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12 November 2017 06:11:00 Guest

Terrible airline all around. Avoid at all costs. Flight was 12 hours late due to their rickety old airplane being deemed unfit to fly. That's just the way it is, they said. Backstory: Needed to make an important afternoon meeting in St. Petersburg and bit the bullet and bought the ticket on the morning flight that cost twice as much as all the others flying later in the day. We boarded. The plane looked ancient and terrifying, but ok, whatever. It goes out to the runway, and then some men come out and start fiddling around under the wing, open up the engine. We sit there for an hour on the runway watching them. Then they inform us the plane cannot fly. We're brought back to the terminal to wait for another 5 hours while they find a plane that can fly. Then, due to missing all earlier connection flights in Minsk, another 5 hours in the airport there. End result: spent twice as much on a ticket only to be 12 hours late. No compensation offered. Rude staff. They don't have numbers (except ticket offices that don't provide any information except for ticket purchases) outside of Belarus, so if you want to call you have to pay through the nose to call to Minsk. If you want to complain, you have to send a regular letter to Minsk. In my case, they then sent a letter to my home address saying "oh well so sorry, looking forward to your business next time." I didn't even have it so bad--I just lost a couple hundred dollars and 12 hours. Others on the flight had connecting flights in Moscow to Central Asia on different airlines that they missed. I can't even imagine how much time, money and grief Belavia's rickety old planes and abysmal customer service cost them. Beyond that, the airline is mediocre in all ways--the seats, the food, the whole experience. From what I can tell, they make most of their money based on the fact that there are no direct flights between Russian and Ukraine right now and know they can do whatever they want. The whole experience is similar to a very cheap discount airline in the EU except without EU passenger protections and at the price of a regular airline. I'm avoiding them at all costs in the future, even if it means paying a bit more or a slightly longer flight time.

03 August 2017 10:08:00 CHARITY MAINA

A week ago had booked belavia 954 for two person my old mama and sister who was stopped in airport flight was cancalled which I do understand ..until now they are only rotating me have not got my money back

04 September 2016 04:09:00 Chittane Mohamed affan

I travelled from chennai to Riga on1st Sep 20016My PNR no TQMLDK..Upon reaching Riga I could not find one of my baggage.. My file reference no is RIXB210084.. As all my clothes were in that particular bag I have nothing to wear now ..I'm a student and I hve my documents in that baggage .when I track the baggage it says ' tracking continues' ..when will I get my bag .????? My classes start from Monday ...please do d needful

30 July 2012 09:07:00 Alex

I booked these flights for ~£600 return London to Tel Aviv - business class. Transit Visa should be ordered in advance (I used Real Russia) and costs ~£100. Still great value, only slightly more than British Airways economy and so much nicer. I only found out at check-in that Belavia business class passengers get free Servisair lounge access at Gatwick airport and it is a superb lounge even with its own private TV room and satellite TV. 30Kg baggage allowance in business class. First plane was a 737-500, 2 owner (ex Xiamen) in very good condition if a bit loud (it is an old plane after all). I was checked through at Gatwick (55 minute connection at Minsk) and given row 1 on this flight. Now, row 1 means you can stretch your legs as much as you want and there's still loads of room in front. The seats were comfortable, as business class only had one other passenger I had the row to myself and was given a blanket and pillow on boarding should I wish to lie across all three seats (some planes have 2 seats per side in business class, this had 3). First example of old-fashioned service - everyone was given a boiled sweet as they boarded, and greeted by the stewardesses who were genuinely happy and enthusiastic (smiling and chatting to each other between people boarding, which was nice to see - they were enjoying their job). As soon as I sat down, I was offered a drink (they serve tea/coffee/orange/apple/tomato juice). Announcements in Belarusian and English. Meal served shortly after reaching maximum altitude (on both flights - yes, unlimited snacks in the complimentary lounge followed by two HUGE dinners). Both flights included chunky strips of smoked salmon, red caviar, salad with tomato and cucumber (and mayonnaise in pouch), potato wedges, broccoli, hot brown roll with onion in it, hot white roll with sesame seed on top, cured meats (LGW-MSQ had chunky large slice of ham and Belarusian salami, MSQ-TLV had black forest ham), pickled cucumber and dill, and huge chocolate muffin filled with Nutella. LGW-MSQ had large chicken breast coated in sesame seed and MSQ-TLV had large portion of chicken kiev. Food delicious, served on branded porcelain on a clean white tablecloth with stainless steel branded cutlery and white cloth napkin. All food served hot, and unusually for an airline meal I could actually taste it! Juices/tea/coffee available with meal and throughout flight. On MSQ-TLV (older 737-300, 6 owners and more shabby, seats with Continental Airways pattern on them) pilot gave regular announcements and in-air statistics in Belarusian and English. In-flight magazine kept me entertained, quite a few pages in English but photos in Belarusian bit (in articles on remote tribes I think) fascinating. Before I forget - they have a loyalty card (Belavia Leader) which I applied for online and which got delivered quickly from Belarus (I live in London) which is very genuine. From this journey alone I have enough points to fly from Minsk to St Petersburg (and London-Minsk economy is really cheap). Lastly, the main reason I love the airline is that the service felt personal and genuine - every other modern airline feels like the staff run off a script and have absolutely no enthusiasm or personality. Staff on Belavia were genuine people who chatted and giggled together when not serving but were very attentive when anyone needed service. The service was also personal, even in economy class from what I saw. It really felt like I was flying in the 80s before these airlines all became corporate and before cabin crew were silent and moody/solemn. Would gladly fly again, in fact will go to Russia for the first time with them soon. In a word, flying with them felt homely and I felt cosy!

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