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22 January 2018 04:01:00 luc Lanctot

on the flight fr om Montreal WW252/720, Friday, December 8th, 2017 5:55:00 pm to Keflavik, and fr om Kefflavik to flight WW252 Saturday, December9, 2017 4:25:00, to Berlin Schonefeld , flight number :WW720, Saturday , December 9-2017 arrival : 10:45:00, my one consigned piece was not on the pick up area. This error on your part ruined my trip. I am also a French army officer , I was to be taken by car from Berlin to Ukraine, with stop overs in our bases along the way, with the missing piece of luguage I had to cancel this means of transport, (why don't you WOW have an office at this Airport??) I lost many hours trying to recover my luguage , Luck ly I speak Deutsch, after 1/2 an hour I found the desk on the first floor of the airport , wh ere I filled out a "property Irregularity report" for my lost piece of baggage.(SEE ATTACHED CLAIM I called a army friend who lives in SZCZECIN Poland, If I could use his address IN ORDER TO recover my luguage and to find me a hotel in that city. lost 2 days because of your error, this screwed my whole work schedule, I was to give a series of conferences in different cities in Poland and Ukraine. I was able to only be at the conference in Szczecin. By the way Skuli, My wife in Quebec call your WOW office several times in Reykjavik to found out what recourse claim we had but to no avail, no one returned her calls , At AIR FRANCE THAT WOULD BE UNTHINKABLE , SOMEONE WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB. I realize your a low cost airline but there's a lim it. Oh yes I almost forgot, the friend in Szczecin came to schonefeld to pick me up and we drove to his home to wait for my lugguage. You owe him for his car and time expence. Skuli look up my file and you will see , my return flight was to be on jan 19, 2018 , but because of my missing suitcase I came back on December 19th, plus you did not hesitate to add on on a whole bunch of surcharges which I want reinbursed. HOTEL IN SZCZECIN, TRAIN TO LVIV UKRAINE, SURCHAGES FOR OVERSIZE LUGGAGE. A 3 DOLLAR CHARGE FOR A BOTTLE OF WATER, AFTER RUINING MY TRIP TO UKRAINE. THINK OF IT , IT WASN'T A COINCIDENCE I FLEW WOW AIR BUT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT YOU LOST MY LUGGAGE. i HAVE NOT MENTIONED THIS TO A/F NOR DO I INTEND TO IF YOU REINBURSE ME MY DUE. Every one said you were a cool boss, let me tell you about a project I have concerning Ukraine, did you know there are 1,359,221 Ukrainians living in Canada, many wanting to go either for skiing to the Carpathian mountains, or a visit their grandmother in Odessa, or the |Jazz fest in Lviv, and I can go on and on, Skuli why don't fly to Ukraine, Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, I discussed this with your purser, I gave him my email to give to you. If you plan to fly to Ukraine, and want to fill your seats full of Canadian Ukrainians, I'm your man , I am already involved in volunteer work with the Canadian Ukrainian Congress for their war effort plus other work I do there, I know the country very very well. If you come to Montreal , Call me . 1-818-321-0359 YOURS VERY SINCERELY, Luc Lanctot EXTRA EXPENCES FOR LOSS LUGGAGE AT BERLIN AIRPORT cAR EXPENCES X $ 60.00 HOTEL CAMPANILE SZCZECIN POLAND 1 NIGHT X $61.00 TRAIN TO LVIV X $70.30 BAGGAGE CHARGES X $138.13 PENALTY RETURN CHARGE ERROR X $290.01 TOTAL X $619.44

31 August 2017 08:08:00 Celia Kincaid

WOW airlines refused to refund my airfare for a trip that I was unable to take due to being flooded in in the Houston, Texas area due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. My flight was scheduled from Toronto, but the Houston airport has been closed since the Hurricane hit on Saturday, so I couldn't get to Toronto to take the flight. I will never make another reservation with them, and strongly urge others to think twice about booking with them. The way I feel right now, this has killed my desire to ever even see Iceland.

24 August 2017 04:08:00 Guest


28 April 2017 08:04:00 Guest

This is the worst air lines ever.. I was supposed to board a flight to which the following happened: upon attempting to print my boarding I was trying to pay for the extended leg room and baggage for my flight. The flight going did not come up and I could not print a boarding pass. I then called the number given to which an agent answered and took my payment over the phone and told me that I could get my seat at the airport. Once I arrived at the airport the window light was on but no agent was there to help. About 5 minutes later the light was turned off. I went to the desk and an agent from another airline told me that the desk had closed and was not opening. I was instructed to go to the information line to which they told me that no one could help me with anything concerning the air lines. I then called and the agent told me that it was my fault that I got to the airport late when in fact I was there in time. I asked if they would put me on the next flight out and they told me I would have to rebook pay all over again. Bottom line I spent over $1000 on flight tickets, extended leg room and baggage and I did board the plane at all. This airline basically told me that they will not accomodate anything so all my money is lost. Below zero dating is what they should have.

24 April 2017 01:04:00 Guest

Please resend my flight information. Leaving LAX to Iceland, then to Frankfurt on April 28th. One layover for appx 16 hours in Rekakajkk then to FRA. Name Stephanie Levine I can't find out the info...Thanks Stephanie Levine 928-2455449

10 April 2017 07:04:00 Guest

Be prepared for the worst customer service ever if you have any sort of issue. So unbelievably frustrating working with these people on an issue that other airlines can resolve in 30 minutes.

08 February 2016 05:02:00 Mary Rose Hargin Flight WW852

8/2/16 I have now been waiting in Reykjavik Airport for nine hours. I have received vouchers to the value of 3500 IKR, which in this country is not sufficient to purchase one meal never mind three. Communication from WOW has been appalling and piecemeal. To anyone considering flying from or to Dublin on WOW......DON'T TRAVEL WITH WOW

06 October 2015 08:10:00 Aryavan Lanham

I'm paid up ready to fly on the 15th October, I'm receiving your self promotion material (!!) yet I have no confirmation of the booking. Ring to find out and was told can't help you we need the credit card number to confirm booking. Stone Age protocol! A simple check of your records will confirm the veracity of my inquiry so this 'run around' you insisting upon ( my friend bought the ticket) is a * of time and, in the way I was informed quite rude and abrupt. Aryavan Lanham

18 September 2013 10:09:00 Peter

I booked my flight from Reykjavik to Copenhagen few months ago. Today I received an email informing me that the departure time changed from 7:15 am to 15:40 pm. As Copenhagen is not my final destination, this will result in my missing of the subsequent flight with another company who, naturally, does not care that my WOW flight was delayed by 8 hours. I will try to get a refund but what a hassle! NOT IMPRESSED BY WOW AT ALL.

18 August 2013 07:08:00 Zuko

I booked a flight from paris and when at the boarding gate I realized my ID, was outdated, what a bad surprise! BUT the staff there didn't let me down, gave me lots of info, so I called the number they gave me, and booked a seat on the next flight for only 42 more Euros, which is cheap cause it saved my hollidays!! I wish I could thank the staff there. Maybe if i see them again.

06 November 2012 02:11:00 Lynda

Booked and paid to fly to Reykjavic fr om Stansted only to be told they'd changed it to Gatwick without informing me. Hassle. Flight out decent, friendly,staff and on time, flight home a nightmare. 16.20 flight wh ere we should have Been home by 21.30 to Suffolk went badly wrong. Fobbed off about a technical issue then an operational issue, we eventually arrived at Gatwick at 6 am, then 2 hs drive home. Awful end to honeymoon. Have written twice to Wow Airlines but although they say they will reply within 48 hrs, they have not made contact. So, not impressed.

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