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22 January 2017 04:01:00 Guest

request a refund   Dear ladies and gentlemen by Inselair, I booked and paid two tickets for the same plane. For one Person (for me) two tickets and two seats from Curacao to St. Maartin and back. I called your office in Willemstad for 10 days and your coworker promised me that you refund me the money of the second ticket. I sent you more than 6 mails because of this reason in the last days but you did not answer me. Could you answer me please and transfer my money back please.

15 August 2016 09:08:00 Mark Veter

My wife and I had planned a vacation for Aruba and Curacao. We flew into Curacao on United and everything went great. We had a fantastic time in Aruba and were looking forward to spending some time in Curacao. Our flight out of Aruba was scheduled to leave at 11:50 in the morning. We arrived at the check in counter over an hour before the flight was supposed to leave. The board above the counter listed a departure time of 11:50. There was no one at the counter. We waited for fifteen minutes and then started asking other airline agents if they had seen anyone from InselAir. No one had and suggested that we go out to InselAir's office outside the check in area. When we got to their office there were three people working the counter and all of them were playing on their phones. Even after I had walked up to the counter it took several minutes for one of them to look up and assist me. I inquired as to the status of our flight and after about 20 minutes of runaround and growing frustration I was finally told that the flight had left at 11:10, forty minutes early. I was incensed and asked why we had not been notified about the change, to which I was given a reply that it wasn't their responsibility but rather that of the booking agent (Orbitz). I called Orbitz and they told me that they had not received any notification by InselAir for a change in schedule. InselAir countered by saying that changes to flight times are made at least 24 hours in advance and that Orbitz had been notified. InselAir offered to put us on a flight that left that night, at 8:40. The problem with that was that by the time the flight made it to Curacao at 9:30 the lobby of our hotel would have been closed as Sundays are holidays and everything closes early. We would have had no place to stay so out of necessity we stayed in Aruba. Our itinerary had us coming back on InselAir to Aruba at the end of the week so that we could catch our return flight home on United. This was a flight we had to make as our 12 year old son was flying home the next day from visiting relatives and we had to be at the airport to pick him up. Based on reviews of InselAir and talking to some locals we quickly realized that this airline pulls last second schedule changes all the time, is routinely late, will delay flights and not give any reason and often times cancels flights for no reason. As we have to be home to be able to pick up our son we could not put our trust into InselAir to get us back to Aruba to catch our flight home, so we ended up cancelling our entire trip to Curacao. InselAir staff acted as if they could care less about our predicament. We were talked down to, we were asked to wait while the staff played on their phones, we were given the runaround repeatedly and it took my getting very * before they even started to give us an answer. The unprofessional-ism of this airline and its representatives is appalling. The fact that they would make a schedule change and have a flight leave early is appalling in and of itself, but the fact that no notifications were sent out is abhorrent and reprehensible. All of the locals here in Aruba have said that they never fly InselAir because of the exact same issues we had and they all mock the airline. As a result of InselAir's utter incompetence we're out several thousand dollars for prepaid hotels and activities. InselAir put a serious damper on what had been up to that point a very pleasant vacation. NEVER USE INSELAIR!!!! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!! What a joke...

25 March 2016 06:03:00 Maxine

Horrible, hell, poor customer service, rude staff, flew from Miami to curacao and supposed to have a connecting flight to Guyana, never told flight cancelled, until almost two hours past the boarding time, stuck in curacao for over 24 hrs, place in a filthy run down hotel, woke up with rashes on my skin from bed bugs bites, still no word from insel about when the flight will be leaving, buyers beware, horrible, horrible, straight hell.

06 January 2015 04:01:00 Guest

This is a ridiculous airline. I traveled to curaçao from Aruba. They got lost my luggage without scan tape. I only stayed 7 days for my vacation. I came to airport to find my luagge more than 10 times. No response and the staffs were helpless. They were not willing to help you to find your luggage. At the last day of my vacation, the head of lose and found promised me that the luggage would be sent back to airport at 6:30pm. But when I came to claim my luagge, the staffs still said this was not here and still at Aruba. I asked the staffs to help me call aruba to confirm, but the staffs seems like I don't care and keep saying can't contact aruba. The most ridiculous thing was I explained my situation to the lady who was in the check in counter that she yelled at us and said "I'm done with you. I don't talk to you anymore. I won't help you make the call. I don't care and you are fuxking ridiculous." I have never and ever seen the customer service like this. The worst customer service in the world. The staffs are uneducated. They don't know how to deal with their customers and never respect people. I swear I won't take this airline anymore and never recommend my friend and family to choose this airline. Moreover, I won't come curaçao again. Uneducated people in this island.

20 October 2014 06:10:00 Guest

Insel air has the poorest customer service. A group of us missed our flight into curacao, which made us miss our flight on insel air to bonaire. I called from mia and rebooked all 12 of of us on a later flight. We had to totally repay the entire flight. We were sent email confirmations. Arriving in curacao they had no record of our flights even though i could show the confirmations on my ipad. Long story short two hours later in the ticket office at $150 pp we had new reservations. I did contact customer service upon our return and asked the half of our flights be refunded but were basically told too bad. Will never recommend this airline. Planes in poor condition and smell like sewer and customer service is bad!

09 July 2013 05:07:00 PIERRE PAUL Rodinie

I would like to know the cheapest flight for august please,thank you.

30 June 2013 09:06:00 Guest

thier snacks r cheap all i got was a bag of air with some lays

07 October 2012 11:10:00 La

About two months ago I traveled to haiti in Insel air, my experience from Miami to port au prince was nice. The ck agent and the crew were great. I could rate them with 4 on a scale of 1-5. But the flight from haiti to Miami bad experience with the airport staffs that represent Insel air. So never travel with Insel to haiti unless some the reps train or retrain because they didn't show like they have received any customer service training to represent airlines. I wrote to the company on my return home they never get I touch with me regarding my concern. So that shows that there is no care in customer service. I had travel by bus a day before from one city to another to flyed with Insel air. I was hoping on a positive experience that would convince me to petition for them to operate at the airport in my city. But no, there is need need to that. No customer service very unprofessional. No rate !

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