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Aer Lingus Discussion

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13 November 2023 12:11:00 Guest

Hi there, I am travelling from Belfast to Manchester on a Saver return ticket this week. Can I take my 10 kilo suitcase as cabin luggage for free?

19 January 2023 01:01:00 David

What headphone jack is needed to watch movies pls going to orlando on a330 300 Thankyou

04 April 2016 10:04:00 Guest

HORRIBLE service, bad organization, STOLE our ticket funds though refusal to provide any satisfaction when one of our travel group had a bad accident the day before travel. She was in surgery the day of travel. We have since been run around between Aer Lingus and Expedia with each saying the other has our money and neither will do a refund for legitimate medical reasons. In addition, they cancelled our return flight, DID NOT NOTIFY US, and then when we happened upon the cancellation the evening before, it took over two hours to get them to reschedule the flight. They initially "offered" to put us on a flight out of Dublin - more than 200 mi. away, with no offer of transportation to Dublin. This airline needs to get its act together. BUYER BEWARE!

14 March 2014 06:03:00 PM Kelly

Below is the email I sent to Aer lingus "Customer Care" regarding a trip I needed to cancel after spending a great deal of time on the phone with US customer support to resolve the problem. Not only will I never book with them again, I would dissuade anyone from patronizing them if this is the way they treat passengers with emergencies. I cant begin to tell you how * and frustrated I am with your company. I purchased 2 tickets for a trip to Ireland through Cheapo Air, booking # 15921762. Leaving Thursday July 11 and returning Saturday July 20. I saved for more than a year for this trip. I bought flight insurance when booking the tickets to be safe On June 20th, I lost my job. I am the sole income for me and my sister Angel. I called Cheapo Air immediately to cancel the tickets and, since then, Ive been shuffled from one place to another with everyone saying its not their call theres nothing they can do. 1. The insurance company said its in the fine print that job loss is not a covered event. 2. Cheapo Air says its up to either the insurance company or Aer Lingus to refund the tickets 3. I called Aer Lingus customer service and was told (quite rudely) that they couldnt do anything because I didnt purchase the tickets through them 4. Cheapo Air tried to work with the insurance company to no avail (no surprise) 5. Cheapo Air got me on the phone with a customer service rep from Aer Lingus who offered to refund the taxes on the tickets ($200 out of more than $2200.00!!). By the way, they also said its the insurance companys responsibility, not theirs. 6. We even tried to get Aer Lingus to hold the tickets for 12-24 months. Again, customer service said no theyd only refund the taxes. I know that you are not responsible for the insurance company or Cheapo Air, but I purchased the tickets FOR your airline ON your flight. YOU got the money. I am in an extremely difficult personal situation. Im stunned at the lack of empathy or willingness to even TRY to help. I even offered to get a letter of verification and contact information from my former employer to prove my claim as Im sure you get fraudulent requests, but no. This was my trip of a lifetime to visit relatives Ive never met. I was crushed to not be able to go, but I had no choice. Im * and disappointed that your company is making absolutely no effort to assist. Refunding $200 is insulting and callous. I know its not really your problem, but that $2200 would be a huge help right now until I can find a job. But to not even offer to honor the tickets for 2 years? Ive never been treated with such coldness by ANY other airline. This is my last resort writing to you. You talk about your customer commitment. Ive not seen it. Thus far, it seems that keeping $2000 is your priority. Please respond to me ASAP. You are welcome to call. Id be happy to talk to someone in authority about this situation.

03 December 2013 08:12:00 Guest

Thick ignorant air hostess forced me to check a small bag that had been carry on when on United Airlines flight. Nothing else to do for her I suppose - 4 attendants standing around at gate... Ryan Air needs to buy this airline and fire the idiots

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