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Bahamasair Discussion

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13 May 2018 02:05:00 SU535

This is not the Bahamasair carrier' site here, but the discussions on the services of the Bahamasair. If there is no flight information (e-ticket number / reservation number, date , destinations/ origin / name), noone is able to reply without the correct data and the full data. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and produce air carrier / date / fllight number / airports / your name. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / eticket and email address in attachment. The reply can be handlled within 48 hours - 144 hours by free staff in English. Regards. aryan{at} - for private and full requests with e-tickets only.

22 December 2017 08:12:00 Extremely upsaet

Worst airline and customer service I have ever dealt with Not sure if they are lazy or just stupid lost our luggage with all our xmas presents no follow up and don't care 'their attitude is to bad

01 June 2016 04:06:00 Guest

just do not bother flying with Bahamas Air - flying from Nassau to Ft Lauderdale they lost my bag. no excuses, no acceptance of liability, no cares. totally not interested. 8 weeks, 50 emails, multiple phone calls for compensation for the lost luggage. if you fly with them you risk everything. no one accepts any responsibility and there is no customer service. my advice- swim there, rather then take Bahamas Air

13 May 2016 07:05:00 Abilio franca

We have been flying on bahamasair for many years last year we had a couple of problems with bahamasair I wrote a letter and never heard back. This year we made reservations for 3 for July 30 to August 6 2016 we have a timeshare in paradise island beach club . Pibc changed our week from July 30to August 6 to August 6 to August 13 we contacted bahamasair and the girl told us it would cost us 777 dollars more well we can't afford that so the girl said we would lose all of our mon almost 1000 dollars this is horrible we saved all year for this vacation now my grandchildren are disappointed,we need some help, so many years flying with bahamasair, if you cannot help us I will write to every agency in our government and put this all on Facebook and word of mouth and of cause we'll never fly bahamasair again,please,please help us, our booking no. Is 10670742471 and Thank you abilio

17 November 2015 02:11:00 Mr Fitzgerald

Bahamasair emailed my e ticket to my surprise my flight times were more than 3hours later than I had booked , this is absolutely unacceptable as I have connecting flights that I will miss with these new times I have emailed them several times with no one replying to me I am in the uk and it will cost £2.50 a minute to ring does anyone one have any email addresses that I can try to see if anyone replays to me . This is the first and last time I will use this airline

05 August 2014 03:08:00 Muji

Wow that is not good at all. I was considering using them next week to fly home and see my mom and dad but I dedceid to go and use Southwest instead. I saw that nickle and dime when I was trying to book the flight. I started at $145 for just me and by time I was done ticket was $300. I agree I will not use them either.

21 June 2014 08:06:00 New York Howard

I realize that this is the only air port to new province bahamas, and being this is the case "I WOULD NEBER VISIT AGAIN" bags are handled in such the most in professional and irresponsible way possible. During checking in your asked to leave you baggage so I can be scanned. My lock was broken of my suitcase and went through, articles of clothing was stolen from my baggage. When waiting a very long while for my baggage at customs almost missing my flight Notice my lock was broken off. It's very petty and sad that airport staff go through people baggage to steal traveler clothing.

20 May 2014 04:05:00 Mr. Shalunov

The worst airlines which I ever have had. flight UP 0211, Saturday 10 May 2014, NAS-HAV, reservation code XEQWCO Flight was delaying on to 4.30 hours and really started at 15.30. On the Result of this I missed my next Transatlantic flight Havana-Amsterdam-Kiev (ticket 057234 036 0974) and had to buy new ticket and stay 1 more day in Havana. Official version technical problem. Real reason which was said me the Bahamas air official Cuban citizens for whom this flight was combined with. In real time Bahamasair officials made flight check in for bucket Cuban passports (all passenger saw it) without passengers!!! All this passenger were in craft BEFORE official check-in!!!! Is it normal? Making check-in without people??? I contacted several times to the officials & supervisors: Mrs N.Hollk, number 8377, Mr C.Collia card number 7515 with ask to contact to Bahamasair representative in Havana & KLM\Air France in order to inform them about delaying and making rebooking me to the next flight. Your officials confirmed contacts to Bahamasair representative in Havana and KLM\Air France and promised helping me in Havana with speed transfer to the next flight or helping with KLM\Air France contacting. After arriving I found Bahamasair representative in Havana Mr. Lazaro Ortega who said that didnt know nothing and cant do anything for me. Mr. Lazaro Ortega was rude, shut at me and said that Bahamasair doesnt have any responsibility for delaying, nobody from Nassau contact to him. After contact to KLM\Air France I found that NOBODY from Bahamasair didnt contact to them. As a result of it I missed my next flight, lost 850 USD for new ticket & 100 USD for accommodation

20 January 2014 04:01:00 Carlos Benati

Airplanes are tricycles with wings . If necessary take a ferry or go swimming , but I never use this company. I made the purchase of tickets for me and my wife , on August 13, 2013 , to spend the new year in the Bahamas Atlantis Hotel , the date on which the amount due is debited to my credit card . Four days after spending a great Christmas in Orlando , drove me to the Airport's and clerk , to check the passports looked like it had seen a ghost ! He just ran into the private area of the cia with my passport and my wife for about 20 minutes . Then he returned with his superior who said that there was a cancellation and reversal of the value of the tickets . Informed that he had not made ​​any request for cancellation and that the amount had been paid in full months before . Coeçou then a waiting period that lasted about 01 hours and it apologized for the mistake and gave me boarding passes . What he did not ask me and was CHARGE AGAIN the amount already paid on my cartão.Somente saw yesterday on my bank statement this crime ( under the laws of Florida ) , as this should ask my permission to do so and did not . Simply said it had resolved the problem ( mistake) . Tebho all vouchers of the two licenses and there was no reversal !

05 August 2013 09:08:00 erica

Run! Run! Run! The worst air service ever!!! Well first thing first we were traveling out of ft. Lauderdale (fll) to freeport,bs on July 24,2013.just like every well prepared passenger I was there 2.5 hours early for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. while waiting for my flight the entire a/c system in the airport went out (fll) then as soon as I learned that I also learned that my flight was delayed until 2:30. 2:30 came and no flight and no update. 3:00 p.m. came and the update was the flight will be delayed until 4:30. So as you can imagine we have been is a hot, sweaty airport for 6.5 hours. 4:30 rolls around and yes still no flight and no updates. 5:00 p.m. finally hits and there is an update the flight should be at fll 5:30 so now I have been in this airport for 8.5 hours. I finally board the plane at exactly 5:45 p.m. I had to wait 8.5 hours for a 30 minute flight to freeport,bs. now on the way back my flight was schedule to leave freeport,bs at 5:30 p.m it was delayed until about 7:00 p.m. and when the plane arrived I had to wait outside while the airport workers loaded the plane up with luggage and carry a full conversation with each other. The ride back to fll was just as bad as the flight from fll on Bahamas air. Never again will I travel with Bahamas air it was horrible. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Thanks for nothing.

14 May 2013 07:05:00 Arrette H

I had the worse experience with Bahamas air this past weekend and I thought it was only fitting that I share my concerns with your company. Me and my boyfriend was due to leave Fort Lauderdale heading to Nassau on 05/09 on the 5:25flight, the flight was delayed by 25mins due to a customer trying to fly out with a dog or some other customer service issue. Once they removed the passenger from the flight we were able to leave, the flight crew apologized for the inconvenience and we left. Once we got to Nassau we had transportation thru a private company that we missed because they were there on the time of the flight arrival and left so we had to wait a hour for another shuttle bus. Monday morning the shuttle but was late picking us up from the hotel to take us to the airport. Once we did arrive to the airport , tried checking in the agent advised us @ 10am that we were too late for the flight, then advised us that we had to pay $200 ($100per person) to take a later flight, of course I was taken aback because, we didnt feel that it was a justified reason for a charge fee, not only that that flight left late as well (we could have made the flight ). There were less than 15pp in customs went and checked, even the TSA agent made the comment that if they are holding the flight for you, you would have been able to get thru faster. Seems as though your airline has a history of not leaving on time. After speaking with the customer service agent who was very rude and very short, and in my opinion the worse representation for you company that you could have ever had on the phone holding the title of a customer service agent. Being that the person I was speaking with was a * of time and advised me to go to the transportation company and have them pay the fee being that they were late in picking us up, I then asked to speak to customer service agent manger (another employee that needs customer service training ) I was told that they would have me detained in US customs, in order for me to make arraignments to pay they change fee of 200$ if I didnt have the means to pay the fee. My question is who does that ? were they trained in such a way? I have spoken to several people and even your own employees stated that it was uncalled for and it is up to the managers discretion to waive the fee if need be. The so called manager told me that she would check with someone else ( supposedly upper management were on a conference call) and they would call the counter back, we sat there for over an hour and they never called back. (if you are a customer based business then you should at least respond truthfully to the customers), we paid the fee and ended up on the 345pm flight back to fort Lauderdale, and get this that flight too was late it didnt close the doors until 410pm,, why because they were waiting ONE passenger !! So maam/Sir that was the definitive cause as to why I would never refer your airline to anyone to fly ! Your services are beneath acceptable and I all the plans that we have for future travel with your airline is canceled. Every blog I can find that will allow me to discourage anyone from traveling with your airline will most defiantly be posted and shared. For your company to brag on their level of customer service, it seems only fitting that you know that the services I received as a first impression with your airline and your island was enough for me to say I would NEVER ever fly your airline again and for that matter visit your island. Sincerly, Arrette Harvey

28 January 2013 01:01:00 James Krall

Three of us flew Bahamasair in July of 2012 from Ft. Lauderdale to the Provinciales and back. Going was OK but back was a disaster. Our flight to Nassau was diverted to Freeport because of bad weather, which is understandable. However, as soon as we landed, the weather had cleared up and we were cleared to go right back, but we didn't. Instead, we sat on the tarmac for close to two hours without air conditioning or water so they could take some "unscheduled passengers" back to Nassau with us. By the time we finally got to Nassau, we missed our connecting flight to Ft. Lauderdale. They had no other connecting flights and refused to pay for our overnight stay in a motel. I have tried to correspond with Bahamasair customer service dept. thru email four times already and have never once got a response. That really tells me what kind of management they have and we will never fly Bahamasair again until they get professional. I can just imagine how little they manage their airplane maintenance when they can't even correspond with their paying customers. Now I strongly recommend all my family and friends to fly an alternative airline and to stay far away from Bahamesair!!

30 October 2012 03:10:00 doug pike

The airline totaly sucks and CEO should be replaced i was in cuba left for havana oct 14th was due to return 25th of course could not becuase the of the hurricane so i assumed would be on the next flight which was due to leave 28th october after numerous calls to nassau which no one answered the fone before or after the hurricane and even now which is 29th october so i called the agent at havana airport and i speak spanish he was very arrogant and said u not in sunday fight u have to wait till next thursday 1 st november my response was who is going to pay 7 nights in hotel andf food he told me my problem I am not a violent person but i can tell u if he had been in front of me i would have hit him then i sent four emails to bahamas air and to this day they have answered none i took a flight on air canada to toronto which cost me 450 one way 300 dlrs in hotel and food they should be held accountable instead the leaves passengers stranded normally an airline would send another plane to havana to pick up stranded passengers this is a bahamian government owened airline and they should be ashamed of how it is run the president and CEO should be fired the staff badly need customer service traning doug pike 242 448 0157

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