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Icelandair Discussion

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01 December 2016 09:12:00 Guest

While I generally enjoy flights with Icelandair I must say I am very disappointed with the customer service and refund. I have filed claims with the company regarding missed connecting flight d/t the beginning flight being extremely late and having to stay overnight on Iceland. This flight was booked in Germany and falls under German governed laws regarding refunds. So far Icelandair has ignored ignored my claim. If needed I will take it to court.

25 February 2015 08:02:00 Guest

Awful. Prices are good, but things go wrong with bookings - often - and Icelandair makes its agents inaccessible (by refusing to allow them to take phone calls, they are only available by email), unhelpful (they respond with one-sentence "explanations" that don't address what actually occurred from the customer's perspective), and uncaring (I was yelled at on the phone by an agent, and it has taken Icelandair SIX MONTHS to respond to my email [with a one-sentence "explanation"]). It's a gamble flying with Icelandair, and if you are fairly certain you can make it across the Atlantic without issue, then go for it... But if anything goes wrong (odds are pretty good that something will...) you will WISH you had paid extra to fly with another airline that has some accountability, pride in leaving its customers satisfied, and interest in anything other than cancelling people's flights and keeping their money.

05 October 2014 06:10:00 Guest

nice offers are nothing worth on Errors without Support: very bad experience!

26 September 2014 01:09:00 kgs

I have right now bad expeariance with support on booking Errors: they lock my creditCard but I have no booking-confirmation and they do not realy care about... german support only say wait....but creditCard supp say it may last 14 days automatically free from locking

13 July 2014 07:07:00 Guest

This company is garbage. I used them to travel to Germany. They lost my luggage; they return it after several days. However, since it took them a while, I had to spent money to buy basis necessities such as underwears. When it was time for them to reimburse me for my lost, they went silence. I will never fly with them again. I made my social circles, online or offline aware of this incident. I hope this company collapse in the decades to come.

12 December 2012 08:12:00 Guest

Icelandair was for many years the only ariline in Iceland. Lack of competition made them lazy in meeting customer satisfaction. For the last few years competition on flights to Iceland and across the Atlantic grew and Icelandair became a fairly good airline. Now they have again managed to kill off most of the competition and are back to their old style of service - or lack of it. My story in short is that I as travelling with a group of 18 fr om Keflavik to London. We all had pre-booked seats. 24 hours before the flight we got a confirmation that no changes had been made. When we checked in we found out that every single person in the group had been moved and the group was now scattered around the airplane. The information we got that Icelandair had sold our seats and there was nothing they could do. When we boarded the plane we found out that our orginal seats were empty. When I complained about this to memebers of the crew I received nothing but bad attitude and we were refused to sit wh ere we had booked. The only answer I got was that I could go to there webpage and complain. I am doing that right now - only on webpages of my choice. Icelanders do not have many choices when picking an airlines flying from Icelands - foreigners do. I know that their prices are sometimes attractive but my advise is - stay away - pick a proper airline. They just might get the point some day. Skorri Andrew Aikman

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