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03 January 2023 11:01:00 anton

transavia amsterdam -

16 May 2022 08:05:00 Guest

hello What is the terminal at Hurghada airport ?

19 September 2018 05:09:00 Guest

What is the max. weight and size for carry on luggage for a in Europe flight?

01 June 2018 10:06:00 Guest

Traveled this airline from Paris to Amsterdam and had two very expensive belts stolen out of my bag. The bag should have fit on carryon but made me check it and pay for it.

13 May 2018 12:05:00 SU535

year 2017- 2018 (all messages): This is not theTransavia carrier site here, but the discussions forum here. There is no flight information /e-ticket number / reservation on this air carrier . Such comments are not fair. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and produce fllight number / airports. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / eticket and email address in attachment. The reply can be given within 2-5 days by free staff. Regards. aryan{at} - for private and full requests with e-tickets only.

07 May 2018 02:05:00 Cheah wilson

Can i speak to someone at customer service

13 March 2018 12:03:00 Ersin

Can I use my laptop during my flight from Amsterdam to Larbaca Cyprus?

24 October 2017 06:10:00 Guest

Hello I have submitted a claim to receive the refund I am entitled for. A flight delay by Transavia for more than three hours. Transavia acknowledged the claim, and they emailed me saying I should receive the refund in the next 4 to 6 weeks. the duration has passed and I still haven't received my refund. I kept emailing them and no response now. Someone from Transavia here ?????????????????

15 October 2017 08:10:00 Guest

Do not use this Airline ( Transavia ). We were delayed for 12 hours flight HV9416 our flight from Lisbon to Munich was supposed to leave at 09.50am but did not leave until 22.05 pm and then only to Nuremberg so we had to endure a road trip by coach of 2 hours finaaly arriving at 05.00am. Not a word from Transavia re: the delay or any communication. There handling company in Lisbon ( Portway ) also denied passengers their rights under EU 261, refusing to hand out meal vouchers in a timely fashion.

26 June 2017 05:06:00 Guest

Booked to fly with my friend from Luton to Paris Orly about 6 months in advance (to avoid stress nearer the time). Then out of nowhere about 1 month before our trip, we recieve an email saying our flights both ways had been cancelled - zero explanation. Had to endure lengthy process to apply for a refund - only to be told that we wont recieve said refun for 4-6 weeks - despite their website claming refunds on cancelled flights should be recieved within 7 days! Was catastrophic as we are both not well off students and needed that refund to pay for the now far more expensive new flights. Going in three says and still havent recieved refund. Absolute joke and am now going to be visiting the much cheaper areas in paris. Oh and they are completely inaccessible over the telephone. Such a con.

09 May 2017 03:05:00 Guest

Trying to reserve a flight, I was notified at the end of reservation process that the flight is confirmed. However, several hours later I received an email from Transavia, telling me that my flight reservation was cancelled. Calling Transavia center +352 27002728, Transavia representative told me that in fact the flight reservation had not been cancelled. Further to this problem, I asked this rep' to cancel my flight, but he refused. I also could not fill in a complaint, since Transavia web site was stuck at the end of the complaint process. I will never reserve a flight with Transavia.

27 April 2017 08:04:00 Guest

Would never buy a ticket from them while in the US. There is absolutely no way to communicate with them by phone. They double-booked me on a flight and double charged me. Impossible to connect with them. obc58

23 November 2016 07:11:00 Alex Mattocks

Left luggage at airport missed plane

17 June 2016 11:06:00 Minesh Ladwa

They seem to charge you for the little things. The staff lack conviction and have not got a clue about communicating with me. They lack basic safety skills. I checked into my flight. The Gate open 20 min late, but was ok Easy Jet had delays of 2 hours that day. I settled down in Premium seat. I spoke to the gentleman sitting next to me. During the flight I notice the gentleman sitting next to had disappeared, he wasn't in the toilet as people were going in and out. There had been a Terror attack in Orlando USA. So I was security conscious. The flight landed. Yet there was no sign of the gentleman who sat next to me. He had left his mobile phone and square electronic device in the middle seat next to me. I grow concerned and follow passengers if they seen the gentleman next to me. No one had seen since duration of the flight. I tried reporting it the cabin crew they refused to listen and request I sat down. I went back again and the explanation, he was sitting else where and is member of the staff. I ask myself why didn't he identify himself as staff or wear a ID card with him.

16 June 2016 08:06:00 Shirley

The story is: May 30 2016: I sent below message to Transavia I took Transvia TO 3050 from Paris-Orly to Amsterdam on May 30 2016. My hand luggage was told to be too big for your small plane (actually it can be fit perfectly in the cabin, but I didn't want to argue for this then), hence the check in staff asked me to check in the luggage. As I claimed my luggage at Schipol airport, I felt it looks different from how I passed to the check in counter in Paris. I went straight from airport to hotel, then found out my cellphone in the luggage was stolen. I'm 100% sure it was stolen in the transmission because I didn't let my luggage leave me before handed it to check in counter in Paris and after got it back at the Schipol airport. It's an urgent matter to me Coz I got a lot of important data in it. Please investigate and settle this matter immediately. I will report to police too. Jun 14 2016, Customer Service - Saskia replied: To explain, in accordance with the General Conditions of Carriage, cannot be held liable in cases of fragile or valuable items being held inside the baggage, nor for the damage may such items cause ( When we ask passengers to place their hand luggage in hold, they should always take their valuable items out of the luggage. We are therefore sorry to inform you that your request for compensation on this occasion cannot be satisfied. Jun 16 2016, I replied: So whatever stuff the passengers put in their luggage disappeared is not your company's responsibility?! Do you mean that? If you cannot compensate me, then you need to investigate this stolen case to find out who is the thief in the airport! Because there will be much more victims like me in the future. Give me a contact person and phone no., I'll ask the police and journalists to make a report on this to let most people know how transavia handle such kinda stolen cases. Be a customer service, your response is very irresponsible and unprofessional! It can totally destroy the company's reputation.

14 June 2016 12:06:00 Ian Macmillan

I flew with Transavia for the first time recently on a return trip from Lyon ST Exupéry to Porto. The flight to Porto was far from full and all went well. The return flight the following Sunday 5th June (flight 3947 Y), was full, exhausting and late. That can happen. What really frustrated me was the difficulty to print out my boarding pass for the return journey. Firstly, this could only be done within 30 hours of departure, and required finding assistance in Porto. The owners of my residence kindly volunteered to help but could not print out the return boarding pass either. I expected this would be possible on arrival at the airport, but no. For technical reasons Transavia boarding passes from Porto cannot be printed out in advance. My wife, traveling on a Ryanair flight, had printed out her return boarding pass before leaving France. The result: a huge queue for boarding passes for the whole flight and 2,5 hours queuing. This incident tastes of poor customer service. Imagine for single parents with children.

16 March 2016 07:03:00 Abukar Ali

Attn.: Customer Service of Transavia Airlines From Amsterdam (AMS) to Casablanca (CMN), with Transavia Airlines K9Z3WJ Dear Sir or Madam, Please note the email at below I sent to whom I bought a ticket though them AMS-CMN and as you can see in my email that I have C$38.+cents = to Euro 27-28.00 that the price of 2-25Kg luggage, but what I have seen in your confirmation booking that I paid only for 15kg luggage that is why I emailed them to let them know the amount I paid is should be covered a luggage 20-25kg.The total amount I paid C$101.00 + 19.00 tax and C$38.00 for one luggage weight between 20-25kg and so far I didn't get any reply from eDreams. Therefore, if you don't honor that then I have to cancel this ticket due eDreams mislead me then we will see how the canadian Law will judge this issue. Sincerely yours, Abukar

07 October 2015 08:10:00 Subira Reder

Dear Sirs, we should like to know person contact and e-mail address, becauss we have a nice aeronautic Project very interesting. Our spanish team, are formed for ex-comercial pilots & economist. One partner of this team worked in KLM airlines during 9 years.. and dealer of Flyght safety. Our first work in the aeronautical was 1996 with the creation of the airline company (Click-air) now VUELING. Many thanks and best regards C.Subira Reder

05 June 2015 01:06:00 Guest

Irmak Tasindi : I have been travelling for 30 years and this is the worst airline i have been on so far. You know that moment you are not sure whether you should book it or not? Do not do it! They consider your lady bag a hand baggage and they wont take an extra bag in which is so not clear from the website and so not the standard in economical flight. Basically dont be fooled because the airline is cheap they are just messing with you and they make sure they get your money at the end. Plus you dont get any service what so ever. On top of it they are super slow. They opened the contuar only two hours in advance not considering the airport traffic and the fact that they are short on staff. The flight is delayed because of that inconsiderence. it is iust not worth it. Give 40 dollars more and just fly with a real airline Transavia lost my lugagge and the service is TERRIBLE!

12 May 2015 11:05:00 Irmak Tasindi

I have been travelling for 30 years and this is the worst airline i have been on so far. You know that moment you are not sure whether you should book it or not? Do not do it! They consider your lady bag a hand baggage and they wont take an extra bag in which is so not clear from the website and so not the standard in economical flight. Basically dont be fooled because the airline is cheap they are just messing with you and they make sure they get your money at the end. Plus you dont get any service what so ever. On top of it they are super slow. They opened the contuar only two hours in advance not considering the airport traffic and the fact that they are short on staff. The flight is delayed because of that inconsiderence. it is iust not worth it. Give 40 dollars more and just fly with a real airline

28 March 2015 06:03:00 Guest

One week ago, a colleague and myself had a 4-day business trip to Amsterdam. The flight Athens-Amsterdam went all smooth bearing in mind that is a low cost airline company, except for the ticket prices of course which cannot be at all considered as low, but anyways. Our flight back to Athens was in 6.50 a.m. so we arrived in Schiphol Airport at around 04.40 a.m. and went straight to deliver our luggage for which we had paid extra money (of course). Two person in charge stopped us before check in desks and claimed that we were not allowed to fly because we had too many handbags. Apparently Transavia considers the lady bag as well as the laptop case as handbags!!! Please note that we have travelled all over Greece, Cyprus, Spain, London, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Hungary with low and no low cost airlines, and we had absolutely never dealt with a similar problem!! We insisted that this was absurd and we were not even informed of this singularity but the personnel were inexplicably rude and after a while they stated Step aside. Im not going to deal with you anymore (!). Of course we reacted immediately and asked for a person in charge because it seemed illogical to be left fr om Athens with the same handbags and no problem at all and suddenly in Amsterdam we were not allowed to fly! Finally, after a lot of argument, a woman in charge appeared who told us that these are Transavia rules and she couldnt do anything about it. When we asked her why they had let us fly from Athens with the same handbags, she answered: Athens might not have as many Transavia staff as required, but here (in Amsterdam) the check is going to be done correctly. So, it was our mistake for the insufficient staff of Transavia in Athens! I specifically was carrying my lady bag, a laptop case and a school bag with my business dossiers in it and it was not possible to fit the laptop in the schoolbag not mentioning my lady bag. So I asked this woman in charge who was even ruder than the previous staff - to advise me what I was supposed to do with my laptop and if I eventually put my laptop in the luggage wh ere there was space, would Transavia pay me back of any damage made? Her answer left me speechless: I dont know what you are going to do with your staff. Its not my problem but you are not going to fly like this.. And do you want to know the highlight of this discussion? When we accused Transavia for letting people fly from one airport to another with different rules to each one of them we heard something out of magic Transavia never makes mistakes. Good for you guys, youve just lost a lot of Greek clients because I who am not infallible at all will spread this story out.

14 December 2014 02:12:00 Ioannis Kanellakopoulos

Transavia is a terrible airline. My 24-year-old niece bought a ticket with them to travel from Athens to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, a few days before her trip, her father suddenly passed away. Naturally, she cancelled her trip. But Transavia refused to refund anything, even though they resold her seat (the flight was overbooked). I understand that the ticket was non-refundable, but they could have made an exception for such an extraordinary circumstance. Moreover, when I contacted them about this issue, the person I interacted with, Mister Mets in Customer Care, was borderline rude and told me that Transavia is not like Delta or KLM (I'm a Delta SkyMiles Diamond Elite), and that my niece should not expect from Transavia the kind of personalized service and exceptions one might expect from Delta and KLM. Seriously? I recommend everyone stay away from Transavia. I mean, if they don't respect death, what will they do in less serious circumstances?

17 October 2014 02:10:00 Guest

The website describes carry on luggage restrictions which were absurb and when we boarded realized that they were not enforced. Because I respected this information, I checked my luggage, at an unreasonable price. Then, my luggage was lost. After my return, I have tried to access the Transavia website to follow up on my lost luggage. The website is not helpful. It references a form to be filled out, but the form is not available on the website. It does not provide a USA telephone number. The contact information provides a fill in inquiry form, which I did and received the canned response that a representative would be contacting me soon. A week later, I have heard nothing.

01 July 2014 04:07:00 Craig

The inexpensive ticket cost is deceptive. My checked baggage cost more than the tickets. All in flight drinks, food, etc, must be paid for. The plane was delayed boarding. but no announcement or update was provided to the airport. It took one hour to board the aircraft, and the flight was delayed an hour. They were expensive and disorganized.

23 November 2012 02:11:00 Felicia

My bag (9.5kg) weighted less than 10 kg and could entered the bag measurement but stupid and rude check-in staff did not want to see or listen. I had to pay for small bag which should not be like that based on the Transavia regulation (10kg). Check-in process was mess, my name was not found in the system, walking up down to Transavia office after 1 hour they could find my name. It was the worst flight (nightmare) service ever. Incredibly bad!

31 August 2012 10:08:00 Tania

Basically, my experience with Transavia can be summerized in one word: rudeness. Since the information on the ticket were not so clear, I decided to take with me two suitcases for a total weight of 15 kg, instead of one of maximum 20 kg. On the first flight there were no problems, while, on the way back, I was asked to pay a fee for that. How much was the fee? Hard to say: the first operator asked me 10 euros, but, when I asked a second operator the fee was 20. And this the amount I actually paid. Apparently, rules are rules for customers but not for Transavia operators, who can also made racist remarks on Italians without a word of apology. When I write to the customer service, I experienced the same rudeness: not a word of apology for the racist remark, not one for the misleading information. And not one explaination on whym, after experiencing all this, I discovered that some passangers were allowed to take 2-3 pieces of hand baggage without problems, while I was obliged to pay a fee because I can't take my "extra" suitcase with me on the plane. I guess some rules are for Italians only. What else? During the whole procedure at Schiphol my mother, who is 60, was not allowed to seat down, and it lasted almost 2 hours. On the plane, she was sick and the crew did not even notice, because they were too busy trying to sell something. No one spoke a word in Italian (funny, on a flight to Italy) and even their English, in some cases, was very poor. The plane was dirty and the smell coming out from the toilets (at least I hope so) was almost unbearable. Seats are uncomfortable and we one of the flights we took was one hour delayed. The customer care is uneffective and rude too. In one sentence? I will never again fly with Transavia.

27 July 2012 01:07:00 Guest

one word: amazing i flyed from rotterdam the hague to split airport, in 1h48m only the landing was hard, but thats nog weird becouse there are mountains all over the place, deffenetly a second time for me

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