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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

To take part in the discussion of the airline or airport, follow the links on this page or leave your messages on the pages of the corresponding airlines of the world , airports, aircraft .

Recently Discussed Airlines and Airports

Copa Airlines

24 January 2018 Martha
Good day, I have a question. we need the contact email adres/person for the ticketplate of Copa Air Regards Martha
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Libyan Airlines

23 January 2018 Marius Finichiu
Dear Sir, I'm Marius Aurelian Finichiu, with my lost baggage tag no. LN 645481 , my big Bag not arrived in Tunis airport in 18 January 2018 (was flight LN 302 from Misrath airport to Tunis). Please send my big Bag - black color, textil - to Bucharest OTP Airport asap. My e-mail is Thank you in advance, Marius Aurelian Finichiu, Bucharest, Romania
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WOW air

22 January 2018 luc Lanctot
on the flight fr om Montreal WW252/720, Friday, December 8th, 2017 5:55:00 pm to Keflavik, and fr om Kefflavik to flight WW252 Saturday, December9, 2017 4:25:00, to Berlin Schonefeld , flight number :WW720, Saturday , December 9-2017 arrival : 10:45:00, my one consigned piece was not on the pick up area. This error on your part ruined my trip. I am also a French army officer , I was to be taken by car from Berlin to Ukraine, with stop overs in our bases along the way, with the missing piece of luguage I had to cancel this means of transport, (why don't you WOW have an office at this Airport??) I lost many hours trying to recover my luguage , Luck ly I speak Deutsch, after 1/2 an hour I found the desk on the first floor of the airport , wh ere I filled out a "property Irregularity report" for my lost piece of baggage.(SEE ATTACHED CLAIM I called a army friend who lives in SZCZECIN Poland, If I could use his address IN ORDER TO recover my luguage and to find me a hotel in that city. lost 2 days because of your error, this screwed my whole work schedule, I was to give a series of conferences in different cities in Poland and Ukraine. I was able to only be at the conference in Szczecin. By the way Skuli, My wife in Quebec call your WOW office several times in Reykjavik to found out what recourse claim we had but to no avail, no one returned her calls , At AIR FRANCE THAT WOULD BE UNTHINKABLE , SOMEONE WOULD BE OUT OF A JOB. I realize your a low cost airline but there's a lim it. Oh yes I almost forgot, the friend in Szczecin came to schonefeld to pick me up and we drove to his home to wait for my lugguage. You owe him for his car and time expence. Skuli look up my file and you will see , my return flight was to be on jan 19, 2018 , but because of my missing suitcase I came back on December 19th, plus you did not hesitate to add on on a whole bunch of surcharges which I want reinbursed. HOTEL IN SZCZECIN, TRAIN TO LVIV UKRAINE, SURCHAGES FOR OVERSIZE LUGGAGE. A 3 DOLLAR CHARGE FOR A BOTTLE OF WATER, AFTER RUINING MY TRIP TO UKRAINE. THINK OF IT , IT WASN'T A COINCIDENCE I FLEW WOW AIR BUT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT YOU LOST MY LUGGAGE. i HAVE NOT MENTIONED THIS TO A/F NOR DO I INTEND TO IF YOU REINBURSE ME MY DUE. Every one said you were a cool boss, let me tell you about a project I have concerning Ukraine, did you know there are 1,359,221 Ukrainians living in Canada, many wanting to go either for skiing to the Carpathian mountains, or a visit their grandmother in Odessa, or the |Jazz fest in Lviv, and I can go on and on, Skuli why don't fly to Ukraine, Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, I discussed this with your purser, I gave him my email to give to you. If you plan to fly to Ukraine, and want to fill your seats full of Canadian Ukrainians, I'm your man , I am already involved in volunteer work with the Canadian Ukrainian Congress for their war effort plus other work I do there, I know the country very very well. If you come to Montreal , Call me . 1-818-321-0359 YOURS VERY SINCERELY, Luc Lanctot EXTRA EXPENCES FOR LOSS LUGGAGE AT BERLIN AIRPORT cAR EXPENCES X $ 60.00 HOTEL CAMPANILE SZCZECIN POLAND 1 NIGHT X $61.00 TRAIN TO LVIV X $70.30 BAGGAGE CHARGES X $138.13 PENALTY RETURN CHARGE ERROR X $290.01 TOTAL X $619.44
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Air Cairo

22 January 2018 Eszter Horváth
Dear Airline, Our family holiday was officially booked from 9 th August 2017 until 16th August 2017. The official departure time was at 9:00 am from Budapest, HU (Ferenc Liszt INTL) 2B terminal to Hurghada, EG (international) terminal 2. The airplane after a number of sorter delays was delayed by 12 hours, at 21:00 at night, finally we reached our destination (Hurghada airport) at 1:00 A.M. at the next day morning. In spite of that, we had been delayed 5 hours we intend to travel to Egypt and we informed the travel agency as well, as only this date was compatible with our leave at our workplace. Your company reported on 0612350901 that was a technical problem of the machine, and it did not allow to start from Hurghada to Budapest and then back to Hurghada. After a number of phone calls, at 11:40, we had been informed that at 12:00 P.M. in the form of a voucher, they provide one-time assistance to our service, amounting to 3.000 HUF/ person. We claim a compensation of 400 euros / person based on the EU Regulation CE 261/2004 for flights ranging between 1500 km and 3500 km. I am waiting for your answer (half year):
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Air Europa

21 January 2018 Max Drey
Hello, my name is Max Drey and i am looking for a airline company that ready to take the line from Haifa airport (Israel) LLHA to Larnaca LCLK... Haifa to Pafoss and we are open for new destinations. please contact me asap on my mobile +972(0)504353747 and on email will be happy to progress in details about the airport and RWY details for this goal. thank in advance, Max Drey Albatross lines CEO +972(0)504353747
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AirAsia Zest

19 January 2018 jennelyn madrid
how can i re-schedule the flight of my husband ? your support didn't answer my message in twitter .. i'm so sad about this no action to the person who read this kindly help me ., thankyou
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Vueling Airlines

18 January 2018 Thornton
I was extremely satisfied with the way my request was dealt with by Vueling UK Vustomer service dept Excellent customer service Many thanks indeed January 18 2018
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Iraqi Airways

18 January 2018 Guest
I am asking why Our trip IA 965 on 18 Jan.2018 at 0900 was without service ,i.e.the crews didn’t serve the breakfast to the passengers.
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Shanghai Airlines

10 January 2018 pareena venketasawmy
hi, Booking NVTJ3N Impossible to reach customer service at the number provided. Please provide correct number urgent thanks
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Air Arabia

09 January 2018 Manish Goswami
My 1 baggage is missing today is 3 days i did nt get still pls tell me how can i take pls rply my email id
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Lion Airlines

09 January 2018 An unhappy passenger
Hello, I am not satisfied with the service given by Lion airline. We often faced with delayed flight and this is very unacceptable. Just today (10/1/18) on my way back from Medan (Kuala Namu) to Penang with the flight of JT 013*, we should be on flight at 16:00 WIB but you guys delayed it to 18:00. My nephyew was waiting for us there and he was not free because he had a meeting later. Not just that, they didn't inform about changing the room number which caused everyone were rushing. As a passenger of Lion Airline. I do hope that you can change YOUR ATTITUDE in caring your passenger. IF YOU SAY ABOUT ANY OPERATION PROBLEM, then tell me why must be every single time when I am using your airline service? Don't make it into a trend thank you so much. I REALLY DO HOPE YOU GUYS CHANGE or ELSE YOUR PASSENGER WILL SLOWLY DECREASED. Thank you. I hope to see your feedback via e-mail if can. (
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Island Air

09 January 2018 Guest
Hello. I bought two tickets from Oahu to Maui on December 26, 2017. Could someone tell me how to give my money back? Sincerely
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China Eastern Airlines

08 January 2018 William
If you want to misery yourself, go with this airline. I dare say it's the worst airline in the world. They provide you with Ridiculous service. You will be Suffering during the whole trip. Even worse, Never take responsibility when they lose you baggage. Avoid this airline wherever you travel. Not worth to consider even if they let you fly for free.
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Eva Air

06 January 2018 Guest
Reading these comments have made me decide never to fly on Eva.
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06 January 2018 Leon to Tijuana Dec 30, 2017
Worst flying experience ever!! Arrive at airport 2 hrs before flight leaves - told there will be an extra 4 hr delay - then another hr - flight finally cancelled at boarding gate at 11pm. Told we might get out of there 2 days later! They don't put us up in a hotel - we have to buy NEW tickets the next morning with another airline (as they had no flights the next day) and have been unable to get any customer service from them since getting back.
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05 January 2018 Guest
To all those put complaints below, I say Bloody-Hell. This is a forest of complaints neither the employees or and the chairman of Atlasglobe would be interested in resolving. Your experience is nothing for them. I would suggest you all forget it.... as customers walk away and wright off your loss. You will never get a decent apology from this airline But Remember, go somewhere else. the globe is full of good airlines other than Atlasglobe Fly with an airline that respects your rights. More important, Use an airline that employs competent people who thrive to resolve problems and ensuring the reputation of the company always good. Atlasglobe wants your money ONLY DONT BE A VICTIM OF INCOMPETENT AIRLINE Happy new year AtlasGlobe
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THAI Smile

04 January 2018 murray bromley
wishing to go to Bkk from sht. on Feb. 3rd 2018 the last flight send info. to 0833313499 thank you
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Thai Vietjet Air

03 January 2018 Guest
Dear Vietjetair, I have booked for 06 january (3 tickets from bkk to hcm) with numbers 57031228 and 54520897. The ticket 57031228 is a problem, my mother in law go with us on this ticket (pany soukhavong). Today her brother in laos died and she cannot go with us. Now want a friend of my girlfriend with us on this ticket, only we must change the name on the ticket. Please can you help me? I have try many,many time to call the phone number in Thailand but no answer Regards Eduard van Doesselaar Thailand
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Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport

02 January 2018 Guest
Today 2 January 2018, at 3pm. We need to go into the arrival terminal in order to get assistance from baggage service regarding our lost luggage. The security at the entrance told us to get the pass from departure terminal baggage service. My husband came back with the pass then only we were told we need 1 pass for each individual of us. While I was standing there the security is letting others going in without pass, when these people said they are going to the currency exchange counter. The security, Mr Gunapalan denied that he did that. Will be convenient if they told us at the beginning that we needed 2 passes for both of us and we were not treated fairly as others can enter without showing pass. Pls look into this issue of your organization.
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Silver Airways

02 January 2018 oldAVN
Purchased first class, round trip ticket through United Airlines (UAL). Upon checking in for return flight, Silver Airlines charged me $25 "baggage fee." UAL told me one free bag was part of first class ticket. Silver Airlines' return flight ticket did not annotate "pre-checked" status, thus missed flight. I will take a train, a bus or drive myself before ever again flying either UAL or Silver Airlines.
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Enter Air

31 December 2017 Guest
Metochi : Guest : We were delayed for 7 hours with no explanation as to why - I have written to them and they want me to prove we boarded the plane (ie they want copies of the boarding cards which we no longer have) do we have any chance without them? We were similarly delayed. Wrote to them twice by recorded delivery at their head office at 17 Stycznia 74, 02-145 Warszawa, Polska.with copies of boarding passes. They've signed for the letters but not replied. I've looked into using the Small Claims Court but Enter Air appear to have no UK address for the service of papers. As you at least got some sort of a reply could you tell me which address you wrote to. Thanks Michael Cardwell : My wife and myself were on flight 415 when it was delayed in Volos we are struggling to get any compensation from enter air , the company we are with is flight delays .
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Shenzhen Airlines

30 December 2017 Guest
Hi, This is Mahesh from Amherst Logistics Pvt. ltd. We have one Console Air shipment from Shenzhen to Mumbai MAWB: 479-32858453 HAWB:A101165// SZH -BOM. We need your handling agent for import DO in Mumbai Airport. Mahesh Kadam Amherst Logistics Ltd. Mumbai-400096. Tel:28293500/501 Mob:9867209399 Email:
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Capital Airlines

29 December 2017 Guest
I need a refund for my ticket with ticket number-898-5625352131 as the flight was cancelled.
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Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

28 December 2017 Ratan Modi
Hi, This side Ratan Modi, would like to bring to your notice that I lost my mobile phone when I was travelling fr om Kolkata to New Delhi on 25th Dec around 8.15 PM. When I entered the airport the phone was with me. I made few calls in the airport itself. When I was in the queue for scanning my luggage, I realised that I dont have my phone with me. However, before that I went to checkin counter where Mr. Subojit who provided me boarding pass in Lobby A told me you need to scan your luggage first, I was travelling from Air Asia flight no. 547. He asked to meet Mr. Sudhir from Air Asia, he guided me to airport manager Mr. Partho Sarthi. He checked on the CCTV, that while entering I had my phone with me. Apart from CCTV footage, no other help was provided and I had to take the flight back to Delhi without my phone. Pls help me find my phone at the earliest. A place like airport, wh ere there is s much of security and surveillance how can someone steal my phone. I would urge you to get into this matter and help me find my phone. Regards, Ratan Kumar Modi 9811009371
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Frontier Airlines

27 December 2017 Guest
Does anybody have experience not paying the carry-on fee with Frontier while still bringing a carry-on? Like, when they scan my boarding pass to let me on, does anything pop up that's like, "Paid Carry-on" or otherwise? Because I'm definitely trying to save $40 tomorrow.
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Alaska Airlines

23 December 2017 Guest
Well why did you waste all that money ona stupid hand bag??
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Kuala Lumpur International Airport

23 December 2017 Guest
Hello. I would like to know when im getting my parcel from U.K. because its been 4weeks now since i ordered. ASO2503GB01780163301- RR003438643JE. Thank you
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22 December 2017 Extremely upsaet
Worst airline and customer service I have ever dealt with Not sure if they are lazy or just stupid lost our luggage with all our xmas presents no follow up and don't care 'their attitude is to bad
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La Costena

22 December 2017 Fred schwentafsky
Do something about san carlos airport its a fucking disgrace.
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Cham Wings Airlines

22 December 2017 Guest
One of the fastest growing airlines in the middle east. They are working in very difficult situation
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19 December 2017 Guest
Week after flight and i still don't have an invoice for check in fee.
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Vladivostok Air

19 December 2017 Barry
Dear Sirs: What is the availability and duration of flights from Anchorage Alaska to Vladivostok?
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Pakistan International Airlines

17 December 2017 Malik Asif ur Rehman
Very bad experience with PIA. I lost some items from my lugage traveling from Peshawar to Doha Qatar via PK 285 DOH. I want PIA management to take serious action on this issue and pay me back.
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Cambodia Bayon Airlines

17 December 2017 Francesco nocentini
Bought two ticket from sihanoukville to phnom penh for next 30 dicember with expedia tour operetor. Do i have to confirm it with you?.
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Rarotonga International Airport

15 December 2017 Andries Venter
You email address on your web page is incorrect!!. Merry Christmas
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SWISS International Air Lines

14 December 2017 Guest
I was on flight lx411 dublin to geneva on 07.12.2017 got cancelled and when i looked for help this week from swissair this week i get none and thats a policy from the top down its like ryanair
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Air Antilles Express

14 December 2017 Guest
My flight was canceled from Pointe-a-pitre to Dominica Sun and I can't get reimburse. Awful service!
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Jetstar Airways

13 December 2017 GuestX
Jetstar is the worst airline in dealing with customers change of flight or cancellation due to urgent matters. The customer online service officer often lie and tell us there is no refund possible and ask for details and wont refer the matters to be discussed. I will never believe Jetstar bullshit service. Melbourne traveller, disgusted with the airline service.
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11 December 2017 Guest
white wine was good and de crew were very kindly. So fast, so quickly. the time was a little inestable, but the trip was very soft
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Ouagadougou Airport

10 December 2017 Pamela Sinzinkayo
Hi. I am stopped at Kigali airport on my journey to burkina faso from Burundi. They are saying Burundians Citizens don't get on arrival visa in burkina faso. I was studying in Burkina faso 2 years ago and i always used Visa on arrival, can you please tell me if Visa on Arrival is still given to Burundian passport? It is an emergency, i am about to miss my next flight. Thank you very much my email is
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Hurghada International Airport

09 December 2017 Guest
Hello. i just arrived from hurghada to tbilisi Georgia. the airlines lost the lugage.the lugage was very expensive, what can i do, will i recieve a refund if the lugage is not found in egypt? because it didnot arrive to georgia. flight was sm991 TBS. UK63LP. I REQWEST A REFUND.
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Rutaca Airlines

07 December 2017 Guest
Hi, I'm in Curacao, and I just like to know if you have flight to las Piedras in December and the price please. Do you have a contactnumber in Curacao??
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06 December 2017 Josefina Martinez
Horrible experience flying with Aeromexico, I hope I don't have to use your airline ever again. first , my mom couldn't fly and although I paid her ticket and didn't cancel because it cost you more to cancel so I didn't do anything, but oh surprise when my daughter and I got in the plane someone was sitting in the middle already (in my mom seat) aeromexico resold the seat, wow. then in the flight back they change my seats twice until I have to go and talk to customer service which gave us a different seats ( I paid for main cabin) abut didn't get main cabin. also, when I was paying for the extra luggage the stupid machine didn't approve the transaction , I thought that it was an error with my bank, I was running like crazy to find out but I went to the teller to get money which I was able to get, therefore the horrible machines were not working, but of course the customer service had no idea. oh also I called to request a different meal for me because I don't eat beef or pork, well they didn't care either nobody in the flight knew about, and the flight attendants are also not nice.
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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

04 December 2017 Oundra
I'm flying by Aeroflot to Mongolia. I have 2 hours layover in Moscow and am really worried about my luggage getting broken in and the stuff will be stolen. I wonder if the Russians still have the notoriously bad service?
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Vientiane Wattay International Airport

03 December 2017 NurseJin
I'd ask information about how far from Veintiane airport to Bolikhamxay province
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