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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline, aircraft or airport, using the links on this page.

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UM Air

23 September 2014 Tehrani
dear sir , i am the representative of ACJE (Aviation Consult jetexpert) in Middle East Region and CIS countries we have some Airbus A320-200 with the date of manufacture 2005 , 2006 and 2007 withe suitable price and good condition. we can discuss on this matter if you mind . my E-mail address is ( best regards Tehrani
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TUIfly Nordic

23 September 2014 Guest
What is this?
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Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

19 September 2014 Mahesh A. Kulkarni
Specifications are informative. However, could you please advice what is cargo load capacity if its freighter only.
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North Cariboo Air

16 September 2014 Guest
Continual tardiness in scheduled flights, the last two times causing me to miss my connection to an out of country destination and the last time causing me to arrive at my work camp close to midnight. (Had to be up again by 5:00 a.m. to work a 10 hour day.)
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Air Alps Aviation

14 September 2014 Ferdinando Coppotelli
Hi, I want know yours lines from Rome to all Europe destinations.Thanks
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Hamburg Airport

11 September 2014 Cyril
Great airport but today waiting since 30 min at the luggage and beiing already 2h behind schedule with Airfrance from Paris ... I m waiting waiting waiting.
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Antonov An-72/An-74

10 September 2014 HARIS CH
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Air Mediterranee

09 September 2014 Guest
hi how can i check if the flight i booked is confirmed
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Tatarstan Air

02 September 2014 pima tours
i need full contact data about tatrstan
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31 August 2014 Guest
The most appaulling airline imaginable. They cancelled my wife's flight and left her stranded. They made absolutely no attempt to help her find alternative travel arrangements.
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Air New Zealand

30 August 2014 Guest
Brisbane to San Francisco via Auckland, Dec 2013, returning Jan 2014, Business Class. Totally brilliant service from the dedicated, often mature-aged, flight crew, who understand the concept of customer service.
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SriLankan Airlines

25 August 2014 Guest
I would rate Srilankan airlines as one of the worst air lines in the world. I booked ticket and was in need of wheel chair due to my injuries they refused to provide the wheel chair even after seeing my injury, they operate in different policy to rest of the world, I've been told to get the form filled and signed by the doctor which never heard of before. I ended up paying for the doctors to fill and sign form which was punishment for booking in srilankan airways in the last minute, they were not ready to accept the doctors certificates or any of the medical records. Before booking tickets please check the policy you never know they might charge for providing loo facilities. Avoid night mares...
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Solar Air

24 August 2014 Guest
Airline is closed
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14 August 2014 icygrapes
The arm rest on the aisle seat was broken with 2 hooks sticking out. The hooks pierced a hole in my jeans and caused minor bruising on my thigh. Complained to Qantas more than a month ago and still no reply.
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Kingfisher Airlines

06 August 2014 Betty
I will be going to CA from UT the end of June. I read that there is only one baggage allweod free of charge. I really want to know how much would an extra luggage charge would be?? It will weigh no more than 50lbs. Is it still $50? I am getting all kinds of answers. Any help would be great.thanks
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Lithuania Express

27 July 2014 Guest
Good day. I am a collector of Polish. I have 60 years. My interests are pennants and small models from airlines around the world. I appeal to companies asking them to send me a pennant and a small model airplane. I do not ask too much? if I do not do big problem. It depends on you if you send me. Have a nice day - Marek. MAREK MIRSKI POSWIETNE 2 59-724 OSIECZNICA P O L A N D
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25 July 2014 jeff kealy
Every shift we travel to moomba , on bad weather days these pilots make it pleasant to fly and feel safe in the amazing BEA146RJ100. THURSDAY 24/7/14 landing around 11:am was one of landings in bad weather. Bardrill flyers would like to let those two pilots know..... "THANKYOU"
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Miami International Airport

23 July 2014 fernandobue
It was a really good airport, I spent 3 days at MIA waiting for a flight to Lima and the airport employees were very kind. For me is a good airport the only bad thing is that the only terminal in the whole airport that is presentable is the concourse D, only used by AmericanAirlines.
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Sierra Pacific Airlines

14 July 2014 Guest
I live in Chattanooga Tn. I wish they had flights to Florida cities.
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Solaseed Air

08 July 2014 rahmat.amco
Dear Sir we are a company engaged in aviation .. one of our clients were looking for Boeing 737 400 YOM 1996/1997 .. we got the news that your company has a Boeing 737 400 aircraft ready for sale .. is it true?? if so .. YOM what & how much is it?? Best Regards, Rahmat Pangkapinaerospace
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Wamos Air

05 July 2014 John Branson
Disaster is the only word to describe this outfit. Our flight from Punta Cana was delayed 24 hours, no info. Missed connecting flight to Malaga, but no rep at Madrid to sort out overnight accommodation or flight to Malaga. Total delay over 40 hours. Never use this lot again they are disorganised, and useless.
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Tajik Air

04 July 2014 Devendra Kumar
Please provide me your Delhi India contact No. Urgent basis
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SBA Airlines

01 July 2014 Guest
The worst of the worst!!!! There s no way to contact them! No working phone numbers!
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Etihad Regional

30 June 2014 Joaquin Lubkowitz
I bought a ticket in USA. Would like to know where in Zurich Airport is your counter. The ticket saya Verona but there are 2 airports in Verona. please reply to
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Kingfisher Red

23 June 2014 Guest
Ahmedabad-NewDelhi-Guwahati. The only Indian low cost airline yo serve hot complementary meals. The South Indian meals served was awesome
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Monarch Airlines

16 June 2014 Guest
We recently flew with Monarch to Spain as we normally do twice a year. I must say we certainly are not looking forward to the return flight with the introduction of the most uncomfortable seats we have ever had. It seems that all airlines are to introduce this type of seating. I for one will certainly not be flying again unless I can find a airline that has not introduced this type of seats and thinks of the passenger comfort
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LATAM Paraguay

16 June 2014 Herbert Weise
Hello, I book a flight from ASU - GRU on the 10,02,14 for Ingrid and Herbert Weise and Pet in cabin 4kg standart ICAO box. I got no confirmation. Please e-mail. Regards Herbert Weise
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13 June 2014 arschmed
payed alot for dreamliner got old plane instead with kaputt chairs,kaputt entertainment. not a word from norwegian about refound. that sucks!
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Athens Airways

10 June 2014 roberta Limpido
I'd my booking calcelled in may 2010 and no refound after 4 years!!!!!!! I want my money back!!!!!
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30 May 2014 B.G. Tony Ong
Flight is convenient and family friendly between Lombok and Sumbawa Besar and vice versa. Flight can be better on punctuality. When will flights resume between Lombok and Sumbawa Besar? It was suspended in April 2014.
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Bek Air

27 May 2014 Attia Ali Ahmed Attia
Dear Bek Air responsible or company Employee using your flight from - to Uralsk - Atyrau . recently you change the flying time from Uralsk toAtyrau to be 17:30 !!! Its Not suitable for our crew #- and also you change the Takeoff from Atyrau to Uralsk to be 9:5 morning also Not suitable for our crew #- Now the most of our crew travel through Ornburg would you please go back to flying from Uralsk 12:00 noon and from Atyrau to Uralsk at 03:00 thats Good time for my Company Employee With my best
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Sky Georgia

20 May 2014 fatih aydın
Hello,i want to buy your damaged plane which is in the Erzurum.that is why i am trying to reach you.please contac me at
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Wasaya Airways

16 May 2014 Northern sky
Wasaya flies to northern remote communities throughout northern Ontario, the airline is very professional and business appears to be stable.
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Biman Bangladesh Airlines

13 May 2014 Guest
Real improvement,on time flight,will use again.
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Air Bucharest

02 May 2014 Guest
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, i would like to have more information about your baggage policy. I also would like to ask, if i can take a wheelchair with me without a baby. Please send me more information. Thank you.
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Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport

25 April 2014 Guest
A nice-enough little airport. We arrived from Livingstone, Zambia and were through customs and on the way with our luggage in about ten minutes. Couldn't ask much more.
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Aspiring Air

23 April 2014 kanen nair srikaran
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McDonnell Douglas MD-90

21 April 2014
What is average of LASER fleet?
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Airbus A340-500

16 April 2014 Bernd Holzapfel
Please send a quotation incl. photos and current location.
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Jordan Aviation

15 April 2014 raja tariq
Jorden aviation will go high and high , my best wishes
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Somon Air

10 April 2014 Guest
Hello, i'm studying in Indonesia, and im doing a report about somon air, i have to present. Could you please tell me, where i can find more information about somon air? there is no totally any information about this big company. thanks best regards. Naseem.
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Fokker F27

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Mahan Air

09 April 2014 why
I,wish for mahan air more and more development with prosperity and successfully for year(1393)and all the years.
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30 March 2014 mujtaba soomro
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Aero Caribbean

25 March 2014 Carole Saunders
We were booked on a flights from Havana to Cayo Coco on 10 Feb 2014. The flight was cancelled and we are still trying to get a refund for the 198 Euros we paid. Nobody wants to know. We were taken to Cayo Coco by coach, a 10 hour journey!!
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Wideroe’s Flyveselskap

25 March 2014 John R. Bates
At the time (l977) I was a U.S. Navy sailor on my way to Hammerfest. When I arrived the ship was already departed to Amsterdam. I called My base at Norfolk Virginia U.S.A. and was told to wait for further instructions. A pilot for Wideroe was there and offered me a cigarette and was wondering what a sailor was doing up here . Sven Vidar Botolv (spelling) was the pilot's name. He offered to take me home to stay with his family and come back to the airport the next day to see if a new ticket was issued. Over the years I wondered what had happened to this family and if your airline still existed. Now that I am retired I would love to take my wife up to Hammerfest. I remember sitting at the small airport and watching the Laplander children coming down from the mountains on their way, I presume, to school. The hospitality offered to me was priceless and will last a lifetime. All the best to you. X John R. Bates X 22445 W. Curtice EW Rd. X Curtice, Ohio 43412 U.S.A.
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