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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

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10 July 2017 Guest

To Manager Airport I was on flight from Paris (CDG) to Detroit (DTW) US on July, 04 Flight AF 561 The Air France agent at the gate L 42 treated me very bad. She refuse to gave me her name as this the rules of Air France not to give the agent name to the customer. She look that she is from Asia she was very rude with no respect to me at all I ask her for the counter manager she said why you need the manager he/she not her I'm the only only wearing no name tag refuse to give her name treated me like an animal and not like a human. Thank You,

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03 September 2016 Guest

Worst Border Security Staff at the CDG Airport, esp. the VAT Refund section. If they find the job so boring, they should resign. No customer service, rude, indifferent and totally authoritarian approach. Throwing passports away for an honest mistake, crumpling important documents, delaying tactics and all counter staff acting in cohesion are some of the features of the VAT refund counter. Lack of proper security control procedures in Paris, thereby leading to terrorist attacks, as I entered and left France, without any stamp on my passport. It was only when I was transiting through Sweden, the customs official realized that how come no one stamped my Passport in France. Then he said that it is becoming quite common, on the route I had taken fr om UK. No one at the Airport ready to help us as I tried to speak to a higher authority or the Border Control Managers. Lack of English, lack of customer service or lack of empathy, an indifferent attitude, these are some of the things I can say about France, as what remains in your memory are the last moments you spent in the Country. I am sorry to say, but Paris was beautiful, but CDG dropped the bombshell and killed all my memories. There are many other countries I can visit, wh ere I will be treated with respect and politeness. Unless, France treats people from other nations with respect, they will be treated likewise. Get your internal processes sorted before trying to become a leading country in the world.

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21 August 2016 Hanan Samir

It was a bad experience! Dealing with unhelpful, cruel and arrogant employees specially the detax stuff at the euro refund.waiting in a queue that bearly moves from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm to have my tax refund is just awful and there was just one window to serve two long queues. I had to run to catch my flight that was boarding on 3.45 pm and after all the waiting time I couldn't risk to loose my flight but I lost 300 euroes detax also I lost the fun I hoped for in shopping at the airport or at least have a hot drink and relax waiting for my flight. I wish whoever in charge to work this matter out as I loved my stay in Paris and I definitely want to come again. My flight was Egyptair MS 800 on 18 August 2016.

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03 August 2016 MCarolynB

Avoid Charles DeGaulle Airport at all costs! The signage is non-existent and most of the staff is arrogant, indifferent and unhelpful. If you must go, allow HOURS extra. We arrived on an international flight carrying several hundred passengers to find two toilets available in the terminal. But the worst experience was our departure. We got to Terminal 1, Hall 3 at 7:30 am for our 12:35pm flight, well in advance, trying to be proactive. There were no signs anywhere with directions or flights. We waited in line for over an hour only to be told in a very rude way when we made it to the rope maze that we couldn't check in until 9:00am and would need to stand in another line. The woman took us to where the line would start. Then, the SAME employee, knowing we were traveling to DC, came back over to wave us to a different waiting area. THEN, at 9:00, we notice that all this time, the line to check in for the DC flight had been forming at yet a different place, and by this time, it was AT LEAST 150 feet long, stretching along another side of the hall, behind it, then turning and snaking back. We had to get to the very end of it and we waited for an hour and a half again to check our bags. By the time we finally got past security (without stopping for any food - we just frantically dashed), we arrived at our gate 30 minutes before boarding time. Yes, so we arrived to the United hall FIVE HOURS before our flight was to leave, and we got to our gate 30 MINUTES before boarding. This is the worst. airport. ever.

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16 June 2016 Jaaafar Ayoub

Last year in September 7th I fly from Beyrut to Toronto. I was refuse to enter the airplane to Toronto. The fly attendant on the airport was extreamly nice and help me to solve the problem in 1 day. She also give me voucher no.116056645 EMD no: 0578236931511 for EU 600.- This month I try to use this voucher for other fright, but Air France in US told me that this no. is not in their computer. Please could you solve this problem also? My phone no. is 4167310892 in Canada and my email is

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27 August 2013 Guest

Hands down, worst airport I've ever been through and thats saying something since I've been through over 3 dozen to include Ha'noi, Bujumbura, nairobi, ougadougou, karachi, kandahar and baghdad. Each of them had more helpful and pleasant staff and the airport was better organized. A sad airport that should be avoided at all costs.

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