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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline, aircraft or airport, using the links on this page.

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Air Iceland

02 June 2017 Guest
I am retired from UA airlines and want to know if we get discount rate on your airline since you are part of iceland air. We have an agreement with ICELANDAIR as i am planning a future flight to greenland and want to try and make some plans. If we have no agreement do you know does iceland air flies to greenland so i can go and see NORHTHERN LIGHTS IN THE WINTER. thank you Paul
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Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport

30 May 2017 Gina White
My family travelled on Sunday, May 21, 2017 from Munich to Poland for a connecting flight to Chicago Ohare in the USA. My sister bought 2 Swarovksi Crystal rings, one for herself which she was wearing, and one for her daughter. Somewhere between Munich, your airport and the USA, someone stole the ring, as well as a couple of other pieces of very sentimental jewelry from her checked bag. The boxes had been opened and both ring would have been gone had she not been wearing one of them. It is very sad that we had to experience this. The Swarovski ring was a birthday gift for her daughter and the pieces of sentimental jewelry were our deceased sisters! We would like to know if there is anything that could be done. She as her receipt for proof of purchase. We flew with LOT Polish Airlines 5354 to Warsaw Poland and then on LOT Polish Airlines 3 to Chicago Ohare. The theft happened somewhere in between
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TAM - Transporte Aereo Militar

30 May 2017 SU535
The passenger transporting by a civil aircarrier is not entiled to know the way the militants serve their duties. Despite, the millitary airports are known to each country, which export weapons, Sweden is an option (chemical weapon is drugs, tablets, c1, c2, c3 hepatitus grade), the civilans, or thouse mastermind they are civilians, have need to know the location of a military air ports inside Russia and the Russian friendly countries. For more infomation on the bit, the expected pass enger can contact a nearest military officer or a consulate, if outside Russia.
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Wellington International Airport

29 May 2017 Geoff
Singapore Airlines, the best
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Sriwijaya Airlines

22 May 2017 Guest
please I need an email to contact as I cant change my flight
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Embraer 195

18 May 2017 nii nortei
We at Niinns Ventures are looking to Affiliate with investors to give A) Fight Solution B) Open The African Market Using The promotion code Hash Tag #AfricaCruiseTravel Buy Africa promote Africa Cruise Promote Domestic Tourism My Name Nii Nortei Nortey from Ghana office location 17 3 lane kuku hill OSU Accra Phone 0302776463 WhatsApp +233243132337 Postal address P. O. Box 422 Legon Accra Ghana Email: Niinns Ventures Is Branding Ghana A Destination For Cruise Ships we have vessels for sale Ghana To South Africa Ghana To Morocco click We are looking to recruit Aviation Management Team and Pilots For commercial passenger aircrafts
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Boeing 747-400

15 May 2017
Well... going to Disney world in orlando was cool it was spiced up by my family going across on a Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic! (In economy lol) Still cool flight will off corse fly with Virgin again!
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Avianca Peru

15 May 2017 Jimmy Lee
Hello TACA I am your customer, I called your company on telephone numbers 511 213 6081 and 511575 0912, on 16 May, 9am., your time, but nobody answered the phones. So I am writing to you. I am flying from Santiago, Chile to Lima on Avianca flight and I arrive at Lima at airport at 9:04 a.m. to catch flight TA958 on 19 July to Havana, Cuba. Can you please tell me: a) Is the check-in for TACA flight to Havana at the same airport terminal? b) Can I buy the Tourist Card (Tarjeta Del Turista, Cuba) at your check-in counter. Your reply would be much appreciated. I look forwar tro hearing from you. My email address is: Regards Jimmy
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Antonov An-225 Mriya

14 May 2017 Guest
I can't search some plane like Boeing,and the pages can be more beautiful :)
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12 May 2017 parma pierangelo
Hi, I am coming from Malaysia via Hong Kong, I will stay in Taipei for few days and friends book a flight for me with UNI AIR from Taipei to Matsu What is the baggages weight allowed ? I have been told 10Kg ? how can we have more kgs? All my tikets I received are in chinese and I don't understaind
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Aktobe Airport

11 May 2017 ali
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SEAIR International

06 May 2017 Sharmila
I want tickets from Raleigh to Dallas
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Trade Air

03 May 2017 Luiselli Edda
Quicker flight from Dubrovnik to Split June 21
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Pago Pago International Airport

02 May 2017 Guest
Hi, I was born and raise American Samoa, my passport is expired, can I use my id to travel back?
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Destination Air Shuttle

20 April 2017 Anonymous
Anyone know a company offering seaplane transpotation these days? PM me on Twitter, @abrkn
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Lilongwe International Airport

31 March 2017 Rachel Almeida
My parents arrived yesterday on the Kenya flight, my father left his hand luggage containing his camera, laptop and medication etc. in the baggage reclaim area!!!! When we realised we went back to the airport and he was reunited with his bag and all it's contents.A massive thank you to the staff for keeping it safe.
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Air Arabia Maroc

25 March 2017 Guest
what is your contact number
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Brasilia Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Airport

24 March 2017 Vernon Rozycki
Good Morning Please could I have the email address for your airports operations director or the head of passenger security as I would like to send some information on passenger increased throughput. Regards Vernon
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Port Au Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport

22 March 2017 Vernon Rozycki
Good Morning Please could I have the email address for your airports operations director or the head of passenger security as I would like to send some information on passenger increased throughput. Regards Vernon
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Safi Airways

22 March 2017 Guest
I need china contact number
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Varna Airport

21 March 2017 Vernon Rozycki
Good Afternoon Please could I have the email address for your airports operations director or the head of passenger security as I would like to send some information on passenger increased throughput. Regards Vernon
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Nesma Airlines

21 March 2017 Abdul Azeez
i would like to refund the below ticket, what is the procedure. ticket issued through GDS Amadeus 477-1294063886
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20 March 2017 Guest
This company is by far the worst after sales service you can imagine. Even their telephone numbers on their website is not valid. To call them from outside Belgium is not possible. You have to wonder if they are so stupid as to not be able to update telephone numbers onntheir website, how safe is it flying with them. Do they manage a schedule of maintenance properly if they cannot list the correct number on their own website. The inly numbers that do work are those to Germany and the people cannot assist with my flight from Belgium. This situatiin has ecisted for months. They are the most rigid, beareaucratic institution to try snd deal with. Another example if their stupidity is that they list mirrors as forbidden items to take on their flights. As you know every woman probably has a mirror in her purse and yet these people list mirros as dangerous cargo that may not be taken on their flights. Someone there needs to seriously get out of the dark ages!! Horrible frustrating company to deal with.
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Chennai International Airport

13 March 2017 Guest
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Fokker F28

09 March 2017 Guest
i would like to know rudder and elevator dimensions.
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06 March 2017 Wolff
This is a very angry review about Kulula, who rebooked my flight from Johannesburg to Capetown, and by so doing invalidated my flight back to Johannesburg. On enquiry the call centre advised that as I was a no show this automatically cancelled the leg back. after a few tries the call centre put me on hold and i was eventually cut off. There was no mention by the call centre employee who rebooked my flight that this would be the implication.
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African Express Airways

01 March 2017 AWADH ISSA
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SkyWest Airlines

28 February 2017 Grace Hoaglanduest
UA Skywest flight 5898 from aspen to SFO on Feb. 26th : Flight attendant John (don't know last name) was outstanding in every way, going out of his way to provide everything needed for passengers. Great attitude. Many United and Skywest staff are excellent. John was exceptional!
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Boeing 767-200

26 February 2017 Robert
What is the maximum airspeed a 767-200 commercial airliner can achieve at 1,000 feet altitude without structural damage or loss of control?
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Iran Air Tours

19 February 2017 Guest
Iran air tour was established a fleet of Boeing 737 300/500 in the form of lease A/C from 6 months ago.At the present time the fleet consist of three aircraft.
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13 February 2017 Pravin mavale
Hello spice jet i was fly on 4th of feb 2017 Pune To Dubai and it was very excellent tour and your service i want to splashily Remanded which i got service from name of Ms. PUNAM SALINKHE she is very kind and hard worker .. I am very happy about her service and all cabin crew . if any promotion please mail me at X thanks spice jet .
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Smart Wings

10 February 2017 Alan
We also flew with SmartWings from Gatwick on the 22nd of November 16. The only compensation we received was a £5 food voucher! I too tried emailing (twice) my complaint to the airline without any responce. I have now registered with Bott & Co, yes, they will take a cut of the compensation but as I can not locate an address in the UK it would be more difficult to pursue a successful case here.
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AMC Airlines

05 February 2017 Guest Wolter, Bernhard
My flight from Hurghada to Düsseldorf (5.2.2017 4.30 h)was finally very angry. At home I noticed that my bag was rammaged. I missed 10 packs of cigarettes I deposited inside. That cannot be true. I demand a compensation for it. Please give me an answer. My email-adress:
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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

04 February 2017 Tung siew leng
I saw a mouse running abt at yr airport ,! at yr departure level ,near to East bar n bites eatery . To be precise in front of the stairway to the upoer level .I have a picture of the mouse too. Please ensure the hygiene of the airpirt is not compromise ....thank you Guest fr singapore
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Nantes Atlantique Airport

29 January 2017 Delia Robinson
Try to avoid at any cost. Staff is rude, incompetent and does not care. Had very distressing experience and totally shocked by their customer service level. Customers are seen as nuisance.
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Air Armenia

25 January 2017 Nicolas Boudeleh
Dear Mr & Ms we are looking for make request for group reservation from Beirut Lebanon to Armenia Yerevan at 01/07/2017-----------08/01/2017 round trip for 50 passengers for more info contact me via gmail best regards C.E.O Nicolas Boudeleh
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Vision Air

23 January 2017 Robert Knights
Sirs, I have been attempting to contact your company for several days but have received no reply. My wife and I are wishing to fly from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park airfield on Monday 27th March and return to Las Vegas Thursday 30th March. Can you assist please? Thank you Robert Knights UK mobile 07767794563
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Insel Air

22 January 2017 Guest
request a refund   Dear ladies and gentlemen by Inselair, I booked and paid two tickets for the same plane. For one Person (for me) two tickets and two seats from Curacao to St. Maartin and back. I called your office in Willemstad for 10 days and your coworker promised me that you refund me the money of the second ticket. I sent you more than 6 mails because of this reason in the last days but you did not answer me. Could you answer me please and transfer my money back please.
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16 January 2017 L Cunliffe
Thurs 29/12/16 (WN49) my suitcase was left behind in St Maarten. No explanation given - the flights was obviously too heavy as there were several suitcases left behind. My daughter rang several times the following day and eventually she was told it was waiting for me at the Beef Island Airport (EIS). There were no drivers available so if I wanted it I had to pick it up. Complaining to the ground staff his reply was "well, least I got my suitcase in one piece" Its not the best aitline in the world but there can't be many much worse. I have generally found the check-in staff mostly unhelpful and surly and I travel to the BVI 2-3 times per year.
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Let L-410

04 January 2017 Guest
what's the cabin length of this aircraft?
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Noumea La Tontouta International Airport

02 January 2017 Guest
I was a passenger traveling to Auckland with my husband and my toddler. The security guy very obviously conducted a racial profiling and started checking us publicly. I took the humiliation with a smile but the mental man did not stop there, my child started crying and when my husband mentioned was this necessary? He went berserk and started threatening to detain. Like really ? For what? I have never felt this discriminated ever and that too this obviously. Needless to say will never come to the country thanks to his actions. I wish you could take some action against such ill tempered staff and move forward in this world.
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Tupolev Tu-154

29 December 2016 Guest
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Seaborne Airlines

23 December 2016 Guest
We travelled fr om San Juan to st Thomas on 12/19 with 2 checked in bags. When we reached st Thomas, our bags did not arrive. There were 5-6 other passages with the Same problem. We were asked to fill in lost bag form. The problem is that we are cruising on carnival so we needed the bags urgently. It is now 4 days with no clue wh ere our bags are. We tried the airline but no one picks up the phone. Carnival support staff also has been calling every and sent snail as well. This has completely ruined my vacation. We had but new cloths and could never not attend certain events due to lack of cloths. We willl be taking our case to courts for the airline to reimburse us our vacation, lost bags and mental disturbance. If the airline wants to resolve the situation amicably then they should send email to a
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Boeing 737-400

23 December 2016 samair
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21 December 2016 Angry guest
The first time I flew with Volotea, my luggage was delayed and it took 6 months to receive the compensation on my bank account. When I flew fr om Strasbourg to Nice, Volotea informed me less than one month prior to my trip that the dates had to be modified. Instead of flying on the Thursday, I had to fly on the Friday. Either I accepted the changes and could get a voucher of 20% valid for 180 days as a (tiny) compensation or I could cancel my flight all together. I chose to fly anyway and got the voucher. Recently I booked a flight from Strasbourg to Palermo and I did not see at first wh ere to put the voucher for the payment. I paid anyway and immediately contacted customer care. They told me that it was too late to use the voucher because I already paid. I will not be able to use my voucher before its expiry date and they refused to make an exception or to send the money to my bank account.
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Jeju International Airport

21 December 2016 Mrs T
I have no problem with this airport but I want to complain about this flight information contact number +82 64 742 3011 I just called and I want to know about my flight also I want to make changes so I asked if I dialed the correct phone number and if it is the correct number but this lady agent who talked to me she does not have a good manners and raised her voice and just hang up what kind of costumer service agent do you have? I am so pissed! You should fix this or I am going to make a bad comment about your service.
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Douglas DC-7

18 December 2016 Guest
Hi, I am building a model of a DC7C and need to know the diameter of the propellers. They had round tips as opposed to the square tips of the the DC7. Were they slightly larger than the 7's? Thank you. Jack at
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New Gen Airways

14 December 2016 Guest
Aircraft falling apart
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Skymark Airlines

10 December 2016 hoe siew tan
can i change pass port detail
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