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Irkut MC-21

30 March 2018 James Lubega
Its a supper equipment, need to the longest range in km and cargo capacity with passengers Thanx
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VLM Airlines

24 March 2018 Guest
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Aerolineas Sosa

21 March 2018 Guest
Hello. I'm a Systems Engineer, and I was trying to buy a ticket online in this site:, but for my surprise I saw that your site doesn't have the required security protocol to do online transactions, also I tried the site on this website:, and was worst, the website doesn't exist, with these results, I wonder: what kind of professionalism do you have? Thank you.
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Indonesian Aerospace NC-212

19 March 2018 Capt Raynold Mitchell
We are looking for a CASA 212/300P to lease or purchase. If you do not have one, kindly direct us to where we can find one. Regards
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VietJet Air

17 March 2018 vitragkmar mehta
hello i booked flight from ho chi min to phnom penh but i didnt received any mail i forget to print ticket at the booking time now i dont have booking number and any other things what to do
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Airbus A321

14 March 2018 Guest
nice aircraft!
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Air France

13 March 2018 Guest
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Estelar Latinoamerica

12 March 2018 freddy Perez
Buenas Trades tiene svuelo para miami disponible saliendo el 20 de marzo y regresando el 20 de abril
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Transavia France

11 March 2018 Richard MARI
Last year there were flights from Paris to Verona and in 2018 , nothing even this summer ?
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ATR 42

09 March 2018 Maung Lay (
Dear Sir, We are MCM Group of companies in Myanmar ( ) Interested in your stores of ATR 42 / 320 & 500. Please kindly contact us as soon as possible. Best regards,
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Allegiant Air

08 March 2018 Heather H
Waiting an hour on the phone to finally talk to someone. We paid to select our seats for each person and they moved one of them without notifying us. We paid $330 for this and then they moved someone. Was offered to refund that one persons seat fee for $24.00. Really? Why pick a seat 5 months ahead of time and pay 330? Dont fly with them. Sorry
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Sichuan Airlines

07 March 2018 Guest
Same thing happen d with m as well Those are dirty people who are ruled by dirty stupid ruler and the outcome of that is the entire China Guest : 3U8618 J seat 1F 13th July 2017 My flight was delayed more than 10 hours from Hong Kong.. we were turned away from the runaway at Hong Kong international airport before we takeoff..we stacked inside the aircraft for 2 hours in hot weather.. no water or drinks were served.. I traveled at business class ,when i arrived at Chengdu airport on 14/07/2016 early in the morning.. the ground staff was handing out 200 RMB.. which was below expectations compensation.. I would like to have compensation for unconviance .. the ground staff was unfriendly.. I have to lost my temper before they have to arranged taxi for me.. one ground staff was so stupid ..he through the money and ran away inside the terminal.. I have to do straggle to returned to the terminal to approached two Sichuan airlines ground staff and asked for their help.. they hardly speak English.. I had bad experience with the Sichuan airlines ..
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TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador

07 March 2018 Dr Katrin Weise
Tame is an absolutely unprofessional and untrustworthy airline, absolutely not credible. I had bought a ticket from Quito to Galapagos to fly with them on March 4th. However, as I broke my leg on January 18th I had to cancel my travel to Ecuador. I asked them to cancel my ticket on January 26 and enquired about a possible refund. No response. After this I tried again four times, January 29 and 31, 9 February and 20 February. I tried in English,I tried in Spanish. Finally, on January 29, I received a response: 'Tame' Respuesta automática: Inquiry about possible ticket cancellation Inbox R Reembolsos Tame (TAME EP) to me 29 Jan Details Estimado Cliente, Reciba un cordial saludo de quienes hacemos TAME E.P. Se ha recibido una solicitud desde su correo electrónico, la cual será atendida por un funcionario del área de Reembolsos para el trámite respectivo. Para una pronta atención, agradecemos verificar el cumplimiento de la documentación necesaria como requisitos para su solicitud: EN REEMBOLSOS DE COMPRA EN EFECTIVO: Carta del cliente con la solicitud del rembolso (incluyendo números de boletos). Copia de cédula (documento de identificación) del beneficiario. Formulario de transferencia bancaria. EN REEMBOLSOS POR COMPRA EN TARJETA DE CREDITO** (en Punto de Venta TAME): Carta del cliente con la solicitud del reembolso (incluyendo números de boletos). Copia de cédula (o documento de identificación) del tarjeta-habiente. Copia de la tarjeta de crédito (parte frontal que permita verificar la numeración de la tarjeta). **Si su compra fue realizada en una Agencia de Viajes, el trámite de reembolsos debe realizarlo directamente en la agencia emisora del boleto. Saludos cordiales, Reembolsos TAME EP Gerencia de Finanzas Teléfono: (593) 3966 300 ext.20270/20194 Correo: Página Web: HORARIO DE ATENCIÓN : 8:30 A 17:00 DE LUNES A VIERNES "Cuidemos el Medio Ambiente, por favor, no imprima este correo electrónico si no es necesario. En caso de ser obligatorio emplee papel reutilizado el que esté impreso por la otra cara." I handed in all required items and still never got a response again. I hadn't booked via an agent, but directly through their website. If I will go to Ecuador once my leg is healed, I will definitely avoid flying with this crap company.
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Boeing 747-8

06 March 2018 Guest
Does anyone have an interest in purchasing or leasing a GEnx-2B67?
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Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

06 March 2018 Guest
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WestJet Airlines

05 March 2018 Guest
My wife and I lost 3 days of a 10 day Cuban vacation because our 6:30 am flight on Saturday was cancelled because they couldn't find a crew to fly the plane. We had to cancel 3 nights accommodation as well as outings we had planned during those 3 days. WestJet offered some Westjet dollars, which expire in a year. Certainly doesn't make up for losing 3 days of our vacation. Very disappointed in the WestJet response. Bring on the competition.
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Sunstate Airlines

02 March 2018 Mark
Hello, this site is by no way affiliated with Sunstate Airlines or Qantas, please disregard the information located on this website. To contact Qantas please call 13 13 13 within Australia or visit for other numbers from overseas locations. Thank you.
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Andes Lineas Aereas

01 March 2018 Guest
Worst experience weve had. 100% delayed rate in every flight. Shameful.
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Boeing 767-400

28 February 2018 Guest
How many 767-400 series aircraft were built ?
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Cimber Sterling

27 February 2018 Guest
Hello, I need to confirm why flight number F1683 was delayed/canceled from KEF to SEA on August 8, 2017. Ticket Holder: Eileen Allen Ticket Number: 1082405808876 Kind Regards,
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Edelweiss Air

27 February 2018 Guest
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Sukhoi Superjet-100

25 February 2018 Amir
Lovely russian made jetliner and i hope to see her in the iranian airlines
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24 February 2018 Guest
Hi , I am a travel agent and i need to reissue one ticket. but i am not sure about date change penalty code Please reconfirm will it be DU tax?
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21 February 2018 karl
nice airline.But awaiting your complimentaries.
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19 February 2018 Guest
I am reviewing the cancellation policy of Loganair. I made a reservation to fly from Aberdeen to Sumburgh for September, 2018 on their website. Then, several weeks later, Icelandair cancelled my connecting flight from Reykjavik to Aberdeen. I expected to get a refund from Loganair because I would no longer be able to get to Aberdeen to take the flight. They refused! Apparently they think it is quite all right to keep the money even though I will never use them. This is fundamentally unfair and just additional evidence that the public doesn't matter.
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Boeing 737-700

18 February 2018
We are looking for 3 of these fantastic Doves !
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LAW - Latin American Wings

17 February 2018 Susan herzfeld
This was the worst airline I have ever traveled with and on top of it they lost my luggage. No one seems to know what they are doing . There is no one to talk to , no customer service. My bag has gone to punta cana 3 times and sant back to Chile when it was supposed to come to miami . Its bwen missin since the 24th and now no one is taking responsibility! I want to be compensated for my things! I will be making a lawsuit with my lawyer. DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE!
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Lucky Air

16 February 2018 Yam Su Mee
I am writing this email to strongly complaint your service manager name: Eyvonne which she is on duty today 16/02/2018 11.30am at KLIA Level 5 Lucky Air Check in counter. She keep on yelled and shouted to all guests and showing her angry moody face n talking in rude way. An example of her bad behaviour was that she scolded me for wishing her happy new year! This is totally unacceptable and showing your company is allowing this "RUDE " service for your guest!!! Please take action for this staff otherwise we will keep on comment n spread the feeling to our friends. Thank you Yam Su Mee (+6013-9839093)
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Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

12 February 2018 Guest
Hello I lost my phone in the airport today i was heading to Riyadh flight at 4:pm on monday 12 February 18 its Iphone 6 black with a photo on the cover There is inside a lebanies SIM but not working Please provide me with lost and found office number My number is00 966 58 2555547 Regards Noor almusallam
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Arkia Israeli Airlines

10 February 2018 Guest
ARKIA IS AN AIRLINE ROBBER AND DISRESPECTUL WITH THERE PASSENGERS. 24 Nov 2017: I arrive at Sve Dov airport 2h30 in advance. I know how the Israelian process in term of checking: bag + identity can be long. I respect that. 1. I arrive, they take my passport, ask plenty of questions, I answer to all of them, I have nothing to hide. 2. I pass my bag under the scan. They keep my bag and open it to check every thing in it for 2h20 HOURS!!! 3. I have to wait on a seat that they finish to check my bag. Once they finish, I have 10min left to check out my bag (ridiculous and very stressful) and do the checking. 4. At the checking point, the cashier inform me that my booking isn't in their system. I'm showing her the proof of my tickets paid through Gotogate website. I've got the payment proof and the booking references. Basically all the proofs, I cannot show more than that. 5. The lady starts to talk to me with arrogance and inform that I'm not on their system and its not her problem (note that I have 5min left to get inside the plane). She tells me: or you pay for a new ticket or you don't go. Of course, I have to pay because I have all my next days planed with tourist tours. 6. I pay for my ticket to go, as I have only few minutes left, I decide to get my ticket return once i will arrive in Eilat airport. I'm already in a high level of stress, I focus to don't start to cry, this is how awful was the situation. 7. I finally arive at Eilat airport and pay for my ticket's return. I don't want to have the same experience when I will fly back. Since the 24 nov.. I'm fighting to get my flights paid back. In total they confirmed 5 times by emails that i will receive refund was done (liars!!!). I still haven't receive any refund. They are playing me, they are lying and they totally disrepect me. 8. I emailed Gogotage on the 24th Nov to explain the full story and ask the refund. They answer the day after to say that the booking was successfully done on their side and I was to supposed to ask for a refund to Arkia. 9. I emailed Arkia and explained the full story, I attached all the documents: Gotogate email, Gotogate bookings + the two flight tickets I've had to repay. 10. Its been 78 days that I'm fighting and begging to get my $200 refund. They are now ignoring me. It's my money... how can they treat people like that? They should be ashame of their service. They show such a very bad image of Israel. 11. !! The worst is that after few calls, one of their advisers confirmed that this case was a mess on their side and I wasn't even on the passenger list when I took the plane to Eilat. Conclusion, they checked my bag for 2h20min for nothing, they've made me re-pay for my two tickets, they put me in a plane without even adding me in the passenger list and they are ignoring me regarding the money they own me. ARKIA airline is an outrageous, dangerous and unrespectul company.
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Pegasus Airlines

08 February 2018 SU535
We want to buy a flight from Istanbul to France. Could you pls let us know which agent in Tunisia is able to book such flight (i want to pay cash not by credit card). For travel from Tunisian and surrounding territory, using this air carrier only, it is advisable to contact the air carrier directly. All international queries should be directed to tel 0090 850 250 67 77
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Taiyuan Wusu Airport

08 February 2018 KUA HOOI HOCK
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Maputo International Airport

06 February 2018 Guest
Hi I would like to enquire about cost of return ticket from maputo to nyembane
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Douglas DC-6

01 February 2018 Guest
Hello, Could you advise the height from the ground to the bottom of the DC6 aircraft please. Many thanks Fred williams.
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Reykjavik Keflavik International Airport

31 January 2018 Guest
Left a suitcase by accident rang and rang and rang but NO answer!! Very unhelpful! Good job it was only a suitcase and not a suspicious bag!
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Boeing 707

30 January 2018 Randy Moore
What is the amount of wire in an 707
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Sharjah International Airport

28 January 2018 SU535
Asalam alekum... Can u find A person in sharjha international airport. SHAIK JAFFAR BASHA..Wasalam. You have chances close to zero.
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Thai Lion Air

26 January 2018 Guest
Good afternoon I writing from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia I reserved two tickets from Bangkok to phuket . but it has been time changed. We have ticket from Ulaanbaatar to Bangkok 10TH OF FEBRUARY DEPARTURE TIME 17:30 ARRIVE TIME 22:50 PM . It is too short time to connection , RP/ULN3M3100/ULN3M3100 GM/GS 11JAN18/0944Z MQSYWG 1.DAGVA/GUNIBAZAR MR 2.TUGUSGEREL/BATTSETSEG MS 3 OM 701 U 10FEB 6 ULNBKK RR2 1730 2250 *1A/E* 4 OM 702 U 17FEB 6 BKKULN RR2 2350 0700+1 *1A/E* TICKET NUMBER: TKT-2892410061043 DAGVA/GUNIBAZAR MR TKT-2892410061044 TUGUSGEREL/BATTSETSEG MS OUR CONNECTION TIME IS TOO SHORT NOW. I WANT TO CHANGE OUR DEPARTURE TIME BETWEEN 02:00-05:OO AM OR WE WOULD LIKE TO CANCELL TICKET FREE OF CHARGE CAN YOU CHANGE ANOTHER AIRLINES FLIGHT?
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WOW air

22 January 2018 luc Lanctot
on the flight fr om Montreal WW252/720, Friday, December 8th, 2017 5:55:00 pm to Keflavik, and fr om Kefflavik to flight WW252 Saturday, December9, 2017 4:25:00, to Berlin Schonefeld , flight number :WW720, Saturday , December 9-2017 arrival : 10:45:00, my one consigned piece was not on the pick up area. This error on your part ruined my trip. I am also a French army officer , I was to be taken by car from Berlin to Ukraine, with stop overs in our bases along the way, with the missing piece of luguage I had to cancel this means of transport, (why don't you WOW have an office at this Airport??) I lost many hours trying to recover my luguage , Luck ly I speak Deutsch, after 1/2 an hour I found the desk on the first floor of the airport , wh ere I filled out a "property Irregularity report" for my lost piece of baggage.(SEE ATTACHED CLAIM I called a army friend who lives in SZCZECIN Poland, If I could use his address IN ORDER TO recover my luguage and to find me a hotel in that city. lost 2 days because of your error, this screwed my whole work schedule, I was to give a series of conferences in different cities in Poland and Ukraine. I was able to only be at the conference in Szczecin. By the way Skuli, My wife in Quebec call your WOW office several times in Reykjavik to found out what recourse claim we had but to no avail, no one returned her calls , At AIR FRANCE THAT WOULD BE UNTHINKABLE , SOMEONE WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB. I realize your a low cost airline but there's a lim it. Oh yes I almost forgot, the friend in Szczecin came to schonefeld to pick me up and we drove to his home to wait for my lugguage. You owe him for his car and time expence. Skuli look up my file and you will see , my return flight was to be on jan 19, 2018 , but because of my missing suitcase I came back on December 19th, plus you did not hesitate to add on on a whole bunch of surcharges which I want reinbursed. HOTEL IN SZCZECIN, TRAIN TO LVIV UKRAINE, SURCHAGES FOR OVERSIZE LUGGAGE. A 3 DOLLAR CHARGE FOR A BOTTLE OF WATER, AFTER RUINING MY TRIP TO UKRAINE. THINK OF IT , IT WASN'T A COINCIDENCE I FLEW WOW AIR BUT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT YOU LOST MY LUGGAGE. i HAVE NOT MENTIONED THIS TO A/F NOR DO I INTEND TO IF YOU REINBURSE ME MY DUE. Every one said you were a cool boss, let me tell you about a project I have concerning Ukraine, did you know there are 1,359,221 Ukrainians living in Canada, many wanting to go either for skiing to the Carpathian mountains, or a visit their grandmother in Odessa, or the |Jazz fest in Lviv, and I can go on and on, Skuli why don't fly to Ukraine, Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, I discussed this with your purser, I gave him my email to give to you. If you plan to fly to Ukraine, and want to fill your seats full of Canadian Ukrainians, I'm your man , I am already involved in volunteer work with the Canadian Ukrainian Congress for their war effort plus other work I do there, I know the country very very well. If you come to Montreal , Call me . 1-818-321-0359 YOURS VERY SINCERELY, Luc Lanctot EXTRA EXPENCES FOR LOSS LUGGAGE AT BERLIN AIRPORT cAR EXPENCES X $ 60.00 HOTEL CAMPANILE SZCZECIN POLAND 1 NIGHT X $61.00 TRAIN TO LVIV X $70.30 BAGGAGE CHARGES X $138.13 PENALTY RETURN CHARGE ERROR X $290.01 TOTAL X $619.44
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Air Europa

21 January 2018 Max Drey
Hello, my name is Max Drey and i am looking for a airline company that ready to take the line from Haifa airport (Israel) LLHA to Larnaca LCLK... Haifa to Pafoss and we are open for new destinations. please contact me asap on my mobile +972(0)504353747 and on email will be happy to progress in details about the airport and RWY details for this goal. thank in advance, Max Drey Albatross lines CEO +972(0)504353747
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Lion Airlines

09 January 2018 An unhappy passenger
Hello, I am not satisfied with the service given by Lion airline. We often faced with delayed flight and this is very unacceptable. Just today (10/1/18) on my way back from Medan (Kuala Namu) to Penang with the flight of JT 013*, we should be on flight at 16:00 WIB but you guys delayed it to 18:00. My nephyew was waiting for us there and he was not free because he had a meeting later. Not just that, they didn't inform about changing the room number which caused everyone were rushing. As a passenger of Lion Airline. I do hope that you can change YOUR ATTITUDE in caring your passenger. IF YOU SAY ABOUT ANY OPERATION PROBLEM, then tell me why must be every single time when I am using your airline service? Don't make it into a trend thank you so much. I REALLY DO HOPE YOU GUYS CHANGE or ELSE YOUR PASSENGER WILL SLOWLY DECREASED. Thank you. I hope to see your feedback via e-mail if can. (
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Island Air

09 January 2018 Guest
Hello. I bought two tickets from Oahu to Maui on December 26, 2017. Could someone tell me how to give my money back? Sincerely
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06 January 2018 Leon to Tijuana Dec 30, 2017
Worst flying experience ever!! Arrive at airport 2 hrs before flight leaves - told there will be an extra 4 hr delay - then another hr - flight finally cancelled at boarding gate at 11pm. Told we might get out of there 2 days later! They don't put us up in a hotel - we have to buy NEW tickets the next morning with another airline (as they had no flights the next day) and have been unable to get any customer service from them since getting back.
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05 January 2018 Guest
To all those put complaints below, I say Bloody-Hell. This is a forest of complaints neither the employees or and the chairman of Atlasglobe would be interested in resolving. Your experience is nothing for them. I would suggest you all forget it.... as customers walk away and wright off your loss. You will never get a decent apology from this airline But Remember, go somewhere else. the globe is full of good airlines other than Atlasglobe Fly with an airline that respects your rights. More important, Use an airline that employs competent people who thrive to resolve problems and ensuring the reputation of the company always good. Atlasglobe wants your money ONLY DONT BE A VICTIM OF INCOMPETENT AIRLINE Happy new year AtlasGlobe
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Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport

02 January 2018 Guest
Today 2 January 2018, at 3pm. We need to go into the arrival terminal in order to get assistance from baggage service regarding our lost luggage. The security at the entrance told us to get the pass from departure terminal baggage service. My husband came back with the pass then only we were told we need 1 pass for each individual of us. While I was standing there the security is letting others going in without pass, when these people said they are going to the currency exchange counter. The security, Mr Gunapalan denied that he did that. Will be convenient if they told us at the beginning that we needed 2 passes for both of us and we were not treated fairly as others can enter without showing pass. Pls look into this issue of your organization.
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Silver Airways

02 January 2018 oldAVN
Purchased first class, round trip ticket through United Airlines (UAL). Upon checking in for return flight, Silver Airlines charged me $25 "baggage fee." UAL told me one free bag was part of first class ticket. Silver Airlines' return flight ticket did not annotate "pre-checked" status, thus missed flight. I will take a train, a bus or drive myself before ever again flying either UAL or Silver Airlines.
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Frontier Airlines

27 December 2017 Guest
Does anybody have experience not paying the carry-on fee with Frontier while still bringing a carry-on? Like, when they scan my boarding pass to let me on, does anything pop up that's like, "Paid Carry-on" or otherwise? Because I'm definitely trying to save $40 tomorrow.
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Boeing 737-300

26 December 2017 Isah Yunusa
Hello We are searching for 1 corporate jet 8-10 passengers capacity, long flight range, from 1997 to 2004. 2 Commercial Passenger aircrafts that seats 40 to 80 passengers from 1998 to 2002 and 1 B737 1995 to 2002 or similar cargo aircraft. You can read about our company on our website Kindly provide me with what you have that falls into my search category and we will get back to with our best interest. Anticipating your response. Kind Regards, IA Yunusa
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Alaska Airlines

23 December 2017 Guest
Well why did you waste all that money ona stupid hand bag??
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La Costena

22 December 2017 Fred schwentafsky
Do something about san carlos airport its a fucking disgrace.
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