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13 May 2018 03:05:00 SU535

This is not the Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport web site or the carrier' site here, but the discussions on the services of the Hyderabad Airport. If there is no flight information (e-ticket number / reservation number, date , destinations/ origin / name), noone is able to reply without the correct data and the full data. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and / or produce air carrier / date / fllight number / airports / your name at least. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / e-ticket and email address of the passenger in the attachment. The reply can be handlled within 48 hours - 144 hours by free staff in English. Regards. aryan{at} - for private and full requests with e-tickets only.

27 November 2016 01:11:00 Guest

I never wrote a review about anything until now even though I stayed in USA for 9 years but the way immigration officer behaved was so rude and unbearable. He is such an idiotic blunt male who sat in the middle of the row. He doesn't even know how to speak with educated people and was yelling in such a way that he is eating * not food. I have political influence at that time I thought of using my influence and remove that guy from his designation. This whole scenarion was happened on Nov 24 2016.

23 August 2016 02:08:00 Guest

So bad Immigration officer ...I am an American citizen and travelling to usa in AI 127 flight...the immigration officer was so rude reckless and unprofessional..didn't expect this in india..they are just trying to insult..he asked for oci card eventhough I had pio card ..this happened yesterday on 21 Aug 2016.. I hope someone tells them how their behaviour impacts on ppl. The immigration officer in the center row was so rude ..he even went personal and asked me if I am it the way u behave with ppl.

01 January 2015 10:01:00 Guest

Dear Airport authorities, Recently I have been to Hyderabad with my family through Oman Air. My 9 baggages dint came, staff at Airport said the baggage will be coming in the evening or tomorrow morning and we will deliver the baggage at your home. We call them next day morning no one answer the calls, we call them again in the evening they pick up the phone and said the baggage came we will send to you to night and they dint send the baggage the next day we call them after many calls at last they pick up the phone and promised to send the baggage in the evening, baggage dint came the next day again the same story after a long time they pick up the phone said sorry they have issues with their vehicle and promised to send the in the evening. Again the baggage dint came. The next day we left to the airport. At Airport there was a new story they said by looking the baggage tags, your baggage dint arrived yet. We told they we are following up with the staff and they said the baggage is at Airport. We ask they to please check, the staff is telling no sir baggage dint came. They just arguing. We got * and said we will check the baggages and they stop us for doing this. They called the Police we have explain the police personal the whole store, they allowed us to check our baggages, we found 7 baggages and we showed them to the staff which were fight with us. They said we dont know. If they dont know why they were stopping . But still they were 2 baggages missing and we could find them and until today i haven't got them back, even though i have logged complain, but there is no action, security staff at Airport doesn't check the passengers for baggage with baggage tags previously they use to do that and the on the way back (30-12-2014) i took Gulf air. We have issues with immigration authorities and the security personals . It was a mess at Airport the line was so big that it was reaching the entrance gate, there was no proper staff and after the boarding, it was nightmare for immigration clearance I saw many women holding small kids in their hands and the security personal where least bother. The boarding time was over and Airlines staff was calling for boarding and we were at security check. We request the staff to speed up things" his reply was let the flight go" So rude even the fight attendance request to the security personal He said you are staff and you are arguing with us. We never find this behavior in other countries. I was worried for the women and the kids standing the big queue, they were suffering. Looking the crowd they have to make special arrangements to speed up the process of immigration and security checks, but we dint find that behavior. We have such a beautiful Airport but the management is getting very poor. Please we need to fix these issues at the Hyderabad Airport coz people will travel or will be coming back will have a different state of mind they want to relax leave ASAP. 1) For lost baggages, 2) check the passengers for baggage with baggage tags 3) Immigration check should be faster 4) Security check need also to be faster 5) If there is crowd, need to make special arrangements Regard's Citizen of Inida

17 June 2014 01:06:00 Guest

I totally agree with the person's compliant here below. I have arrived fr om a MH flight recently & I am an NRI with PIO card. Malaysia Airlines staff indicated that the Hyderabad Immigration Office stopped supply of Immigration forms to the Airline. and the forms are to be available only with the Immigration office. 1) There were no forms available when people join the Q and I waited for my turn in the long Q and when my turn came, the Immigration Officer ( I hate to call him as Officer - as he was rude and have no manners) directing the travelers - yelled - you go back and fill the form and come back in line. I objected - where are the firms and why should I come back again in line. He got upset with me and starting shouting in hindi - nakku / nakku etc,. He wore a badge - but he hide the badge in the shirt pocket. I politely communicated my dissent and asked for his name, badge ID and the reason why is he hiding his badge - rather than displaying it outside. He tried to put the blame on the MH - where as i am not sure if Hyderabad Immigration Officer wanted Malaysian Airlines to print and supply the forms on their own. He got really upst with me and said that he does not have to answer to me and said you can complain to my boss - who is also standing near bye. So I went to him - and before I started my conversation - the "boss officer" yelling at me for no reason. I kept my patience - and politely asked - if I can lodge a complaint. He refused and then I noticed that the BOSS - does not have a Badge at all - forget about displaying. It was a futile attempt to rationalize with him also. I did not give up and I asked what was his name and designation and the reason why he did not wear a badge ? He was completely lost and started shouting that I have no authority to ask his name / badge and said even my baba (father) comes / or even if Secretary of Home Ministry comes - he does not have to answer. He challenged that I can complain to whim ever I want - but - he does not give his name. This saga went for 3o minutes and my Passport is not stamped yet at that time. It was so unfortunate that the government officials who get salaries from our tax money and are called Public Servants. There people are rude, reckless and fearless and obnoxious. Imagine if I as an educated NRI with proper attire I an suit) and speaking in English this treatment - can you even think what an illiterate gulf worker would encounter at the Hyderabad Immigration. I left the scene disgusted and in shame as fellow passengers passengers were muted and the ignorant officers has the last laugh. I am not sure wh ere to complaint & whom to complaint - but the bad immigration officers should learn a lesson and we public should not tolerate this non-sense On the other other hand - in some of my travels through Hyderabad Airport - I have seem few dignified officers in Blue Jackets, helping people and respectful.

14 February 2014 01:02:00 mohammed v. ahmed

i lost my 2 gold bangles and earing last week date of 9 feb etihad airway i call no response from any body just i want to know what kind of security . my phone no. 224- 6284339 if youb found my bangles call me above number thank you

29 October 2012 05:10:00 Umm ruman Abdulhaq

This is ruman fr om Doha. I am writing this to tell you about the irrespectable behavior of the people in the Rajiv Gandhi international airport. I really don't know is this the right place to complain but a man in the immigration place had a very nasty way of talking to us. I was traveling with my family Hyderabad to Doha business class yesterday. The man checked our boarding passes and he did not read the word business class printed at the top of the pass instead he just saw the class C in the mid of the pass and he rudely send us back to the counter wh ere we do the baggage stuff and when he realized that we are travelling in business class he did not even bothered to apologize us he was also rude with his staff. I don't understand why do you people have to keep such ill mannered people in such place. We are NR I's we hardly come to our country and this is not we expect from the authorities. Please I request you to remove such ill mannered people because the behavior of people in the airport was really very rude. They don't know how to communicate with the people. This is how you people run your authority. And am sure this is not the way talk to the passengers and staff in public or official places. I request you to keep people with well mannered literate and educated qualities in them not an ill mannered person who enjoys insulting passengers in public places and raising there voice to show off there rank. It actually sound bad.

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