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26 June 2018 07:06:00 Guest

Hi, I have booked a flight from Seoul to Ho Chi Minh on 18 June.I paid for this but I received no email or reservation details because the site crashed just after I processed the payment. My credit card has been charged for it one week later and still I received nothing. Is there any thing I can do?

18 June 2018 02:06:00 Guest

Hi, I have booked a flight from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh on June 27th at 16.15. I paid for this and the cash has been taken from my account but I received no email or reservation details because the site crashed just after I processed the payment. Can you please advise?

17 March 2018 04:03:00 vitragkmar mehta

hello i booked flight from ho chi min to phnom penh but i didnt received any mail i forget to print ticket at the booking time now i dont have booking number and any other things what to do

10 March 2018 04:03:00 Miller

Scam airline charged me half my ticket price for 8 kilo bag.never again THIEVES

10 February 2018 08:02:00 SU535

Dear Rakesh, there is no represntation at this site. After the carefull reading of your question, it appeared most probbaly, that you have not get e-ticket fr om your seller. You can contact the operator of the site, wh ere you had effected your payment, for your identification , which can be establsihed after your submission on phone 1. date of flight 2. flight number 3. your surname.

09 February 2018 07:02:00 RAKESH GUJJAR RAMA RAO

Hello, I have booked the tickets from Hanoi to Da nang on 4 April 2018 for 8 members. I have booked it by giving this mail id. I booked as a guest. Name - RAKESH GUJJAR RAMA RAO Mail Id - Unfortunately I couldn't note down my reservation number. And I still have not received any confirmation mail. Amount has been debited from my credit card. Please help me out in finding my reservation number. Awaiting for your reply.

20 January 2018 06:01:00 michael r

On December 25th, 2017, Vietjet canceled my flight as I was at the airport! They said I could get a "reschedule" 4 days later! 4 days later?! How can they do stuff like this? I was stranded, lost my payment for a pre-booked hotel, etc, etc. Now I'm home. Vietjet waits 5 days to answer my e-mails, then says sorry and seems to end any communication as if nothing had happened. I haven't even got my money back, nevermind any reparations or compensation. There seems to be no answers to this. How in the world can an airline operate like this? Aren't there any rules?

12 January 2018 12:01:00 Willie Kalousdian

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23 December 2017 08:12:00 Guest

i did not receive any booking confirmation fro vietjet air. how do i know what my flight status is?

04 December 2017 09:12:00 Guest

Guest : i bought 5 tickets tried booking the tickets 3 times on there website it then says card declined but the money gets deducted and i get no booking confirmation no itinerary . at least the contact person at vietjet was very helpfull and checking this issue and will get back to me so lets wait and see. Does anyone know how to contact the Vietjet office in Singapore?

02 December 2017 09:12:00 Guest

i bought 5 tickets tried booking the tickets 3 times on there website it then says card declined but the money gets deducted and i get no booking confirmation no itinerary . at least the contact person at vietjet was very helpfull and checking this issue and will get back to me so lets wait and see.

12 November 2017 03:11:00 Guest

M Erasmus : We booked and paid for 4 airtickets on Viethetair for December 2017, but did not receive our reservations numbers?????? Try to contact them so many times without any help, please contact us at to sort this out Did they answer you? Booked my flight yesterday morning and never received the confirmation, tried to contact them in any possible way, no answer. My flight is in 2 days...

06 November 2017 11:11:00 Guest

I already have booked a flight from HCMC to Singapore tomorrow. If I would like to postpone my flight for two days how much should I pay ? .. thank you

02 November 2017 05:11:00 M Erasmus

We booked and paid for 4 airtickets on Viethetair for December 2017, but did not receive our reservations numbers?????? Try to contact them so many times without any help, please contact us at to sort this out

19 October 2017 11:10:00 Rok

Hei, with my friend we have got fly today at 23.30 but air serbia have a delay. My booking number is 52532249. Its posible cnage fly ticket for tomorow and we pay extra charge for ticket? Please answer me in

11 October 2017 05:10:00 bkmailsg

We had a connecting flight from Ho Chi Minh back to Singapore. We had problem making payment for VietjetAir flight from Da Nang to HCM. Cut story short, it was VietjetAir who is rejecting my credit card payment. I called Vietjet air and was told there was nothing they can help. Even suggested that we head to Da Nang airport on day of departure to buy a much expensive ticket. I asked what if the flight is full, they just said they can't help and we just try our luck at airport. What an acceptable response, terrible service and irresponsible attitude of Vietjet air! I just received an email after so many days from 19001886 saying that it could be my credit card and mobile phone and tablet are incompatible with Vietjetair system. I responded saying that I used the same credit card and same mobile and managed to book an earlier flight on 26th September from Da Lat to Hanoi. Does that mean my credit card and mobile starts getting incompatible with Vietjetair system after 26th September so that I can't book my Vietjetair flight on 7th October from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh. Isn't this ridiculous?

03 June 2017 09:06:00 Guest

Hello I forgot to put my passport number when booking my flight, and it was not mandatory to put it, what should i do?

18 March 2017 02:03:00 D.a

never ever ever fly with this airline bad bad bad service in short, makes big mistakes and basically telling their customers to **ck off, will never ever ever use this airline no matter what.

01 December 2016 08:12:00 Lewi Davies

VietJetAir is a really poor airline. I would not recommend to anybody. Vietjetair employees opened up my bag and stole various expensive items on a flight from Phuket to Bangkok and then closed the zips. Camera, phone, iPod, iPad, cash all gone. When I went to baggage service they basically * me off and said its not there fault. Bangkok airways went out of there way on a different occasion and give me a full compensation of lost items. They are a good, big airline that respect there customers. DO NOT FLY WITH VIETJETAIR!

29 October 2016 02:10:00 Guest

When Vietjet Air open their reservations system for the month of April 2017 ?.

12 August 2016 05:08:00 Guest

Which airport does VietJet operate from in Bangkok to Ho Chi Min City? Is it Suvarnabhumi Airpor?

11 April 2016 10:04:00 Guest

flight vj803 10.04.16 to BKK. i had seat 3d. man in 3c starting texting on our descent to airport. 2 cabin staff were strapped in for landing. 3c texted for several minutes before 1 staff came back. he either turned his phone off, or just blanked the screen. he received no punishment, not even a reprimand.

09 March 2016 06:03:00 Aida

Good morning, Im a spanish citizen living in Bangkok. I booked a flight in January. My flight was at 4.30pm. This morning I was rechecking my flight status and my flight has been changed at 23pm without my permission. Im a woman travelling alone. I dont want to arrive in an unknown country at night. No one asked for permission to change my flight. What can I do? I dont want this new schedule. .I was looking in different airlines and I chose that cause it was perfect for my very disappointed with this issue. What can I do? Thank you.

14 February 2016 07:02:00 Tony

Booked 2 months ago for the once per day flight from Nha Trang to Saigon departing at 1.30pm , 3 days before the flight got email to say rescheduled to 7.20 , as it was the last day of people's lunar new year holidays and many people wanted to fly back to Saigon they added 3 extra flights , but the move our flight to 7.20am and added 1 of the extra flight for 1.15pm . Now in in hell would they not leave our flight as was originally scheduled and make 7.20 the extra flight . The flight itself was ok and as we had booked business class got priority check in , boarding and got off 1st , also use of business class lounge and food/drinks also drinks/snacks on the flight

29 October 2015 08:10:00 Guest Krupp-Krause, Susan

Ladies and gentlemen, I would love to change my flight time. I bought tickets for the flight from SGN to PQC Flight number VJ324 this I would like to change to an earlier flight, I know that one to about 12 clock flies. I initially booked the late flight because I did not know that we arrive at 7 clock in Ho Ci-Mingh. is the ticket for Krupp Krause, Susan and Krupp, Reinhard Herbert. Thanks in advance

12 August 2015 06:08:00 Guest

Booked flights fro Ha Noi to Da Nang several months ago. Just printing out details before I go on holiday and noticed on the My Bookings' section of Vietjet that my outward bound flight has been changed by several hours. No notification from Vietjet. We had booked 4 seats on the original outward bound journey. Vietjet have only carried 1 seat booking over. If I book again using their online booking tool I'm being asked to pay again. Trying to contact Vietjet is a painful and so far fruitless exercise. They were only persistent when trying to get money from me because I have missed putting middle names on the bookings. As a last minute back packer outfit they may be okay. But for travellers wanting to book in advance they are a nightmare.

16 March 2015 02:03:00 Elisabeth Hohl

Hello from Switzerland! on feb/24/2015 i booked a flight from Hanoi - Bangkok finally we had 3 booking numbers: 19366598 was the flight we took to BKK and it was OK. Flight Number 19366111 and 19366238 (4,154,00 Dong each) we didn't use. We can't fly 3 times at once! At the Airport HAN I contact the lady at your office. She told me that she will refund the amount of 2 x 4,154,000 to m account, I give her my CC number. Till now no refund on my account. Would you please send the money to my CC account. Thanks. Kind regards Elisabeth Hohl, Switzerland

14 July 2014 03:07:00 Guest

worst service traiting people likes animals... staffs all in check in in ho chin minh city impolite even dont know how to reaf foriegn passport sad sad sad looking at my passport all angle make me look like criminal... 1000 time sorry for fly dely is not viet jet is sorryjet;;;sad sad im taking fly from hue to saigon all fly delay one to two hours sad sad sad try to call there number alawys automatic response no answer is so sad i dont know how the governomements allow such airlines like that to play with safety of people

09 July 2014 12:07:00 Guest

absolutely awful...been trying to get in touch regarding a flight they cancelled but do not reply...not expecting to see our money again!

20 June 2014 10:06:00 Sharma Ashok Kumar

Dear Sir/Madam' I hv booked two return tkts from bangkok to ho chin min city for 13th aug. And return on 17th aug. Along with my freind Gupta Davender Kumar and paid through ICICI Bank usd 244.58. It is sorry to say that i hv not received my e-tks as yet. Its now requested to send tks to my and oblige. Thanks and best regards. Sharma Ashok Kumar

02 April 2014 07:04:00 Hnguyen

I am not satisfied at how I was being treated by the purser Vinh Hien on flight VJ8372 - Saigon to Hue on 28/03/2014. After long waiting for the delayed plane, and while carrying a backpack, I was a bit slow to show my pass upon boarding, only to be shouted at by the purser that "I AM TELLING YOU TO SHOW ME YOUR PASS" (in Vietnamese). She was promoting for Vietjetair on the plane but not even looking at her service to the customers. Furthermore I found her pronunciation was inappropriate, as to spell "Ladies and gentlemen" as "ladies and Sheeermen" all the times, and "cabin Screw", among the others... I am a Vietnamese and I am telling you not to fly with them and stay away from the impolite flight attendants, because you do not know by any chance to experience some of our issues. I am very disappointed at the whole situations, from flight being delayed to their customer services. This is the poorest among my air-travel experience.

07 March 2014 09:03:00 chad guyatt

I have just flown from da nang on vj8882 and had left a bag on the plane we were one of the last passenges to depart the plane .after remembering we left the luggage onboard we alerted ground crew .who returned our bag with my wifes purse missing .credit cards .drivers license and 6 million vietnamese dong.i went to the police station but it was obviously stolen by the crew or cleaning contractors.if we do not get re embursed.we will giving some scathing reports about this airline .

23 November 2013 02:11:00 Guest

Hi, My name is Mr. Yves Landry I am 49 years old, I visited 22 countries, I live in Vietnam for over three years now and yesterday November 22, 2013, I travelled with your company with my family and I would like to let you know about my very bad experience! So this is a complain! First, I need to tell you that I was travelling with my Vietnamese wife and our 4 months old baby. With a baby of this age it is not easy to do so and because of that we arrived a lot earlier. But the flight VJ8372 got delayed for more than an hour, then we never got the chance to board first as with other companies, so we decided to wait to be the last for our baby safety. On the bus to the plane no body give up a seat for my wife and baby consequences of not having a boarding priority. Then in the plane the attendant responsible of counting the customers impolitely pouched my wife then me to pass us on the walkway (path). Many people were on it in front of us and I ask her what the f*** are you doing? My wife almost falls with the baby and so did I! She then stopped pushing everybody, but gave me a mad look to which I didnt care. We seated and my wife started to breastfeed our baby to put her asleep before the takeoff, but not long after the same attendant came to us with an attitude a baby seatbelt on hands and told us to install it right away and to put the armrest down immediately. The plane engines were no running, the plane obviously not moving, so I told her to wait a little, but she tried to do it herself to which I negatively reacted and told her again to wait a little because we were dealing with our baby. She then insisted and by her reaction I knew that she dont have a baby herself and I told it to her. She called other attendants for help and so on until the back planes attendant supervisor threatened me to call security on us. I had no choice but to comply, which created a lot of problems with our baby and to my wife to keep breastfeeding. Im stunt to see so much power trip over the logic and respect. The plane stays like that for more than ten minutes before the engines started, but the light was on, wow. Im retired and as a business man I started five successful companies and was the owner of eleven apartments, so I know a little about rules and customers care. Today as a customer Im telling you that because of all of that, but especially because of yours, immature, on respectful attendant that pouched me away forever from your company, as I told them. In Canada, we treat our dogs with more respect! Im not asking for nothing from you over letting you know what had happen and what are the consequences. So now we wont ever use your company again and will never talk positively about it. Yves Landry family and friends.

13 October 2012 04:10:00 Guest

Dear VietJet Air Do you have any plan to open Saigon - Dalat route soon ? I am looking forward to hearing good news that this route will be in operation. Vietnam airline price is just ridiculous for a 45min flight! Khue Phuc

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