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Kam Air Discussion

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02 March 2014 09:03:00 guest

i have used Kam Air from MZR-KBL and it was really nice

28 January 2014 06:01:00 Guest

why smoking flight attandants on board during the flight? why not think about safety? she was old women... cabin crew KAM AIR!!!!!

28 December 2013 01:12:00 Guest

Dear Kam Air Team, I would like to rise a very important issue here which I think it's necessary and it's really casing problems for the passengers all around the country and outside of country who is using the Kam Air services. I have a ticket and I want to change the date but all the travel Agencies are telling me they can't change the and I have to contact the agency where I got the ticket. In the past it was not like this and it was easy to do this and solve the problems. My request is if the Kam Air can allow all the Agencies who are registered with Kam Air they should do this and without any excuse help the passenger that would be great. Do not send them to the same travel agency and * there time for nothing. Thanks for your cooperation regarding this issue. Wase Shahin.

28 September 2013 12:09:00 Muhib

The worse refund delays on their cancelled flights, always excuses about online system not working , very rude staff in Dubai, when you call them many times, when they are not processing your refund. They start hiding or hang up the phone on you. I would not recommend to anyone, and the employees ask you for the copies of your passport and actual copy of your credit. Seems they have identity theft workers. If one don't follow up on their cancelled flight refund, I believe they would be happy to snitch it.

13 July 2013 09:07:00 Guest

trouble airline. Cancelled my ticket from Dubai to Kabul without notifying me at all. Upon my arrival to Dubai I was told my ticket was cancelled. I had to buy a more expensive ticket. The original amount of $349 has not been refunded yet.

25 April 2013 02:04:00 Guest

kam air is planning to restart kbl/dxb/kbl by 01may2013 well come back

Kam Air 
27 August 2012 01:08:00 Saboor Atrafi

Kam Air, The Unreliable Wings This short review is intended for improvement of service quality by one of Afghanistans major airlines. Hopefully, Kam Airs keen staff will take due note and take it into consideration. Thursday, July 5th, 2012. Kam Air Flight RG0006, scheduled to take off at 2.25 a.m. fr om Dubai to Kabul. I was supposed to take the flight with my siblings and cousins. There are six of us, including a child. We arrive at the airport a couple of hours before the flight and proceed to the check-in counter, wh ere we meet with Kam Airs staff. We present our tickets and ask for boarding passes. We see some other passengers around the counter, and I sense that something is not quite right. Seconds later, I discover that my gut feelings were spot on: to our complete astonishment the guy behind the counter informs us that there are NO SEATS available for us!! What? Hows that possible?! There has been a change of schedule apparently, and the big plane that was supposed to take us to Kabul has been replaced by a smaller one. This seems like a complete joke. We have bought our tickets months in advance, and everything is perfectly fine, so there is absolutely no reason to deny us boarding. We see that a number of other people, who do not have valid tickets, shamelessly approach the counter for getting on the flight. I am completely stunned. Is this Afghanistans, as its motto proudly indicates, most reliable wings? Are we backtracking 30 years when, in the midst of the civil war and a messy and nascent aviation industry, people had to fight tooth and nailand pull many stringsto get on a flight? Are we not supposedly past that stage? The evidence indicates the opposite unfortunately. I am terribly disappointed. So needless to say, we make a fuss, go off to talk to Dubais airport staff (including the police, what an embarrassment for Afghanistan!), and being convinced that our chances of getting on the flight are evaporating, start to demand our rights. We demand to be placed in a hotel and be provided boarding passes for the next flight. The fact that some passengers say they have been stuck in Dubai days on end (do you know how expensive that is?!) is far from reassuring. The airlines has apparently been treating the passengers inhumanely, not providing them any accommodation, refund, or boarding passes. Additionally, Kam Airs staff show no regret, apology, or humility. People say that apparently, a lot of ticket dealing is being done at the counter (i.e., people show up and pay a higher price, then go on to take seats of other passengers who have valid tickets!! That would be us in this particular case). This is completely unacceptable. Being aware of the fact that it is the most affordable airlines in Afghanistan, Kam Air does not hesitate to make it clear to people that it has formed a complete monopoly. Its disgusting. At any rate, we end up staying at the airport till 5 a.m., fight our way to get a hotel, and a day later get to Kabul. I lose three precious days of my valuable visit home. Moral of story? Watch out when you book a flight with Kam Air! Expect to be stranded at the airport for days despite having a valid ticket.

27 August 2012 09:08:00 qasemi

hi i am happy that we have an international air line (KAM Air) please let me know about the your domestic fight in afghanistan

10 May 2012 05:05:00 donish

Just want to know Air Flexfight is operated by Kam Air,staff are afghani or not,my return from kabul to dugai is my that airline.please give me some info in this regards.

14 February 2011 11:02:00 Guest

All guests from around the world fly with SAFI Air Ways the best airliner in the region

14 February 2011 11:02:00 gharghasht khan kharoty

Dear representitves Dont ever fly with Kam Air I lost my laggage and then forced them then they have payed me back the price of what I lost

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