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10 October 2018 Raheel kaiser
I travelled to karachi to jeddah on 8th oct sv 705 my luggage booked from karachi to lagos directly My flight egypt air business class jeddah to cairo and cairo to lagos 9th October ms 875 I did not receive my baggage 00923218267884 my cell number I am here in lagos to exhibit my products in medic west africa which is started today and i dont have things
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Yangon International Airport

03 October 2018 Guest
hi, I would like to know if there is any luggage storage at the airport for long periods (1 week)? thanks
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Douglas DC-10

30 September 2018 Monaghan J
Bcal were magnificent airline.......Discuss
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Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport

30 September 2018 madaminbek Abdullaev
goodmorning, I'm from Uzbekistan, USA have sent pocket the customer service of airport asked 1000$ but I don't have like this money, can 100$ ??
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Sana'a International Airport

29 September 2018 Guest
please provide me with information about UN private pilot Mr. Pawel Damian Charles. This is a name that he provide to me. I also adding his photo. Please confirm if this person still working
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Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport

27 September 2018 Maffei jean-marc
I did not get my suitcase I take off on 16 September 2018 and arrive in Zurich no suitcase is a suitcase of blue color with a name above hard rock cafe and ecm thank you to contact the airport of Zurich thank you
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Cochabamba Jorge Wilstermann International Airport

27 September 2018 Guest
what is your foreign port code in number
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Egyptair Express

23 September 2018 raghda hazem
iwant work as flight attendant at egypt air express my english language is fluent i have Bachelor commerce i am friendly person so ican work with team my phone 01201106398 my email:
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Transavia Airlines

19 September 2018 Guest
What is the max. weight and size for carry on luggage for a in Europe flight?
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Sky Wings Airlines

19 September 2018 Craig minister
Guest : ITS THE WORST AIRLINE I HAVE EVER BEEN ON , IT SHOULDNT EVEN BE IN THE AIR. THERE HAVE BEEN MANY COMPLAINTS, ALWAYS DELAYS, 7 HOURS FROM BIRMINGHAM, THE PLANE IS STUCK TOGETHER WITH GAFFA TAPE TO HOLD TRAYS UP , STAFF RUDE, ECT . DONT USE THEM AT ANY COST. hi would you by any chance still have the flight numbers as me and my wife and daughter were on this flight in think. Were you delayed going out to crete for 10 hrs and the same coming back 10hrs. If so then i rememver the return flight having all the seat trys gaffa taped up and the air conditioning falling down onto someones head
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Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

19 September 2018 Kh Samsonlian Aimol
I forgot to pick my doll house(dream palace) item at Kolkata boarding security check post on 15 sept 2018. Boarding at around 1245. CISF team had contacted me and said my item had found, they had handed item to Kolkata airport manager. So they suggested me to contact airport manager and claim my item. I tried calling airport manager contact number which is giving on internet but it says incorrect number how can i contact airport manager. Please help to contact with manager.
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Harbin Y-12

17 September 2018 Indika
How to purchase Y12 aircraft for commercial domestic operation in Srilanka
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Maldivian Air Taxi

14 September 2018 raimundo
i would like to know the price form paradise isaland do maafhoo isaland for 8
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Mykolaiv Airport

10 September 2018 Philippe Toussaint
Hello, Could you tell me from where have you direct fly ? From an West european aeroport .Frankfurt ? Vienna ? Warsawa ? Any other west areroport (paris, Bruxelles, Munchen ? Thank you. Sincerely, Philippe
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Istanbul Ataturk Airport

09 September 2018 Guest
Hi, I am planing to travel to Istanbul through Saudi Air flight No. SV265 and travel further to Navsheir through TK2004 on September 16. Connection time is 2.20 hours. Please advise if this connection time is enough to take next domestic flight. Thanks, Jibran
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China Southern Airlines

09 September 2018 Jaime Oliveria
Delayed baggage CZ156022,CZ156021
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Maseru Moshoeshoe I International Airport

07 September 2018 Hridoy
Visa free county jnb airport problem Bangladeshi passpor?
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THAI Smile

Dear Thai Airways Teem Pls Help we are 6 person travel from Lucknow to Bangkok we book flight 6 month before From Make My Trip person 4 & Goibibo person 4 Flight NO WE- 334 on 18 Nov 2018 time Depart 1.20 Arrive 6.30 But unfortunately your Flight timing change Depart 21.30 Arrive 2.35 + one day our one day loss & total schedule change one day lose so request to kindly Concorde to other Flight TG 2334 Operated by Thai Smile Depart 1.20 Arrive 6.30 from same location
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Asiana Airlines

03 September 2018 AMAR RANJAN SINGH
I'd got ticket by Asiana Airlines from Gimpo Airport, Seoul to Gimahe Airport, Busan. e-ticket no 9882868890843. Asiana was operating through Air Busan, who didn't add my air miles in my frequent flyer No 134284591. I want my air miles credited in my Air india frequent flyer no. plz do the needful
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Ouagadougou Airport

30 August 2018 Gabriel
Can I get the custom contact number I have a good that is on hold in burkina
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30 August 2018 NONNY
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Xian MA60

28 August 2018 Guest
where can I see thr manual and parts catalog of this aircraft?
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Taban Air

25 August 2018 saeed khan
i need some information about my ticket .i already baught a ticket of taban air return but dont reached on time for flight how much they charge me now i want to refund my ticket please help me what is the policy thanks
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Estelar Latinoamerica

24 August 2018 Patsy
Hi I am trying to make reservations from Trinidad to magarita
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Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

24 August 2018 Giorgio pantanelli
Hi on aug 24th I lost my phone in beirut airport it is a Samsung neos with black cover I was coming from larnaca flight CY120 may be I lost it in the phone shop if you find it please email my friend Thanks
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Air Berlin

22 August 2018 Mike G
I flew from Frankfurt to Tegel on August 13th and my luggage is still missing... Sarah H : We are furious with Tegel Airport we flew in from Spain to Tegel on August 9th and had a connection to Tel Aviv .They lost our 4 luggages .We went to lost and found and waited for 2 hours and had to catch our flight to Tel Aviv . We are trying to contact the Airport but to no avail . It's been 3 days we are going crazy and no one is answering at the lost and found counter.
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Mombasa Moi International Airport

22 August 2018 GIDRAF MUGURO
you havent given any feed back
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Air Vallee

19 August 2018 Guess
I recieve a debit alert on my account. And I didn't made any transactions.Please kindly reversed it
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Euro Atlantic Airways

18 August 2018 Ashwin Chouhan
I like EuroAtlantce airways I'm From India
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Bmi Regional

17 August 2018 Douglas Gauld
I recently flew Aberdeen to Bristol and return flight. I noticed on my E-Ticket number 480-2400344577 I WAS CHARGED £37 International surcharge. I also paid for £20 for a seat reservation which was not available on the return flight Regards Mr Douglas Gauld.
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Turin Airport

16 August 2018 Guest
Horrible personell! They screem at you and insult you, but only in Italian!! If you don't know the language it's ok! Unbelievable!
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Spring Airlines Japan

16 August 2018 guillaume
Hi, Im writing you this email because im very disappointed with your services. This morning I was supposed to take my flight from Sapporo to Tokyo (tickets in attachment) but I could not. When I arrived at the airport (around 8:30 am) I was unable to find the checkin-counter because the airline name is not written on the ticket then I asked to an airport staff. The guy told me to go to the ANA airline queue to check-in. After 20 minutes of queue (I was in the middle of the queue) I have asked again to an other airport staff if it was really the good queue and the woman said yes just wait here. After 20 minutes more I finally arrived at the counter and the staff told me that I was in the wrong queue and to check-in I had to go to Japan spring airline. Then I went to the Japan spring airline counter but it was closed (because they close 35minutes before the departure and it was 9:15 am) then I asked to many people and even to a manager from this airline: what can I do? What is the solution? They all told me that I had to buy an other ticket (around 600 euros) but I could not. Now because of the lack of informations I have missed my flight and a very important meeting in Tokyo and I have spent almost 250 euros for nothing (flight ticket + transportations) and ill loose more because I have missed my meeting. So now I am asking you if at least I can get a compensation for all these shits ? Thank you for your understanding.
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Boeing 737-700

16 August 2018 Joshua Musyoka
We have 1 unit available for ACMI from 15th September 2008. YOM 2008. If interested drop your inquiry:
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Caribbean Airlines

13 August 2018 Guest
Caribbean airline flight attendants an their agents need to learn good customer service because their attitude is not nice. I bought a ticket online a few hours before the flight and had no option to sel ect a seat. I got a seat in carribbean plus at the airport at jfk when I checked in, I paid a paid $85.00 US shy of $1000.00 for my ticket. There were was a blanket on the seat middle seat an the row I sat was empty an so were seats behind me. However I heard someone asked one flight attendant if they could sit else where, I heard her reply that sir people paid a lot for those seats ( the seats which was empty). The passenger then asked someone else an not sure what he was told by a male person. Upon waking up during the flight there a passenger sitting in the aisle seat in the same row as me. There were another passenger who took up all three seats sleeping behind me. When I called to confirm my flight fr om Trinidad I was asked to get a seat number since I didn't get one to go back to ny. I asked for window an I got a seat which turn out to be the 2nd row away fr om the toilet. I asked why not any other seat, I was told that I can get seat 14 in the aisle, when I asked why is that, I told her how much I paid and this is what I am getting. The agent on the the phone was mam all the seats are book by other passengers, if you wan to upgrade you have to pay $100 US. I could not believe that I paid so much, got a carribean plus seat going to Trinidad and go a window seat two rows away fr om the toilet. Which when I asked for a blanket I was told in not a nice manner they sell it. She did not wait for me to ask what's the cost or cared to tell me she stepped in the back. I waited till I saw her again an asked how much then was told $5.00 US or $35.00 tt. I asked if the take cash or card she said cash. I paid $35.00tt for the blanket which I got to use free while I going to Trinidad, the flight attendant was handing the money to other attentand and she said I don't want to touch that. I saw her afterward handing out blanket to other passengers and but I never saw her collected any money. Also while waking going to my seat, they were caribbean plus seats empty and there were a couple row and empty seats and window seat after caribbean plus. Why was my money only good from jfk to Trinidad but not good going from Trinidad to jfk and I bought a two way ticket. My locked for my suitcase wasn't working last minute and I asked the flight agent at jfk if he can put a zip tie to lock my suitcase which he did, but in Trinidad when I asked the female agent to put one she rudely said no she don't have non, then asked what. I repeated myself and again she rudely said no I have non looked at me as if what I am asking. The pilot did not even turn off the lights for passenger to take a nap either .And due to that I got no sleep on my night flight my seat was being knocked and kicked at times by the kid behind me, which everyone could of gotten a little sleep if the pilot of flight attendant turn off the lights after a few hours like they normally do. Also just to mention it does not matter wh ere you sit in economy it doesn't mean that they some passenger paid more to be seated there. My seat was taken twice in once flight, I was told the reason was it was assigned to old people, that wh ere the words of the agent on the phone when I called to confirm my flight. Which there were using the agent words ''old people'' assigned to the row wh ere I was 1st suppose to sit. Then my 2nd assigned seat was taken by the travel agent whom sold me the ticket for that flight, whom paid much less under $400.00 US for two way, and I paid a couple hundred more for my ticket, two way also. She was laughing about how much she paid when I bought my ticket fr om here, and she even was laughing when she took my seat which was was behind her seat had she sat there. So I had to sit in her seat. Caribbean airline needs to be professional, friendly with good customer service and leave on time and don't have passengers waiting so longer every time just for the flight to go to the destination. Caribbean airline needs to stop lying to customers whom spend their money to fly with them.
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Bishkek Manas International Airport

12 August 2018 Viola Hobiger
I forgot my watch during the first security check. It is silver. The brand is storm, I think. And it has a very unique shape. The glass of the watch is a little dome. The clock-face is blue.
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Djibouti Ambouli International Airport

10 August 2018 Guest
Hi what time did the airplane flying from dji to Aden
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American Airlines

08 August 2018 Guest
American Airlines decided not to honor my reservation by cancelling a nearly full flight weeks in advance as part of a "schedule change". Not only that, they refused to compensate me in any way for the inconvenience that they caused me.
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Royal Brunei Airlines

08 August 2018 khan
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WestJet Encore

03 August 2018 ROSA NECOECHEA
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Japan Transocean Air

02 August 2018 Alain Asselah
Dear Sir, we are looking to buy B737-400 a/c we heard that you are phasing them out please advise the right contact in your organization to deal with Alain Asselah / PDT CEO Dart Aviation Paris France phone +33 672929210 mobile
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Vientiane Wattay International Airport

29 July 2018 Kimberley Page
Hi my name is Kimberley Page, I arrived into Wattay Airport on 29/07/2018 in the evening. I accidentally left my bank card in the atm near to the exit. If it is handed in or found it would be great to know. Please email me on: or is there a way to contact lost and found? Thanks
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Penang International Airport

29 July 2018 Sarah Craig
I would like to report a list black Kathmandu back pack. lost at 0800 h on MI346 Silk Air on29 Jul 18. Last seen at F31 Terminal 2 changi when going through security. Please call Sarah +0164198324. Unsure who to contact
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Blue Panorama Airlines

26 July 2018 Guest
I had a flight fr om santorini to Budapest (July 12th) and in santorini airport hadnt someone of Blue Panorama Company, and I was forced to pay 50 euros to board, cause I bought the fight in and when I filled out the ticket online I put my name like this: first name - Gisele, last name: belini silva. Im my passport is write "Gisele Belini e Silva". Just cause of "e" I needed to pay 50 euros to board. nobody showed me the rules about this in Santorini, and i payed to board, but now I want to know wh ere is the rules about it. otherwise I will take the necessary measures My email -
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Thomas Cook Airlines

26 July 2018 Guest
Received an email today from Thomas Cook Airlines explaining I had cancelled my return flights from Manchester to Los Angeles in May 2019. I haven't and their complaints system online isn't working. I phoned Customer Relations and was told they have cancelled the flights I was booked on and have refunded my money. I haven't received any money and was not offered any alternative flights. Apparently MT2622 Man to LAX 4th May 2019 and MT2623 LAX to Man 18th May 2019 have been cancelled.
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Lusaka International Airport

23 July 2018 Kevin Naidoo
Dear Sir or Madam I hope you are well. I flew from Johannesburg to Lusaka airport a few weeks ago. I think I may have dropped my reading glasses at the airport. The glasses are made by Tag Heuer and the frames are red in colour. My telephone number is +27 83 280 4095 and my email address is I would really appreciate your help. Have a good day.
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LAW - Latin American Wings

20 July 2018 Guest
Hi! I am in santiago(chili) since january and I want to go back haiti so I want to know LAW will have access to flight to haiti.
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Airbus A350-900

18 July 2018 plumes
I mix this up with the Dreamliner
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Antonov An-148

17 July 2018 Guest
An 225 miriya is better than this one.
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Fokker 100

17 July 2018 Willie Burger
Can you help me with a diagram of the F100 belly holds indicating the different sections and max load per section
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Bulgaria Air

16 July 2018 fawal travel
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