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23 December 2016 04:12:00 Guest

We travelled fr om San Juan to st Thomas on 12/19 with 2 checked in bags. When we reached st Thomas, our bags did not arrive. There were 5-6 other passages with the Same problem. We were asked to fill in lost bag form. The problem is that we are cruising on carnival so we needed the bags urgently. It is now 4 days with no clue wh ere our bags are. We tried the airline but no one picks up the phone. Carnival support staff also has been calling every and sent snail as well. This has completely ruined my vacation. We had but new cloths and could never not attend certain events due to lack of cloths. We willl be taking our case to courts for the airline to reimburse us our vacation, lost bags and mental disturbance. If the airline wants to resolve the situation amicably then they should send email to a

08 December 2016 10:12:00 Guest

I have been trying to reach the Accounts Payable of Seaborne Airlines and their voicemails are always full, they read emails and never respond back and this is in regards to an obligation in the amount of $77,366.69, i just cannot reach anyone!!

19 July 2016 12:07:00 Disappointed customer

I cannot believe after being a customer of seaborne for over 18 yrs. I have been lied and bumped off my flight which by the way I was here over an hour early, because the attendant told me that I was the last one to checked in. He needs to be trained as to how to communicate with the passengers. This is unacceptable!. I suggest that the next time that you people overbook a flight or have a weight and balance issue, you speak the truth to your customers. Maybe then you will gain some of your old customers back. You can reat assure that I nor my friends ansld family will be traveling on seaborne until a new managemenr is in place. Disappointed customer

11 July 2016 10:07:00 Guest

This airline is a complete disaster, I strongly recommend NOT flying Seaborne. They recently lost our connecting flight due solely to their fault and left us completely abandoned in Santo Domingo, without any options to fly back to Madrid on a shared code flight with AirEurope. In the end, several passengers had to pay a penalty (after loosing 1 full day...) in order to fly back home. Very bad handiling from AirEuropa and shamefull behaviour from Seaborne. Will NEVER fly them again and will discourage anyone from doing so.

11 April 2016 08:04:00 3dtech

thanks for this information.

11 April 2016 04:04:00 Guest

We booked with this airline because it was the cheapest. Being very sincere and fair, this airline is a NIGHTMARE. They lost our bags and nobody cared about it! The employees are rude and clueless. We felt very disrespected. Also, they NEVER EVER answer the phones. LESSON: want a cheap flight prepare for LESS THAN MEDIOCRE SEVICE.

18 March 2016 11:03:00 Guest

I read the reviews on this air line, but we booked it any way. I should have trusted the reviews. We were flying from San Juan to Punta Cana and when we check in the person said the flight was only had a few people, I asked if they will cancel the flight and he said oh no. The did cancel the flight and then put us on a later flight to Santo Domingo. When we got to Santo Domingo they told us that our luggage was not on the plane. We had to endure a 3 hours taxi ride to Punta Cana, Our luggage arrived the next day on a Jet Blue flight that arrived at 13:41 to Punta Cana, but we didn't get our luggage until about 18:00. How can a one hour flight be so messed up?

23 August 2015 05:08:00 Guest

A few of us were never told what happened to our bags as we were waiting for 40 minutes in San Juan to clear customs. NO ONE knew who we could talk to and some of the people missed their connection/s. After that an agent came by and told us that 15 bags were taken off in St Kitts (we made a pit stop in St Kitts from Nevis headed to San Juan aka there was no time to take off 15 bags). She also managed to blame the weather when all we saw were clear skies with clouds here and there (no weather issues at all). Lastly she blamed the weight of the plane (yes sometimes that is a problem, but I have never heard of a 15 bags weight problem!) Apparently I am supposed to get my bag soon, and I found out that the bag was leaving from basically everything the lady agent said was false. I am not happy with this airline at all!

12 August 2015 06:08:00 Guest

I flew Seaborne too. They canceled my connecting flight to DR. The night before we were scheduled to start our trip. We tried to call and since it was after 8pm we were not able to get a hold of them bc they were owed til morning....we made the t all the way to San Juan and got stuck overnight. They were kind and put us up in the hotel at the airport....we enjoyed our time and were on a new flight to our destination in the morning. The crappy part is that we still had to pay for our original reservation in the DR. We have emailed Seaborne (as we were directed by the gal at the counter, who ensured us they would take care of all the extra expenses....) well, I emailed them 3 weeks ago, I've started calling corp. I'm hoping they honor their word and take care of the extra uncivil cd and expense they have caused us. Fingers crossed for a kind and compassionate humans resources worker to sort this out.

22 March 2015 03:03:00 David Wilson

Avoid this airline. Flight times are moved up or delayed without notice. Expect to be stranded without assistance. Expect lost vacation time, uncompensated cost overruns from your rebookings and unexpected hotel stays, and time at work on the back end. No communication to waiting clients. This airline doesn't care.

09 January 2015 03:01:00 Suzann

First Seaborne just outright cancelled our flight and cost us our last night at a villa already paid for. This then forced us to take an earlier flight to San Juan and pay for a hotel. Then when a "movie star" boarded our plane, they took our luggage off to make room for the movie star's and didn't tell us. Then they lied and told us our luggage would arrive the very next morning first thing, in time for us to change clothes as we were flying home to minus 20 degree climate. It didn't come and we were forced to buy clothes. Then we were told that we would be called. They never called. We persistently called and asked for 6 hours and had to drive back to the airport to pick up our luggage. Will never fly with them again. I would rather swim the ocean.

20 December 2014 11:12:00 Guest

Worst airlines ever - changed flight last minute and cost me even more money and said the best they could do was next day. I knew enough to get a new flight so made it but cost me more money - don't trust your reservation with then ever !!!BOW3

02 September 2014 05:09:00 Guest

If you are planning to bring luggage, it is a bad idea, you should bring a small enough to take it inside the airplane, but not bigger than a business briefcase. I was disappointed about the lack of concern and the lack of willingness to help the customers in St. Kitts after knowing that my luggage was lost. The last thing you need to know is that you are on your own if you want to find out and recover your property, I will inform here if I get the full refund of my luggage and its content.

22 August 2014 07:08:00 Guest

This airline sucks. When i booked flight the flight with Expedia I flew Jet Blue to San Juan and Jet Blue to St. Thomas. Return flight was Seaborne to San Juan and Jet Blue to Chicago. Jet Blue was awesome. On return flight from St. Thomas to San Juan I was informed there was a $25.00 baggage fee for Seaborne for this flight. Surprise and not going to argue with Seaborne counter employee, I gave her my credit card. As she was charging my card I look on the counter and there was a piece of paper directly in front of her that showed baggage fees for Seaborne flights and connecting airlines. I just happen to check this list and it showed flights from St. Thomas to San Juan connecting with Jet Blue had no baggage fees. This piece of paper designating baggage fees was directly in front of her. After she charged my credit card $100.00 I informed her that no fees were required if the connecting flight was with Jet Blue. This was a surprise to her. Now really, this is right in front of you and you don't know which airlines require baggage fees. She apologize and said, "Oh your right, I have to go in the back and get the charges reversed. After waiting 10 minutes, she comes back and tells me it will take 5 or 6 days for the charges to be reversed. Seriously, had I not read that rip off menu right in front of her eyes I would have been out $100.00. It has been a week and no reversal on charges. I will contact them in the morning and address the situation and I'm sure it will be pleasant. I will avoid this airline on my return trips to St. Thomas. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, our luggage never left St. Thomas they took it off because of a weight issue and never told us. Got to Chicago and no luggage. Jet Blue tracked in down and it never left St.Thomas. Got luggage the next day at 3am. Will avoid Seaborne Airlines on any return trips to St. Thomas

05 July 2014 03:07:00 Edmund St. Rose

I was not allowed to check in or board my flight bb 3531 on Thursday June 26, 2014 because I was late; Reason cited, flight was closed. However, senator Diane Capehart, who entered the closed line less than one minute before I did, was checked in with a smile. I was ignored and left standing in line for an additional 10 minutes. Yes, I was late, But so was senator Diane Capehart. After being forced to purchase a ticket fr om another airline, I saw Senator Capehart at the gate area wh ere she admitted that she was late. Capehart laughed at the attendant's claim to me that she had arrived on time and was asked to wait thus causing her to be late. Does Seaborne Airlines' late policy apply only to the general public and not to Senators or other government officials?

30 June 2014 01:06:00 Guest


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