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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline, aircraft or airport, using the links on this page.

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Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

10 April 2013 Poorvi gupta
I feel the staff at the airport is not at all trustworthy . I forgot my camera bag with three canon cameras in it at the airport which I am very sure and tried to contact the airport authority and the flight china eastern but they were of no help . Instill hope that someone informs me for my bag at cheenugupta@ Thanks
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Crystal Thai Airlines

01 April 2013 varun
I like your airline & its services
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Olympic Air

29 March 2013 Erich Supper
Please provide me urgently with a confirmation by e-mail for the 4 flights I booked and payed yesterday for Erich and Christine SUPPER; Athens- Karpathos 2.4, OA 098 Karpathos- Athens 4.4. OA 21,40- 23,oo Athens- Ikaria 5.4. OA 14,05- 14,55 Ikaria- Athens 8.4- OA 15,20- 16,10 I am leaving tomorrow morning, Saturday, 30 March for travelling. I have received no records for these bookings as yet. Please also indicate any troubles that might have occurred. Kind regards Erich Supper e-mail:
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Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

22 March 2013 Guest
I would like to say that I am so embarrassed that this is the largest airport in my state. It is absolutely filthy. There are napkins, spills, and garbage on the floor. There are plenty of workers standing around and not doing anything. There are garbage cans overflowing and fruit flies in the eating area. I can't help but think that this is the picture people get of Minnesotans when they come through here. I hope MSP can get it together and clean up this place!
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Nouakchott International Airport

19 March 2013 Kate
What are the flights from Nouakchott to Zouerate and Zouerate to Nouakchott from 20 April to 24 April? email:
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Hamilton John C. Munro International Airport

16 March 2013 Frank Donaldson
This is a terrific airport. Vacation flights to Cuba, the Dominican or Mexico are certainly alot better than travelling to Toronto. I only wish that there were more available throughout the year. Keep up the great work!!!!!
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V Australia

14 March 2013 yehia Elmoussaoui
I love it
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Kenmore Air

06 March 2013 B.D.
I bought tickets to a broadway show in seattle almost one year ago at a great cost to me and my friend. As you may or may not know, the COHO ferry's winter schedule would not work as a backup to get us to seattle in time for our show which was at 20:00. The clipper ferry was in drydock until saturday the 19th. I received a call after we had already arrived in victoria after several hours of driving there, they called me with less than 2 hours until our scheduled flight was set to depart. The Kenmore Air employee rudely informed me that our flight was cancelled for fog (perfectly understandable from a guy like me who completed private pilot ground school and a fair bit of instruction hours in cessna aircraft.) What really insults me about this whole deal is that Kenmore air cancelled ALL of its scheduled flights in the area that day. So why wait so long to inform a confirmed passenger that his flight won't be leaving? We had to book with Alaska Airlines last minute, and our tickets were over 330 dollars each, more than double what the kenmore fare was going to be. They were slow in refunding the initial purchase charge to my VISA, further inconveniencing me as if a last minute cancellation wasn't bad enough already. Kenmore Air's pathetic response time and unprofessional behavior almost ruined a trip me and my good friend had been planning for over a year and we ended up getting gouged by another airline, who by the way commented on how several would-be Kenmore Air passengers had rebooked with Alaska Air, and how they felt it was very unprofessional and absurd that you were not willing to buy your customers alternate flights, which is standard industry practice. Cancelling a VFR flight for weather is perfectly fine. Being a pathetic lazy jerk to paying customers is not.
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Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport

17 February 2013 Guest
Rest assure, you lluggages will be tamper for good and valuable items.
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15 February 2013 Saurabh Sharma
I was very good experience with JET CONNECT but this time I faced many problem with JET CONNECT at NEW DELHI Terminal airport - 3. JET CONNECT People did misbehaved/mistalked with me. I was submitting request letter to refund my charges against cancellation at email i.d (, It is requested to all sennior employee of JET CONNECT/AIRWAYS. Email i.d : Saurabh Sharma +91 9999769592
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Piedmont Airlines

14 February 2013 Jan Curtis
I am trying to book a flight from St. Petersburg florida reginal airport to Tri-cities how do I do this. The reason for this is that I shall be coming over from UK staying in Madeira Beach and going up to Tri-c-ties then going back to St. Petersburg before my journey back to the UK. I don't want to have to go back to tampa to go to Tri-cities when I know that I can go from St. Petersburg direct pleae advise
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China Airlines

09 February 2013 Ilin
I would like to express a deep disappointment of how my family was treated today at the Phnom Penh, Cambodia airport by the China Airline staff on February 9, 2013, the eve of Lunar New Year. Even though the flight is probably not even half full, just like flying on Christmas eve anywhere in the US or Europe, the general manager there was giving us an extreme hard time about overweight of carry-on luggage-by a few kilograms for carry-on luggage. I have been flying almost 30 years to over 20 countries in the world and this trip is the 8th trip of my family within one month, NONE of us have ever been treated the way the general manager treated us being extremely difficult about the a few kilogram overweight--for carry-on luggage, for God's sake! How many among us has ever had the carry-on luggage measured to the 10th of a kilogram and being forced to move the weight between a handbag and the carry-on luggage?! It was ridiculous! If the flight is so full, I can somewhat understand why the over-strict policy of 7 kg weight limit for carry-on luggage needs to be enforced, although no airline in the whole world has ever enforced that. Today especially given it is probably a half empty flight, the way the general manager handled the situation, including going out of his way to stop us at the security checkpoint was extremely unpleasant. If China airline is interested in doing business with us only one time or would like to conduct yourself more like a military institution than part of a service industry, then Mr. Lius behavior may be acceptable. The extreme way how we were treated today gave us absolutely no incentive to ever fly with China airline again. I cannot express enough how frustrating and disappointed we are to China Airline. I cannot in my good conscience recommend China Airline to any traveler in the world.
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Nanning Wuxu International Airport

05 February 2013 Jim
Avoid Nanning airport. it is the worst for customer service, we checked our bags in only to have a gift removed from our bag and destroyed without being offering an explanation or the opportunity to take the item back and put in our car. My brother in law was there, he is a judge and was livid on how we were being treated. It's no wonder westeners shun this country for it's people are also treated like idiots and halfwits.
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Convair 580

04 February 2013 Guest ken
hi I am a refueler , and I use to fuel Convair 580 around 1985 and I'm trying to remember the fuel capacity can you help me with that?
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Samara Kurumoch Airport

03 February 2013 Bhushan
Considering the security at airorpts these days, it would highly unlikely though not impossible for you to sneak it in. You could be charged and arrested for possession of alcohol or they might just toss it.The bottle would show up on scanners and a largish liquid filled bottle is likely to attract scrutiny.
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Antonov An-10

03 February 2013 kailash
good site to know about aircrafts
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Toluca Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport

22 January 2013 Maricela Gonzalez-D.
to whom this may concern Mr. Lopez , I had purchase recently 5 tickets we are repeatable customers and I have experience a mistake when I made my reservations but I purchase 2 tickets with the wrong route with in the same window frame twice for LAX TO MLM instead or purchaising one set MLM Back to LAX an no one was able to help me please if you can do something let me know because I unfortally do not count with the money to purchase 2 more tickets and when I call had a bad experience with you supervisor Esaul Velazquez. you guys my won 516 dollars by not making the switch but in the long run you my loose more because my family will consider other airlines before coming back to you guys unless the right thing is fixed. they say as a customer service profesional that for every customer you loose you loose 10 more because you express you experince with others but also if u gain one customer th person will bring 10 more to your business please let me know if you can help me thank you. 562-417-2020
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Unalakleet Airport

29 December 2012 ed sonny colburn
i need your email adress i spent time i the village in the 50s
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Dubrovnik Airline

26 December 2012 Guest
They ceased operation in 2011.
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Nizhniy Novgorod Strigino Airport

20 December 2012 Rivan
Hi there, just changed into aware of your blog via Google, and loeatcd that it's truly informative. I?m gonna be careful for brussels. I will appreciate should you proceed this in future. Many other folks shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!
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Chicago Midway International Airport

28 November 2012 Yolanda Mujica
Hello. I need the name of the Migration Office supervisor. Thank you, Yolanda
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Dornier 328

20 November 2012 Andres quintero
On Colombia we worl with pounds and feets max to weight 31039, max landimg weight 20167 max service ceiling 25000 fr twp pilots one flight attendant and 32 passengers. I would like so much to flight ther dornier 328 in anothers countries
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19 November 2012 iakobovici eliahu
the baggage on flight 7m 2933 from catania to tel aviv damage i have the ticket and damage report wat to doo
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Embraer 170

18 November 2012 Feroze Ghaffoor
I am in my planning stages to operate a Regional Airline between Srilanka / India / Bangladesh / Nepal / Pakistan and Bhuttan. I am interested in the Embraer E Series and would like to start with 5 units of well maintained second hand E 170, and would appreciate if someone could provide me an offer. Thank you I remain Yours respectfully Feroze Ghaffoor
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Chautauqua Airlines

16 November 2012 Eve Chandler
I want to pay compliments to two of your employees. 10-30-12 Bloomington, IL to Chicago AA5055: I had Elaine (African American) who was warm, personal, funny, and professional. She put me, a person who always has fly phobia, at ease in no time. She kept us informed during the long wait for the fly-in approval of Chicago control tower. 11-14-12 Chicago to Bloomington, IL AA5039: Steve (white-hair gentleman) was our attendant. He again was all smile, warm, funny, and professional. In his own funny and gentle way, he got us pay attention to all the safety measures that we needed to know. I just flew over the Pacific Ocean and I was wearied and jet-lagged. But his smiles right away made me feel that I was home already (40 minutes earlier). Thank you for having such excellent flight attendants. They are the best!
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Batavia Air

12 November 2012 Xavier Barcelo
During my flight with your air flight company (Medan- Yogyakarta, flight number Y6-568, date 22nd of October) somebody stole (i haven`t lost anything, it has been stolen from inside my baggage) from my checked in baggage ( i send you with this document a receipt from police and a receipt from your office in Yogjakarta airport that indicates this fact). I have indicated to my embassy in Jakarta that disagreeably and unfortunate fact (I have talked with them and they have received scanned all this information) and certainly they agree with me in absolutely all. I indicated immediately to the personnel of your office in airports Yogjakarta about the incident happened with my baggage (theft an amount of money) and I was surprised with the improbable and insulting treatment that I have received for your personnel. All the time your personnel did not collaborate in the most minimal thing, without any respect for the client and just interested in avoiding to assume any responsibility. You must know that I have a witness about all that has happened (Mr. Bayu Handono (c/o Tumang Gunung Sari 01/15 Cepogo, Boyolali 57362 Central Java Indonesia phone +62 812 2966 1400) which obviously will indicate if it is necessary all what has happened and he has heard and has seen about your personnels and companys assistance. For that reason my embassy will be contacted with you about this strange and uncompressible problem that anybody can understand caused your terms/conditions are obviously NOT LEGAL and about the irresponsible and insulting treatment and NON COOPERATION from your company.
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Antonov An-28

06 November 2012 Guest
How much is the operating cost?
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Tokyo Chofu Airport

22 October 2012 ANONEMUS
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Wind Jet

22 October 2012 Willem Lensselink
We are so dissapointed in the world of airlinecompanies. We lost our flightcosts with Vola Windjet and nobody is interesting in us anymore. We like to get the adress of the curator of Windjet?????
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Webjet Linhas Aereas

18 October 2012 shane jame gaspard
my flight number is OKSDJA i need to cancell this flight,, could you help me so I do not loose my money,,
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Mata-Utu Wallis Island Airport

15 October 2012 Michael Brunton
Hello, can you let me have an email address that I can send details of a new air traffic control product to please? Thank you and regards, Michael Brunton Signal Light Gun
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Dnepropetrovsk Airport

09 October 2012 Guest
the airport and the airport staff are bad
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Tiko Air

07 October 2012 NIKOS METAXAS
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David Enrique Malek Airport

27 September 2012 guest wallace
I need passenger air service available from San Jose Costa Rica to David.? Thanks Wally
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Continental Micronesia

16 September 2012 yakovlev
Hi! Please send me continental air micronesia postcards ,badge or pen. You`re the best ! My adress: 443023 Samara Russia promushlennocti 277a- 15 Yakovlev Alexander. Thank you !
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Turkmanbashi Airport

12 September 2012 abdul
like your airport
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Mokulele Airlines

06 September 2012 Guest
Dont fly with them ! i complained to American Aviation Authority about the scumbags ! they lost all my diving equipment and bags on route to the Big island , Kona . Im an ex pat living in Japan . I spent my week on the island , having to rent all my equipment and buying supplies and clothes . The worst part is the lack of concern , when your bag is lost ! nobody calls u back , nobody seems interested and on my return to Honolulu , when i inquired , I got a bunch of lies and excuses, I Flew United from Tokyo-Honolulu and United told me in no uncertain terms , what ' Mickey Mouse ' operation Mokulele is ! and they lose luggage on a regular basis . I have been traveling and diving all over the world . many times to less development countries like the Phillipines , Micronesia and Indonesia . I have never had a baggage problem . The airline , staff and management are an embarresment to U.S. avaition, travel and tourism ! Finally three months after returning to Tokyo , I got a phone call from United in Tokyo , telling me my bag was there to be picked up . Mokulele had sent it to another island and it had been sitting there for months !
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XL Airways Germany

03 September 2012 Guest
the iata code is wrong. G1 is Gorkha airlines, Nepal. XL Germany has iata code X4.
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02 September 2012 Guest
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Ostend-Bruges International Airport

24 August 2012 Guest
Plz provide your email address.
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Barcelona General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airport

23 August 2012 Marie Simmons
Could you please send me the address for Jose Antonio Anzoategui Airport in Barcelona, Venezuela
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Indonesia Air Transport - IAT

18 August 2012 Hiroyuki
o yea CA is the bessssst ariline in the caribbean i always fly with them whenever im travelling ie to the routes they go to i am trinidadian and i am proud of this national arilines and as alwayz they need to take over the ariline industry in the caribbean!
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Air Vanuatu

14 August 2012 Guest
Very disappointing, a dishonest airline and I doubt my review will get published. If the return flight had been as good as the outgoing one, then my review would be totally different.We arrived at the airport in Vila to found out that our hotel had been delayed for several hours. Apparently the airline had managed to contact all the hotels except for Warwick Le Lagon, and the Holiday Inn so four of us were stuck at the airport, and theres not much to see and do there. Had to fight for a voucher for something to eat and drink, it was very pitiful, and the lucky holidaymakers who stayed at their hotels got double.The flight got into Brisbane at midnight so no chance of catching a train home. Air Vanautu gave us a tac=xi voucher, and had also promised the other couple a taxi and a night at a hotel as they lived in Gladstone, however, on arrival in Brisbane, the poor couple were told to claim on insurance. I doubt you will read this post, but I will be posting on Trip Advisor as well, if it doesnt.
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Air Greenland

12 August 2012 Vangala
Threatening is not the word I would use. They would probably weolmce some warming and melting ice. Humans were not designed to live in those conditions even if they adapted to the harsh conditions there.
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