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15 September 2019 01:09:00 Janette Sutherland

Please explain CLASS V & CLASS T on my e-ticket?

09 December 2018 07:12:00 anthony

why there is different type of facility not telling the customer...i purpose flight with garuda for my child can play and sit quite while we flying..but suddenly there is no tv???????? my son ask me..why there is no tv??????Garuda should tell passenger there is different facility on each want eat egg fried rice and just fried rice on the same priceee????

13 May 2018 01:05:00 SU535

This is not the Garuda Indonesia Airways carrier site here, but the discussions forum here. There is no flight information /e-ticket number / reservation on this air carrier in most comments. No one can reply without the correct and full data on the reservation or on the flight/destination. Such comments are not fair. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and produce date / fllight number / airports. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / eticket and email address in attachment. The reply can be handlled within 2-5 days by free staff in English. Regards. aryan{at} - for private and full requests with e-tickets only.

11 March 2018 07:03:00 Guest

Anyone would like to know more information please visit

23 December 2017 04:12:00 Dave Harsono

What is happening to Garuda Indonesia ??? ... they are now always late, not just a few minutes but over an hour in some cases , they don't seen to care anymore, they use the excuse it was due to the incoming aircraft being late arriving but why was that late ?, Also Garuda planes flying from Australia to Bali are the slowest planes in the sky, Jetstar and Virgin travel about 480 or 490 kts but Garuda fly at about 440 kts is this because Garuda pilots are all too old now ? I don't know what is going on in Garuda but they seem to have a don't care attitude. I think so of the people in charge in Garuda need replacing with people who do care.

13 July 2017 10:07:00 Juli

I had the same experience with one of the guest who left comment on their refund procedure. After they changed the flight timing by cancelling the flight and rescheduling it to another day, I had to cancel and rebook my flight with another carrier. For that, they promised that they will refund my full fare. After 3months of following up on emails, it is still in progress. For each query I sent, it took them a week to respond without any concrete results. This will be my last booking with Garuda for their incompetence. Please be careful when you booked with Garuda.

07 July 2017 11:07:00 Guest

Congrats!!!! World's best cabin staff 2017

27 June 2017 09:06:00 onion

Why garuda indonesia change the type of aircraft for cgk hkg route ? GA 860... from A332 change to B737 on sept 2017.... can someone pls advise ...

25 April 2017 12:04:00 Dyatmika Wulan Marwati

I was very dissapointed with Garuda Indonesia Airways. My planet was schedule at 25th April 2016, at 06.00 AM. But suddenly changed at 11 AM, without any clear information . Just send text via SMS, without any sorry. I was very dissapointed, because that day I have to attend meeting in my office. And Harus had cancelled my schedule.

07 March 2017 12:03:00 BILL PETER

I was flying back from Jakarta on 5/3/2017 and my flight was GA834. I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED WHEN THE SERVICE CREW SERVE MEALS AND THERE WAS ONLY BEEF. AS I CANNOT EAT BEEF DUE TO MY RELIGIION, I ASK IF THEY HAD FISH OR CHICKEN, THE ANSWER WAS ," SORRY ONLY BEEF! TAKE OR LEAVE IT" Such an international airline and they do not cater to pasengers who are non beef eaters. How about only serving PORK and no other choices????? Such a bad service

28 August 2016 03:08:00 Guest

I was very disappointed in-flight service of Garuda Indonesia as follows: 1. Flights from Jakarta (CGK) to Medan (KNO) on Sunday, August 21, 2016 with a flight GA 196. My booking code is 2RSXT3 (Class V). The first schedule was supposed to take off at 19:45, but the new aircraft took off at 21:13 (the delay was long enough). Unfortunately we even did not get any refreshment. It is too bad. Then the second after boarding on plane (the plane has not even taxiing and take-off), I asked for a blanket for my mother who was not well and one flight attendant answered us that the blanket was gone. But after that some passengers sitting behind us also asked for blanket / blanket and we saw them get it from another flight attendant. We are very very disappointed and deeply regrets the services of Garuda in the plane that as such. 2. Flights from Medan (KNO) to Jakarta (CGK) for your flight to Yogjakarta on July 28, 2016 with the flight GA0181. My booking code is ZMIQSL. For this I was flying business class passenger (Class I). Flight schedule supposed to be at 5:20 am but the new plane finally took off at 07.30 am (delay of more than 2 hours). We all passengers are already boarding around 5:10 am, but around 06:00 am we were asked to get off the plane carrying the entire cabin luggage and then at 7:00 we were then allowed to reboard, then finally took off at 07.30. Also we did not get any compensation at all even just a refreshment. I am very very disappointed with Garuda Indonesia

23 August 2016 04:08:00 Ciara Roche

To whom it may concern, I am writing regarding issues we had while making our journey from Sydney to Amsterdam with Garuda Indonesia. Date 20/7/2016 Firstly we flew from Sydney to Bali on flight garuda indonesia 715 @10.25am 20/7/2015. Our flight was late taking off therefore, sat on the runway for over 1hour. We arrived at our hotelwith no luggage. We we told we would receive our luggage the following day but did not receive for 3days. We finally received our luggage at midnight. It was disgrace how first 3days spent with no luggage no clothes and promised it everyday from your airline, not good enough. We continued our journey from Bali to Jakarta flight garuda indonesia 421 @7.55pm. We got got a conncting fight from Jakarta to amsteedam flight 88 @10.30pm. Our flight was delayed from Jakarta to Amsterdam by 2 hours. We had a connecting flight from Amsterdam to Dublin catch and therefore missed that. We had plans for our families to stay in a hotel in Dublin and had to cancel and lost out on a lot of money. This was a major inconvenience to us and our families who had to book days off work in advance. This as you can imagine was very upsetting. Us and our families don't have a lot of money so we we absolutely devastated. We arrived in Amsterdam at 10.30am 30/7/2016. We were handed 2 voucher to attend a lounge while waiting for connecting flight which was not until 5.30pm (7hours) later. We went to garuda help desk and no one was there for help. We walked about with 5 bags of luggage with nobody to help us check in. This is a disgrace after a long flight. This is unacceptable as 2 paying customers to be treated like this. I dont think its acceptable. We were tired and couldn't get a shower because of lack of help. We are very unhappy with all of this. Firstly with 3 days of our holiday with the baggage and secondly the way we were treated when we missed our connecting flight. We are unhappy customers. Can you please get back to me regarding this matter. Regards, Ciara Roche

18 June 2016 04:06:00 Guest

Asked for vegetarian meal and they served me chicken curry ! Wrote a complaint but till now no response .

14 June 2016 11:06:00 Guest

Dear Ms. Vera, I would like to share with you my wife and my horror experience we had on Garuda Indonesia on 4/5/2016. This was very disappointing as we have had many more flights with Garuda as you can see from our profile. We were looking forward to a long weekend in Bali and were able to secure (some expensive) tickets with Garuda. As we are both frequent flyers (KLM Platinum) we know how it works on airports and airlines and we made sure we left the house early at 5.30 pm for our flight GA424 bound to Bali at 21.15 hrs Our experience on that day was one which will go to the history books as the worst flying experience; When we arrived at the airport, we found out that the air conditioning was not working. Not a major disaster but certainly not comfortable. We already noticed that there were quite some flights delayed but were reassured by the Garuda employees that our flight was still on time. What happened after that is probably hard to describe and if I think about it.. At 21.15 hrs there was still no announcement on the board about our flight. At 21.25 hrs there was finally a message about the delay till 22.30 hrs Unfortunately there was also no signage at the gate for the flight so we hoped that we were at the right gate which was confirmed when we asked again. It was actually a total disaster at the airport that day with many flights. At 22. 00 hrs we were ushered into buses to go to the plane. Hoping for a smooth take off was too much to ask. At 22.45 hrs an announcement was made that we had to wait for take-off permission and would now be leaving at 23.30 hrs. By this time we had been sitting in the plane and with us many other people for 45 minutes without any drinks etc. I had to ask the cabin crew to serve some drinks as also the temperature in the plane was not optimal. At 23.45 hrs another announcement was made that we now were only departing at 01.00 hrs. Upon arrival in Bali we found out that there was an issue with the runway and that it had been closed from 16.00 hrs 22.00 hrs . We understand that you can not compromise on safety but the fact that we were not informed nor told what was going on is the worst part. If, like many other airlines do, you would have send a text message we could have chosen to change our flight till the next morning when we were on our way to the airport. If we were told at the airport that there will be a huge delay, we could have chosen to go back home. Unfortunately nothing of this happened and even when sitting in the plane for 3 hours we were not properly informed about the situation. Finally we arrived at 04.00 hrs in Bali. What a way to start the holiday  Being in the service industry myself, I know how important it is to speak to your customers and be honest with them. Even when there are big problems which might be out of your control. I have also learned that it is important to give customers a solution for the problems. Garuda failed both and this is very very disappointing.

08 March 2016 09:03:00 Guest

Guest : On Saturday 15th September I boarded a flight from Bali to Melbourne at 12am. I was seated in Business class. For the duration of the flight, the whole 6 hours I endured a screaming toddler. This child did not stop for 5 minutes. Several people complained to cabin crew and were moved to another position, but they ran out of seats. Since when did become acceptable to allow toddlers in Business class flights? Absolutely ruined my flight and I got not sleep at all. No other airline I am aware off allows children under 15 yo to fly business class. This was the first and last time I am ever flying with Garuda. What a * of money business class is, no different to the screaming, annoying children in economy.You are so stupid. Its not the airlines fault.]

21 July 2015 06:07:00 Pedro Gonzales

Bad... Bad... Bad... A failed promise turned into a stranded experience for me. I was promised by Gilang, a salesperson of garuda at ciputra world surabaya, that garuda ground staff would hanle mya baggage from denpasar straight to surabaya and convinced me to take the longer route n more expensive flight from jakarta instead. No words can describe my madness, i felt cheated, salespersons at their finest. Never again i would board with an airlines with amateurish sales. Funnily, when i confronted Gilang for his clarification, he didn't show up, so did the manager. If you are not at fault, why hide yourself? Apologize as a gentleman, but i guess that's not the case. There's a proverb in indonesia, "karena nila setitik, rusak susu sebelanga" which translated as "because an ink droplet, spoils the whole white milk". It rings so true...

28 April 2015 08:04:00 Choo Bee Chin Doris

I am a singapore passenger on Flight GA842 from Denpasar-Bali back to Singapore yesterday 27th April 2015. I left behind my shawl in a pouch on seat 41A. I'm very very sure it was left on the seat as my shawl was used for my 9mth old grandchild. When the plane landed, i have forgotten to keep it. It was a birthday present so now I'm sad if the shawl cannot be claimed from the Lost and Found. I've spoken to the L&F twice already. Once last night and once this morning. Unfortunately,the plane housekeeping team did not hand it up yet. Description: Black printed shawl in a grey cloth pouch. Please re-investigate. Would greatly appreciate if some effort is put to retrieve my item. Thank You. Contact nos. 68428488 or 96892200

09 January 2015 11:01:00 Hiranandani Bhavana mrs

Dear Sir 9 1 15 3.20 pm Loss of my big Bag i can yesterday fr om singapore flight ga 827 8 jan 1145 and my bag cheek in from Mumbai jet airways line flight 92 4127 i have re confirm in singapore before depart and complaint to Jakarta air port missing my bag no. 730041 courtesy no. 10229 i am trying to call jakarta airport to find out wh ere is my bag but no one pic and no one call me till now its more than 30 hours and all my medicine and cloth in side ? please help me urgently and call me + 62 87776535470 or 021 90537055 Mrs.Hiranandani Bhavana

13 November 2014 11:11:00 Raymond

Please ad that GA also now usin B777-300ER for Domestic, Asia, and Europe routes.

15 April 2014 09:04:00 buig ngoc quynh nhu

HSBC informed Garuda sent a request to charge me @1.8 mls rubia on 9 March when we are planning to go from Bali to Lombok. But before the process was not successful : they said transaction fail but they still charged to me. I dont know because no message come to my phone about this fee & and also no email inform that i paid ticket if i know i will ask them early. please send a cancellation note to my Bank HSBC then i can clear 1,8 mls rubia debt from this problem. BUI NGOC QUYNH NHU 4450 9300 0048 7657

30 March 2014 08:03:00 FJO

Just be careful if you put your bag in the cabin because inside the flight there is a thief! All my money gone, I keep my wallet inside my backpack in put in the cabin. And we still waiting for Garuda respone and action with our complaint. They only said just wait dor their call, we don't know until when.

19 March 2014 12:03:00 Ferdy

Very great plane... But why there dont have floght to america?

23 January 2014 01:01:00 graeme robinson

I have a compliment to email to yourselves, is there an email address I can send it to

18 December 2013 02:12:00 fred van eck

this complaint is not your excellent service but airport personnel stealing fr om luggage. We flew Garuda from Medan Kuala Namur to Surabaja about 3 weeks ago. On arrival in Surabaja we discovered that on of our cheched-in bags had been opened and articles ( a Victorinox pocket knive and Dior sunglasses ) had been stolen. But far worse the fact that nametags had been removed and used for criminal activities. We would like to file a formal complaint to the managment of Kuala Namur airport and to Garuda Indonesia. Also we concider making this public. It is an outrage to have bags openend in an airport wh ere belongings are trusted to be handled with respect. Pls submit answer to

12 December 2013 01:12:00 Guest

DIFFICULT to contact gff complaint center It was unbelievably hard for me to reach the gff complaint center. The line gets cut off MANY TIMES. On the other hand, it's taking an AWFULLY LONG time for Garuda to convert my bank's credit card rewards points to Garuda Frequent Flyer miles ! It's been OVER A MONTH now since I last exchanged my credit card rewards points to gff miles. During this time, I've been making back-to-back calls with my bank and Garuda call center, following up on the issue of why they're taking SO LONG to credit the gff miles to my gff account.

02 December 2013 01:12:00 Ronally Rasmin

I'd like to suggest to Garuda. Yesterday I bring my mother with wheel chair in bussines class. formerly i have already blocked seat on 6 H & K . Unfortunately when i want to take the boarding pass just one day before the day, i knew that all the disable pasenger who ask for whellchair automatically seated on seat number 8 ! it's really a long way from exit door and finally will make all the crew can not work because not easy to move disable pasenger from that seat to the whell chair, narrow seat and not too much space. I think for disable patient who takes business class it is better to seated on seat no 6 Thank you so much for this cooperation

29 November 2013 08:11:00 Tjahjo Kumolo S

I was flying from tanjung panfan on nov 29, they were not allowing me to carry my cabin luggage with the reason its too big ..? And i've been using that many times as cabin luggage local and international flights .. And its standard cabin luggage .. Ang i had no trouble carrying that ever since .. The personel told me to choose other airlines instead if i were not willing to compromise .. I dont know what short of attitude problem they have as a service agent .. Very disappointed and will not travel on garuda again .. !

25 November 2013 10:11:00 FAM HOK SOEY

I bought 6 tickets for me and my family through online website on 04 Feb 2013 for direct flight from Jakarta to Sydney. My flight was suppose to take off on 17 Nov 2013 (last week) at 23.45. On 17 of November morning, we went to Garuda office in Kelapa Gading-Jakarta Utara for check in and told that there is no 23.45 flight that night. I was very shock to find out that and very dissatisfied with Garuda that not even bother to call or email me the cancellation. During February-November period there are few email offering special fare but when it comes to cancelation notice they don't even care. Garuda staff at Kelapa Gading told me that she will bring this matter to her manager but until I wrote this email not even a call from Garuda about this matter. An option was offered to us to take earlier flight but through Denpasar first. We have no other option than take this flight because we have to start working on the next day, we can't take "direct flight" that they said will have on Tuesday night but I already loosing trust with Garuda. I and one of my family member got sick when we arrived in Sydney due to long flight and transfer in Denpasar. My Sunday plan already ruin because of this, and this not happened once but happened to my wife three times. Not even an compensation offered to us, I don't get it how Garuda received status the best awarded airlines on the region with this kind of service. If can't afford to have direct flight why bother offered in the first place?

17 November 2013 04:11:00 Siska yokehana

Garuda make us delay for more then 4 hours ... And no compesation. There are no represantative staff in the customer service office. Route from jogjakarta to jakarta. GA 211 suppose to fly at 15.05 until now at 19.25 have not fly.. And the worse no compesation and no sorry, all the staff not friendly.

13 November 2013 02:11:00 Guest

I am a Garuda frequent flyer with many trips to Bali over 15 years. I have always been extremely happy with their service, until now. I departed Bali on a midnight flight on 15.9.2013. I am a middle aged, well presented lady travelling alone. I was seated in a "two seat" configuration, on the aisle. A man boarded just before the door closed and was obviously drunk. I had him seated next to me. He asked me to move into the window seat, which was fine. During the flight he made body contact with my (hands) he swore he cursed with F & c words, he made lewd suggestions, he laughed that he had got drunk in the Garuda lounge. Of course I responded to him to leave me alone and that I wanted to sleep. Made no difference. I left my seat and complained. They had just one empty seat but it was in the same row as the drunk and I knew he would know I had made a complaint and give me a further hard time. I asked to see the purser, the business class are had many empty seats. He refused to walk down into economy to see me. I am disgusted. The man also spilled half his whiskey down my leg. I spoke to the purser as I left the plane and told him how disgusted I was with the lack of service. He told me if I wanted a better class of service I should have paid to go business class. On 22 September I wrote to Garuda and guess what? 13 November and still waiting for a response. My twice a year trips to Bali ;look like being with one of Garuda's competitors.

08 October 2012 11:10:00 Guest

Is this airline is not going back to its old ways ?. - yes - this appears to be so. On our flight dated 07/10/2012 at 0930hrs from Denpasar to Perth there were a number of issues that need to be brought forward if things are to improve. * The meals that were served over a period of up to one hour by three groups of meal trollies in the narrow isles there was a choice of either beef or fish however, beef ha ha may be a couple but plenty of choice of stone cold fish and if you could not eat fish like myself and many others well have a bit of salad and a bread roll then totally ignored. *If you required a coke and ice (not during meal dish up) wait twenty minutes then it appeared to be an effort. *The audio switched itself off and on through out the flight. **Generally the customer service and attitude of a full service airline charging full service airline prices needs a big think -- yuk yuk -- who else eats stone cold "royal mekong bass"? the CEO's, oh NO.

19 September 2012 07:09:00 Guest

On Saturday 15th September I boarded a flight from Bali to Melbourne at 12am. I was seated in Business class. For the duration of the flight, the whole 6 hours I endured a screaming toddler. This child did not stop for 5 minutes. Several people complained to cabin crew and were moved to another position, but they ran out of seats. Since when did become acceptable to allow toddlers in Business class flights? Absolutely ruined my flight and I got not sleep at all. No other airline I am aware off allows children under 15 yo to fly business class. This was the first and last time I am ever flying with Garuda. What a * of money business class is, no different to the screaming, annoying children in economy.

10 December 2011 05:12:00 aldo

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