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05 May 2015 04:05:00 Mark Edwards

My story about how Republic mistreated me in regards to a disability issue is long, so I'll just post a link to it here. The post describes a clear violation of Part 382 that has been confirmed by US Airways, but Republic and one of their flight attendants are the people who are responsible for the violation. They are a dishonorable company, refused to admit fault when it was clearly theirs, and provided horrid "customer service". Definitely a carrier to avoid at all costs, whether you're disabled or perfectly healthy.

05 March 2015 03:03:00 Dale Madill

Captain Bergeron denied me access to board flight 4612 from Halifax to Philadelphia because of a disability. He would not permit me to use my portable oxygen concentrator in flight. My unit has been listed in an FAA directive as previously approved. This was a clear violation of FAA policy 382, and a decision that over also violated U.S. Airways that had approved me to fly and use my machine. I would argue there should be a law - but there is under FAA rules - Captain Bergeron simply decided to ignore it.

19 February 2015 08:02:00 Guest

the worst airline in delayed for ridiculous catering if there were any inflight services anyway....avoid avoid avoid

04 April 2014 04:04:00 W. J. Merrick

May as well fly Aeroflot. 30 years flying on business - this is the worst delay and most badly handled I have ever experienced. Congratulations to United and Republic for achieving the honour of the "Never Again" award. By the way it's 4875 from Denver to Durango. 4th April 2014.

25 February 2014 07:02:00 Guest

Awful, simply awful. The boarding process at DIA was disorganized and chaotic. Several seats were assigned to multiple people, and the on board crew were ineffective and seemingly uninterested in sorting out the matter. Passengers seemed to meander onto the airplane from the gate area well past the departure time- it seemed as if we would wait all afternoon until the plane was full! Luggage was checked at the gate, without identification tags, the pilots seemed to be indifferent and a departure time of 3:01 PM was a vague target time. The weather was perfect, the airplane was functional, but the ground crew, the gate personnel, the flight attendants, and the pilots were absolutely oblivious to the concept of a schedule. Finally someone from corporate inquired as to why the flight was still at the gate! I would hesitate to fly again on a carrier whose employees have been lobotomized. Be forewarned.

21 January 2014 07:01:00 LETICIA STORES


23 March 2013 08:03:00 Marcia L. Vanlandingham

I have to tell you about a wonderful experience I had with Republic Airlines, due to a FANTASTIC flight attendant on March 4, 2013, Flight#1185 from Ok City, OK, to Denver, CO. This lady, Deneen Sorensen, with her terrific personality and true consideration for her guests on the flight, turned what could have been a miserable situation into one that was most pleasurable & entertaining! We departed about 1:25p from Ok City to Denver, but were re-routed to Colo Springs due to unsafe visability at DIA. The pilot informed the passengers of the situation & we headed for Colo Springs. We were kept on the runway for quite some time, but the time flew as the pilot kept us informed, and Deneen visited with all of us, most of whom had just come from the Iron Man Timed Events competition (rodeo) in Guthrie, OK. The ones that wanted drinks served were politely told about "no alcholic drink policy" while on the runway, and everything Deneen said & did was met with positive reactions, because of the way she spoke to us and handled the situations. Cowboys can become obnoxious, as you probably already know, but even the ones that wanted to be, couldn't resist her personality. We actually were de-iced THREE times, waiting to get off the ground. After some time we were allowed off the plane for 20min, then reloaded for take-off. Then we were told here was a problem with one engine that had snow in it from sitting on the runway so long, and the flight was being canceled, so we were off-loaded into the terminal again (2nd time). As we waited to see if we were going to be bused to Denver, the engine responded, but we were told a mandatory light for night flying on the outside of the plane was out, so we had to wait for a BULB to be flown from Denver to Colo Springs, and then replaced. All this time Deneen was wonderful! She kept everyone informed, circulated with the passengers in the terminal, helped with alternative flights that were being missed because of our delay. When we finally boarded (3rd time, 3rd de-icing), jokes were made by the passengers about the "seat belt, equipment lecture" that is given before each flight. Deneen could have responded by telling the rowdy ones to "shut-up", but instead, she just took it all in stride, played along with the rowdies, and everyone in our area laughed & went with the flow. I know this was ONE LONG DAY for the Deneen & the rest of this Republic Crew, as I was aware that they had started early that morning in Kansas City, and were supposed to return to Kansas City from Denver that day, which, of course, didn't happen. It was a long day for the Crew, but they made it a very positive experience. Koodos to the entire Crew, and especially to Deneen. Hope I get to fly with her again some day soon!!! Most sincerely, Marcia L. Vanlandingham (1-307-630-6799) ps: I've been flying Southwest when I had the chance, but I've changed my priorities because of Deneen and this experience. Thank you!

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