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11 August 2023 01:08:00 Rich

Avoid this airline especially in Cali, Columbia airport their baggage employees steals your portable electronics you have been warned.

03 April 2023 02:04:00 Guest

Very badly run airline..the admin part is a nightmare...customer service is a nightmare... I will never use this airline ever

17 January 2023 11:01:00 Locus Ally

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LATAM Airlines 
16 January 2023 11:01:00 Maria

Rude staff

26 June 2022 05:06:00 Me

LATAM - The WORST airline. I don't want to * my time writing too much, I can see most people agree. If there was a minus 5 star (-5), I would give that. Shame on you. 🤢

01 October 2019 07:10:00 Katherine Batac

I inadvertently left on my seat 14J, my iPhone and prescription eyeglasses on Latam flight LA 2063 Lima to Cusco on September 28, 2019. Someone named Lopez Garcia called my friend Judy Morris of Atlanta that she found my phone and for me to contact LATAM to claim my phone. Gate 1 tour guide Ronald Collada called Latam and he was advised the items were available for pickup at Latham office in Cusco Airport. I went to the said office and the personnel told me that there was no such items there. She showed me the box and the list of items found but mu items were not there. Who can help me now. Where can I go for help.

04 June 2019 09:06:00 Giuseppe

HELP !!! Good morning, unfortunately, I lost a 16GB KINGSTONE SD card of my camera, on flight LA3409 on Saturday 01 June 2019, at 18:55, departing from Vitoria (VIX) and arriving in San Paolo (GRU) at 8 pm : 30. This card contains photos of a very important family meeting and I would be very grateful to those who can contact me. It could also be lost in the port 234 area of ​​São Paulo airport. I hope someone can read this message. Please help me, THANKS Giuseppe

19 June 2018 04:06:00 Corey U.

Still waiting for compensation after being involuntarily bumped 3.5 prior to departure back in april. My wife received hers and we share the same bank account.

13 May 2018 02:05:00 SU535

ENG: This is not the LATAM Airlines carrier' site here, but the discussions on the services of the LATAM Airlines. If there is no flight information (e-ticket number / reservation number, date , destinations/ origin / name), noone is able to reply without the correct data and the full data. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and produce air carrier / date / fllight number / airports / your name. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / eticket and email address in attachment. The reply can be handlled within 48 hours - 144 hours by free staff in English. Regards. aryan{at} - for private and full requests with e-tickets only. /// ESPANOL: Este no es el sitio del operador de LATAM Airlines aquí, sino las discusiones sobre los servicios de LATAM Airlines. Si no hay información de vuelo (número de billete electrónico / número de reserva, fecha, destino / origen / nombre), nadie puede responder sin los datos correctos y la información completa. Para obtener la respuesta correcta, adjunte amablemente el número de reserva / reserva y produzca la compañía aérea / fecha / número de vuelo / aeropuertos / su nombre. Las solicitudes de reembolso deben presentar el nombre completo, la reserva / eticket y la dirección de correo electrónico en el archivo adjunto. La respuesta puede ser manejada dentro de las 48 horas - 144 horas por personal gratuito en inglés. Saludos. aryan {at} - para solicitudes privadas y completas solo con boletos electrónicos.

04 February 2018 09:02:00 Marlene Swanepoel

I have no idea who to speak to or contact with regards to this problem. Please if you know who this email should be addressed to please inform me. I do not want to send this AGAIN to the client service complaints. The client services does not want to give me indication as to where or who I can complain about this case. So I went and searched the internet and came up with this email. I have raised many cases and nobody gets back to be with regards to this issue. The customer care services keep asking me for a bank statement for the payment of this seat. I do not think that LATAM will see that seat number 12A was confirmed on my bank statement. I informed them about this receipt (attached) from LATAM showing that I have confirmation for seat 12A. They refuse to accept this document forwarded from them to me. ??? I booked a flight from Santiago to South Africa, stop over Brazil. The flight was to leave Chile at 8:30 the morning, LATAM changed the hours to 11:30 (without informing me as a passenger) about the hour change. With this change of hour, LATAM did not allocate my seat to the later flight. Usually I would not complain about a seat, but I have had enough of LANTAM. I have had a horrible experience with LATAM on 15 December 2017. I had to cancel my mothers flight from South Africa, after my mom 65 and stepfather 71 years old had to stay at the airport for 3 days waiting for the flight. Eventually LATAM offered to give the full refund if we cancel the flight. We did and had to pay much more for another flight. I waited for the refund and I am STILL waiting for part of the refund that was not refunded. It is quite upsetting to see LATAM to being bad with client services.

16 September 2017 05:09:00 Guest

The luggage department call center for Lantam Airlines is useless. Apparently they are located in Columbia while we are dealing with baggage delay from la Paz to chile (or possibly lost luggages at this point). The various 5 staff who attended to our calls over the past 2 days are not compassionate or helpful, especially Omar- who repeatedly said "it's not a problem" cheerfully/sarcastically even as he can hear our exasperation and frustration when we said hold the line until there is a status update. He repeatedly said the airport staff will call us - then what is the use of this luggage call center for and why are we directed to call them? The call center staff also said they can only email the airport staff- no calls -if the communications between the call center handing irate customers are unable to call and check with airport staff directly, then what is the point?? And then why aren't we given the airport staff number to check with them directly. There is no assurance given to us as the customer that anyone is accountable and looking out for our luggages at all. Omar eventually hung up the phone on us. I doubt anyone from Lantam airlines cares to read these reviews here but just as well to give a heads up to others who are considering Lantam airlines for their flights in the future and/or what they are dealing with if they ever encounter Lantam's baggage delay.

27 June 2017 02:06:00 Lily Lorber

Nothing more and nothing less than FRAUDULENT !!! IS LATAM AIRLINES ENGAGED IN CRIMINAL FRAUD ? How many other FREQUENT FLYERS ARE BEING CHEATED ???? LATAM changed its points accumulation rules for 2017 for tickets purchased in 2017. Those of us who purchased tickets in 2016 for 2017 flights should earn points on those flights according to the 2016 rules AS LATAM PROMISED. In my case, LATAM arbitrarily changed my Etkt number for a June 2017 flight purchased in December 2016. I made no change to this reservation of any kind. I just consulted my LATAM Multiplus account and was shocked to see that instead of accumulating the expected 11,414 points TOTAL : 1,414 points for the ASU to GRU segment and 10,000 points for the GRU to MIA segment. Instead, only 444 points and 1,539 points show. These point(s) accumulations do not match any accumulation rules; old or new. LATAM has cheated me out of 9,431 points. ** If anyone else has been cheated, please contact me. I would like to initiate a class-action civil suit and file Criminal Fraud Charges if this can be established to be a common practice of LATAM Airlines. No doubt the doings of highly disreputable LAN personnel - but none-the-less LATAM, now. ALSO if there are other LATAM Fidelidade Gold and Platinum Level frequent flyers who have been abused at the Miami Airport, I would like to hear fr om you. I have routinely been subjected top attempts to EXTORT MONEY from me as LAN personnel pretend they do not know what the weight lim its are for baggage for tickets purchased in 2016 and/or pretend they do not know that Fidelidade PLATINUM clients get 2 extra bags on international flights thru Brazil.

13 May 2016 09:05:00 Guest

hi, need to know where do i find the airline code in my ticket

16 April 2016 01:04:00 Guest

This Airline Plain Sucks!!! Terrible Customer Service.

01 February 2016 09:02:00 Guest Roger Michael Rimmers

costomer service is non existent why we have to fight to get our rights the company offers you flights and then they make big mistakes likes mine they left me stranded in Brasil and I did have to buy another ticket from another airline to get back to England. my name is Roger Michael Rimmers. my e-mail I hope Lan gets back to me and reinberst all the money,time and hussle I whent through,and I will not stop until I get it even if I have to go to the central office in Chile

10 December 2015 05:12:00 Julie M.

When I flew to Peru, I gave the LAN agent my American Airlines frequent flyer # for air miles credit. I was assured it had been put into the computer & at other airports where I flew on LAN, I was assured the number was in the computer. However, it has never shown up in my American Airlines account. Thank you for following up on this matter.

27 September 2015 02:09:00 Guest

I have just received my lan/tam airlines flight details for flights LHR/EZE/LHR for Next February. I have telephoned their customer services to try and purchase some extra leg room seats and was told I can't do this until online checkin opens 48 hour before departure. I have never experienced this with any other airline when purchasing leg room economic seats . Can anybody confirm to me that is is correct please

08 August 2015 03:08:00 Guest

Lost my luggage flying to chile from nyc nobody ever answer my emails or phone calls after three days my luggage shows up on my residence with no explanation los a lots of items around $1000 US dollars it's the worst airline ever customer service are rude they lies about phone numbers to call or are not on service don't fly on this Airline no rules no respect

28 July 2015 09:07:00 Pedro Valdivia

Had to spent 12 hours in Lima, LAX to SCL (technical problem) then the crew had to rest put us back on the same exact plane come on guys stop trying to sell B.S. offer me & my family $ 200.00 cash compensation or $ 600.00 coupon on a $ 1800.00 ticket, I took the bait & got the coupon which has hardly any value because they did not credit our LAN-PASS "you changed your Itinerary" guess what now after 6 months of going back and forth "must do everything on the internet we are a 21st century airline" was told to go to a ticket office, guess what no physical office in Los Angeles; should have taken the $ 200,00. You got me, LAN this time, I'll make sure all my friends know how you treat you fellow customers, and yes even your fellow citizens. You can stick your new 787 up where the sun doesn't shine. Good Day......

19 May 2015 02:05:00 Gustavo P.C.

Terrible customer service , My flight was delate for 8 Hours , It was a Gye - Lima route , The flight was supouse to leave at 5.30 AM but it leaves at 1 in the afternonn .. Terrible NO COMPENSATION AT ALL ! Stuff very Rude and NO accept anything . You have to do everything throght the web page ...! A REAL Nightmare besides you have to wait for 30 Days for an answer if you finally get one .

12 January 2015 11:01:00 Rosa Maria Rios

Unbelievably bad phone service and Incompetent customer service from ticketing agents Non thorough with arrival and departure information. They do not explain the time departure changes for example : 00:25 hrs of departure... and due to this unsatisfactory service it cost me a fortune to return to the states plus missed my daughters sweet 15 an important occasion Will file a lawsuit if needed..!!

02 August 2014 06:08:00 Guest

I'm in Santiago and have a valid ticket for a flight from Santiago to BA. I've tried for half an hour to check in on line and my details - all correct - are rejected. Basically it's not working. So I can't book the window seat I want and will have to take what I'm given, even though I've spent nearly £600 on a premium economy seat. This is totally unacceptable. If you want to have an internationally respected airline then get a website THAT WORKS!

18 March 2014 06:03:00 Martin

I spoke with a Chilean supervisor and a Diana Castillo over the fact that we purchased 4 tickets last Wednesday March 12. Because of the amount involved our credit card blocked the transaction for security purposes. We cleared that out with the credit card and called again LAN for them to process it. The following day Thursday March 13, my wife called LAN again an dee submitted the credit card info. As of Monday March 17 we received no confirmation whatsoever regarding our tickets..... Worse is both the LAN supervisor and the 2 other people whom we talked were so stupidly obnoxious and very calmly explained to us that thee was nothing else to do but wait.....that the request was being handled by Lan's back office.....that thee was no way of communicating with the back office.....that we should be getting the confirmation any time soon.....unbelievable!!!!!! These people neglect and tear apart all the good Flying LAN is all about. Understanding they have very little brains, I wonder if they would think is normal to have to wait for 5 days for an internet purchase confirmation these days.......can you imagine? You go to Amazon, purchase a book today and next week....Bam!!! You get your confirmation, for the love of God what a de-service is LAN by phone!!!!!!!!

18 March 2014 06:03:00 Maria

Bought my ticket on 3/12. 3/17 and no confirmation 2 open cases # 248869541 and # 24893871.....spoke with 2 supervisors already and then just told me to keep waiting....nice service

26 February 2014 03:02:00 Guest

I arrived in Quito on LAN airlines, but my luggage was delayed. After taking my report and promising the bag would be delivered to where I was staying the next afternoon, I left the airport. When I called the next afternoon to find out where the bag was, the LAN staff had failed to enter all the information in the system, but despite having two phone numbers and two e-mail addresses for me, nobody had even tried to contact me for an update. After providing the information that Id already given at the airport, the customer service agent said she had no idea where the bag was and the airport was taking care of the situation. She refused to call the airport though, and hung up on me when I insisted that I wanted an update. The next day, I called, and they said that they had no idea where the bag was and that it would take a week to find it. They also said that it wasnt their problem because I had flown part of the route with KLM, so to contact KLM. A few hours later, they called back and said that it was actually already at the airport. We gave the address to have it delivered again. Instead of delivering it where I was staying, like any other airline would, they sent it to an office in a neighboring town instead. It had now been missing two days, and the neighboring towns office would take another day to get it to the town I was inthey wouldnt deliver it to the residence at all. The next day, this is now three days later and two days after the bag arrive in Quito and was in the possession of LAN, the bag still had not been delivered. The local office called and reported that it will be yet another day, in the afternoon, before someone can even get around to bringing it to town. Any other airline will deliver a bag by taxi as soon as it arrives. LAN has now had the bag for three days and still failed to deliver it. Calling customer service us useless; even when theyre not rude, they have no idea whats going on. All they can say is that the system hasnt been updatedthe system apparently just doesnt get used. If you choose LAN, beware that youre dealing with systematic incompetence and non-existent customer service.

02 December 2013 06:12:00 Guest

LAN Chile is in many ways an excellent airline. The flights are usually on time, and the food is very good. The personnel are very friendly and accomodating. But there are some very upsetting aspects to LAN's service that affect one's traveling experience. I've had four flights with LAN in the last month (October to November 2013). One infuriating aspect is their unwillingness to assign seats until 48 hours before departure in what they say is the "check-in" procedure. You may purchase your tickets weeks, or months, in advance, but you usually do NOT get seats assigned, or the ability to choose from available seats, until 48 hours before departure -- not 50 hours before, not 49 hours before, not 48 hours and 10 minutes before departure, but 48 or less hours. And given LAN's known policy of over-booking their flights, it's important to try to make sure you've actually gotten an assigned seat. This means that one has to make oneself available at that 48 hour window time to have any chance of getting a "decent" seat. On a recent flight, I was unable to choose seats 48 hours and 10 minutes before departure, but I was allowed access 20 minutes later at 47 hours and 50 minutes before departure. And what did I find at that time (10 minutes after the allowed window began) was that all but about 25 of the seats had already been selected and assigned. The plane has a capacity of about 250 seats. So unless about 240 people signed-in in the 10 minutes before I did and chose seats (unlikely), somehow, most of the seats had been assigned before the allotted time slot was supposed to begin. And, if by some way you are given an assigned seat beforehand, that doesn't mean that you'll actually get that seat when you get to the airport. On another, different than the above, recent flight from Santiago to JFK I had been able to get an assigned seat by calling LAN's Customer Service Center (more on this later). My wife and I were assigned adjoining seats. When we logged in for the "check-in" procedure within the 48 hour window, we found that our assigned adjoining seats had been changed and we were now separated from each other. In actually getting on the plane we discovered that our plight was quite common, and many, many passengers in our area of the plane had similar experiences. One family of 4 in our area were initially assigned to 3 different rows. The flight crew tries to make adjustments but it's very difficult with aisles full of passengers many of whom are trying to shift seats. The LAN personnel are always friendly, personable and willing to help, but this situation is beyond their capabilities. Now, about the Customer Service Center: In calling the Customer Service Center the connection and audio quality is HORRIBLE. The connection sounds like they are deep underwater, in a far away location. Supposedly the Customer Service Center is located in Miami. This is not a new problem, and has been this way for several years, and so the management of LAN should be aware of the problem, but it's not rectified. Even if the Center was located in Santiago the connection should be excellent. We regularly call from the US to Santiago, (and other areas within Chile) and the quality of the connection is always excellent. There have been several times when in talking with the Customer Service Center we've had to hang-up and call again, because of the difficulty of having an understandable conversation. And this is not because of language difficulties -- the Customer Service representatives speak very good english (and of course spanish) -- but because of the quality, or lack thereof, of the connection. So, if you're willing to wait until 48 hours before departure to get an assigned seat (and perhaps not even then get the seat you're assigned) LAN is an excellent airline -- unless, of course, you need to speak to someone in Customer Service, then good luck with the quality of the phone connection. P.S. Also if anyone from LAN ever reads this posting, please note that the pockets on many of the seat backs in front of you are often torn (from being stuffed too full with items). This makes it more difficult than normal to try to sleep when the pocket and it's contents are bumping into your legs.

17 October 2013 09:10:00 Uriel Light

X Please be advised that a claim (UIOLA22650) was made for baggage on your Flight #LA1442 arriving in Quito from Buenos Aires October 2, 2012. Hoping to hear from you in regards to this matter. Please advise me who will handling this claim for compensation for the delay of my bags for 16 days. This delay or lateness in receipt of my luggage has been caused by you (Lan Airlines). It is your direct responsibility as a carrier to meet your Air Transport Agreement and Customer Service Plan. You have neglected your responsibility as well as mishandled my baggage while in your responsibility and have caused me unnecessary delay by your actions and unreasonable puntuality.. As required by applicable international agreements in the event that my baggage is delayed, I am entitled to be compensated.

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