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17 August 2017 Olya Bowers

Booking reference 2SJ5YJ At 7:55 this morning I was supposed to fly from Newcastle to Rome with the airline Jet2 to meet my son and his wife and three children. I have not seen them for 2 1/2 years. They have flown to Italy already from New York. When I went online to get my boarding pass Jet2 informed me that I did not have a booking and that it had been cancelled on July 23, two days after making my very important booking. I never did this and have no records of any emails from Jet2 about such a cancellation. So they have taken my money and now refuse to let me fly. I spent three hours on the phone with them yesterday talking to various departments but ultimately to no avail. So either someone hacked into my account or Jet2 made an error. I pleaded with them to be compassionate given the importance of this reunion with my grandchildren. I pointed out that they already had my money and that as a big corporation they could handle the inconvenience of putting me on another plane. Hell hath no fury like a Nana knocked back by corporate greed. I have made a big sign and I shall be protesting around Newcastle and at the airport today. JET2 TURNS THE SCREW on Geordie Granny Sent from my iPhone

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11 August 2017 Guest

Absolutely disgusted with jet 2. Party of 5. Travelling to spain. Changed plane only found out at the airport and sat an 80 yrs old. Child with anxitey and the orher 3 of us all in separate rows not near each other. 25 days in still no response from the email to customer services!

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30 July 2017 Guest

Does anyone know the G-INFO number of the Jet2 aircraft that has made 2 x emergency landings in the last 2 weeks?

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15 July 2017 Guest

I'm disappointed with jet 2 after supporting them for many years at Leeds Bradford when they first started and the reason Leeds is the HQ They start to renew the fleet and I was so looking forward to flying on a new aircraft from Leeds only to find they ain't using them here we are stuck with the very old 300 series aircraft the odd older 800 They seem to be flying them from Manchester ,Birmingham and of course the NEW hub Stanstead yes they have an all new fleet operating from here no old bangers for the southerners So after all the support we have given them when they first started this is how they repay the loyalty Monarch and dare I say it Ryan air it is CHEERS JET2

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14 June 2017 Guest

Extremely disappointed with Jet2, flights booked from Edinburgh to Malaga for January 2017, received email from Jet 2 informing us that due to operational reasons they were rescheduling our Edinburgh flight to Newcastle the day before our intended departure date! Newcastle is at least 105 miles from Edinburgh and is 130 miles from our home. Jet 2 were not interested, that we had booked Hotel and car parking in Edinburgh and to move our hotel booking in Malaga would cost £90, so options from Jet2 were 1) accept reschedule 2) change to another flight with Jet 2 at cost 3) accept refund. This rescheduling is 8 Months before our intended travel date and Jet2 are completely unsympathetic to our additional cost that this "operational change" has made to our holiday plans

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03 April 2017 Kathy

I booked and paid for a holiday to Lanzarote for our wedding anniversary, imagine my horror when I emailed the hotel to make certain requests regarding this matter only to receive an email stating that there was no booking for us staying at the hotel for those dates but we'd been booked in the month previous and we're regarded as a no show, this is just the icing on the cake as to the competence of Jet2holidays , they just couldn't care less, they've got your money and are not bothered, this will be the last time we ever use Jet2holidays, we've received emails from them stating that they don't offer a refund or compensation as it's not their policy. Not happy at all !!!

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23 March 2017 Guest

David : Just booked on the 5thmay paid £676 for flights in 2017 summer.Two weeks later it was £28 cheaper.Now there is 10% off guess what they have put there prices up by 10% so no saving at all. It is a con by Jet2. Don't book early!d the Just had the same flights are half price, I booked in December. I also agree customer service is nil

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22 February 2017 Guest1

Guest : FLIGHT LS 918 16.12 2016 7Hour delay Trying to claim compensation for this flight, so far they say that they havent received our paperwork. Luckily kept copies of everything, so sent it again, this time recorded delivery and have finally received an acknowledgement from them. Now recieved a letter saying that calims are dealt with in strict order that they arrive. Will be pursuing it till I get satisfaction

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05 January 2017 Guest - Booking complaint

Has anyone booked a flight with JET2 and not paid the price that was quoted in the "total so far" little black box? It appears that whilst completing the payment details the price of the seats changed and the first notification that the prices had changed when the price that my credit card had been charged was different? At no point did the value of the seats change in this little black box or was I advised of this. I rang them back within minutes of noticing this and was told that it was probably an IT issue and there was nothing that they could do other than cancel and with hold £40 admin fee!! Disingenuous to say the least - first & last time flying with these people. Advice fly with MONARCH.

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05 January 2017 Guest

FLIGHT LS 918 16.12 2016 7Hour delay

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11 November 2016 Guest

why have Jet2 flight only gone so expensive? i usually go with Jet2 but for 2017 i have booked 10 flights with Thomas Cook from Manchester Returns for £1588, the same airport and day for flights with Jet2 came in At £2760, out of curiosity i did a return flight only costing to find out that with Jet2 £1 = 0.9752И, crazy!!

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31 October 2016 Guest

Just back from. Budapest with Jet2. My wife and I checked bags into the hold both ways. Both ways the bags had been broken into and items stolen. Really upsetting.

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13 October 2016 Fergie

Went on holiday with jet 2 to lara beach ...great holiday ..great hotel...second night partner had a slip in hotel due to food lying on dining room floor. Hurt knee and ankle reported to hotel management and rep...heard nothing ..reported to ceo when home...still chasing up just now. Refusing to acknowledge any accident ...rep said it wasnt reported...lying scumbag. Sent reports of injuries from doc and physio as requested from jet2. Still refuse to accept respnsibility. Lying scumbags will not receive another holiday booking from me.

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28 August 2016 Guest

Traveled to Ibiza on the 14/08/2026 lovely flight arrived at 7.30pm straight on coach to transfer to hotel waited on the coach for 2 hours to be told they were waiting for another 4 flights for people to use the same coach to transfer us to hotel finely got to our hotel at 10.30pm! On coming back home we had a poorly passenger which the staff quickly delt with but was a 2 hour delay we wasn't offered water on board as the doors were open and it was red hot on board finely we took off and the onboard staff started to serve drinks and snacks we got served after 1hour 45 mins in to flight we got served but not much food left just the lunch box with nothing really in them we were seats 23 e and f then it was time to land no time for duty free it's put us off from flying with them ever again

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20 July 2016 Guest

Flew from Ncl -Pmi 27/06/16. We were waiting in the departure Lounge when 3 girls in their early 20's clearly drunk,were being escorted by the duty manager. They were told to behave themselves and not to purchase any alcohol on board. The duty manager wrote on their boarding cards 'no alcohol'. The DM informed cabin crew of this and also the captain put announcements out that jet 2 had zero tolerance for bad behaviour on board and would off load anyone who did so. They took their seats at the emergency exit. Now I start thinking if we have to get off in a hurry are these able to open the door? I think not. The cabin crew informed them how to open the door in an emergency saying "are you listening, do you understand". Now that set my nerves off. There were a lot of families with small chidren on board, ours included. However out comes the drinks trolley and lo and behold they serve the females with alcohol !!!!! Granted they were no trouble but.......the emergency doors!!! On returning I sent jet2 an email raising my concerns. Their reply was because I didn't raise the matter on board at the time there is nothing they can do. So I question myself why didn't I? I didn't because the situation could have been very volatile and do holiday makers with families really want their children witnessing it. I am let down by jet2 as I have flown with them many times. But this just goes to show they're more interested in selling products and the cabin crew getting their commission.

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16 July 2016 David

Jet2 are getting like the rest of the bunch now customer service zero. They used to be good. My wife and I have travelled all over the world and never complained to a company ever. On a recent holiday to Cyprus we were put in a 3 star hotel which was nothing better than a hostel. We and another couple were checked in by " there's 2 keys which one do you want" no names or registration taken. The room had no fire instructions or smoke detectors, the shower was hanging off, no water coming out of the sink, no sink plugs, the loo roll was on the other side of the bathroom from the toilet, the safe was on the floor so you had to kneel on the floor to get to it, the patio doors had no stickers for safety, there was a very small step into the bedroom which was not marked , no beside lights I could go on and on. Jet2's reaction was more or less we were lying or hallucinating. The rep agreed with some of our complaints and then backtracked obviously been threatened by his bosses. A once good company gone bad.

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05 July 2016 Guest

We have used jet2 for 3 holidays per year for the last 5 years, never again! They have deteriorated badly. Flight times to Europe are no longer convenient, customer service is nonexistent and aircraft fleet is aged (and shows it). In May, our holiday hotel suddenly became unavailable at the last minute despite being booked and paid for in full, months before departure date. Our neighbours had terrible flights in an aircraft which looked barely airworthy and now my daughter has been told her 5* plus hotel is unavailable TWO DAYS prior to departure. Totally unacceptable. Won't use them again.

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21 May 2016 David

Just booked on the 5thmay paid £676 for flights in 2017 summer.Two weeks later it was £28 cheaper.Now there is 10% off guess what they have put there prices up by 10% so no saving at all. It is a con by Jet2. Don't book early!

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11 May 2016 Helen Page

what an appalling situation I have had with Jet2 who have behaved in the most heinous fashion imaginable. My father has flights booked for June for him and my mother....he is on an outbound flight with another airline. He is currently in hospital he has just had a tumour removed from his liver which was found 6 weeks ago ( he is scanned every 6 months as he had cancer 3 years ago ) There has been a complication with his bowl and he has tubes coming out of places I didn't know they could get tubes in !!!! The other airline have just processed a refund and all they ask is I email them the doctors letter .....Jet 2 tell me they have a NO REFUND POLICY , don't have cancer and expect the rules to be bent by this company . If anyone has a similar story please email me lets shame this outrageous company

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15 March 2016 Guest

Louise kilkenny : Hi my name is Louise kilkenny is the best airline to fly with to lots of sunny and city destinations where ever you are going on holidays to Book now to your lovely destinations with the best friendly Low fares airline flying from leeds bradford. Manchester. Eastmidlands. Birmingham. Gatwick Newcastle Blackpool Liverpool Jet2 Employee perchance?!

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06 March 2016 diane kemp

Jet2 sent me a message on my mobile apologising to my daughter for the delay on her flight on her return from Tenerife and her new departure time I had nothing to do with the booking of the holiday how has this happened ?

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24 February 2016 Guest

Hi Theresa from Holiday Airport Lanzarote, really feel Jet 2 are the sort of crash and burn, fast growth no substance companies last seen in the 80,s. Best book with the trustable companies TUI or Thomas Cook for package holidays

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16 February 2016 Guest

i know iu should have checked their rules but i didnt booked 343 quids worth flights to split 30th april but have decided to go to malaga instead they refuse to change the flights e4ven if i agreed to pay charge complete thieves i will forever TELL EVERYONE THAT KNOWS M,E JET 2 ARE *

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30 November 2015 Guest Jim

I booked a flight with Jet2 to fly to Malaga, for a 2 week holiday with by brother and his wife flying from Australia. I also booked a car and insured the car using AXA car insurance.. The car provided was a badly scratched Passat with 56.839 k on the clock, which also started flashing Service Due. When I went for a run in the car and was coming along a motorway the tyre blew. I changed the tyre with the spare and drove to a petrol station, the spare was at 18psi, not 32 psi (tyres run flat tend to blow when hot). I was told by the car hire company Ц it is your problem and you must get a new tyre and claim your insurance. They eventually took the car in because I could not get a correct tyre and gave me a car with 41, 107 k on the clock Ц took it to a garage. 32psi, on the front driver tyre 18 on the other front and on the back 22psi . I complained about poorly maintained cars and lack of customer care and also the insurance who processed a claim but for less that submitted and all it said was Сrestricted to £80Т The undernoted was their final take: When customers book car hire or insurance through the website, acts as an agent for the third party providing the additional service. When we work with third parties we always ensure that they aim to provide the same high standard of service as, as we wouldn't want our customers to be disappointed. I understand that you don't feel either car provided to you was in an appropriate condition however, on that basis it may have been pertinent for you to not accept the cars and contact the emergency helpline number given to customers who have booked car hire. I'm sorry that you are disappointed with your experience on this occasion however, I trust that this now fully clarifies this matter for you and brings it to a close. To say they, or their third party suppliers, have a high standard of service is insulting Ц I did ask if they ever checked their had appropriate safety procedures such as servicing Ц no answer. Important no-one hire a car through this company Ц it is dangerous

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17 August 2015 Arthur Welch

I flew fr om Glasgow to Barcelona on 09/08/15, after a delay,then aborted take off we sat on aircraft and buses on tarmac causing an overall delay of three and a half hours.This was explained as a technical problem,after which we boarded another aircraft On the return flight 16/08/15 we again boarded the aircraft and were told there was a technical problem, after a three hour delay again sitting on the aircraft we flew back to Glasgow.My concerns are about the maintenance of your fleet of aircraft.Adding to my concerns was the recent incident wh ere an emergency stop and evacuation was executed due to smoke in the cabin in an aborted take off at Glasgow Airport.I would be extremely reluctant to travel with Jet 2 due to these recent events.Could you please reply to the comments made

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14 August 2015 Guest

Guest : I booked flights in January, from my Jet2 account for my son, his girlfriend and her daughter, to fly to Murcia in September. The flights were from Leeds Bradford, returning to Manchester. Unfortunately, they split up a few weeks later. Finally a decision was made that my son and his Dad would take the holiday, so I visited the Jet2 website and found that it would cost £35 each way to change the name of a passenger to allow my husband to fly. So I then tried to do just that. In fact, the cost was not only £35 each way, but there would also be an 'uplift' charge. The charge, in addition, would be £46 for the outbound flight, and И353 for the inbound flight! This was more than the flight had originally cost. On telephoning Jet2 to enquire what this 'uplift' charge is for, I was informed that it is the difference between the cost of the flight when booked and the price today. But I was not trying to book a flight today, only change a passenger name. I was told that this must be paid, and it reflected the market price today. But I did not want to book a flight today, I had booked in January. In fact, if I had booked the inbound leg today, on the Jet2 website, it would have cost И402 which is И2 cheaper than Jet2 wanted to charge me to change a passenger name! I am appalled at this blatant rip-off of a loyal customer of many years standing. I have paid the admin fee and 'uplift' on the outward flight, but booked with Ryanair for the inbound flight at only £130. This gives lie to the 'market price' argument. This, as a business practice can only be designed to rip-off passengers. The seat was already booked, you cannot resell it, for today's price, or any other price, so why do this? I will make sure that I inform as many people as I can about Jet2's appalling business practices, and I will never use this airline again. All sorted now! James called and reversed the situation - thank you Jet 2!

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