please be free to contact me. Dirk M.Dumfries Aruba +2975934510 Email:
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

08 June 2020 Wang Ying
My flight SK0996 from Beijing to Amsterdam via Copenhagen was cancelled by SAS. Full compensation was promised within 10-15 days. But now after waiting for more than 3 months (in fact 4 months), still no refund received. Why making promises and then repeatedly telling that it is busy and that I am put on "the queue list"??
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VietJet Air

03 June 2020 Leslie Nykvist
I was told I would receive a refund as my flight was cancelled but the credit card I used was cancelled. Vietjet ran me & I tried to explain that the credit card I used to book my flight was cancelled but the lady couldn't understand me. Can someone please help me.
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

02 June 2020 Guest
Sorry to All! Im so angry with Norwegian I thought it was its website...:-)) Anyway! I have a domestic ticket with them, I cant go to Norway because of Covid-19 restrictions, the ticket costs 284 and they dont care about it! No answer, not a cent back! They probably think I can swim from Greece to Norway... The Norwegian Government help help this terrible company to survive. Me too I think... Petros😡
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Malindo Air

01 June 2020 Thertheare
Su Hia Tan : I have book the flight ticket with gender Mrs but after I paid the payment it show me the gender Mr. How can i solve it? I think it wouldn't be problem. I have flown before having the false indicated gender and couldn't fix it later but I didn't face any problems at the airport. Also once my sister has flown two years ago with such such problem with Montenegrin passport
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T'way Airlines

29 May 2020 Vu, Quoc Hung
I had bought 5 tickets from Tway air, on-line check in # K2U7Q9, flight #TW286, it was cancelled from Kansai ( Osaka) to Incheon. I have booked tickets via , all tickets were cancelled and will be refunded since 2/2020 The said they did not received the refund from Tway air, so therefore they cannot refund back to me. I have paid all tickets by credit card. Please help me to get the refund, it was longer overdue, since 2/2020. Please contact me at Thank you for your help
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Sunwing Airlines

26 May 2020 donnyweed
Per Sunwing, they are giving 50 percent refund and 50 percent voucher. We received the partial refund, and have the voucher for 2 years. My issue is, what if Sunwing goes under, or that I want to fly with someone else, or not go anywhere? I'm still forced to fly with them, or lose my money. That has to change
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Boeing 737 MAX 9

21 May 2020 banana
For the people who think this was the plane that crashed, go back to kindergarten and learn to tell the difference between the numbers 8 and 9
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Southwest Airlines

18 May 2020 Guest
Marion Wiltbank : What does country code mean?
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

14 May 2020 Guest
Dreadful company.
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Privilege Style

07 May 2020 Guest
Well after a long wait in Edinburgh airport we took off on privilege style wich was ment to be Thomson it was fine Not a lot of legroom . It was very noisy the cabin crew were very nice it wa cheep and cheerful!:)if you have to fly with Them its fine but find book with them if you fond have to.
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Trans States Airlines

04 May 2020 Guest
Worst experience ever!!!! Glad you are out of business ! Theres no place to such as operators in aviation.
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