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Air France Discussion

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17 January 2023 03:01:00 Guest

Call On Air France 1-888-588-2434 For booking and cancellation

13 March 2018 09:03:00 Guest


11 July 2017 08:07:00 Guest

My mum recently travelled from Africa to Europe and I bought her ticket with my credit card (paid in euros). The ticket caused 1164 euros but instead 1194 euros was taken from my account and I have contacted air France in the concerned African country but they are not able to give me any valuable explanation. On the time of purchase there was no credit card fee or any thing like that. They claim that its the exchange rate even though the price is euros was based on their own conversion. Have they resorted to stealing from customers? Is this what they do hoping people wouldn't notice? This is unacceptable. Something has to be done about this.

18 June 2017 03:06:00 Betül

Hello, airfrance lost my baggege while transfering to newyork in paris. I reported in norfolk and thats my report number. JFKAF93748 . please send my baggege this adress. 253 Zelkova Roads 23185 VA Williamsburg

27 April 2017 07:04:00 Quanisha and Phoebe

Yes our luggage got stuck in France and when we got to our destination in Dubai are luggage which were three pieces didn't come, so we were reassured that our luggage will be in Dubai the next day. The next day came and we called to see if our luggage was in the next flight to Dubai they told us no we would have to wait another day! It's ridiculous and not good customer service when we had a birthday day celebration for and we had to wear the same clothes for two days! That took away from our vacation and our celebration! They never called us to make sure that our luggage was not coming the first time its sad and I will never use Air France again horrible nightmare!!!

16 April 2017 10:04:00 Lynn Sproatt

TERRIBLE SERVICE! I booked a flight that was managed by both Alitalia and Air France. I'm cutting up both loyalty cards and plan to tell every one I possible can in every media possible how terrible the experience has been and warn them never to fly either airline. I have been bumped back and forth between the Alitalia call center in Albania and the Air France call center managed by Delta. While they seem willing to take my money they will not take responsibility for managing their flight, each having said that the other is responsible for booking a seat, an upgrade or excess baggage. In fact I've been told that I'll just have to pay more at the airport as the Confirmation code given to me by both airlines for the portion of the flight operated by Air France though Alitalia is not recognized online. And now another agent has told me that I can't do anything at all until I get to the airport. I'll never * my money on either of these companies (and add Delta to that) again in my life!

27 July 2016 01:07:00 Guest

In Paris there was a delay!!! There was no apology!!! The agents at the gate pretended that no passanger exists!!!! We were on the line and they tried to ignore with no explanation!!!

14 July 2016 12:07:00 Fadiora Isaac

Pls ,I board your airline from Miami to Lagos Nigeria but add a day,so I need to sleep at the airport which is good by me but is my baggage safe till tomorrow or will arrive together. Thanks

04 July 2016 05:07:00 Richard Remington

Air France your customer service is HORRIBLE. My wife and daughters missed their flight to CDG from JFK on 01/07 because of weather. They were put on the 9:50 PM flight on 02/07 The AF crew at JFK assured them they had expedited the bags (which they were not allowed to have back after the missed flight) onto the correct flight. When they arrived in Paris none of the bags were in the carousel. After standing at customer service they were told they were still in NY. They then found my wife's bag by accident on the wrong carosuel. My daughters' bags were then filed as missing. We were told to spend up to И100 euros for each of them. Which was some help but when you literally have to replace everything (clothes, lingerie, deodorant, toothpaste, etc). It doesn't go very far. The online website still shows 3 bags missing even though we got one. The other two were supposedly put on two different flights last night. I called this morning and was told they were being scanned and we would be called for delivery. I called again this afternoon and was told they can't confirm they are actually in Paris. Could be today could be tomorrow. Don't know AND you still have the bag we received listed as missing. The customer service has been HORRIBLE. Now I call back again and they say they are waiting for someone to deliver but can't tell me when that will be. I said I will come get the luggage but I can't do that because they have to message the airport and that could take two days. YOU SUCK! Why can't I come pick up my own bags if you can't manage to get them delivered. I will NEVER EVER step foot on AF again.

18 December 2015 05:12:00 Jessie Goldberg

Trying to change my seat for my Paris to Miami flight but could not! I tried looking up your number... No local phone number available from a land line... Terribly no. Intuitive Also on our arrival from Toronto ,it took us miles of walking to arrive to customs and to get our luggage . Apparently shuttle train not working. Not a great system, unfriendly people. Should take some lessons from Swissair Thanks

17 November 2015 06:11:00 WILLIAM

SENIORS BEWARE IF YOU USE KLM WEB SITE AND THEY USE AIR ALITALIA AS A CARRIER, THEIR LUGGAGE POLICYS WILL COST YOU MORE MONEY.AFTER YOU HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO PAY DON'T EXPECT KLM TO HELP YOU WITH IT THEY WILL PASS THE BUCK SAYING YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH AIR ALITALIA EVEN THOUGH YOU BOOKED THROUGH THEM AND OUR EXPERIANCE WITH THEM IS ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK GETTING ANYWERE SO SENIORS MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BOOKING (READ ALL THE FINE PRINT)ON ALL SEGMENTS OF YOUR FLIGHTS. We understand your sentiment regarding your experience with KLM, Air France and Alitalia. However, after careful consideration, we can only stand by our previous statements: as this flight was operated by Alitalia, they should be the ones to handle your claim. We are sorry to hear that they've been referring to KLM and we can imagine that being sent from pillar to post is not ideal. Unfortunately though, we are unable to assist you further. Kind regards, KLM Facebook Team

19 September 2015 05:09:00 Christopher

Hello, Please I have been trying to contact the customer service/get information on how to send an e-mail regarding my denied boarding on one of your flights.

12 June 2014 02:06:00 Guest

Air France rep's are not willingly helpful. So I missed the fist leg of my flight due to severe weather. Just couldn't make it to the airport. I had to buy some complicated trip around it. Lost money. Unaware that I had to contact the airline to tell them I would not make it -- to an airport that was surrounded by lethal thunderstorms -- I get to the check-in for the return flight. "You whole itinerary has been cancelled, go to the help desk." At the "help" desk: a lady who is clearly not focused on the job in front of her. She keeps dialing numbers for information about something. Inbetween I get a quick "waht do you want?" ...hardly explained my situation, she was apparently happy about my simply case, which she could just shrug off with a "you have to buy a new ticket". That's it, no checking whether my original booking might still be open, or what the alternatives are? No offer to purchase a new ticket -- heck, they could have sucked a bunch of money out of me at this moment. Just "go away". This I do now, permanently. I have had tickets re-issued and itineraries changed at airports before. Sure, some kind of fee applies. But this was plain disregard of even the most basic any customer service and satisfaction rule. Air France: sinking lower and lower

14 January 2014 12:01:00 Guest


12 January 2014 03:01:00 Guest

Flew LHR to BKK via CDG (Economy) December 2013 Seats VERY narrow on Boeing 777, and less comfortable than seats on British Airways, EVA and Thai Airways, which I have used on flghts to Bangkok previously. IFE was OK. Food outbound to BKK was good, with good wine and cheese. On the return journey back from Bangkok, the food was poor, with some type of very fatty meat as a main course that I (and my wife) could not eat, or even identify. Furthermore, after the main meal it was a long, long time until breakfast was served, leaving myself and my fellow passengers hungry. I later established that snacks were available if you made your own way to the galley to collect them, but this availability was not announced and by the time I realised (whilst viisting the toilet) all of the sandwiches and most of the ice creams had gone (NOT acceptable). Cabin crew were pleasant and polite, but did not seem proactive in any way and (to me) this was evidenced by the fact that they did not bother to serve the snacks or make any announcement as to their availability. The interconnection at CDG was pretty seamless and posed no problem at all. Given the narrow and uncomfortable seats and the poor catering and associated service on the aircraft, I would not recommend that you use this airline for this journey, unless BA / EVA / Thai are all significantly more expensive for your chosen dates.

01 December 2013 12:12:00 Guest

In fairness to Air France I have to say they have treated me alright. On one occasion I had a short transfer at CDG and apparently it wasn't enough time to transfer my luggage, but they delivered it the next day directly to my hotel in Kiev. Unfortunately, because of this lost luggage I wound up being detained by Ukrainian Customs for four hours and they took my wife's jewelry. So don't ask me about the Ukraine government. They are thugs, liars, and thieves.

12 November 2013 03:11:00 Guest

Our flight fr om Paris to Mumbai, CDG was delayed twice and then eventually cancelled indefinitely. Out of the 35 passengers who were mostly Indians, which had a majority of senior passengers, only 6 got visas wh ereas the rest were left to fend for themselves for over 30 hrs. Senior citizens were denied wheel chairs after waiting for over two hours. Video link of the incident is here: ... Inspite of the 30 hr delay, we weren't even given lounge access. After all this they did not get back to the passengers for any compensation until a blog regarding the entire incident was put online for the world to see. Thousands of people came forward voicing a similar experience by Air France. The blog generated 2.5 million views in less than a week and it was covered by 48 news agencies across the world. Kindly read and share. We hope no one has to go through this ordeal again. The way the senior citizens were treated was appalling to say the least. Read it all at

01 September 2013 04:09:00 Travelet671

We paid for premium seats since the regular seats are just terrible if you are higher than 6'1''. Even after our card was charged and we got the confirmation, we didn't get the seats since they were sold twice. We were told this this is normal practice for Air France. The check-in personal is very rude and unprofessional. It is very difficult to get refund since US personal has no authorization to do it. You need to file a complain to French office. I cannot recommend Air France to anyone.

21 August 2013 05:08:00 teresa newton

I live in Marseille my daughter Kerry booked her flight with you online.I visited Kerry in June and was with her when she booked it and it said Manchester,Paris and then Marseille but when she got her e ticket and went to the Airport in Manchester they said we cannot give you a ticket because you have to collect your bag in Paris and then you fly out from Orly Airport okay!!!!But then she had to pay an extra 20 euro to go on a coach to get to Orly Airport.She stayed with me for 8 days and went back today and had to pay an extra 30 euro to check her bag in which did not even weigh 20 kilo.i am not happy that she had to pay all that extra money on top of what she paid for her flight.I think its disguisting!!!!!I I have flown with you before from Mrseille to Paris and straight to Manchester and never had to pay any extra!!! Yours faithfully Teresa Newton

25 July 2013 11:07:00 Guest

KLM - Worst Flight Ever "I am a Delta frequent flyer and I was amazed how little room there was in an economy seat on a 7+ hour flight from Amsterdam to New York. It reminded me of the seats on Spirit Airlines. I flew from Amsterdam to NYC on Tuesday and was in pain for most of the flight. I was unable to get remotely comfortable or even use my laptop due to the lack of space. I am 46 years old and 6'2" tall. The staff on the flight was was cheerful and polite but told me initially that I should have purchased an economy "comfort" seat. They also told me that there were no available seats to move me to. Going to Europe (Prague), I flew Delta and actually purchased an economy "comfort" seat. After I purchased the tickets (months ago) I called KLM in an attempt to purchase an economy "comfort" seat for my return flight but was told that I could not, and had to wait to check in online. When I checked in online there were no economy УcomfortФ seats available. So I ask again "Should a passenger who purchases an $1100 economy Trans-Atlantic flight ticket expect a seat that does not cause him or her discomfort throughout the entire 7+ hour flight?" Should I even have to purchase a "comfort" seat to avoid being in pain?"

03 July 2013 02:07:00 Guest

the worst baggage handling of any airline that i've experienced. if your bag is lost, neither staff nor tracking can find it for you.

20 September 2012 12:09:00 suzanne

this is good

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