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01 January 2021 09:01:00 Guest

Guest : What is the cost to change my ticket date

06 December 2020 08:12:00 Bayode

Please where is the booking confirmation on your e- ticket. I want to check in online for a flight

24 September 2020 04:09:00 Guest

What is the cost to change my ticket date

28 December 2019 01:12:00 Esther

Hi. ... I bought a returning ticket at nigeria going to Johannesburg 1st of November to 2nd of December 2019 but I change my mind to stay long in Johannesburg and i called where i bought my ticket to help me open my ticket and now have decided to leave my January 31 of 2020. How much will it cost me for the penalty. Pls

04 December 2019 02:12:00 Mispah Besumbu Mukete

Greetings! I have a booking with web reference KP324070 and booking reference MKQK3. My name was spelt wrongly and I would like to correct it before paying for the ticket. Wrong name: Mispah Besumbuh Mukete Correct name: Mispah Besumbu Mukete

24 February 2018 07:02:00 Guest

Hi , I am a travel agent and i need to reissue one ticket. but i am not sure about date change penalty code Please reconfirm will it be DU tax?

12 December 2017 01:12:00 Duane

Asky airlines are thieves. My travel agent booked my flight along with the fellow I was travelling with at the same time, with the same credit card in August for travel in early December. In October they over booked the Lome to Cottonou flight and bumped us to the next day which was Sunday. We showed up 3 hours before check-in and my friend went through no problem. I was not on the list, therefore I could not fly. I was told to come back the next morning which I did and they did not have a spot for me then either. If they did have a spot they were planning on charging me a change fee. They asked why I had not rebooked and I responded that their office in Yaounde was closed on Sundays. Not their problem. I went back to Yaounde and bought a ticked on Camco the Cameroonian airline and they got me to Benin the next day for one third the price. Now ASKY will not give me my money back because they claim that the ticket is non refundable. They are uncaring thieves who have no problem with stranding people because of their desire to overbook flights and make a profit. I advise anyone to not book with this slimy, cheating company.

04 November 2016 06:11:00 David123

hI i NEED ASSIST FOR NAME CORRECTION. We couldnot able to reach you.

11 August 2016 04:08:00 Guest

On Thursday August 11th 2016, I was scheduled to take a ASKY flight from Lagos LOS to Lome LFW. From Lome, i was scheduled to board another connecting flight to Newark EWR, NJ USA. The flight was scheduled to depart 12:10 pm.. Upon reaching the airport at 9am and locating the checkIn desk, I was told check in had closed even though passengers were still actively checking in. I pleaded with the security and airline official to allow me checkIn, being that the time was only 9:15am.. I was then informed that the flight had arrived and the departure time was shifted forward to 11am. After speaking with the the airline official he stated that ASKY had been attempting to notify Passengers for the past 4 days. I was sure I had not received any notification, but I opened my email and phone to check thoroughly.. 4 remaining passengers including my self, and a woman carrying a baby continued to plead with the airline official who was rushing the remaining passengers to checkIn.. Without any reason or explanation, he continued to tell us checkIn was closed. Shortly after, the airline official and employees closed down they're desks and returned to the back offices. It was now 9:45 and we four passengers were directed to go to the ASKY office to meet the country manager about the case. The upstairs office was locked for 25min until the airline officials returned at approximately 10:15am. 2 passengers continued to plead with the airline staff to make an exception, even offering envelopes of gratuity. The staff members refused stating there was nothing they could do. We then took time to ask them about their policy and checkIn closing time. The staff informed us that the policy is to close checkin 1 hour and 30 minutes before departure time. This information came as a surprise because we were all present and ready to checkIn within the policy's time frame, even if the flight was shifted forward to 11am. It became clear to us that the flight was most likely over booked, and we were the unlucky passengers that would have to suffer the consequence. Although they denied our inclination, we were convinced they had no remaining seats. The airline staff looked at the next possible flight, telling us they were completely until Sept 4th. This was an absurd suggestion because the returning flight I had booked was for August 29th. I continued to plead with the staff to find something better. In return she told me to show very early the following morning in hopes of getting me on the August 12th flight to Lome. Being that I was scheduled to connect another flight, I continued to inquire about how they would arrange my second flight to Newark NJ.

27 July 2016 08:07:00 Guest

I was booked on asky flight 052 from Bissau to Daka on 2July 2016.on arrival I received my bag, saturated with a fluid that smellt like rotting flesh. Definitely not a pleasant experience. I contacted Asky airlines head office but have not received an answer yet.

26 July 2015 10:07:00 Francis Kwajan

I have made a reservation online and just trying to pay but I have not been able to do that for the past 3 days. I have contacted my banks regarding the debit cards I tried to use and there are not problems with my cards. The customer support line " With iTravelDirect, support is only a phone call away - 01483 414411" is a disaster, in fact it does not work at all. My ASKY account has been blocked and I just helpless!

09 November 2014 07:11:00 Guest: David Dela Heymann

Please try and something about the low chill in the on ground air conditioning of your fleet of 737 NGs. Fine aircraft but poor air conditioning when aircraft is on ground. Its as if one is in an oven. Passengers suffer a lot. Thanks. David Dela Heymann. Accra, Ghana. Email :

19 April 2014 06:04:00 mohammed

There is somebody that claim to be your agent. He sales your ticket to people but we later find out it's one of this hackers. if you are intersted i can send his information to track him down. He sales ticket of many airline in west africa. Thanks

17 March 2014 10:03:00 Jimmy Dsilva

I had a return ticket from Mumbai to Bissau transit in lome . My ticket was on 13 March postpone to 16 March n now for 23 March but till now no ticket in hand.when I booked d ticket from sadguru travels , Bissau transit was of 2 hours but now in lome one full day. I really don't understand if transit one full day provide us stay but stayin on d airport .atleast the travel agent has to give a clear picture what's happening . Cald n spoken tells will mail d ticket but till date no reply

16 March 2014 12:03:00 Alexander Kali

I am writing to register my displeasure about some unfair treatment I received recently on my way to Conakry from accra. I was supposed to travel to conakry via Lome - Bamako on the 15th March 2014. when I got to Lome, I was told that the plane has been change into a smaller one so it will not be able to contain all of us and ddefinately some of us had to sleep in lome for a new arrangement to be made. Though very unfortunate and unacceptable, such things we know happen all over the world but the diffirence is how such situations are handled. My lugage was nowhere to be found and nobody could also tell me anything reseasonable. after about two hours at the port, we were packed in a mini van to a hotel at the outskirt of Lome (blue Angels hotel). Now at the hotel we were told that they have been instructed not to give us lunch but only diner. the diner was eventually served at 9pm and was nothing to write home about. somebody like me was still on medication and I had not eaten since morning and I had to starve for well over 12 hours not even a glass of water was served. the said hotel was full of mosquitos and we were subjected to their full attack throughout the nite. there were no toilet roll nor soap in any ofc the rooms. the worst part was that nobody from asky was communicating anything to us. there is also no way some of us could communicate to the outside world as there was no telephones at the rooms, no reliable internet connection. I consider such treatment as a punishment and must be looked at in the future. apart from the physical abuse there are also the emotional and psychological effect when one is taken through experience.

21 February 2014 08:02:00 Guest

Hello, my name is Marisa Osodo, from Kenya and working as a humanitarian aid worker in CAR( Central African Republic) I am a very disappointed mum today. I missed my flight today Fri 21 Feb,Bangui- Douala, because ASKY staff at the airport in Bangui ( Gildas ) told me that my ticket had a problem with the booking.He even suggested that my agent is the one who had changed the booking, which is not true. I went back home and decided to go to ASKY Office in town. I found a nice lady whose name is Aisha, she checked on the computor and was surprised that I had not been able to travel this morning. According to the booking, everything was still okay on the computor and she did not understand why Gildas stopped me from taking the flight this morning. I aslo missed the onward ET flight, Douala- Addis - Nairobi because of this. I have been in contact with my agent, they never changed the flight and they are not authorised to change my flight without a request from me.This booking was done more than 2 weeks ago, I was ready at the airport on time. Gildas maintained that I have to pay the penalty,105,000 CFA to rebook the flight for 24 th Feb 2014, which I had no choice but to pay. This was very painfull for me and I dont think it is fair.I went back home because Gildas told me I was not on the Flight manifest.At the office, Aisha said the booking for Friday 21 Feb was okay! This is an injustice, I am being made to pay for and I would like my money refunded please. E- Ticket No. YO-747-4634506319 Bangui- Douala- Bangui ET- 071-4634506321 Waiting to here from you, Marisa Osodo

29 December 2013 02:12:00 Passenger

The manager in Banjul international airport has no customer service his name is Paul , I will not fly this airlines anymore and my company either .we treat us today with no respect

22 December 2012 06:12:00 Guest Anna Maria de Beer

Slow to updates to passengers waiting to board

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