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04 July 2016 03:07:00 john Quinn

I am trying to book a Flight from Jakarta Return via Bangkok International Airport I have fill out all the details my Name, E mail address but you page Rejects my Office Ph Number, My Moblie Ph No, My Daughters Ph Why?? MY PH NO HERE IN Indonesia 001 62 811 111 0126 Office 001 62 21 867 4042 My Daughters Ph in Thailand 001 66 902 354 591 What is the Issue Than k you

04 April 2016 04:04:00 Brian

Having used most Gulf based airlines when flying to and from South East Asia over the past three years, accepting the inevitable transfer time-wait until the next leg, I thought it was time to experience a change. So, for my recent flight from London to Bangkok, I booked with Thai Airways which now operates the A380 – and of course, flies non-stop. Travel to Heathrow by road from my home in Mid Essex, is always a bit of a gamble with regards to allowing sufficient time to arrive. The now ubiquitous delays on the M25 have to be allowed for, which I did on this occasion and reached Terminal 2 just before 0800hrs, for my scheduled departure at 11.50hrs. To my disappointment and surprise when presenting myself at the check-in desk, was being told that the flight would not now depart until around 15.30hrs. 'Late coming in from Bangkok', was the reason. That I had not ben informed of this long delay, was irritating, as my personal contact details were available to them. Putting all this behind me (but not looking forward to waiting around the airport for almost 8 hours) I spent the time as constructively as possible, particularly sending notifications to the Bangkok car airport transfer company, the hotel I'd reserved and the company with whom I had an appointment the following morning. Once on board, it was immediately apparent that the cabin crew were well trained, polite and helpful. The A380 aircraft is a big beast and the internal configuration design is appealing. Long haul flights like this one exceeding 11 hours, are never easy to bear but I have to say that Thai Airways have provided all possible features and amenities to soften this burden. My seat was as good as it gets, the entertainment system worked perfectly with plenty of choice - and all meals served to a good standard. Noticeably, a press of the seat call button produced an immediate appearance of a member of the cabin crew, an occurrence not always experienced when flying with some airlines. The plane actually made up a little time, which meant arrival at Bangkok was three hours behind schedule. So, as to the flight itself, I have no complaints, rather to compliment the professionalism of the crew for making it as comfortable as possible. With my Asian itinerary completed, it was time to return to the UK. On arrival at the Thai Airline desk, I was extremely pleased to be offered a space available cabin upgrade, which, of course, I willingly accepted. Against the prevailing winds, the return journey is always some hour + longer than the outward leg, so lounging on a wide seat, sipping champagne and nibbling caviar-covered biscuits, is not to be sneezed at. Such an up-grade was especially welcome, as I had suffered an injury to my left ankle when falling during a short jungle trek in Laos and at 80 plus, the results are inevitably more traumatic....believe me! Once again, I found the crew's performance to be as first class as the cabin and after eating, I extended my seat, snuggled under a blanket and slept for almost six hours. In summary then, both flights were seamless and comfortable. They get a ten out of ten from me. Had the Heathrow departure debacle not occurred, then entire experience would have gained the same marks.

01 January 2015 12:01:00 Guest

Flew from Vienna to Bangkok then on to Melbourne. Absolutely terrible experience as I was told at Vienna that I would not be sitting with my children from Bangkok to Melbourne, so upon arrival to Bangkok went to the ticket desk and a nice man sorted it all out so that I could sit with my kids. When we boarded a very rude hostess said that my daughter could not sit in the exit isle without a parent sitting next to her. I was travelling alone with my four children and the old man sitting next to my daughter said that he was happy to take care of her in case of emergency and I was only separated from her by the isle, so I could easily reach her. The hostess insisted on one of my children moving because the plane was full and we could not all be moved. My children were very distressed and were crying because one had to move and none of them wanted to sit alone as you can imagine as they are all under the age of nine. The hostess was very rude and told my children that one had to move, so my beautiful three year old daughter said "mummy I'll move". I was so upset and disgusted at how insensitive this hostess was, forcing one of my children to sit alone, a three year old. I will never fly with Thai again, disgraceful.

09 December 2014 06:12:00 Tee Ching Huat

I just flew back from with my family of 5 adults.i know that Thai airways allowed 30 kgs per person. Overall we were overweight by 3kgs ie 0.6 kg per head ave. your check in counter personnel was very insistent that we have to pay extra charges. I just like to know if this is the airline's policy that ANY weight over has to follows exactly. The going to pay the charges took us 30 mins - to que, n take your turn as the que is long as it also caters to other services. It was just as well that we were early to check in , n we have already checked in on- line. I was early flew Thai airways to Munich from Kuala Lumpur n on the way back to Kuala Lumpur stopped for a few days to meet up with my family who came later. Guess stopping in Bangkok for a wedding n shopping was 'we were over weight slightly'. This episode has somewhat left a bitter taste. We flew back on 9/12/14 on TG 418. If that is your strict policy then we will have to be more careful. 'You can't really weigh everything accurately. Please excuse for my outburst as it really spoilt my Final day after 5 days in pleasurable Bangkok.

08 May 2014 06:05:00 Max Ediger

I have lived in Asia since 1971 and flown on Thai Airways a great many times each year. It is one of my favorite airlines and the airplane crew are always very helpful and the service is one of the best. However, recently we have been facing some very frustrating problems with TG. We arrange many flights for regional meetings through a travel agency here in Cambodia. As TG is so often most convenient, many of our program participants travel with TG. Recently program participants in Nepal, Sri Lanka and, most recently Laos, have been stopped during check in and the number of the credit card of our travel agent requested. This has not ever happened in the past and our travel agent is very careful to make certain that all credit card information in the computer is correct. The problem has only happened in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Laos and has caused participants to miss meetings. This has become a financial burden for us as they need to rebook, spend time trying to convince the check in staff etc. When our travel agent contacts the head office in Bangkok they are informed that all information in the computer is sufficient and there should be no problem. However, in these three countries some participants are not allowed on. Our travel agent has written to the Thai Airways head office in Bangkok many times about this problem but has not received a helpful response. While I prefer flying on TG, we are now considering using other airlines as we can not afford to have our participants prevented from flying when there is absolutely no reason for it. We would like TG to solve this problem as it is hurting their credibility, especially for our organization. We need an airline we can trust.

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