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Atlasglobal Discussion

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16 December 2019 02:12:00 bita RoshandoonyGuest

Hi, this is the worst airline I have ever had flight with. Te flights are suspended and no one is responsible to schedule another flight or give refunds.

19 July 2019 05:07:00 Guest

I could not do online chck in, so I don't have my boarding pass. Can I fly without it or can I get it on the Izmir airport. My name is on the list of passengers for Istanbul_

04 April 2019 08:04:00 Guest

My family and I never fly by Atlasglobal any more because first, they not only aren't conscientious but also they do not feel responsible. We arrived at the front of Atlasglobal counter at the airport 120 minutes before the flight but surprisingly the counter was closed.

16 January 2019 08:01:00 Guest

My luggage is missing from 8th jan and now is rejecting emails Just a nightmare

27 June 2018 07:06:00 Guest

Greeting admin. I've got my ticket on that date, but I wanna ask something about baggage. I have keyboard electrical piano, can I carry it with me in cabin? But I don't want to drop it at under baggage because I worried the employee won't care my keyboard and it will be broken. Thank you. Nb: please send back in my email Best regards.

22 June 2018 01:06:00 Kazhan Asaad

I booked a flight with Atlasglobal but didnt get confirmation email. I dont even know my PNR.

07 June 2018 12:06:00 neveragainwithatlasglobal

atlasglobal cancelled the flights of my friends without notifying or reimbursing them and I just spend half an hour trying to send them an email to demand their money back. The "write us" on their webpage is a joke and just gives out error notifications. Does anybody know how to contact them by mail? Trying to talk with them on the phone also didn't work: "sorry, no english." Help would be much appreaciated! Thanks

05 January 2018 10:01:00 Guest

To all those put complaints below, I say Bloody-Hell. This is a forest of complaints neither the employees or and the chairman of Atlasglobe would be interested in resolving. Your experience is nothing for them. I would suggest you all forget it.... as customers walk away and wright off your loss. You will never get a decent apology from this airline But Remember, go somewhere else. the globe is full of good airlines other than Atlasglobe Fly with an airline that respects your rights. More important, Use an airline that employs competent people who thrive to resolve problems and ensuring the reputation of the company always good. Atlasglobe wants your money ONLY DONT BE A VICTIM OF INCOMPETENT AIRLINE Happy new year AtlasGlobe

27 December 2017 07:12:00 Guest

Dear Sirs I have reported my luggage missing on Arrival to my final destination (ECNKK16247 / Lost luggage 4th October,2017). 3 months on, still not getting anywhere, and emails forth and back from the airline informing me that my baggage gone missing for good. I trusted the airline with my baggage and in return I was fobbed off and indirectly was told "tough luck" we lost your baggage, and I have no rights at all to claim what is lawfully mine. I listed the content of my baggage & value of each item, and submitted a form as Atlasglobal representative requested. After few emails and unnecessary aggregations & stress, I was offered third of the value of my baggage. The fact is I have to buy replacement which will cost me more than the offered value, and Atlasglobal is failing to understand that issue. Please Help Rokaya Alhasan

26 November 2017 01:11:00 Sudarsanam Rajendran

We are travelling by Atlas Global Flight KK 23 from Izmir departing Kayseri on 24th Dec17 (Sunday). Our PNR No.HBDEHT. This trip of ours is a special one ; apart from being a FIRST for us on the Atlas Global Airways the twin occasions are: my wife celebrated her 50+ birthday recently and our entry into our 30th wedding anniversary. In fact this trip is a celebration of the same! Thus I would like to have a small cooperation from you/your team to extend a small gesture of Welcome/Happy Birthday/Wedding anniversary message to her when we board your flight. A small handwritten note with a flower or two should be fine. It is just to make the occasion memorable for both of us. My wifes name is Mrs Jadila. We look forward to an enjoyable and memorable flight with you. Trust I can have your kind cooperation and confirmation. It is our first visit to Turkey as well.

28 September 2017 07:09:00 John Louie Ibasco

Dear sir/madam, Please help me i need your assistance, one of my baggage is missing i am here now at qatar and they yold me me that only (1)one baggage they found. My first flight is in aktau to istanbul flight KK674 sept.28 at 6:45 amd my baggage claim stub no. Is 354807 and 354808. One of this baggage is missing. For info my last destination is in philippines arrival time is 16:55 sept.29 2017. Please contact me at

27 December 2016 07:12:00 Guest

I paid for a flught from cyprua to nigeria. When i got to nigeria,i couldnt find my luggage please do someting about this or i wil be forced to take a legal action against you asap. You can contact me on +2347069315939

30 June 2016 08:06:00 Aida segni Ep Zaied

Dear atlasjet airlines Please I booked a ticket from doha to Istanbul ticket num 1691613228379 on next date 9/7/2016 , I didn't see my email for a while then when I checked I see that I received an email saying that my ticket is cancelled without any explanation or any contact number. Can you please give me a contact number to fix this big problem for me because I already pay for this ticket and I don't want to cancel it . This is my email : Mob : 00974 77441938 Kind regards Aida

26 October 2015 05:10:00 Guest

We received misleading information regarding flight delay and eventually when we arrived at the airport the flight had been already accomplished, we had to purchase the new ticket costing almost 300 EUR. Could you please contact us on the following number +31 613876365. Otherwise I will have to take legal action against you

24 September 2015 05:09:00 Fahriye Peirovi

Hello I traveled back in August 15 toIzmir, Turkey and on the way back on August 22nd,{on Atlasjet flight number KK0029}I had stop in Amsterdam but my destination was USA and the luggages were sent to Amsterdam and I was suppose to receive them and by doing that I missed my connecting flight to USA. They said I have to pay three hundred and fifty dollars fine for missing my flight. I was so * because they were the ones made mistake and didn't send my luggage straight to USA. I got on board after few hours delay and of course I missed my domistic flight back to DFW and they booked me for stand by and there were six people on stand by and none of us were able to get on board because it was overbooked and I ended up spending that night in Atlanta Airport. Finally I get back home the next morning with a lot of dissapointment and inconvinience I am asking you to resolve this matter and return my fine that they charged me plus the compensation that I had to spent the night on the airport and my families dissapointment for not seeing me at the time that I was suppose to be back.If i don't hear from you ASAP I will have to take legal action and my lawyer will contact you about this case. Thank you Fahriye Peirovi

15 September 2015 09:09:00 Guest Tooran

I had flight on 10 sep 2015 DEP from IKA airport after boarding g was finished I wanted to ask something about flight but the crew were so busy I. I really understand it because of many checking before take off during take off when the seat belt was on the cabin crew started walking in cabin working in cabin they opened the over head bin rack during takeoff special during turbulence !!! . The cabin crew started to serve hot breakfast they gave it to me and my daughter 2 boxes of breakfast without to say here u are !! And the forgot to serve us the casserole of hot breakfast too I called the crew though the passenger bush bottun she one them came and said... what!!!!!😤I told her I think u have forgotten to serve us hot breakfast she said just !! wait , I accepted it but she forgot again when the wanted to serve second hot drink again they forgot the serve us , I called her and she said , what ! I said wat was the breakfast hot or cold meal she said hot and I asked ok so would u please tell me why u did not serve us she said u must to tell me !!!! I explained all of those story which happed and can u guss what did she does , she wanted to give me an hot breakfast casserole from the trolly they were collected the box .... I am a flight purse too and it was the worst experience for me during my trip the cabin crew did not mind the security ... The left the plastic bag of blankets in our row and come back to gally and talked to gather loudly I throw it in the Isle and the came and collect it 😤

05 September 2015 03:09:00 Aymen

Please please I need to change my ticket me and my wife im calling many time but nobody speak English I spend lot of money . Can someone call on mobile number +96598878705 .

30 July 2015 07:07:00 Meriam Dizon

We're having a hard time calling Atlastjet Airlines... How could we contact you easily? Thanks :)

12 June 2015 05:06:00 Assia

How many kilo allowed for luggage check and hand luggage

18 March 2014 07:03:00 Lorraine

Do you have a UK phone number please?

31 January 2014 01:01:00 Homera Farrokh

I travelled on January 29 from Tehran to Istanbul with atlas jet flight number 6571. Your employee in Tehran Reza Naghavi received 299,000 tomans equivalent to $100 from me for the extra luggage I had. When I reached Istanbul for my other legg of flight with British airways they asked for the receipt that mr Naghavi never provided. Regardless of the luggage tickets I had British airways charged me another $100. It seems mr naghavi pocketed my money. I would like to report this fraud and hopefully receive an answer from your company. I still have my luggage sticker. Thank you for your prompt attention. My email address is I live in USA.

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