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31 December 2015 10:12:00 Guest

The airline with the WORST service imaginable. They have now managed to lose my luggage twice, and this time it has been 2 weeks and still no sign of my belongings. The staff keeps lying to me regarding the whereabouts of my luggage. As soon as I leave the caribbean for good, I hope I NEVER have the misfortune of travelling with Liat again.

31 August 2015 05:08:00 Guest

Would NEVER EVER fly with airline again. Heads up they will leave your luggage in ANTIGUA when you are travelling to UK fr om Antigua, its bests to catch a flight else wh ere perhaps the US or Air France when coming o the UK.Also they're STAFF & MANAGERS not helpful when trying to locate your bags when its they're fault! how brilliant...... The rudest Operators no manners... Airlines need a bad restructuring URGENTLY

22 August 2015 11:08:00 Jo

My son travels Liat and Winair. These are the worst airlines on planet Earth.

03 July 2015 06:07:00 Gary

I represent a family of 4 traveling from Chicago to Dominica. I made the mistake of trying to save some money by booking with US Air to Puerto Rico and then Liat to Dominica. Due to the weather we were delayed getting in Puerto Rico and missed our Liat flight. So far none of this is Liats issues. However, re-booking with Liat was a nightmare costing me over $600.00 to re-schedule. Its worth the extra money to work with a competent airline the cares about customer service. The flight was fine but working with customer service is maddening and expect your wallet to much lighter when theyre done with you. Never again will I book with Liat.

29 November 2013 11:11:00 Guest

It is with great disappointment that I have to express my disapproval with your airline and how Liat conducts business. Most other airlines I have traveled on would simply wish to take me from point A to B in a hurry. I find it preposterous that Liat can just change a flight plan while customers have already boarded the aircraft (on a direct flight I might add). My wife and I were departing from our honeymoon in Antigua on Monday, October 28th, 2013 and were on Liat flight # 362 from Antigua to Puerto Rico which was a direct flight to San Juan. The flight was delayed of course ("island time") however once on the aircraft an announcement was made that we were stopping in St. Kitts on our way to San Juan, but not five minutes later we were told that we were now going south to Dominica (total opposite way than San Juan). We arrived in Dominica at which time a grand total of 8 passengers boarded the plane. We were then told that we had to wait for a fuel truck, which was not ready when we arrived in Dominica. We ended up waiting on the tarmac for over an hour with no water, no food, and no air conditioning. I used to work in the airline industry and had that happened in Canada, PEOPLE WOULD BE FIRED!!! Numerous passengers asked for information about when we would be taking off and when we would be landing in San Juan as every passenger on the plane had a connecting flight to catch. None of Liat's customer service agents would give us a straight answer. We finally left Dominica sometime after 1:30 pm, over an hour after we should have LANDED in San Juan. Needless to say, nearly every passenger (including my wife and I) on the flight missed their connection in San Juan due to Liat's lack of respect for their customers further travel arrangements. As a result, we did not get on our previously booked flight to New York City. Luckily Jet Blue (who conducts business properly) were able to get us on a later flight to New York City. However, because we had to take a later flight to New York City, we missed our connecting flight to Buffalo and our waiting car rental. We were then forced to spend the night at a hotel near the JFK airport in New York City and take an early morning flight the next day to Buffalo. I would also add that we had to spend time and effort re-arranging our car rental from Buffalo back into Canada. As a result of the unprofessional and inconsiderate business practices of Liat, my wife and I had to pay out of pocket over $200 USD that we did not plan/budget for. We were considerably disappointed by our experience with Liat airline, especially considering we were returning from our HONEYMOON! We will not be flying Liat in the future and we will advise anyone we come into contact with also not to give Liat any business. I am aware (from working in the airline industry) that when experiencing long delays, other reputable airlines give their customers vouchers for food and pay hotel accommodations, particularly when overnight stays were not part of the original itinerary.

17 August 2013 01:08:00 Guest

this is the most disgusting airline in the world they need to be expose how they are still in existence is beyond me from TRINIDAD TO GRENADA a st Georges university student can get her luggage 6 days now.. they are liars and inconsiderate and they do not care i will never ever fly with that airline

07 August 2013 10:08:00 Brad Van de Mark


04 January 2013 02:01:00 Lisa

We checken in 10 bags in st Vincent. Jumped on the Liat plane to Barbados. When We got to Barbafis NONE of our bags were there. 1 day later the bags arrived. Almost Every bag was destroyed, cut open and things were stolen From them! Liat are thievs! NEVER fly with them!!!!

29 July 2012 02:07:00 Guest

Very very poor service allows a nine year old travelling alone to be without her suitcase 6 days and counting ......what kind of a service is this??? foot dragging don't care a * attitude...worst airline we have dealt with

23 June 2012 05:06:00 Guest

How does scale work 1 worst or 5 worst......???? this is the worst airline i have ever been on.. unprofessional poorly dressed and thieving bastards...the rasta man will make you smile and laugh whilst his partners slip their hands in your luggage and thief you.. but since you left with a smile I guess you owe it to them...again and again and again...ten fold...when you leave they charge you..when you are in line they "check" your bags...not for contraband..but things to line their pockets....yes it a three step inspection just to make sure everyone can go "shopping" in your belongings...its worth paying the extra money for a name brand airline...cuz the flip flop-ragged out tshirt skulduggery that they can not respond to claims/complaints in a timely manner....bottom line LIAT..Luggage In Another Terminal..

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