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Safi Airways Discussion

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22 March 2017 05:03:00 Guest

I need china contact number

14 June 2016 10:06:00 tammana

one of the flight addentance took my hand bag because it was to big and I never saw my bag again. I looked for it in dubia airport almost missed my flight but never found my bag because the lady didn't give me a baggage claim number I had over 1500 worth of stuff in that bag

14 April 2014 09:04:00 sharif Ahmad

there sir! thank you for your new flights to Islamabad and the future to Dubai from Herat.It is very useful for our people and for your airline.

22 November 2013 11:11:00 Guest

It is a messy airline internally and externally. Sooner or later it will be the end of Safi Airways area when Emirates is start flying to KBL. Many unskilled management and staff who doesn't know about the airline business concept, no planning and vision. The management only sits there for their money and no effort has been taken to solve the problems. Terminating people against all law with no good excuse and on the other hand new replacement will come for higher salary. So where is the logic! I recommend people not to join this airline as they talk promising but in reality it is not what you will expect. I comment this on experience.

22 September 2013 10:09:00 Guest

Safi - flew HRT-KBL last night. Boarded plane and waited 1/2 hr after everyone was on board with no info given as to cause of delay. Finally saw 1 business class passenger get on and take his seat after which we left immediately. So they held up a whole planeload of people trapped amongst the screaming children for the convenience of 1 business class passenger. Doubt they would have done this for me. After landing in Dubai, we sat on the taxiway for another 1/2 hour waiting to be towed in (pilot proudly announce that it was an "on time landing" while we continued to sit in a stifling airplane waiting for a tow, seemingly forgetting that even before the delay in leaving, the departure time had already been pushed back 1/2 hr fr om its scheduled time). Then 1/2 hour wait among the pushing and shoving locals from 2 planes before the baggage began to appear. Last winter with them, during a snowstorm in Kabul, they kept us in line for 3 hours before starting checkin. After finally letting us board, we sat on the tarmac for 6 more hours waiting to be deiced. Finally the pilot came on and whined about their contractor not having enough deice solution to complete the job, claiming it was not Safi's fault (who hired the incompetent contractor?). We were then herded back into the terminal wh ere the few staff there posted a number to call for information and promptly "fled the scene". Avoid these clowns if at all possible.

21 September 2013 07:09:00 Guest

I had heard a lot about Safi and how it is relatively better than other airlines flying to Kabul. I went to Kabul fr om California in August 2013 and I had no problem flying from Dubai to Kabul. Yes there are issues with plane but what do you expect! My problem with Safi started when returning from Kabul to Dubai on 9/2 evening. I was running late so after walking for 15mins from the security check point to the terminal I get to the check in desk wh ere people are gathered. I see two boys behind the desk talking loudly - they see me and I tell them please check me in to Dubai I am late.immediately these two scream at me that the desk is closed and I need to go home and book another ticket for tomorrow. How dare them!! If I was in any other country or was threatened that I could miss this flight and potentially miss my flight from Dubai to San Francisco I would teach them a lesson. Instead I had to bite my tongue. They give me a boarding pass then tear it up telling me I didn't thank them so they don't see the point of checking me in. I mean anywhere else they would check you in andtell you it's upto you how fast you make it to your gate. I had plenty of time and I knew the security and getting to my gate would not be that busy since it is not a busy airport. They then give me the wrong tag numbers for my bags- only while at my gate a genetleman comes running telling me these are your correct tag numbers - at this point I don't know what to do. In the end I made it to my gate - waited an hour and another inside the plane. I am absolutely appalled by the customer service in Kabul!! These men the names were IQBAL WARDAK and Ramin, Ajmal and Ferdous! They were all very disrespectful towards not me but a lone woman! Rude a d definitely unprofessional!

04 June 2013 04:06:00 Guest

Do not fly with Safi, if your original Airline is subcontracting flights to Kabul with Safi, refuse it.... I had to take to Facebook to get Safi Airways management and the public to note that Safi is robbing it's own customers of their money. Imagine you are arriving in Kabul after a long and tiring flight from overseas only to find out that Safi is holding your luggage for ransom. A $250 fee was paid for extra luggage at departure to Qatar Airways that covered the additional luggage to destination. Now, Safi Air wants $150 cash and refusing to give receipt for the money. We had no choice but to refuse to be taken hostage by this Airline. We didn't pay and they held back our luggage. Although we do not directly dealt with Safi as they sub contracted Qatar Airways flights to Kabul, we will be raising awareness about how Safi is stealing from the passengers traveling to Kabul. Hope that the management at Safi and Qatar Airways take immediate action or their name will be dragged through mad online and offline !!!!!!

27 May 2013 02:05:00 Lydia

I want to fly from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Kabul. Does Safi Airline fly direct from Kabul to Frankfurt?

20 May 2013 09:05:00 williams hoe

site have problems in online booking from 2 weeks

15 January 2013 11:01:00 kbl

It's great that you are multinationalizing on the crew . I saw an african lady in one of your flights from Dubai to Kabul which was great.THREE things for sure though, 1. The flight attendants are full of themselves and very rude .2. You should improve on the food they serve, its terrible. 3. I cant stand to loose one more laggage.

22 September 2012 07:09:00 marwa

very awful airline yackkkkkkkkkkk food and ugly and very rudely flight attendants when u call them to bring tea they l bring u water i had a flight in safi from to dubai to kabul so i had an awful flight with safi airlines with its awful food the food made me sick and puke and the flight attendants were very rude i l never flight again with safi

29 August 2010 04:08:00 Al

Horrible Airline, the plane was falling apart, I would never fly Safi again. you can check out the pictures at

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