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Jetstar Asia Discussion

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16 April 2016 03:04:00 Loh wee seng

My wallet inside the airplane.But I forget to take,what can I do?

13 April 2016 07:04:00 Guest

Harassment Disguised As Safe Practice My round trip flight on JetStar was pleasant until my last leg on 25 March 2016 fr om Ho Chi Minh back to Singapore on board JetStar flight 3K558 attended by teenage looking Singaporean cabin crews. Upon boarding, I was not allowed to place my luggage in the opposite empty compartment (where I can keep an eye on) and can only place it above my seat as insisted by the crew (I complied). Soon I noticed this same male crew was picking on an elderly Australian couple, seated beside me, whom he thought were Vietnamese, on cannot do this and that and must do this and that. Throughout the 2 hours flight I remain seated all the time with seat belt fastened, seat upright, window blinds up, not disturbing anyone, not requiring any assistance, and even tuck away my camera in a * * instead of hanging it over my neck. After 1 hour in to the flight, this same crew couldnt find any more fault on the elderly couple then intrude in to my space to tell me that my camera * -pouch would get entangled in an emergency and it is JetStars policy (sticking JetStars name on it) to stow waist pouch in the overhead compartment. I did not comply with this second instruction as again I have never heard of such instructions before. He insisted and said he had already told me so, like as if a JetStar flight emergency was imminent (scary). After landing wh ere all passengers had disembarked, I angrily showed him that my is not a strap-on-waist pouch but is a pouch that straps on to my tight-belt and any entanglement would be on my belt rather than my pouch, and this would rather amount to a no belt policy. He was smiling with delight that he had caught my full attention (this is neurotic). When I repeated that he is the first-ever crew to complain about my pouch, he replied that all other cabin crew had not been doing their job (thinking he himself is special). When I said I will write to JetStar for clarification, he encouraged me to by offering me JetStar form to fill in and said I will get a quicker response through this form submission (hush-hush and be swept away under the carpet?). As I was walking away, his colleague joined in to tell me Want me to show you? referring to how my pouch can be entangled (thinks he is an air marshal for waist pouch?). These Singaporean crews fail to see that my waist-belt is tight to support the weight of my camera, and my pouch (H5.5xW6.0xD4.0) can be swiveled 180 degree around my waist such that it is at my back when I walk, and swiveled to the front when I sits. As a full paying customer with a choice of not having to be subjected to such authoritarian in-flight service, I would like to hear from JetStar on what is JetStars intention? To impose more rules and regulations? Talking about entanglement, is there a flaw in JetStars evacuation plan? Does the tight seats arrangement obstruct evacuation? Would it not be the sling-on strap-on life jackets and drop down dangling oxygen masks more likely to cause entanglement on people evacuating than a tight waist belt with a pouch on the back?

12 March 2014 10:03:00 Mark Wallace

Hello, I have booked a return flight from Perth to Bangkok ( 5X6D3H ) with qantas, apparently it is being operated by jetstar Asia however I have not as yet received any conformation details from JA nor can I find my booking on your site. Can you please confirm my booking and let me know how l may make a seat selection, I have registered and tried to use your website to do this with no success.

10 July 2013 11:07:00 Evelyn

paid full for baggage for 4 passengers, but the confirmation only pick up 2 passengers but I paid for 4. Jetstar said is agency's fault. Agency said is airline's fault. In the end I have to pay extra 2 person's baggage for no fault of mine!

31 May 2013 12:05:00 Ethel

They make you pay for everything! Including water on a 4+hour flight. They tried to make us miss our flight!

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