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18 January 2023 03:01:00 Guest

Call On Cathay Pacific Airlines 1-888-588-2434 Booking And Cancellations

13 May 2018 02:05:00 SU535

m flying to vietnam from australia in april- does anyone know if cathay is familiar with the new(ish) E-visa? i have e-visas from Vietnam and dont want any issues with Cathay not letting us board . cheers Scott This is not the Cathay Pacific carrier' site here, but the discussions on the services of theCathay Pacific. If there is no flight information (e-ticket number / reservation number, date , destinations/ origin / name), noone is able to reply without the correct data and the full data. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and produce air carrier / date / fllight number / airports / your name. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / eticket and email address in attachment. The reply can be handlled within 48 hours - 144 hours by free staff in English. Regards. aryan{at} - for private and full requests with e-tickets only.

30 January 2018 09:01:00 Guest

m flying to vietnam from australia in april- does anyone know if cathay is familiar with the new(ish) E-visa? i have e-visas from Vietnam and dont want any issues with Cathay not letting us board . cheers Scott

09 May 2017 08:05:00 Allan selby

Just came back from the Philippines with Cathay pacific, What A nice flight and good seats will fly with you in oct if you can offer about . The same price. Thanks for looking after us and thank all your staff. Mr A selby

13 February 2017 10:02:00 Guest

CX customer service is poor quality in comparison to the actual fees charged. How much different is the plane, in flight service, food etc. than other airlines? Does the service and amenities quantify a price more than double of some competitors? Not for this customer. These reasons together with 4 hours spent on hold - writing a letter of complaint (which received "0" response.....shows us (the customers) they don't really care....that seat will undoubtedly be filled by another passenger....and so it goes. The last time I flew CX it was a hot, humid, Hong Kong day, the flight was slow to pull away from the gate - full flight- the elderly couple sitting in front of me waved their arms to attract the attention of the flight attendant to ask for a "glass of water" they were told to "wait a minute" ...some time passed still on the ground - the elderly couple rang the attendant bell - and again asked for a glass of water...again they were told to "wait" ....well the flight finally took off - and the beverage service didn't start for close to 1 this poor couple for what ever valid reason needed - wanted - to have a sip of water and were denied this privilege. luckily I had an unopened bottle of water that I had purchased after clearing customs as I know how long it takes for the beverage service to start....i passed my water to them which was used to take medication...If the goal of CX flight attendants is for the safety and well being of the passengers I call FAIL. I am happy with other Asian carriers and save money while doing so. Take note: get your water ahead of time in the airport could be awhile. a former CX flier.

01 February 2017 10:02:00 Guest

Have a question - can I PAY for use of a Cathy Pacific-Dragon economy ticket holder with a flight from Manila to Burma and an 11 hour lay-over in Hong Kong???

25 June 2016 11:06:00 Gordon Zhou

Two months ago, I was searching for a one-way air ticket from the Japanese KIX airport to the JFK in the Cathay Pacific airlines US web site, and found a flight (CX503/CX846) for $872. I booked that flight from the Cathay Pacific US web site, but somehow it redirected me to its Japanese site and charged me 95,590 Japanese Yuan. After the booking, I found out the charge is more expensive than the initial $872 fare shown on its US web site. Therefore, I cancelled the booking online since its US web site says it is free cancellation within 24 hours. I expected to get the full refund for my cancelled booking. However, Cathay Pacific charges me 30K Japanese Yuan for the cancellation. They said my booking was booked through its Japanese site, which has a different cancellation policy. But my booking was initiated from the US site and redirected to its Japanese site without any warning. It is a totally fault of Cathay Pacific airlines, but I am asked to paid 30K cancellation fee.

30 October 2015 05:10:00 anti

price a cathay pacific ticket for domestic helper from hongkong yo surabaya on 26 december -10 january .thank you

25 August 2015 09:08:00 Guest

In November 2015 I arrive at Hong King Airport with British Airways and go to Taipei with Cathay Pacific. The time between flights is 1:20 hours. Will there be any problems with the baggage because of the short time between flights.

17 April 2015 01:04:00 Guest

Since the 13th of February 2015, I have not heard from you as promised. 4 emails sent and always the reply is We are looking into this ======================================== Do I need to travel to your HQ and ask to see the CEO for this matter to be solved? What type of Company treats her customers like this? Our Ref: 00064488 13/02/2015 Dear Mr Joulak Thank you for your email to Mr Rupert Hogg, our Chief Operating Officer, who has asked me to reply on his behalf. I am very sorry to learn of your disappointment with the handling of my colleague Mr Raymond Dsilva and offer my sincere apologies for the poor impression created on this occasion. I would also like to apologise for the disruption you experienced on your flight from Taipei to Tunisia via Hong Kong. I understand that you would like to claim the mileage to your Qatar mileage account. I would like to let you know that we are in contact with them to have this matter resolved. I will be in touch with you once we hear from them regarding this. I thank you for your patience in the meantime. Yours sincerely Tshering Sherpa Customer Relations Executive

24 March 2015 06:03:00 Dave

I bought 3 return Tickets to Newark International Airport (EWR) on Cathay Pacific. Once these were confirmed & paid for I then organised connecting flights from Miami with another carrier(American Airlines) to connect with this return flight. This was 6 months before I was to fly as good price rates were being offered. Now only 2 weeks until I fly I have been told that my return flight no long leaves from EWR, instead it has been re-scheduled to depart from JFK. This change was due to an operational procedure I was informed from Cathay Pacific. This leaves me very little time between my flight that arrives in EWR & the flight that departs from JFK. Another State, another city.Once we collect our luggage we'll have not enough time for a taxi or private car (allow 1.5 hours travel from one port to another). Solution from Cathay Pacific was to leave from Newark a day early or day late & were happy to re-schedule me onto one of those alternate flights. This still doesn't help with my connecting flights as I would need to repurchase these, let alone the bookings I have whilst in Hong Kong. The easiest option I pointed out was to help me find new flights from Miami to JFK instead of to EWR with possibly a partnered airline or such. In this case no help was offered at all & they didn't want to know anything about it. I now have forfeited tickets with American Airlines from MIA to EWR that aren't worth the paper they are printed on as I cannot use them to get to my previously paid for connecting flight with Cathay. Instead I am out of pocket for 3 more tickets as I have had to pay for flights with Delta to now arrive in JFK from MIA so I can at least get to these re-scheduled Cathay Pacific flights. So Thanks Cathay Pacific for your lack of Empathy & help in this matter. Now I am out of pocket for 3 more domestic flight tickets. If you schedule & offer flights for sale from a particular airport, do it, otherwise you stuff everybody around! You may have the money to chop & change but I don't!

11 February 2015 04:02:00 John

Hi am traveling from taiwan-hong kong-London-manchester, could someone please tell me what free baggage allowance, thank you

13 December 2014 02:12:00 Guest

I booked a flight online with cathay.i accidentally deleted the e-ticket they sent me in my email even in the trash folder and i havent taken note of my booking referene number and my ticket number but i do know the flight number..can anyone advise me what to do?is it poosible that cathay will resend my e-ticket

29 August 2014 09:08:00 Raisul Islam

I bought round trip ticket from Cathay Pacific Airways from Dhaka (DAC) to San Francisco (SFO). The passenger is my sister who will be traveling from Dhaka. I live close to SF and I bought the ticket for her with my credit card. According to the rule, I have to physically present my credit card to the personnel in the check-in counter of Cathay in SFO to verify before the passenger boards the flight. I bought the ticket on August 6, 2014. I went to San Francisco Airport on August 9, 2014 around noon time when the counter is open. I talked with a lady with a name badge "Ellen". I gave my credit card and she verified. She put that verification in the online system and told me that it is done. I came back and did not think about it. The problem started on August 29, 2014 when my sister tried to board from Dhaka. She was told that there is no verification in the system and she can not board. She immediately contacted me. I tried to contact the hot-line of Cathay and I was told to go again to the airport to verify. They told that they did not find any record of any verification. I had to rush 70 miles from Santa Rosa to San Francisco airport. I had to leave my office without notifying my manager in work, since I did not have any time. I barely made to the airport and verified the card. After some time my sister was able to board but she had to wait for two hours and was almost on the verge of missing the flight. When I asked about why the verification was not in the system, both the lady and her Manager (name tag - Jett Yang (might be Jeff, I was very tensed then!!)) tried to tell me that there was no one on August 9th as far as they remember came to verify card. In effect, the sense of their talk is that I was trying to lie and it was totally my fault. I tried to express my frustration, still they did not seem to be sympathetic at all. At least they could have told me a sorry. They only told me that when I mentioned that to them. The truth is I was in the airport on Aug 9th to verify my card. I gave the card and they verified it. I have one friend who dropped my at the airport, so it can be verified. Somehow it was the lady's negligence that caused it not to go through the system. She did not even bothered to verify whether it actually went into the system or not. The more disappointing part is that the behavior they did with me when I had to go again to the airport rushing like crazy. As a customer at least I could have got a better behavior.

29 May 2014 04:05:00 Rajagopalan R.

My wife Malathi and I (both seniors) were in Premium Economy Class (Seats 31H and 31K) on flight CX879 fr om SFO to HKG (with connection to BLR) on 12th September 2013. During our onward flight from HKG to SFO in March 2013, we had felt very cramped in Economy Class and so we got our tickets upgraded for our return journey in September. Little did we know at that time what a wise decision that was. After the flight took off, the elderly passenger in front of us took ill. The flight was diverted to Anchorage in order to offload the passenger and then we landed at Taipei for crew change. Finally, after being in the aircraft for 20 hours, we landed at HKG on 14th morning, very tired. We had of course missed the connecting flight. We were afraid that there would be a crowd and big confusion at the transfer counter. We thought we might have to spend long hours at the airport. We were in for a delightful surprise. We found a long table arranged with all the new boarding passes, envelopes with hotel coupons and cash for meals, also instructions for transport to hotel. We could not believe our eyes. We were accommodated at J W Marriott, wh ere we could take good rest and take the BLR flight on 14th night. We should also add that the 20-hour flight was made bearable because we were in Premium Economy. We thank Cathay Pacific for the extraordinary level of service extended to us and all the passengers of CX879. We hope they will maintain this high standard of service. One complaint: On that long flight no clear announcements were made about our landing time, arrangements made for connecting flights, etc. Because of my good experience with CP last year, I am again travelling BLR-HKG-SFO in July 2014 by Premium Economy. Even though the price was high for me, I still decided to pay extra for the comfort.

02 October 2013 07:10:00 Guest

how many weeks should you allow a pregnant woman in your plane?

19 July 2013 11:07:00 Guest

Mrs Norma Florence Douglass : Would like to enquire if it is possible to join Cathay's Lounges in Terminals of Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur and Heathrow London even if travelling Economy as I am suffering back problems and need a wheelchair, but also need comfortable sitting while waiting in air terminals.

04 July 2013 05:07:00 Mrs Norma Florence Douglass

Would like to enquire if it is possible to join Cathay's Lounges in Terminals of Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur and Heathrow London even if travelling Economy as I am suffering back problems and need a wheelchair, but also need comfortable sitting while waiting in air terminals.

13 June 2013 10:06:00 Mason Tse

I purchase a return airfare form Toronto to Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Local Travel Agent. the ir ticket has been paid in February and I just found out that there was a charge to my credit card on April for HK$858.00 from Cathy Pacific Air L35 Hong Kong. Please advise what is this charge for ? You can reach me at Thanks

12 March 2013 06:03:00 Maria Luisa Macaburas

Today March 12, 2013 we boarded CAthay Pacific 901. I will just try my luck if you would take notice of my email just asking if somebody report to you that he or she has found an Ipad in that said Airline CX 901. i remember my son gave his ipad to me, but on my way out of the airplane I remember I must give the envelop for the Unicef donation and took it from my bag. i dont know if at that time I may have place it on a chair because my handbag is heavy and my hands full. please help me have my peace of mind, My son is crying for his lost Ipad please if you could just ask the CX 901 crew.

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