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Air India Discussion

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20 December 2021 05:12:00 Chandra

All Is anyone travelling from Hyderabad (India) - UK on 24th December 2021, please let me know. My mom is travelling alone so I wondered if anyone can assist her at the UK border / Immigration desk thanks chandra

06 January 2015 06:01:00 GUEST

I have travelled quite a few times fr om Air India and have finally come to the conclusion that whatever may happen I am not travelling in this flight again. Had a flight from Lucknow to Pune which was basically a connecting flight from New Delhi. There was a one hour halt at the New Delhi Airport wh ere we had to switch our flights and to my surprise none of the attendant was there to help and show us the way. Moreover, on reaching Pune I came to know that they did not transfer our luggage from Delhi to Pune since it what a short time period. THIS IS PATHETIC!!! I mean passengers have important things in their luggage which they could need anytime and Air India is not the only flight who has to manage there passengers and their "Luggage" in an hour , other flights also do it and they do it well! So far it has been the most uncordinating staff as well. Air India excels in bringing my expectations down every time. NEVER AGAIN!

05 August 2014 11:08:00 Yenedi

Overall RatingValueComfortIn-flhgit EntertainmentFoodCustomer ServiceI had a return flhgit from Melbourne to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific and the plane was full and the staff did not cope with that well. Food was standard plane food. Staff, while professional, were not particularly friendly and I had the impression that few more on every flhgit would make some difference. In flhgit entertainment could be better, but works OK, no issues.

20 February 2014 06:02:00 Guest

it is same as any other international airlines i got a very good expirience travelling with air india. travelled a lot on international routes and had a very good time traveeling with the

02 September 2013 07:09:00 Guest ... never again, see the website for the ongoing horror story that is air india

26 December 2012 11:12:00 Agarwal N

I am settled in Manhattan and go to my motherland, India, once a year. I have used AI flights on several occasions with mixed results. On positive side, it is reasonably priced for a direct flight from NY to New Delhi. Also, the ground services are decent. However, I would probably never travel with Air India again. The in-flight service is horrible. The plane smells most of the time and so does the lavatories.The flight attendants are quite rude and need to be asked 3-4 times before they will hand you a blanket or a glass of water. Overall the flight environment in not suitable for sleeping with lot of chatter going around. To add to all this, during my last flight to India something happened that completely changed by perspective about this airline and I felt it is not worth being patriotic anymore as AI is a lost cause. It started when a passenger got drunk and was told that no more alcohol will be served to him or his friends. The passenger became uncooperative and started drinking from the duty-free bottle he probably bought at JFK. That set the flight attendants really off and they got engaged in an argument with the passenger. The argument soon turned into shouting, very loud shouting. At one point, one of these flight attendants was indeed ready to hit the passenger but others took him away. There was a lot of swearing from these so called "educated and well mannered" attendants in a cabin full of young kids / infants. If that was not enough, they started mistreating other passenger as well and literally threatened us "passengers need to behave themselves otherwise the flight will be forced to land". As the whole episode lasted for about 2 hours, no one could get any sleep. While I understand there were some in-flight safety concerns due to a drunk passenger, the fight attendants' response was unacceptable. AS this episode was underway, I made a mistake of my own. Without realizing what kind of uncivilized person I am going to talk to, I asked a flight attendant (I can't remember the name but he was a hulk like figure and later I realized he was in fact leading the war against the drunk passenger) about why they can't resolve this matter calmly without using expletives as there are so many old people and kids in the cabin. Well that was a big mistake as he started to pick a fight with me. Being a 6'1" figure myself, my first thought was to hit him in the face but my good judgement prevailed and I decided against it. Instead, I did not respond at all. He babbled for few seconds and then left when he couldn't get a response from me. Well, that was it for me. Now I am planning another trip to India and will book any other flight but Air India. Even if that would mean some extra money and a stop in Europe (which is not a bad idea given the length of the flight). At least that way I will have some peace of mind and maybe get some sleep as well. If a representative of AI or some curious passenger wants to know more about the event, you can email me at Here are the details of the flight I took: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 Air India # 102 New York John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) to Delhi Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL) Departure (JFK): February 8, 2:25 PM EST (afternoon) Arrival (DEL): February 9, 3:00 PM IST (afternoon)

10 December 2012 11:12:00 Amit Arya

Air India staff members (including ground staff as well as flight attendants) are untrained in customer service and basic airline protocols. My wife and 2 young children boarded a flight fr om DELHI to MUMBAI (AI602) and connecting flight to Johannesburg wh ere they have a code share with SA Airlines. My family did a through check-in at Delhi in flight AI602 on 10-Dec-12 and connecting flight to Johannesburg. The reason why I chose air India over other airlines from Delhi was because Air India had a code share with SA Airlines and hence my wife will not have had the trouble of managing the luggage from Domestic to International airport in Mumbai with 2 children with her. When they asked at Delhi airport the Air India staff said that this was a through check-in and she can collect the luggage at Johannesburg airport. But after landing in Mumbai Air India staff refused to co-operate. They refused to speak to me when I called from Johannesburg. I called the duty manager at Mumbai airport and in-spite of promising to help, he took no action. I will not recommend Air India to anyone.

29 October 2012 11:10:00 A Level Headed "Air India" Traveller

The Worst Airline Company of Year 2012 after many inexplicable worst travel delays. Should suspended their flying license with immediate effect. Worst Crew, Worst flights, Worst Management, Worst of whole of aviation industry. It explains a lot why they did not make in the Star Alliance Group. Never ever take these flights to anywhere, even if you have to choose between their attractive airline fare

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