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12 March 2014 02:03:00 Guest

I used to work for go airlines just after they put Aloha airlines out of business ... i was able to get a job at another airline after leaving go because they expect you to lie to passengers constantly so unethical. i recently was desperate and needed a flight to another island only a short distance away. FAIL. Hour and a half late, we got around to board we didn't even taxi out and attendant says everyone off the plane, they had everyone board the wrong plane, which is odd because its the only one there! now another hour goes by and we board the same aircraft! attendant mentioned to me in a joking way i think they forgot to pay the fuel bill? um ok! scary!

12 March 2014 02:03:00 Vanessa

Swimming the 80mile distance would have been faster and less painful than flying this airline. Horrible employees, customer service does not exist here not even the word itself! constant lies and stories to cover they fact you are not going anywhere tonight! Do your self and family a favor book travel On Hawaiian Airlines if your in Hawaii! Hawaiian is absolutely wonderful and worth every penny. Id would rather comit suicide than fly with Go Airlines ever again.

12 March 2014 02:03:00 Douglas

"Go" airlines in Hawaii owned and operated by "Mesa" airlines out of Arizona, Absolutely the worst ! When you get to the terminal the staff are not pleasant to start and only get s worse fr om there, Our first flight the plane was delayed 2 two hours because they allegedly had to fly in a whole new crew to fly the place that was physically there waiting parked at the airport tarmac, ok after two hours we are allowed to finally board, we taxi out...and pilot come on saying we have to go back apparently they forget to fuel the aircraft! yes it sat there for two plus hours and no one thought hey maybe we should check the fuel level before taxing..and this is just the first flight, few days later had to catch this airline again, we get to the ticket counter and before we even check in the agent says there's a 2 hour delay due to a broken down plane which later turned into a six hour delay because the pilot got sick and by midnight a canceled flight because apparently they said the brakes locked up on the plane we wh ere suppose to fly out next day we waited another five hours because now they had placed everyone that was suppose to have fly out the previous day on standby! we barely made it on and finally got to out destination a day late, taxi driver joked it would have been faster to get to another island on a fishing boat! Third and last flight fingers crossed right..thought this couldn't get any worse flying out of the Kona airport that is an open air terminal in 90 degree heat....get out of the cab and a blonde ticket agent is yelling and swearing at people on the curb side!!! i thought shouldn't she be ticketing people in that long line? well of course not! Well we get to the counter and the same agent tells us our flight has been canceled but they have us on standby!! Oh My God are they serious! this agent was the rudest person ever, she just goes "here" and tells us to wait for our name to be paged and walks away didn't even take care of our baggage we had to wait another minute or two for an agent who was with another passenger to take out bags and tag them! mean while this blonde agent was ranting at people in line yelling at them to have their ticket information ready! yelling! beyond unprofessional!...ok now we wait and wait and wait three hours later we got on the flight landed but no luggage they flew it to a completely different island and now we wont get it tonight because yes you guessed it the plane broke down! and the day and a half later when we finally got our luggage half was soaking wet.....this airline need to be shut down......they care nothing about their passengers, nothing about safety, and absolutely noting about customer service.......a horrible airline and it shows!

29 December 2012 10:12:00 Guest

This is one of the most god-awful airlines I have ever flown. First, they refused to accommodate the fact that United Airlines royally messed up our flights from the mainland, so I had to pay for new flights on the next day. Then thoose flights were late, and late, and late again. A week later, when we flew back to Honolulu, the flight was late, and late, and late, and then cancelled and we had to run around trying to rebook. I will NEVER fly with this airline again, they are terrible, and any potential customers should BEWARE!

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