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19 March 2016 Guest
None of your info is CORRECT!! No telephone number, webb site does not work Get it right if you expect business!!!
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Overland Airways

17 March 2016 Guest
Hi everyone, Am so bitter right now and i have to speak OUT just to advice any other customer not to fall a victim of rip off like me. do not make a terrible decision flying with this people, i have boarded overland flights for more than 10 times now thinking there will be a change in there service and every time i end up having regrets. This airline is a total rip off and the annoying tin is you do not get value for what you paid for, they will do anything to extort more money from you with the excuse of there so called 'Overland Terms and Conditions' if you ever book a flight with them and you think of moving it or changing your flight to another day even if you paid 19,000 plus or about 25000 for the business flex which doesn't change the fact that you are no difference from the person that paid 19,000 you are just greater fool to them, so if you try to change your flight they will look for an excuse to take more money from you, as if that is not enough they will deny that you called earlier to change your flight so therefore you just have to pay for something called 'NO SHOW FEE' AND 'DATE CHANGE' and when you try and explain to them you called earlier they will clearly state to you that sorry ma or sir thats what you have to pay like they don't care what you have to say. i don't mind paying 50,000 for a flight but i need the value of what am paying for which this so called overland will not be giving you, you will only get a plane with no AC and they will tell you sorry the AC is not working and we will fix it, so how am i sure the engines are working in good conditions overland? when common AC is in a bad condition and you guys still allowed the flight to take off, this has happened to me more than two times, they only care about getting more money from there customers and even if it requires putting us in heat for hours and also some biscuits and juice to shut us up i presume. i have been played like a fool and tricked into paying more money but i will not allow another customer like me fall a victim .
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Sudan Airways

17 March 2016 yosief
The most awful,backward services you have in this developed world,
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Bryansk Airport

17 March 2016 Guest Chris Browniep
Which Airlines fly to London UK from Bryansk Airport?
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Eznis Airways

16 March 2016 Guest
Hello my name is Joy and I am enquiring if you have flights to Bayankhongor. My husband and I would like to visit our sponsor child. We would like to fly from Ulaanbaatar on Saturday 6th August and return on Sunday 7th August. Can you help me with this enquiry please. My email address is
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15 March 2016 Guest
The worst airline I have ever flown. They were an hour late to depart on the way in and over an hour late on the way out. Not helpful at all. Just Awful. 03/15/2016, There was no gate attendant, Didn't bother to change even the destination. Will never fly with again. I have flown all over the world, India, Greece, etc. Gave us tickets for a different flight and didn't even say anything about our flight being cancelled. Totally shifty. We missed our connection.
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Santa Cruz de la Sierra Viru Viru International Airport

13 March 2016 Guest
do you to santa cruz.. need schedule...price in$$$ busness class thank you
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Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport

04 March 2016 Sergee
Airport's homepage is "". Cheers.
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28 February 2016 Stefan Van Dalen
I have been traveling with borajet couple times now for the same route Sabiha gokcen to canakkale. The flight is always and always delayed. Not only 30 min but over 2 hours. This is unacceptable. I travel internationally and try to catch this flight and it never leaves on time to canakkale. Additionally the check in staff is incapable of handling suitcases. What airline can not checkin suitcase not before 2 hours of flight departure. This is unacceptable at this computer age. I paid a lot of money for this short fly that I delayed 2.5 hours plus I was unable to check in my suitcase until 1 hour before flight departure I accept some type of compensation or apology from borajet. It is unacceptable that borajet can not manage 1 flight a day to canakkale on time
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Boeing 767-300

16 February 2016 Guest
Do the business class seats recline and if they do to what degree?
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Boeing 777-200

30 January 2016 Alex Anderson
According to 'Travel and Tour World' news, Qatar Airways is planning on the worlds longest journey, a direct flight from Doha, Qatar, and Auckland, New Zealand, and a Boeing 777-LR aircraft would be completing this formidable journey carrying 259 passengers.
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Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

25 January 2016 Ruan
Good day! I want to hire one of your small planes(Cessna 182) for aerial surveying purposes. Can you please provide me with contact info of people there who can help me. It would be highly appreciated.
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Jetstar Pacific

25 January 2016 Guest
I am very upset that an employee of Jet Star Pacific, who helped me so much on January 13, and I tried to give her a compliment and send her a gift, that no one responded to my email. Shame on Jet Star Pacific. I would like her to received some notification and that is fair. What is taking you so long to reply? Thank You Brian
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Azur Air Ukraine

09 January 2016 Guest
Aerobilet I made a mistake My guest Olga Kolesnikova instead kharkiv I chose Antalya as Kiev I would ask the need to correct this error. QU4407 17:30 - 10.01.2016 Kiev, Borispol Arpt 20:00 - 10.01.2016 Antalya, Antalya Airport cengizhan timur +905336800768
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London Gatwick Airport

08 January 2016 Mireille Bonny
How to contact your Airline Team to make a correction on the name written on the reservation 8414625 Thanks for your help.
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Sol America

06 January 2016 Samir Jilo
interested to establish cooperation with the airline
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Comac C919

03 January 2016 Guest
The best in the world.
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31 December 2015 Guest
The airline with the WORST service imaginable. They have now managed to lose my luggage twice, and this time it has been 2 weeks and still no sign of my belongings. The staff keeps lying to me regarding the whereabouts of my luggage. As soon as I leave the caribbean for good, I hope I NEVER have the misfortune of travelling with Liat again.
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29 December 2015 Guest
DO NOT TAKE THESE AIRLINES!!! The flight I took was expected to take off on Monday eve., for the following 12 hours they have been lying to us every 2 hours, that "now its going to get ready".... Finally, when i got home - there was no one to meet me, because the status update online said that the flight was delayed for the next day!!! The service is very rude and incompetent. Avoid them.
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Cayman Airways

28 December 2015 alm
Worst airline- flight changes 5 times. Origjnally booking at 2:10pm we are still waiting. Recent update is maybe 6:15pm. They didnt even tell us that time changed same day from 4:10 to 5:15 and now again we are still waiting for hopefully a 6:15pm departure. I fly 50% of the time for work and this is completely ridiculous. This is not a weather delay, this is incompetence.
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Asian Express Airline

16 December 2015 Guest
can someone get me a phone number to Asian Express Airline? or a email, contact person?
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TUI Airlines Netherlands

14 December 2015 gloria
Do you have a telephone no in usa thanks
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Freedom Air

13 December 2015 Brian Spurr
This is a South African registered aircraft, I think you have mixed up two airlines with the same name?
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Columbus - Port Columbus International Airport

08 December 2015 Guest
Well, it is technically an international airport because it flies to Toronto Pearson airport but I see your point
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Avior Airlines

25 November 2015 Guest
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25 November 2015 Ibrahim Hossain
As a iow cost its no. 1 Airline in China
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Kabo Air

20 November 2015 Nisa Sabila
Dear Kabo Air, We are Airnav Indonesia have been trying to find a contact email for Kabo Air, but we unable to find one. We need to sent invoice of Air Navigation Services for Kabo Air for a couple of periods. If anyone can help me with a contact email address that would be great as there is not one on their website and our data.
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Golden Myanmar Airlines

17 November 2015 Guest
Have Golden Myanmar Airlines stopped flying from Yangon to Mandalay? They were by far the cheapest.
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Azores Airlines

13 November 2015 Ana -LA to Boston to Lisbon
This is the worst airline I've ever been on. I would rather pay 3 times as much, take a flight 5 times as long, and miss my destination by a whole week than fly sata again. I will be filling a small claims lawsuit to recoup the money I've had to spend on getting back to LA after my delayed first flight out of Lisbon. By the way, our delay was never announced, even though I had activated flight updates. Also, the layover on that little island of Portugal (idgaf what it's called) was not known prior to landing here-the ticket did not mention it, the email confirmation did not mention it, when I called to check on flight they did not mention it. They don't speak English, the food is awful, the wifi doesn't work even after you pay for I flight wifi, the booze is limited even if you're willing to pay, the staff is inexperienced, water is like diamonds on these flights, you'll be thirsty and THEY WILL NOT give you water until you ask 10 times and then they'll give you a third of a tiny little plastic cup even if you've now asked 50 times. Even worse, not even first class feels like first class. Id rather fly economy, get the middle seat in the back of the plane sitting between two extreme stinkie and overweight people than fly sata again. I had an awful first 2 experiences flying sata, but my friends once again convinced me to try it & it just got worst. I advise they take all of the murderers & rapists in those overcrowded jails and make them fly sata a few times. They'd either kill themselves or start praying to God that it's over!
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Ethiopian Airlines

13 November 2015 Roland
I'm a frequent traveler between Bangkok and Cape Town (at least six times per year) and on my last trip (October - November 2015) I decided to use Ethiopian Airlines for two reasons: 1. Their price was very competitive 2. Mainly because it's an African airline, and I always try to support African enterprises as I am African. This time my journey proved to be a mistake and, that, you "get what you pay for." Firstly, the planes were small and cramped - but I suppose this contributes to the low airfare. Secondly, the departure lounges at Addis Ababa airport were shocking. Most of the info TVs were not working or showing other things apart fr om flight and departure info. The toilets were horrendous - wet floors, smelly, locks on the doors broken, extremely aggressive staff, etc Thirdly and most importantly, Ethiopian Airlines does NOT take responsibility for your luggage. I had bought a Panasonic 32'' LED TV which I took back to Cape Town. At the check in I asked for them to put on a Fragile sticker. I was told to take it to Oversize luggage and that they will put on the sticker. This I did and again I asked to for the sticker to be put on. They said they would. When changing planes at Addis Ababa my new seat was above the cargo hold of the plane and I saw them loading on my TV - WITHOUT ANY STICKER! I wasn't too concerned, as I thought they could quite easily see that it's a TV and would naturally be careful. when I got home in Cape Town, I unpacked the TV only to find the screen had been cracked. I immediately phoned the Ethiopian Airlines call center and was told that I should send an email to Customer Relations explaining the problem. This I did, and I received an automated reply saying that they would get back to me within TEN WORKING DAYS! - what a shocking time standard for an international company. After TWELVE working days I sent them a follow up email, and got a reply to say that the South African office will get in touch with me. On my return trip to Bangkok, I had still not heard from the South African office, so while I was at Cape Town International airport I tried to follow up on the matter only to be given the email address of the man in charge. THIRTEEN days later I had still not heard from the South African office - so once again I sent them an email. This time I got a rather prompt reply saying that they could NOT consider the claim because: 1. They (Ethiopian Airlines) SHOULD NOT have accepted the TV when I checked in at Bangkok Airport. 2. That I took too long to report the incident - even though all my correspondence (from day one) with them was always attached to all the emails I'm sure I don't even need to highlight the stupidity of this kind of reasoning. Not only did they damage my TV, but their lack of accountability and absolutely pathetic customer service (probably from equally pathetic training) leaves me more disappointed than angry. As African myself, I would have liked to see Ethiopian Airlines become a dominant airline in Africa, competing with the world giants like Qatar, Emirates, etc. But sadly it seems that they still have a long, long way to go. I certainly would not say don't use them. If budget is important then they're the best option, however bear in mind they you'll be dealing with a company wh ere customer service is at an all time low and concern and care for your luggage is non existent.
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12 November 2015 POLAT
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Manzini Matsapha Airport

11 November 2015 Guest
Your mail is not working! I missed my flight after I checked in, so my luggage (one bag) is on the way to Swaziland. I am trying to get on a flight tomorrow, if you could please keep my bag at the airport I will come and claim it when I get there. If you could just mail me and tell me where I need to go. I have my luggage ticket.
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Corsair International

05 November 2015 Laetitia Prugniel
AirHelp ref: 176832 Dear Sir/Madam, Regarding: Compensation for delayed flight In relation to our clients Laetitia Prugniel and Raphael Allemand who had contracted to be carried by a flight operated by you, we are making a claim for cash compensation. Booking ref: YVGZGG Passenger name: Laetitia Prugniel,Raphael Allemand Flight identity: SS927 on 2013-03-25 fr om Le Raizet Airport, Pointe A Pitre (PTP) to Paris Orly Airport, Paris (ORY) (the Flight). Our data shows that the Flight was disrupted and our client suffered a delay of more than three (3) hours after scheduled arrival time to the final destination. Available flight and weather data show no extraordinary circumstances. We hereby request the payment of the total amount of 1200 within 14 days from today's date. Please transfer the total amount to the bank account specified below. For payments in all currencies: AIRHELP LTD. NORDEA BANK DENMARK IBAN: DK0720005036431743 BIC (SWIFT): NDEADKKK For payments in DKK: AIRHELP LTD. NORDEA BANK DENMARK IBAN: DK5020008979390662 BIC (SWIFT): NDEADKKK Please note, that our clients assigned the claim to us by signing attached Assignment Form. Consequently, any payments made by you directly to our clients, will have no legal effect. Kind regards, AirHelp Lim ited in relation to: Laetitia Prugniel,Raphael Allemand
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Air Panama

05 November 2015 SEGUIN Mrs
Please I would like to book seats on flight fr om Panama City to Bocas del toro in FRANCE on Internet or by phone but I don't find wh ere is it possible ??? Thanks for your help
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18 October 2015 Guest
The worst company and the worst experience I've got. People, dont use this company! I bought tickets online and instead of one payment, they deducted the amount 2 times! Because of that "wrong transactions"(fraud) I had to cancel my bank card. Due to their policy, we had to show it on a check-in, but people there understood our situation and let us fly. But when we were going to fly back, Tanzanian managers did not want to hear anything about cancelled card even though our ticket was in system and we had passports and tickets. Therefore, they did not let us take our plane! We were shocked! They treated us like some crooks! To fly back from Dar we bought the most expensive tickets for the next day only to run away from that awful people. Again, they charged us 2 times for that ticket! It took more than 2 weeks to cancel transactions which Fast Jet done on my bank account twice. I will never take the company for sure and do not recommend you.
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Ravn Alaska

18 October 2015 Guest
Worst air line ever!!!!!! Don't think they have ever flown on time! Just got delayed because ice on runway in the winter in the middle of the arctic circle!! What were you expecting ravn!!!!
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Boeing 777-300

13 October 2015 Guest
Some thoughts on the blogs about conditions on the 777, if you don't like the cramped feel or un hygienic conditions please remember that these are choices of the airlines and not the manufacturer, complain to the airline anyway you can I do when I have a bad experiance, and I also try different airlines, I'm still to find one that actually sends a person in to the economy class bathroom facilities to clean every few hours... I mean jeez 7 eleven is able to schedule and keep their bathrooms clean can't these suffisticated airlines figure this one out!?! I mean they are able rattle off a bunch of kiss ass thank you's to there Plus, Gold plus, Platinum Plus and diamond elite passengers, who by the way comprise about five percent of the people on board and who even though pay more for their seat are not the masses who financially support the airlines, is us...the under admired E-classer who gets pushed around like cattle and fed from a wheeled trough and pee in a tiny dirty hole! So please everyone blame the airline, I dream of a day when we get 19" for our asses instead of 18" and another 2" of leg room, maybe some day there will be an airline that only offers one class of seating that isn't just economy but super economy with a little more room and cleaner conditions, then just let all the diamond plus elites go somewhere else.
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12 October 2015 Guest
flight st germania 8341corfu to manchester 21st sept 015 . WHERE IS MY LUGGAGE ? 3 weeks today no word fr om germania sick of calling man airport GLOBAL BAGGAGE . How can a airline leave 65 suitcases at corfu airport ???? i was told that my bag was in munich and as far as i know it is still there ,it seems some bags where transfered to munich with the idea of sqeezing them on flights from munich to manchester i do beleive some arrived at man airport but there wh ere still some baggage outstanding stuck there ,i have been in touch with my ins company and i need to get a written statement saying the bag is lost from germania i cant find a contact no or email address can anyone help ? rgds
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Virgin America

09 October 2015 Patrice Kaufman
First Class Cabin Crew and Pilot were unkind, rude, bullying and insulting used inappropriate language and accusations. I was traveling with my ill cousin who asked to use forward lavatory since she was VERY ill--could not breathe. After the first class stewardess, Jenny, yelled and accused my cousin of threatening her I got involved. Jenny then was a bully to me and a name caller---she said that I had no business getting involved and that she was "older than me and looked younger than I did". Never even touched on the subject that my cousin was ill and could not breathe. I was concerned that she might have an episode and die! I was appalled and overwhelmed and did respond in anger. My cousin NEVER was able to use the toilet for over 5 hours. NOT THE RIGHT THING FOR AN AIRLINE TO DO. I want my money back, an apology and to have Virgin America contact Lax police to remove my information that the pilot insisted on them getting. He was upset that I caught him lying to the LAX police.
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Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain

06 October 2015 Guest
What are the entrance and exit points to the Chieftain?
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Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport

05 October 2015 Ross Robson
Please stop the "off the street" baggage handlers that want to carry your baggage
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Iran Air

02 October 2015 Syed asad ameer
There is a seat in plane is very conjusted please check iam also travel on december .2015 .and i also check the seats i conjusted or not i hope you forwar my complain to iran airline One word i want to say your plane air hosteses service is superb THANK YOU!!!!!
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Dakar Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport

29 September 2015 KHURRAM SHAHZAD
Dear Sir, I am Mr. Khurram Shahzad from Pakistan and now i am arriving in Dakar on 15th Oct 2015 to participate in a medical event (IDEA DAKAR). I just want to ask you 1 question that my passport is expiry on 6th March 2016, so can i travel with the same passport , is there will be no any issue on airport or i need to make new passport. Waiting your reply.
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Brit Air

29 September 2015 Catharina
I have a book for Brit Air from Paris to Lourdes. I just try to ,ake sure that that ticket will included the baggage since i fly from Indonesia. Please tell me if the ticket not comes with the baggage. Thank you
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28 September 2015 kian
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Ghana International Airlines

28 September 2015 Karen Frimpong
I can't believe this webite is in operation. We are still waiting for a return of full payment of our flights in 2011. SHAME ON YOU. After CIRCLE TRAVEL STOLE OUR MONEY WITH THE HELP OF THE EMBARRASSING AIRLINE Ghana Airways (I find it difficult to type this airline's name), they never had the decency of returning our money. Circle travel now dissolved you are disgraceful. Shame on you. What rating none. Please don't travel with any airline travelling with these people they are crooks.
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Antonov An-140

25 September 2015 Michael
Hey, I saw this plane landing as I was drinvig down Stoney Trail this morning. I couldn`t figure out why it was going so slow, and I didn`t see and a familiar airline logo on the side now I know why!
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Lauda Air

25 September 2015 Nelly
The one bag rule for American is 36ci right? Even a western flyer is bigegr so I don't really see why I would even try at that size. Just not enough space. They are doing to encourage people to check bags of course and I do not do that for any reason. I would as soon leave extra items on my hotel bed and lose them as pay the 25 dollars. I will not pay ever and if other air lines begin to try forcing the issue I will cease flying. I do check a bag on delta as that is free for me. I hate American and I hope the merger with us airways dies.
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