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Air Sunshine Discussion

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17 October 2016 02:10:00 Guest

Terrible customer service, organization, scheduling and lack of resolution in one little airline! So bad itТs remarkable! Do Not Book. When traveling between the USVI and BVI, the ferries or another airline are better options Ц youТll end up taking them anyway!

06 April 2015 08:04:00 Kim K

I could not agree more. The gate agents we dealt with in Tortola were out right liars. I only wish that I had booked with Cape Air or chartered a plane-which costs less and provides actual customer service. Not only were they rude, our flight left 90 minutes early out bound and 7 hours late inbound! They just kept letting other customers go before us! I later learned that you can give them extra money to bump other people and get on a flight earlier. In my book that is extortion. What is really strange is that our pilot only stopped looking at his phone during take off, landing and when he lost connection. While we were on the runway waiting for clearance he wasn't even looking out the front windshield. I could not believe I put my family through the entire experience. Bottom Line: BEWARE

24 February 2014 11:02:00 Wayne L.

I will second the post below absolutely the worst experience ever! They will try to get $$ from you anyway they can at the counter when they know you have no alternative but to take it or leave it. They lost our return boarding pass then said I did not have one and charged us (group of 7) $25 per to reissue when I saw the copy of the receipt in the ledger book. They said they could not use a copy-no computers to look it up either. Going down our flight was delayed to de-icing and we missed our AS flight by 5 min they charged us $100 per to reissue tickets there were 7 in group and plane only held 9 so did they fly it empty? They asked for our departing flight info upon booking so they knew we would be a few minutes late or should have -they just wanted the $$$$.

28 December 2013 06:12:00 J Taylor

This is the worst, most unethical airline I have ever flown. Please avoid at all costs. I have never seen so many unhappy passengers or such rude customer service agents ever! Please choose a different airline for your San Juan transfer needs. They will make your trip miserable.

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