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Royal Air Maroc Discussion

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24 August 2017 Guest

Bought ticket from RAM Website with a connection flight : JFK==> CASABLANCA==> MARRAKECH RAM has changed the schedule of the return flight from CASABLANCA to JFK without notice. Hopefully, I checked the status and saw that change can cause my team to miss the return flight. How the hell a company can change a schedule of a return flight and not the connection flight ????? Called them to change the flight and have my team to change their meeting time at Marrakech to catch the flight. After two days of arguing, finally they changed it. Four days later, they changed the time of the flight from NY to Casablanca.... So, we have to wait 9 hours at JFK and another 9 Hours at Casablanca to get the next flight to Marrakech. This is ridiculous and unprofessional. And never do business with this company again.

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21 August 2017 aka adi

Royal air maroc is very good

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10 August 2017 Guest

This airline is Horrible...When you arrived at their Airport they act as thought they do not understand English, and speak french. When you speak French in return to them the respond Arabic. The people at the Casablanca Airport are ignorant and rude and are of no help. Never again they will receive my money and anyone I know who is traveling to Africa from the US. I have already stop 10 people from flying with them. They need to address their poor costumer service at the airport and immigration and airline levels.

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24 July 2017 Guest

HI Can any one tell me if I can bring my guitar in the airplane thank u

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22 June 2017 TB

I've had a terrible experience with Royal Air Maroc last month! I found the forum as I'm searching for the dollar limit for lost luggage reimbursement. I flew from JFK to Madrid with a layover in Casablanca. I was told it is checked to my final destination but it never arrived! I checked both airports twice - nothing in their lost and found closets. I think the lady at the JFK check-in stole it because as I transferred a bag of clothing from my carry-on into my checked-in bag (my carry-on was too heavy), her eyes were all in my bag - and when I arrived back to New York a week later, I was told that there is NO RECORD of my bag! The 800-customer service line never called me after creating a ticket in Madrid - until I went on Twitter and blasted them - on their twitter account and Direct Message. That is the ONLY way I got a response - I had to tweet both in Morocco and NYC to get a phone call. I emailed everyone I could find on the board of JFK and filed a report with the Port Authority. My attorney asked them to retain video at the counters - I was ignored. The 800 number wouldn't give me the airline's JFK manager's name and extension, and they're never at the counter unless a flight is taking off, which is when I'm at work. This has been a NIGHTMARE experience and I highly recommend selecting ANOTHER airline, regardless of how cheap these prices are!

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17 June 2017 Mukete carl

Yesterday 16-06-2017,I had a friend traveling from russia to cameroon and on transited a drone which I bought for my junior brother to whom had good results in his exam was taken an the international airport of Moroc

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14 June 2017 Guest

Based on my return ticket .... Please this is so not right, i and my son ,a baby of 11months old are suppose to board your flight at 1:10 am on the 15th and arrive Lagos by 5:55am .from America,but unfortunately, we were given a reboarding ticket for 21:30 on the 15th to arrive lagos on the 16th without prior notice or whatsoever. Right now i am stranded with my little baby in your transit section,like seriously, this is so so not right.... nobody is giving us an hotel or any sort of comfort to make up for this delay. Please we need urgent help because my son is ill right now just beacuse he is no longer comfortable. Show quoted text

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12 June 2017 Guest

I lost my luggage on June 10,2017 I flew from Paris-DC via Casablanca, I filled a form at the IAD airport, but no tracking number provided to me. The staff told me he will send me an email but after 24 hours, NO EMAIL!I contacted the RAM airline,NO response!! what shall I do next!? I really need my luggage!

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10 June 2017 Guest

Could not find an agent in Doha, called the call centre in Casablanca and waited for 46 minutes and eventually had to hang up with no answer. and after paying an expensive overseas phone call.

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30 May 2017 Guest

Hi, I arrived at JFK yesterday 5/28/2017 and they lost one of baggages, they gave me the same contact number as others but I haven't gotten any info on where possibly my luggage is, they say they can not locate in anywhere like it has disappeared! Anyone lucky enough to get a response from them?!

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12 May 2017 Miss sarah gibbons

Hi I'm hoping you can help me here, we were booked onto a flight Saturday 13th may at 0715. We booked via tripsta, we unfortunately cancelled instead of rescheduling for Tuesday 16th. So we lost €85 per person. Could we please be reimbursed and pay the difference for the flight? It was in my name Sarah gibbons and the second passenger was dafydd Williams. I would be so grateful if you could help me with this. Kind regards Sarah

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02 May 2017 Guest

I just flew with them from JFK NY to Portugal with layover in Casablanca, I didn't encounter any issues as far as safety , if traveling into the US from Casablanca they do a second security check which they open all carry ons and pat everyone down which I was totattly ok with , I rather be safe than sorry . Only issue I had with them was my luggage ! They lost is in NY for 4 weeks , on my return back to US I had to go through JFK again so I took it upon myself to go to. Shave ckaim and search for my bag which I saw it but they did not allow me to go through it so when I got home I sent them a msg via Facebook ( the best way to get a reply from them ) and told them I SAW my bag and need it on a flight . Next day I got a msg stating my bag was at the airport awaiting pick up . So moral of my story , try not to check a bag if you do don't take valuable stuff , put valuable stuff on carton and cheap in checked bag :) hope this Helps return Stephnie : Pls can somebody advices whether is good for to board airmaroc this time bcos of issues with US and Arab world

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06 April 2017 Guest

This is the worst company I have ever seen.please don't take this airplane if you have other choices.because if there are some problems,nobody will help you and they will be always lying to you.

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15 February 2017 Stephnie

Pls can somebody advices whether is good for to board airmaroc this time bcos of issues with US and Arab world

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11 February 2017 Guest

I recently returned to Washington fr om Tunis, via Casablanca on flight AT 573 & AT 218 respectively, which arrived 08/02/17 at 7:30PM at IAD (Washington Airport My luggage, which was supposed to be checked all the way through to my final destination, baggage tag No AT849346 has apparently been completely miss-placed and possibly off loaded somewhere in CASA. lost luggage counter, where I spoke with an agent informed me that they would be in touch within (24) hours to inform me of where and when my luggage would be tracked down and arriving. It has been 6 days now; I called the number given to me at 18003446726 numerous times since my arrival and they have absolutely no information for me as to the wh ereabouts of my luggage! tried the local number 703 5725268 for a week none answered left several voice messages none got back to me. I find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place baggage. I am considering a lawsuit if anyone interested to join me please contact me at

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11 February 2017 Cynthia Igwe

Poor customer service and I won't take This airline again

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07 February 2017 HAWA

I travel with Air Maroc to Freetown during December unfortunately we missed our flight and we have to pay another £2,600 for return flight for 3 passengers back to London after we already brought the ticket for £2,500. I brought the ticket from an agent Jays Enterprises LTD. I think that I have been treated unfairly.

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26 January 2017 Guest

Hi good evening , I'm portia amoako please I want to know if I can travel with the receipt of my documents, if I may the documentime will expire coming February 4 and I have done the processing but will be going for it in aprile and I want to know if I can travel with my receipt.

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20 January 2017 Guest

I last posted on 21 December when serviceclient@royalairmaroc sent me a standard letter stating that they would try to reply in 30 days. Guess what? 30 days have passed, and I've received no reply. When I chased, I got another automatic reply (in French) apologising that they couldn't deal with correspondence directly, and referring me to These guys are jokers.

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18 January 2017 Guest

One more here, I flew fr om Casablanca to Berlin and now it's been two weeks since RAM lost it and no one knows wh ere is it. Berlin airport just passed the responsibility to RAM and now I'm totally sure after seeing so many negative responses that my baggage is lost forever. Crappy airline DON'T USE IT PEOPLE!

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15 January 2017 Guest

Unfortunately I have to report one more case of disappearing luggage in Casablanca. We arrived from Ouarzazate last week ot be transferred to MAsterdam. It was chaotic at the airport, and in Amsterdam onoy on eof our bags appeared. Seen to the number of complaints here and other fora I wonder if it makes sense to take luggage anyway with you when travelling over casablanca airport.

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06 January 2017 Oseni

My sad experience with Royal air Morocco. I boarded their plane fr om Lagos(Nigeria) to Casablanca and Casablanca to JFK(New York) on Saturday 24/12/2016 on getting to NY one out of two my baggages were no wh ere to found. I laid a complained on their desk a form is given to me and a card. On the card were a claim number and a phone number(718 751 2691). I was to call the number after 2 workings day which I did, but it was "No information about your bag" response I got from them. After that the phone number which was given to has been called time without number but nobody picked the call. Up till now after 14days of boarding their aircraft I have not received any information concerning my bag. It is my first time of using their airline and it was a very bad experience and they say "first impression last long" I have written emails to, and no response whatsoever. Pls, can someone tell me what next to do? I am highly disappointed and in so much distress now.

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02 January 2017 Delle Nicodemus

Dear customer I fact you let me getting crazy about my luggage,you let my trip becoming useless,disappointed because without that my luggage am disappointed my marrying ceremony the luggage is full of my wife dress,shoe etc and including me too I need it this week and look at what you are doing to me you let me regret for your bad service,my question is if I didn't get it in time with this week what am I going to do with my program?

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22 December 2016 FRANCIS MENSA - BONSU

I boarded flight number AT201on the 17/12/2016 from New York to Morocco and flight AT515 from Morocco to Ghana . I arrived in Ghana on the 19/12/2016 and I have still not received my two baggages. They have gone missing and no one is telling me anything. What kind of bad services is that . You haven't only lost one customer but you have lost a million of customers. I'm still hanging on waiting to get my baggages.

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