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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline, aircraft or airport, using the links on this page.

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Enugu Akanu Ibiam International Airport

06 August 2013 Arinze
Good News, Ethiopian airline will start operating international flights in and out of Enugu Airport from 24th August 2013. Check and book at their website at
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Porlamar Santiago Marino Caribbean International Airport

06 August 2013 S. Boodoo
We reached the airport before 9.00 am for a 12.00 noon flight on 4.8.13. The 10.00am flight before us were still in the waiting area going in one by one so that they could search their luggage. Obviously they could not leave at 10.00am. Anyway we were searched around 1.00pm and then checked in with the airline. Our hand luggage were seared again and we were ushered into the departure area. We were just left there with nothing to eat or drink as the store only had drinks for sale. No explanation were given although the aircraft was there. We left around 4.50pm and our hand luggage was searched again together with a body pat-down. No explanation and suddenly on one spoke english. The other side of the airport seemed to be in a better condition and one one was being treated this way. They were sending their luggage through a scanner. We were treated as though it was a free flight and we should be grateful for it.
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Bahrain Air

05 August 2013 juby
i booked the ticket , unfortunately i used one way only , because , airline cancelled , but i didnot get refund , my confirmation no -m VBV5KD TICKET ISSUE DATE - 28/ 09/12, MY NO 0097336243303
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Mocambique Expresso

01 August 2013 xghrsqjocm
wybltgpsvn, snxcdlvhzp
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Bangkok Airways

31 July 2013 Javier
Great airline! Great service.
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29 July 2013 Guest
The worst
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Air Nelson

24 July 2013 Leanne Stewart
Sorry, failed to mention the route in my review - Wellington to Tauranga.
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Aviatrans K

22 July 2013 Дмитрий Штейман
Летел из Львова до Тивата 15 июля.Хотя самолет немного опоздал,но сервис и обслуживание били отличное.Спасибо.
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Portugalia Airlines

15 July 2013 Guest
we flew in one of the Fokker 100 from Lisbon to Manchester today. Seat 21 D & F. The noise was appauling. Well above any workplace noise control levels. My ears still well below par 5 hours after landing. Never again will i go in a Fokker 100.
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11 July 2013 Guest
I do not recommend this airline to anyone, my flight was from Ankara to Datca, and I have to say it was THE WORST flight I have ever been to (and I have been on a lot of flights). Our pilot was an amateur. It felt like he had just graduated from school and we were his first trial. And I do not feel comfortable having a beginner fly me. He couldn't properly balance/control our plane, so every few seconds we were turning/pivoting from left to right. Our whole journey we were rocking from side to side, which I have to say was very nerve racking. On top of the swaying we also had a lot of shaking on the plane, which made everyone on board including myself feel like our plane was going to crash any minute and we were all going to die. It didn't get better either, just a few stories left for our landing on the airport we suddenly started to lift off again and accelerate. People were getting frustrated and angry, and shouts arose it was horrible. The pilot later told us that he couldn't slow down the plane enough for a land and that he had to lift off again and retry the landing, and that if we had landed we would have crashed. I mean I have to give it to the pilot that it was great that he was able to think fast enough and decide to take off again instead of try and land, or panic and do something wrong, but our second landing was okay, but I think another more experienced pilot must have taken over after that first failed attempt at a landing. In all I do not recommend this airline after that stress filled flight.
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Dublin Airport

11 July 2013 prkralex
I visited this airport long back. The memories are good. I have also seen the need for the expansion as I m into the same industry. Went through couple of projects to find more information on this. I found this [ that gave some insight on the ongoing project. Can any1 help me with more info for my research on this project?
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Larnaca International Airport

26 June 2013 antony
How many we can get cash at customs in Cyprus pick up leaving the country?
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AirAsia Philippines

25 June 2013 Tery
I had the same email from AA Philippines and have sent lots eforms, phoned the Australian Call Centre and Chat line requesting to change my flight. Still waiting for my new itinerary! I guess the Philippines don't care about their customers.
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Pacific Wings

24 June 2013 Julie
We had a flight from Maui to the big island. We got to the gate about 2 hours early. When no one was at the gate an hour before our flight I picked up the phone that said it was for checking in. The lady informed me that they no longer fly to Kona. I had pulled up the website the night before and there on the home page it said "flights to Kona". We had to find someone to get our bags as Delta sent them over. My orbitz itinerary never showed it canceled. We had to go over to Hawaiian air & pay for a flight over to Kona. In addition to the fee for the flight we had to pay $35 per person for ticketing it there at the gate plus $17 for each bag, we had already paid the baggage fee for Pacific Wings through Delta. Instead of getting into Kona at 3 we didn't get in until 7. Now I get to fight with orbitz to get my money back plus all the extra fees I had to pay.
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Colombo Ratmalana Airport

22 June 2013 Pavithra Harshani Sandamali
current vacancies
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Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport

13 June 2013 Guest
Coming off a flight home I was meeting my ride and hauling out two large bags with three to go back for. The area security guy started yelling at my ride to get moving and that he couldn't just sit there (which everyone knows already) so I explained to him that I was in the process of hauling out my luggage and that there was more to go. The man practically got right in my face and yelled at me, "Well GET them and get OUT of here!". Downright menacing and EXTREMELY uncalled for behavior - I was doing the best I could and it was quite obvious I was in the midst of doing just that and certainly obvious that I was no security risk by any means. There should be some rules put out there as to just how far these people can abuse their power. VERY discouraging for being my home airport ... I pray they don't continue to behave in this manner for visitors and cast such a shadow on our good city with good people.
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Al Khayala

07 June 2013 Susan Wade
Hello, My name is Susan on behalf of our mutual customer I am requesting a full refund of the tickets below due to flights being cancelled by your airline. Record locator - I2YRKY Tickets: XY-W69IJP Passengers: Tulbah/Hussain, Gouda/Noha, Tulbah/Arin, Tulbah/Ali Please respond back to my email XS XY 402P 17OCT RUHDXB HK/HX4 855A 1150A /DCXY*I2YRKY/E XS XY 403P 31OCT DXBRUH HK/HX4 1240P 140P /DCXY*I2YRKY/E R- EWR X 6ZLA 2NQA*A5X 1407/09MAR13 X SC XY 402P 17OCT RUHDXB HK/HX4 855A 1150A /DCXY*I2YRKY/E SC XY 403P 31OCT DXBRUH HK/HX4 1240P 140P /DCXY*I2YRKY/E R- HDQRMXY091030 466894CF-001 SSC Thank you Susan Wade
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Manchester Airport

06 June 2013 Guest
I recommend the Servisair Aspire Lounge in Terminal 1. Very luxurious + great customer service. Got our holiday off to the perfect start!
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Tropic Air

29 May 2013 Steven Schulte, CEO
ropic Air does not overbook flights. We use 14 passenger Cessna Grand Caravans to service this and other small airstrips in Belize. We add aircraft to a flight as necessary to service those flights where we have more than 14 passengers. With the large number of tourists leaving at the same time we sometimes have up to 5 aircraft on one flight. We regret that Mr. Hutchens could not be accommodated on the first aircraft, but it is necessary to use small aircraft in this environment. Steven Schulte, CEO email:
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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

19 May 2013 Guest
In 30 years of business flying it was the only plane in which I was riding which lost an engine. NO BIG DEAL, as we landed uneventfully and Delta Airlines (the plane's operator at the time) arranged for a near-instantaneous transfer at DFW. I'd fly on it any time.
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McDonnell Douglas MD-11

16 May 2013 Logan Smith
What helps the plane fly.I am doing this for a project and I am stuck on what to say
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Nauru International Airport

10 May 2013 dis website no no
why dis website no help me
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Bridgetown Grantley Adams International Airport

08 May 2013 Guest
its a nice airport
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Mesa Airlines

04 May 2013 Patrick Fairchild
May 03, 2013 5:55 pm. In Honolulu Airport. Real time review. This review is for Go Airlines. In short AVOID AT ALL COST. We began at Kauai. flight was supposed to leave at 12:00 and after 5 delays left at 3:30. On board these dilapidated planes we were told by the flight attendant that she had not been paid . Later we were told a pilot didn't show up. A real confidence builder for our group. Update our flight is delayed again. Finally succumbing to pressure we were given a $15.00 voucher to be used for food or drink. The bar is about to close and the sandwich place is cleaning up. If you vacation in Hawai please save your relationship by using any airline but this one.
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Skippers Aviation

03 May 2013 Caz
GuestGarry : The absolute most unreliable airline anyone could fly with , do yourself afavour go with some one else Absolutely agree, no customer service, dont even bother to call they are so rude & unhelpful, they dont want nor care about your buisiness. They are only operating due to the FIFO contracts. Aeroflot comparison!!
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Uzbekistan Airways

25 April 2013 Guest
I listed few airlines name mentioned here you choose your best one. Uzbekistan Airways Lufthansa Aeroflot
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24 April 2013 Benny
Very bad airlines. Service really bad. I will never ever use this airline anymore. Force me to put my carry on luggage to baggage and threaten me.
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Magas Airport

18 April 2013 Guest
The 3 letter airport code is IGT
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Noumea Magenta Airport

17 April 2013 Guest
We landed at Magenta from Isle of Pines on a Friday night (~7pm) without having organised a transfer to our hotel and the airport was virtually closed i.e. no tourist information, bus shuttle counters etc. We found out that cabs need to be prebooked in Noumea and that 'flagging down' a cab is not the custom. Luckily a cab driver called for extra cabs and we ended up taking a cab from Magenta to Anse Vata which costs ~$20 AUD. Still cheaper than the Arc En Ciel shuttle for 3,000 CFP per person.
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Air Italy Polska

12 April 2013 Guest
hi! i want to flight to hurghada soon and i will be there for about 2-3months. I will buy only one way ticket to get there so i will have to buy return ticket in hurghada. I'm really intersting how much it will be cost? are there any low-cost fight to poland? for example to Gdansk? could you tell me where i can but return tickets? are there any travel agency or something like that on airport or in the city? thank you in advance for your help..
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Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

10 April 2013 Poorvi gupta
I feel the staff at the airport is not at all trustworthy . I forgot my camera bag with three canon cameras in it at the airport which I am very sure and tried to contact the airport authority and the flight china eastern but they were of no help . Instill hope that someone informs me for my bag at cheenugupta@ Thanks
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Crystal Thai Airlines

01 April 2013 varun
I like your airline & its services
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Olympic Air

29 March 2013 Erich Supper
Please provide me urgently with a confirmation by e-mail for the 4 flights I booked and payed yesterday for Erich and Christine SUPPER; Athens- Karpathos 2.4, OA 098 Karpathos- Athens 4.4. OA 21,40- 23,oo Athens- Ikaria 5.4. OA 14,05- 14,55 Ikaria- Athens 8.4- OA 15,20- 16,10 I am leaving tomorrow morning, Saturday, 30 March for travelling. I have received no records for these bookings as yet. Please also indicate any troubles that might have occurred. Kind regards Erich Supper e-mail:
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Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

22 March 2013 Guest
I would like to say that I am so embarrassed that this is the largest airport in my state. It is absolutely filthy. There are napkins, spills, and garbage on the floor. There are plenty of workers standing around and not doing anything. There are garbage cans overflowing and fruit flies in the eating area. I can't help but think that this is the picture people get of Minnesotans when they come through here. I hope MSP can get it together and clean up this place!
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Nouakchott International Airport

19 March 2013 Kate
What are the flights from Nouakchott to Zouerate and Zouerate to Nouakchott from 20 April to 24 April? email:
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Hamilton John C. Munro International Airport

16 March 2013 Frank Donaldson
This is a terrific airport. Vacation flights to Cuba, the Dominican or Mexico are certainly alot better than travelling to Toronto. I only wish that there were more available throughout the year. Keep up the great work!!!!!
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V Australia

14 March 2013 yehia Elmoussaoui
I love it
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Kenmore Air

06 March 2013 B.D.
I bought tickets to a broadway show in seattle almost one year ago at a great cost to me and my friend. As you may or may not know, the COHO ferry's winter schedule would not work as a backup to get us to seattle in time for our show which was at 20:00. The clipper ferry was in drydock until saturday the 19th. I received a call after we had already arrived in victoria after several hours of driving there, they called me with less than 2 hours until our scheduled flight was set to depart. The Kenmore Air employee rudely informed me that our flight was cancelled for fog (perfectly understandable from a guy like me who completed private pilot ground school and a fair bit of instruction hours in cessna aircraft.) What really insults me about this whole deal is that Kenmore air cancelled ALL of its scheduled flights in the area that day. So why wait so long to inform a confirmed passenger that his flight won't be leaving? We had to book with Alaska Airlines last minute, and our tickets were over 330 dollars each, more than double what the kenmore fare was going to be. They were slow in refunding the initial purchase charge to my VISA, further inconveniencing me as if a last minute cancellation wasn't bad enough already. Kenmore Air's pathetic response time and unprofessional behavior almost ruined a trip me and my good friend had been planning for over a year and we ended up getting gouged by another airline, who by the way commented on how several would-be Kenmore Air passengers had rebooked with Alaska Air, and how they felt it was very unprofessional and absurd that you were not willing to buy your customers alternate flights, which is standard industry practice. Cancelling a VFR flight for weather is perfectly fine. Being a pathetic lazy jerk to paying customers is not.
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Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport

17 February 2013 Guest
Rest assure, you lluggages will be tamper for good and valuable items.
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15 February 2013 Saurabh Sharma
I was very good experience with JET CONNECT but this time I faced many problem with JET CONNECT at NEW DELHI Terminal airport - 3. JET CONNECT People did misbehaved/mistalked with me. I was submitting request letter to refund my charges against cancellation at email i.d (, It is requested to all sennior employee of JET CONNECT/AIRWAYS. Email i.d : Saurabh Sharma +91 9999769592
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Piedmont Airlines

14 February 2013 Jan Curtis
I am trying to book a flight from St. Petersburg florida reginal airport to Tri-cities how do I do this. The reason for this is that I shall be coming over from UK staying in Madeira Beach and going up to Tri-c-ties then going back to St. Petersburg before my journey back to the UK. I don't want to have to go back to tampa to go to Tri-cities when I know that I can go from St. Petersburg direct pleae advise
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China Airlines

09 February 2013 Ilin
I would like to express a deep disappointment of how my family was treated today at the Phnom Penh, Cambodia airport by the China Airline staff on February 9, 2013, the eve of Lunar New Year. Even though the flight is probably not even half full, just like flying on Christmas eve anywhere in the US or Europe, the general manager there was giving us an extreme hard time about overweight of carry-on luggage-by a few kilograms for carry-on luggage. I have been flying almost 30 years to over 20 countries in the world and this trip is the 8th trip of my family within one month, NONE of us have ever been treated the way the general manager treated us being extremely difficult about the a few kilogram overweight--for carry-on luggage, for God's sake! How many among us has ever had the carry-on luggage measured to the 10th of a kilogram and being forced to move the weight between a handbag and the carry-on luggage?! It was ridiculous! If the flight is so full, I can somewhat understand why the over-strict policy of 7 kg weight limit for carry-on luggage needs to be enforced, although no airline in the whole world has ever enforced that. Today especially given it is probably a half empty flight, the way the general manager handled the situation, including going out of his way to stop us at the security checkpoint was extremely unpleasant. If China airline is interested in doing business with us only one time or would like to conduct yourself more like a military institution than part of a service industry, then Mr. Liu’s behavior may be acceptable. The extreme way how we were treated today gave us absolutely no incentive to ever fly with China airline again. I cannot express enough how frustrating and disappointed we are to China Airline. I cannot in my good conscience recommend China Airline to any traveler in the world.
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Nanning Wuxu International Airport

05 February 2013 Jim
Avoid Nanning airport. it is the worst for customer service, we checked our bags in only to have a gift removed from our bag and destroyed without being offering an explanation or the opportunity to take the item back and put in our car. My brother in law was there, he is a judge and was livid on how we were being treated. It's no wonder westeners shun this country for it's people are also treated like idiots and halfwits.
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Convair 580

04 February 2013 Guest ken
hi I am a refueler , and I use to fuel Convair 580 around 1985 and I'm trying to remember the fuel capacity can you help me with that?
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Samara Kurumoch Airport

03 February 2013 Bhushan
Considering the security at airorpts these days, it would highly unlikely though not impossible for you to sneak it in. You could be charged and arrested for possession of alcohol or they might just toss it.The bottle would show up on scanners and a largish liquid filled bottle is likely to attract scrutiny.
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Antonov An-10

03 February 2013 kailash
good site to know about aircrafts
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Toluca Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport

22 January 2013 Maricela Gonzalez-D.
to whom this may concern Mr. Lopez , I had purchase recently 5 tickets we are repeatable customers and I have experience a mistake when I made my reservations but I purchase 2 tickets with the wrong route with in the same window frame twice for LAX TO MLM instead or purchaising one set MLM Back to LAX an no one was able to help me please if you can do something let me know because I unfortally do not count with the money to purchase 2 more tickets and when I call had a bad experience with you supervisor Esaul Velazquez. you guys my won 516 dollars by not making the switch but in the long run you my loose more because my family will consider other airlines before coming back to you guys unless the right thing is fixed. they say as a customer service profesional that for every customer you loose you loose 10 more because you express you experince with others but also if u gain one customer th person will bring 10 more to your business please let me know if you can help me thank you. 562-417-2020
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